The House of Clough

Family Name

House of Clough

Family Type

Patriarchy, Nobility

Founder of the Family

Theodore Clough


Guthixian, Zamorakian, Saradominist, Aztarwynian

Family Motto


Family Colours

Red, Gold

Family Animal

The Lion



The Royal and Noble House of Clough are a multi-cultural family of das Kaiserreich der Cruor. With their founding in the late Fourth Age, the house of Clough has barely managed to survive through the hard times of life and worked their way up the chain. It was not until Bruce Clough that the family had ascended to royalty, with the founding of the first Kingdom of Lionheart. Shortly after however, the kingdom was disavowed and the Clough continued to suffer an ever-lasting massacre conducted by the house of Gonzo, more specifically Aztarwyn. After the death of Bruce, the Clough seemed to be all but nothing until Setomus Clough, the son of Bruce, had taken on his legacy and brought an end to the tensions between the families and married a Gonzo, thus bringing the two houses together. The house of Clough became royal once more after Kaiserin Rachel Gonzo I had ascended to the throne of das Kaiserreich der Cruor, with Setomus as the Kaiser. 


Family Traits

Household Members

Full Family Tree

The current family tree will only display the bloodline of Bruce Clough, others will be added eventually.

Generation I

Jacob Clough - Husband of Zoe, father of Bruce and Wayne - Deceased

Zoe Clough - Wife of Jacob, mother of Bruce and Wayne - Deceased

Generation II

Wayne Clough - Son of Jacob and Zoe - Deceased

Bruce Clough - Son of Jacob and Zoe, father of Setomus and Trace, formerly husband of Emma and Alexys - Deceased

Alexys Clough - Ex-wife of Bruce - Alive

Emma Genic/Clough - Widow of Bruce, mother of Setomus and Trace - Alive

Aztarwyn Zephon Gonzo - Ex-husband of Emma and Alexys, father in-law of Setomus, father of Rachel - Deceased

Generation III

Setomus Clough - Son of Bruce and Emma, father of Samuel, Dorina and Aztarwyn III, husband of Rachel - Deceased

Trace Clough - Daughter of Bruce and Emma - Alive

Rachel Gonzo - Wife of Setomus, mother of Samuel, Dorina and Aztarwyn III - Deceased

Generation IV

Samuel Gonzo-Clough - Son of Setomus and Rachel - Deceased

Dorina Clough - Daughter of Setomus and Rachel - Alive

Aztarwyn Gonzo III - Son of Setomus and Rachel, father of Aztarwyn IV and Nicole, husband of Sonja - Alive

Sonja Gonzo - Wife of Aztarwyn III, mother of Aztarwyn IV and Nicole - Alive

Generation V

Aztarwyn Gonzo IV - Son of Aztarwyn III and Sonja - Alive

Nicole Gonzo - Daughter of Aztarwyn III and Sonja - Alive

Played Characters


The House of Clough
Patriarchs/Matriarchs: Bruce Clough, Setomus Clough, Dorina Clough

Family Members: Rachel Gonzo, AdriAnne Gonzo, Adolf Gonzo, Samuel Gonzo-Clough, Aztarwyn Gonzo III

Servants: None

Antagonists: The House of Nekai, The House of Gonzo

Patriarchs: Aztarwyn Zephon Gonzo, Azeroth Gonzo, Arrondal Gonzo, Tetnaziwyn Gonzo

Family Members: Blaire Gonzo, Rachel Gonzo, Zephon Altus Gonzo, Akiza Gonzo, AdriAnne Gonzo, Adolf Gonzo, Setomus Clough, Samuel Gonzo-Clough, Dorina Clough, Aztarwyn Gonzo III, Cortana Gonzo, Mikayla Gonzo

Servants: Kuolema Destruotus Kullis

Antagonists: The House of Nekai. The House of Clough

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