The Outcasts is a small army of "failed" Indocrinites, or, in other words, Indocrinites that weren't changed and still know who and what they are.

Piller of Command

  • Arbiter Jovashnian
  • General Helga
  • Captain Haywood
  • Sergeant Vladimir (Alligned with the Metal-Knights also)
  • (Peons and recruits)


In The Fifth Age, Thane experimented on Humans in an attempt to create a purely warlike breed of Human. He was successful but almost 100 of them weren't brainwashed, so they kept their memories but were stronger, they never craved Human flesh, or anything so they all escaped they now roam around freely in search of a home and peace. It has been discovered by them and Thane that two breeds of Indocrinites have been created: ones who serve and those who don't. Those that don't serve Thane call themselves "The Outcasts." Thane knows of them, but he decided to leave them be for now.


  • If two Outcasts (male and female) have a child, the child will not be brainwashed.
  • They feel and show mercy.
  • They sometimes speak of themselves in third person.
  • The Arbiter calls Thane "The Creator and The Monster of the Deserts."
  • If they are hit in the head they will not go berserk.
  • They can be identified as Outcasts via the cape.



The Arbiter leader of the Outcasts

Outcast cape

The outcasts cloak

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