The Order of Zamorak is a Roleplaying Group setup by Gravin Yease. Their apparent aim is to try and spread the influence of Zamorak to the cities and also to try and fight off remaining groups of committed to Zaros.

Notable Characters

Gravin Yease is the only remaining Mahjarrat of the group, and he has his primary two servant's, Solomon Varakute and Ichor. Ichor is the elder priest of the group and has a notable history of prescence in the Kingdom of Hallowvalve. He was banished when he was blooded as a Vamprye because of his father, who had commited a act of treason by feeding information to the priest outside the Temple. Ichor is now banished from entering his home town. He is a very skilled priest who uses his stave as a deadley weapon. Solomon is the dark warrior lord of the group and trains the Squire's. He is currentley residing at a unknown location due to the murder at the Forester Arm's. Lord Gravin Yease is currentley residing in the suspected location of Draynor, currently leading a group of squires into the city known as Al Kharid.

Notable Members


A Statue of Zamorak

  • Sonicteej - An experienced roleplayer who has hosted many of his own roleplays before, currently playing the elder priest
  • Gravin Yease - A roleplayer who has worked on many roleplays and has played a big part in the City of Varrock F2p, and also an ex-temple knight of heroes and villians
  • Y S E - A notable character who has featured in many desert-based roleplays normally revolving around Zaros
  • Beebart - A dark warrior lord who is ready to march into the lands of Mortaynia
  • Drakor Lupis - A werewolf who survived the 3rd age by being frozen in the god wars, he was known to be Zamorak's commander of Mortyania for the lycans
  • Archon lokos - a notable Dagon'hai mage who once visited the tower and witness how bad the saradominst's were, striving for power he sought out the order and demanded to join

Thread Information

If you would like to join the roleplay, which is currentley hosted in members only worlds, then please see our official thread on the Runescape Forums: 237-238-946-63774160


  • Squire
  • Zamorak Crafter/Runecrafter/Smither
  • Sergant
  • Zamorak Captain of Squires (Range/Mage/Melee)
  • Black Knight
  • Black Knight Captain
  • Dagon'hai mage
  • Zamorak Priest
  • Demon Soldier
  • Demon Lord
  • Vamprye
  • Kinshra
  • Kinshra lord's Advisor
  • Kinshra Lord (Only three Kinshra lords are choosen for every 13 Recruits)
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