The Order of Occido
Occido Seal
The symbol of the Occido and Dolosus

Date Organized

3rd of Rintra, Year 42 of the Sixth Age


Elandre Gonzo-Dolosus


Elandre Gonzo-Dolosus


Neutral Evil




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The Order of Occido is a cult formed by an original Gonzo co-founder, Elandre Gonzo-Dolosus, after she had regained her faith in Zaros and looked to eradicate the "true evil" within the Gonzo and shape it to her new liking. Once she encountered Tetnaziwyn and learned of what the Gonzo had become, she rejected his ideals and soon looked into him even more while her Mahjarrat companions awoke with her from their slumber. She would soon discover his influence and concluded that she needed to replicate this influence upon herself. As she regained her power from hibernation and the use of Divination to enhance it, she travelled across Gielinor to find individuals who fit Tetnaziwyn's mold and took them for her own cause. She trained her apprentices and promoted them into the newly formed House of Dolosus, where she would begin to shape a family to her own mold.

Although most of her intentions and teachings are unknown aside from the current state of the Gonzo, it is apparent that her teachings revolve around deception and the use of lurking within the shadows until the time is right, rather than taking an up-front approach. Unlike the Skodanov and Altusian counterparts, the Occido worship Zaros and do not alter his teachings to better fit their cause. 

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