The Metal-Knights' symbol.

Little is known about this curious group of warriors, other than they come from the eastern sea and mean business. Their leader, Lord Metal Knight, is overseeing operations to conquer western Gielinor.

The Metal-Knights used to commandeer an airship called "The Axe." It was often seen flying ominously over a Gielinorian area or in the hangar. The airship has crashed and is beyond repair.


The Metal-Knights were founded in the early Fourth Age by Lord Metal Knight, where they began developing technology that incorporated magic and started their plans. One day, Lord Metal Knight came up with the concept of a flying ship. He appointed the Captain and Naudez, the most skilled developers of their unique technology, to oversee its construction. The Metal-Knights developed and grew in number over a long period of time, until their ship, designated "the Axe" was finished.

The Axe's First Flight

The Betrayal of Bruce

Naudez and Dragon were sent to a city overrun by zombies. While there, they fought off a few before being stopped by a man with a musket.

The man told them not to move, threating to kill them if they did. After a short conversation, poison gas was dropped, though both parties managed to avoid it. Naudez was contacted by Lord Metal Knight, who asked if he had seen a man wearing a bandana with a musket. After replying, Naudez was told to capture the man and that reinforcements were being sent. The man was captured and the Metal-Knights went back to the Axe.

The man was tied up and brought to the bridge. However, Bruce didn't tie the ropes well, allowing the man to escape and kill Lord Metal Knight. Bruce took Galaxia and teleported away. The Axe began crashing as the man crawled out of the room. Naudez shot him in the leg from a corner, then Dragon jumped out of a crate and fought him up close. While the two fought, Naudez collected his belongings and a teleport sphere.

Eventually, the man used a strange object to blow himself up. Dragon was sent flying back, but survived. Naudez arrived and quickly teleported away with Dragon. Naudez was contacted by Bruce, who after a short conversation, revealed he had been working with the man all along. Bruce also revealed that the man's name was Mahandaz, and that they had killed a double. The communication ended, leaving Naudez and Dragon in the middle of a city. The two decided to head to Dragon's old lab south of Ardougne. They sailed to Catherby via a charter ship, then made their way to the lab.

The Hangar

Located within the eastern sea, the hangar once served as the Metal-Knights' base of operations. It is off-limits to all that come within its tageting range. It is underground, and covered by two iron flaps. The Hangar has since been destroyed by Ghoul Face and his KMT strike force.

The Axe

Axe soldier

A Metal-Knight soldier.

The axe interior

The interior of the Axe.

The Axe was a flying battleship, nearly 20 meters in length. It floated using technology and magic similar to that of the clan citadel, and was given thrust by fire elementals trapped in the engine which were put into an upset state by being overloaded with magical energy.

The Axe itself was made of thin steel sheets welded together. The Axe had two wings, 10 meters in length, on each side which were used for balance and control. It had a tower-like structure located on the deck, which housed the bridge, Lord Metal Knight's and Naudez' personal quarters, and the main cannon.

The main cannon fired a blast of magical energy and an iron ball at the same time or individually, each being around two meters in diameter. Along with these, there were six cannons on each side of the Axe which fired spells of medium-low strength. These took fuel to use, and were often used sparingly as a result,

The Axe was powered by a reactor, which used magical energy acquired from runecrafting altars and the hangar's fuel depot. This area was usually unstable and shaking violently, constantly on the verge of exploding.

The Bilge served as a prison.

Mother Base

The Metal-Knights new main base of operation, it is located in the south-eastern sea.



The city of Alistel.

A city located on the northeastern continent of Vainqueur.


A continent that is believed to be located in a realm tethered to Gielinor. It is made up of six regions. The activities of the Du'Notta Division and the Metal-Knights take place in the northernmost region, the Flowing Plains.



Machinery derived from Alistellian engineering and powered by anima, used primarily on its continent of origin. Prosthetics of this variety connect to both the body and spirit, giving them the capability to harness the user's supernatural powers.


The building blocks of complex machinery. A notable variety is designed to convert natural beings into ALs (artificial life). Design and statistics are determined by the subconcious, making each AL unique. Their free will is limited, leaving them unhindered by suspicion. This also allows for captured enemies to be converted in addition to volunteers.


