"From the wolf's mouth, I feed eternity. With my brother's blood, I open wide the gates of time."

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A Nation Born

A land in chaos. A man betrayed. A brother, killed. These are the events that set the legendary man, Kexax the Second, to create the nation of Kexico. The world destroyed by a Nerdrage-uclear fallout, mankind had to take shelter from the radiating anger, lest the be mutated into Elitists. These Elitsts were terrible, vindictive, creatuers. Rightly feared, even the once-friends of these Elitists were not safe from their wrath, and friend and foe alike were torn apart by their viciousness.

But one man, Kexax the Great, stood upon a hilltop, looking upon a battlefield with a heavy heart. On this hilltop, the dream of a community rebuilt was born. He would stride down the hill, paying no heed to the creatures and men dying around him. He strode off alone into eternity, to create a bastion for humanity.

On the journey, his transformed brother, Evan of the Elitist, ambushed him. Kexax the Second slew him quickly, tactly, and coldly. The blood spattered upon the ground revealed a mystical portal, leading to the future land of Kexico.

The Golden Age

Many scholars rushed to find their great leader, fearing without him, the last of the human resistance would fall to the Elitist horde. Their efforts succeeded. The surviving members of humanity made a mass Exodus to follow their leader into the Unravaged Lands.

Arriving to their destination, they took their leader by surprise. He never expected them to follow him. Many a great scholars took initiative of the resource-rich lands and began to map out the areas, showing others where to go. Among these were Hikar'Lidash, TacticalAlej, Lord Atrum Erus I, and TacticalJay. Humanity had a future again.


But the world around them was not oblivious to their activities. The Elitists began building massive weapons and machines to reignite their genocide of all flourishing communities. They plotted, they built, they exploted. The land began to become dead and corrupt at their presence. Harvesting every single last precious mineral from the earth, their War Machine was ready to strike.

The Humans would be caught off guard, they had no resistance, lacking any complete structures, or any military at all. They were cut down by the Elitists like meat through a grinder. Humanity, Kexico, and all hope for a community, was extinguished.

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