The Maestro is somewhat of an Enigma of a man. His past involving anything farther back from his time in foreign lands is unknown, and he tends to keep it to himself. With plans of starting a Mercenary Company and a small fortune to start with, it's clear he has ambitious plans. His eyes set on the rapidly growing captial of Kandarin, Ardougne. His appearance there will be something to watch!

His History.

Maestro has yet to divuldge anything before his time in distant lands. What he has told is his arrival there, and the challenges he faced. When he arrived, he was still known by his real name and was looking to forget a past filled with betrayal and death. Having only his experience as a Soldier to fall back on, Maestro was soon offering his blade as a mercenary for minor lords and nobles. During this time, he had further opportunity to see the darkest underbelly of mankind, his most hanious of contracts involved mass genocide, murder of children, and the live skinning of men of men to simply make statements. However, through this he learned the value of intimidation. A skill he often has fallen back on. Much later, Maestro fell into his current namesake, a teacher for a small army that was uprising against a lord known to have his way with young girls, and often known to force fathers to slit their families throats if they didn't allow him too. Of course coupled with taxes and just plain pillaging of the Nobles Knights have taken out on the land. The Uprising failed, horribly, and he was forced to flee the lands knowing he would be hunted down as the man who taught the commers how to fight. However.. he never went by anything other then Maestro from then on.

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