  • "The Captain"/Captain of the Axe (deceased)
  • Naudez/Captain of the Axe/Mother Base XO/Engineer
  • "Dragon"/First Mate of the Axe
  • "The Warden"/Warden of the bilge and first to die in case of emergency (because it's nearly impossible for him to do so)
  • Athulf/Hand Cannoneer/Explosive Expert
  • Casca/Doctor/Greater Minion
  • Ferro/Spec Ops
  • Liquid/Agent (wounded in action and captured)
  • Luòkèrén X/Greater Minion
  • Mr. X/Ninja/Spec Ops Agent
  • Ocelot/Interrogation Specialist
  • Punished "Poisonous" Snake/Leader/Spec Ops Agent
  • Rosch/Greater Minion/Alistellian Soldier/Squad Leader
  • Small Boss/True Leader/Spec Ops Agent
  • Stocke/Specint
  • Sunny/Agent/Interrogator
  • Tank Dempsey/Spec Ops Corporal

Former Crew

  • Ahzoh/Archmage Commander (missing in action)
  • Bruce/Officer (known traitor)
  • Diego/Squad Leader/Explosive Expert (deceased)
  • Fyrsil/Colonel/Du'Notta Division Member (missing in action)
  • Gersch/Captain (deceased)
  • Ghoul Face/KMT Strike Force Commander
  • Gino/Greater Minion (missing in action)
  • Gk'rath/Generic Minion/Spec Ops Trooper (missing in action)
  • Jeeves/Colonel/Du'Notta Division Member (deceased)
  • Logan/Generic Minion (deceased)
  • Lord Uba Jabari/Squad Leader (missing in action)
  • Manfred von Hubbub Peter/Chef/Greater Minion/Dempsey's Squad member (known traitor)
  • Phoenix/Navigator (missing in action)
  • Riparo/Mercenary (contract expired)
  • Slisek/Spec Ops Trooper (missing in action)
  • Snorri/Maintenance (missing in action)
  • Solid Serpent/Spec Ops Trooper (deceased)
  • Vladimir/Squad Leader (missing in action)
  • White Fox/Spec Ops Trooper (deceased)
  • Wo Dao/Mercenary (discharged)

Current Plans

  • Conquer the multiverse.
  • Investigate the Metal-Amalgamation and their schemes.
  • Stop Cernunnos.
  • Take vengeance on Ghoul Face and his KMT Strike Force.

Weapon List

  • Galaxia, Naudez' personal weapon.
  • A wide variety of basic weaponry.
  • Blackpowder weaponry (exclusive to easterners and high ranks).
  • Thaumatech weaponry (exclusive to Alistellians and high ranks).
  • Basic artillery.
  • Advanced artillery.
  • Combat vehicles.


  • Alistellian Uniform: Steel armor with red tabards.
  • Metal-Knight Basic Uniform: Combat fatigues with headsets and balaclavas.
  • Metal-Knight Stealth Uniform: Sound-dampening adaptive camouflage (gray by default).
  • Metal-Knight Combat Uniform: All-purpose armor (durability varies).
  • Metal-Knight Hybrid Uniform: Combined stealth and combat uniform (exclusive to high ranks).

Job list

  • Agent
  • Alistellian Soldier
  • Base Development Staff
  • Doctor
  • Engineer
  • Field Medic
  • Generic Minion
  • Greater Minion
  • Maintenance
  • Research and Development Department Staff
  • Spec Ops Agent
  • Spec Ops Trooper
  • Specint
  • Squad Leader
  • Thaumatech Engineer
  • Various Officer Ranks

Exclusive Ranks

  • Lord Metal Knight: The leader and highest ranking member of the Metal-Knights.
  • Captain of the Axe: Second in command following the death of the previous Captain.
  • First Mate of the Axe: Current member serving under the Captain of the Axe following Naudez' promotion.


Metal-Knights Extras

Theme of Naudez


Theme of Ocelot


Theme of Small Boss

Small Bass
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