The Invisible Man
Invisible Man Running from soldiers
A depiction of Gryffin fleeing from the men that turned him into what he is now...

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Gideon Gryffin







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 Gideon Gryffin, better known as "The Invisible Man", was another character created by Emyris Bayne. Gryffin was actually based on the character created H.G Wells, though he has been adapted to abide by RuneScape lore. As opposed to making Gryffin an antagonist, as Wells had done with the original Invisible Man, Emyris Bayne made Gryffin as a protagonist, though Gryffin does occassional fits of anger, frustration an depression as a result of his curse.

The Curse of the Unseen

Years ago, Gryffin was captured by an ancient, unknown Zamorakian order, who laid upon Gryffin a curse, removing the visibility from his flesh, bones, blood and muscles. This curse was banned since its accidental creation by Zamorakian monks in the second age. Since then, it has been forgotten...until now...


Gryffin is a generally reserved man, keeping to himself, but will do what is right in the sake of compassion for others. Due to his curse, however, he can have fits of anger, frustration and depression.


Gryffin's face is covered with bandages and dons a hood, sometimes a hat, to cover his eyes as well as the unbandaged parts of his head. He wears a brown lab-coat as well as a sort of apparatus pack on his back. No skin would show from beneath his bandages and clothes. He has a rune pouch attached to his belt, and wields said runes in battle.


Gryffin keeps much of his past secretive from those he meets, even trusts...and here it is...

Gryffin was born in Taverley, though he grew up in Varrock, with a surrogate family, seeing as his parents put him up for adoption for his own safety. After Gryffin grew older, he left Varrock for scientific research before an ancient order of Zamorakians captured him as a test subject to test a long forgotten curse; the Curse of the Unseen, removing the visibility from his flesh, bones, blood and muscles. He has since escaped, travelling the world, seeking a way to remove his curse. He returned to find his home burnt down, his adopted parents killed.

((Gryffin's History will be revamped soon))

Known Family

  • Unknown Name, Biological Father (Whereabouts Unknown)
  • Unknown Name, Biological Mother (Whereabouts Unknown)
  • Remus Gryffin, Adopted Father (Deceased)
  • Astrid Gryffin, Adopted Mother (Deceased)
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