The Kandar Annexation War
Kandar battle
Kandar Warriors after the battle
The Kingdom of Kandarin Asgarnian Nationalist Party
King Oliver

Crown Prince Vectis Vekon
Supreme Commander Aizen Valdez
Archmage Magus Concendo

Lord Pyro

Erik Maniak

Few Many

The Kandar Annexation War was a short, however bloody, conflict between the Asgarnian Nationalist Party and the Kingdom of Kandarin. It was fought primarily in central Asgarnia and took place in the late Fifth Age. Including only two battles, both being fought in Falador and north of the city gates, the war caused massive casualties for the Asgarnian force. The war only lasted two days.



  • King Oliver of Kandarin
  • Crown Prince Vectis Vekon
  • Supreme Commander Aizen Valdez
  • Archmage Magus Concendo

Asgarnian Nationalist Party

  • Lord Da'te "The One Eyed Dragon of The East"
  • Erik Manak
  • Lord Pyro

Casus Belli

The conflict came after Varis Grey abdicated the throne of Asgarnia and signed the Imperial Act, inviting King Oliver the Great to bring Kandarin troops to Falador and the rest of Asgarnia to assist in the formation of a new government. After a few days a riot broke out in Falador Square. The result was the assult on Magus Concendo by a Faladian citizen. The citizen was promptly arrested and taken to White Knights Castle. A few hours later word came to Aizen Valdez that a force of Asgarnian citizens was forming in the park in the north half of the city and were arming themselves. Valdez ordered a detachment of Armsmen and Commandos to disperse them. The following events became a small battle that lead to the larger one the next day. The next day the prisoner in the castle managed to escape. Returning to his fellow Nationalists he gathered a  large force of citizens and men fro the Rising Sun Bar. They massed there army outside the city gates and outnumbered the Defending Kandarin Armsmen. Prince Vectis seeing there tactical disadvantage ordered the few commandos protecting him to leave the city via the Dwarves mines and come around behind the Nationalist army. When the Nationalists attacked they were hit from behind. The small force of Commandos decimated the Nationalist rear guard, when the front line turned to engage, Vectis ordered his Armsmen out of the gate and hit the front of the Nationalist lines. The tactic worked and Erik's men retreated and were cut down in mass.  After the battle Commandos Chris and Trey were both awarded for there honorable and heroic actions. 

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