The Misthalite Union, generally referred to as simply "The Union", is a military group campaigning to reunite Misthalin. The Union is led and founded by Marius Enzo, a native Misthalite, skilled warrior, and experienced military commander.

The Union's crest (this is a poor example, a better one will follow)


The Union is currently in control of Edgeville and has small outposts throughout Misthalin.


The Union is a member of the Asgarnian Allied Forces and has their full support in the Misthalite war. They also had a temporary alliance with Kandarin that was terminated when Kandarin became involved with the Coalition.



The Union was founded by Lord Marius Enzo, a former merceanary, and a small group of his trusted allies. Each contributed different aspects and advantages to the main force, and at first their fight went well.

Draynor Skirmish

Shortly after its founding, the Union launched an assault on Draynor due to misinformation. Union forces were assisted by Kandarin elites and they successfully captured Draynor, but were forced to retreat after a tactical failure.

Taking Edgeville

Cruor left Edgeville empty and the Union seized the chance to take a step towards a united Misthalin. The Union quickly built up the city's fortifications.

Lumbridge Swamp Skirmish

The Union participated in the Lumbridge Swamp Skirmish. Led by the mage "Shadow" and one of the most successful factions in the fight. During the skirmish they killed many of the Blackmarch's attending force.

Lum-Bridge Skirmish

The Union had a small squad of about five men present at the Lum-Bridge Skirmish. They held the bridge for a majority of the battle before they were forced to retreat.

Battle of Lumbridge

The Union itself did not take part in the battle. However, it did have scouts watching. They witnessed the flooding of Lumbridge and later when the water receded.

Ending of the War

The Union's planned attack never occured as a ceasefire was signed and the Worshipper forces retreated into eastern Misthalin.

Uniting of Misthalin and Decline of the Union

Queen Katrina Lansing took charge of Varrock after the Worshippers left. Marius quickly met with the new Queen and pledged himself and his followers into her service, in doing so uniting most of Misthalin.

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