The Huntsmaster is a spiritual being of unknown origin, who surfaced in the early Sixth Age. Believed to be a nature spirit of some form, he is neither good nor evil, and revels in the chase and the kill; welcoming any who follow that path to hunt under him. Played by Raltin Avarr.

The Huntsmaster, wearing the hide and skull of his last kill: a deer.


The Huntsmaster was believed to have come from the spirit plane, or another place of spiritual energy, though no one is really sure. Some believe him to be a form of nature spirit that embodies the spirit of the hunt; keeping the natural balance between predator and prey. Either way, he first appeared in the Northern mountains, and has slowly been extending his reach across the lands.


The Huntsmaster most often appears as a man in shape and form, but covered in pelts and trophies of his triumphs. The pelts he wears often shift depending on the prey or his last kill, so he has no fixed appearance. One thing that remains constant, however, is that either only a portion of his face is visible or none of it at all. He can often be found hunting with summoned spirit familiars; the spirit wolves are among his favorite companions to have at his side during the hunt.


He cares for little other than the thrill of the hunt, and enjoying the spoils each kill grants. He is prideful, and loaths to refuse a challenge. He views almost anything as prey, and rarely makes exceptions; hunting predatory creatures as well. His chosen prey is not always an animal...

Other Information

  • With each kill made by either himself or those who hunt under him, he becomes more powerful.
    • As a spiritual being, he absorbs a portion of the power of those slain during the hunt, but the souls of those killed are not in any danger, and they are free to pass on to the next life.
  • His favorite weapon is a spear, which he often uses to land the final blow on prey, he also has a bow made from the antlers of a spiritual white stag.
  • No one knows the Huntsmaster's real name, if he even has one.
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