This includes excerpts from some adventurer's journals. Most scholars believe that the Hive have been around for a very long time. Much like the Dorgesshun, they have been dwelling underground. Most documents, or anything explaining the Hive in any way, are usually kept closely guarded in Hive Nests.


"I've been down here for days now...I don't know where I am or if I'm even still in this plane...I-I hear screaming every day, and inhumane snarling..I've seen things down here, things with...Beaks! They look to be some sort of other kind of race down here..I've been in these hallways for days, the only light I've seen is from the torchs in the hall-ways, I think these...Creatures know I'm here, But I've tried to hide my presence here as best I can. Days ago I was sent to scout down here and I haven't been able to find my way back to the surface, I've been seeing a large amount of Roaches and I don't know what these creatures are, or if they are even of this world. I do hope to Saradomin that they are peaceful, I have decided that I will confront them tommorow."

- A page saved from a Saradominist soldier's journal. This page was believed to be written during the year 3,720 of the third age. This is believed to be the first description of the Hive ever in literature.
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