The Lord of All Evil

The Lord of All Evil.


–Lord of all Evil.

The Most Evil Thing That Ever Existed (also known as Lord of All Evil and Gunter) is a non-player character in roleplay. It possesses powers which are largely unknown, but is confirmed capable of deflecting most magical attacks and breaking glass objects.


Not much is known about the most evil thing ever other than the fact that he takes the form of a penguin and is unable to speak common tongue, instead he communicated by using the sound, "Wenk". Despite being The Most Evil Thing that Ever Existed it has a quite impish and curious personality. It frequently explores and roams, never staying in one place for long. It appears to be worshipped by other penguins and loves to break bottles.

Known Weaknesses

Thankfully for all races, The Most Evil Thing that Ever Existed holds two weaknesses:

  • It loves breaking glass bottles.
  • The Squirty Squirt
  • It's own low intelligence.

The squirty squirt is an object that appears able to shoot small amounts of water, this for some reason this causes it to recoil and makes it more susceptible to commands, the most effective of which appears to be "Go stand in the Corner!"

Known Artifacts

This mysterious being is not without its artifacts. It currently holds a strange transportable keyboard which it carries as well as occasionally a strange necklace.

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