The Hermit Sehrrec is a character played by Raltin Avarr.

Did you not recognize the creatures that lurked in the shadows? Your friends too once served the Dark Masters... but all for their own greed and thirst for power than any true loyalty to them... this is how the Masters repayed them... doomed to remain in the dark, feeding off the power of others, never being fulfilled... you can run... but you cannot hide Chance... hehehehahaaa!


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The hermit lives alone across the various mountains of Gielinor, frequenting White Wolf the most out of all of them. He is a reclusive creature, preferring to live far from most civilization, and only speaking to others to herald events of impending doom, interwoven with visions of death. No one exactly knows what lays under the dark folds of his hood and robes, but most on hearing the raspy voice of his would rather not.


He is somewhat of an enigma, as very little is known. What is known is that he seems to take delight at torturing others with their fates, mocking them with what he knows the future holds and using that to unnerve the persons in question. He finds just about anything involving death amusing.


He wears ragged thick robes, and a very large fur cloak that drapes over his back, concealing what may be a deformed hump on his back or something else. One of his arms is slightly shorter than the other. He often hobbles when he walks. He carries a long wooden staff with a black gem on the end of it, and at times uses this staff as a walking stick.


He has foresight, looking into the future and seeing events that will come to pass and others that may or may not. Although frail looking of body, appearances can be deceiving, and is overly strong in comparison to his slim look. He is not a fighter though, and prefers to avoid conflict as much as other people. Few things truly seem to hurt him at any rate, and if attacked he will feint death and wait until those who tried to harm him have left.

Other Information

  • The one person who has seen his face has noticed that his eyes are completely white, hinting at blindness, but he seems to see just fine.


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