The Inquisition is one of the most secretive organisations in Gielinor. They operate from a city hidden in the depths of the Trollweiss mountains, known to a few non-Inquisitional informants as Arcadia. Most Inquisitors are seen as devious, manipulative individuals who accuse harmless citizens of things such as the use of forbidden magicks and Demoncraft, however, not all Inquisitors are so sinister.

Types of Inquisitor

Inquisitors can be separated into two difinitive categories.


Puritans are the more sinister Inquisitors that are so fiercely stereotyped. Believers of the old ways, Puritans will gladly raze a whole village to the ground if it means destroying one traitor.

They see people as only numbers, and count civilian casulties as colateral damage. Most Puritans end up being fanatical Saradominists, and are ruthless in their investigations.


Far from the stereotypical Puritan, Idealists prefer to be more thorough with their investigations, and are often more well mannered, treating those they suspect as actual human beings.

Unlike Puritans, Idealists aren't afraid to use the weapons of the enemy against them, often utilising Demoncraft and hiring thugs to help them in their investigations.

Known Inquisitors

  • Garran Crux (Garran Crux)
  • Anton Arroud (Ryan racoon)
  • Lixian Grave-deceased (Xeron Cruxon)

Rogue Inquisitors

Although most Inquisitors follow strict guidelines, there are those who become corrupt, and use their extensive knowledge and training to further their own ends. These Rogues are hunted remorselessly when a law abiding Inquisitor catches word of their activities, and are seen as lower than scum by those who used to respect them.

Known Rogue Inquisitors

  • Inquisitor Herrod (Ryan Racoon)
  • Zafina Elvyn (Zafina Elvyn)


  • Arcadia is the name of one of the Greek provinces
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