The Domain of the Menaphite Empire spans everything south of Shantay Pass.

The Kingdom of Menaphos is an in-character nation responsible for governing the entire Kharidian Desert south of the Shantay Pass. At the peak of their livelihood, they consider themselves to be the heirs and direct descendants of the original Kharidian Empire.

Views and Religion

The Empire holds true to the Menaphite Pantheon. The worship of the desert gods is foremost in their culture. One of the main goals for the Empire is the restoration of the Pantheon through spread of the religion to the north. 

The Menaphite government is very "Kharidian first", viewing northern influence as a insult and unwanted. Menaphites are however welcoming trade and visitors from outside the empire, viewing such relations as “good for growth”. In the short time the Empire has been reformed, it has become the dominant economic power in the east.


Menaphite Empire

Flag of the Menaphite Empire

The government of the Empire is a monarch based on the traditional government of Menaphos, ruled over by a supreme and divine Pharaoh. The City’s are ruled by various titles ranging from Queen/King to Vizier and Lord. The Noble Family’s of the Empire, often referred to as House’s, command the authority in their respected cities in most cases. Each of the major family’s has a patron god of the Pantheon, most often taking that god’s symbol and colors for their own. This has lead to the Houses being responsible for duties related to that god. Such as caring for the dead and farming and ect.

The Menaphite government still shares a long time rivalry with the City State of Al Kharid, viewing them as traitors and heretics for their worship of Saradomin. However some members of the government still see the people of Al Kharid as a branch off the Empire, hoping that someday the city will once again return to the Empire and worship the Pantheon.

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