An Amulet with the Oathblade Crest; a Shaikahan, a two tailed lion-like creature

The House of Oathblade is a family of Dwarves originating back to possibly before the founding of the city of Keldagrim. After the death of Jon Oathblade, who died trying to steal a dragon's horde, the Oathblades mostly became miners, merchants or blacksmiths.


Family Race(s): Dwarven

Family Sigil: Shaikahan

Family Traits: Somewhat tall for Dwarves, Dark haired

Family Religion: Guthixian

Family History(Abridged)

Long ago, back during the God Wars, there lived a Dwarven hero known as Lord Storn Oathblade, "Wielder of Oaths", having recieved his name from swearing fealty to all dwarves in an attempt to bring them together. As the God Wars continued to rage on, he as well as many of the Dwarven leaders believed that the war would destroy their civilization if they fought in the great war of gods, so they led the dwarves underground, where they created a grand city; Keldagrim. Ever since then, the Oathblades have been known as great warriors throughout the world, Dwarven or otherwise.

Since then, all of Storn Oathblade's decendants were great heroes and adventurers. There were heroes like Gannon Oathblade the Grand, Vargr Oathblade the Blood-Ridden, and so on until one adventurer changed the legacy of the Oathblades forever; Jon Oathblade the Restless. This Dwarf, who lived somewhere during the Mid-Fourth Age, took some fellow adventurers on a mission to steal a dragon's horde of gold. However, all of these adventurers, including Jon, were killed, which caused the Oathblades to turn away from lives of adventure and heroism to become miners, blacksmiths and merchants. However, one Oathblade inherited his ancestors' thirst for adventure; Eorlund Oathblade, who lives in the current Era. Eorlund decided that if the line were to continue, the Oathblades would not only become adventurers again, but anything that a Dwarf would possibly desire to do.

Notable Oathblades

Lord Storn Oathblade, "the Wielder of Oaths" (Deceased, 3A)

  • The First of the Oathblade Name
  • Famous Dwarven Hero
  • Present at the Founding of Keldagrim

Gannon Oathblade, "the Grand" (Deceased, 4A)

  • Famous Dwarven Hero
  • Great-Grandson of Storn

Vargr Oathblade, "the Blood-Ridden" (Deceased, 4A)

  • Famous Dwarven Hero
  • Insane
  • Son of Gannon

Jon Oathblade, "the Restless" (Deceased, 4A)

  • Famous Dwarven Hero
  • Son of Vargr's brother, Dalric
  • Caused all Oathblades since to renounce Adventuring

Sleipnir Oathblade (Deceased 4A)

  • Dwarven Poet
  • Longest lived Oathblade known today, died at age 362
  • Great-Nephew of Jon

Lokir Oathblade (Deceased 5A)

  • Dwarven Merchant
  • Father of Eorlund
  • Murdered by a cult of human bigots

Eorlund Oathblade, "the Prodigal"

  • The first Oathblade to be an Adventurer since Jon Oathblade
  • Current Patriarch of the Oathblade Family
  • Son of Lokir
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