The Gravitic Swarm is an organisation founded in the early fourth age for the purpose of selling faceless soldiers for a profit. They are heavily influenced by the Eastern honour and tradition idealogies.

They have always manufactured biologically engineered warriors in "Drone Farms"; large warehouse like structures containing hundreds, if not thousands, of embyros waiting to mature on demand. The extent of the body alteration relies on the Drone's future purpose.

Some examples of the biological engineering include the replacement of muscle ligaments with thick, iron spring coils, allowing the drone to reserve energy and propel themselves over large distances. In some drones, the skull is removed in sections over the course of a month, and replaced with a metal frame covering the vital areas.


The Gravitic Swarm operates within a strict sense of hierarchy. Below is a list of the Gravitic classes in their respective authoritive positions, from highest to lowest.

  • Gravitic King - Gravitic Kings head the Gravitic Swarm. The current king is the 9'2 Drae Mort'tem.
  • Gravitic Monarch - Gravitic Monarchs carry out the King's wishes. The current Monarch is General Belphegor.
  • Gravitic General - Gravitic generals head each of the 16 regiments. The most recently deceased is Sk'reeva.
  • Gravitic Lieutenant - Gravitic Lieutenants are commonly seen leading their respective groups in to battle.
  • Artillery Marshalls - Artillery Marshalls are high ranking drones who lead arial strikes against opponents.
  • Drone Marshall - Drone Marshalls are high ranking drones who lead ground strikes against opponents.

Monarch Belphegor.

Drone - Drones, often referred to as skunks, are the lowest combatitive ranking Gravitic, and come in many varieties, including Mage, Blade, Range, Trapper and the fearsome Bulwark.

Purpose in roleplay

The purpose of the Gravitic Swarm within roleplay is to provide the Caedo clan with an antagonistic force for their current plotline, entitled "Flashpoint". The Caedo fall under frequent attack from Gravitic Drone varients, and have so far encountered (and killed) one boss, namely General Sk'reeva.

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