This page is for the player-made group dedicated to the in-game faction, it's Role-Play and in-game history. For the philosophy, go see Godlessness.

The Godless
The Godless symbol
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The symbol of the Godless is a broken chain and their chosen colors are yellow and dark orange


Rebelling against the gods on gielinor, protecting its mortals from their deadly influence.


Year 1, Sixth Age Pentember 9th


True Neutral (toward mortals' affair)

Chaotic Good (against the gods)



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The Godless is a role-playing group based on and named after the in-game Godless organization. Likewise with the in-game group, the Godless organization was formed at the beginning of the Sixth Age and, simultaneously, was created out-of-character with the launching of the Sixth Age in-game events. Within role-play, it is the in-lore faction itself. This page records only major events that needs to be recorded. The Godless is an organisation founded shortly after the end of the Fifth Age by a former druid known as Biehn. They state that Gielinor are better off without the gods and state their goals as a desire to defend Gielinor from the gods while protecting the innocent. While the faction's philosophy is similar to the wishes of the god of balance, Guthix, the faction is not inherently Guthixian - although some prominent members are former Guthixians. The name was an idea of co-founder Kara-Meir, who suggested it instead of Biehn's name, "The Antitheists".


The Godless are a group of like-minded individuals, striving for a world where there are no gods; no 'supreme beings' fighting for dominance. We may not be as strong as the gods alone, but together we believe we can rise up and cast them from this world. We are our own protectors!

–Holstein speech towards new recruiters.

Sixth age, Year 1


After the news of the death of Guthix spread around the world and the ending of the fifth age, a druid known as Biehn was shocked to learn of the truth of Guthix's belief. Seeing how he misjudged the god, and found no reason to stay within Taverley, he left on a journey. Kara-Meir contacted Biehn after having received his letter. The two agreed to create a faction to continue Guthix's belief of a world belonging to no god. While Biehn was getting other mortals to join their cause, Kara-Meir managed to find Ux, a demon, to join the organisation. Biehn struggled with finding a name for the faction and wanted to call it "The Antitheists." Kara-Meir mocked his initial suggestion and proposed the simple name "The Godless." As the faction grew and received more supporters, a portal appeared north of Lumbridge. Kara-Meir and Ux went to Lumbridge to examine the reason for Ux's headache.

Demons and Master

Days after they sent their emissary towards Port Sarim to recruit, the Godless began hearing rumors of a demon summoner who was trying to control demons spawning randomly at times around Gielinor, which became known as "Demon flash mobs". Of course, the Godless knew it would cause trouble towards mortals who were actively near or around their spawn locations. The Godless were able to stop the demonologist, but sadly couldn't prevent the demons from spawning themselves, who later escaped defeat and capture.

War Bands

Later, the Godless soon heard of followers of the gods trying to summon their respective deities, suggesting gods were able to return to Gielinor. These followers and their camps proved difficult for the Godless to combat, as not only were the followers hard to defeat but their leaders powerful enough to fight several men off by themselves. The Godless, after Zamorak's eventual return, no longer made an effort to stop the war bands, believing they were just blindly signaling their gods since most were likely already present on Gielinor.

A Zarosian Warlord

In the depths of Edgeville, a follower of an ancient god was released into the world, ready to cause destruction and reclaim lands that other gods had taken from his own. The Zarosian began his operation in the desert where his actions quickly grew apparent to the Godless, who sent members to put an end to him and his schemes.

Ambush and Rescue

Once the Godless arrived they were ambushed by a group of desert bandits. Fortunately for them the scuffle didn't rouse the attention of other bandits nearby. By the time they found the wizard, the Godless were attacked by a demon. Just as the demon got the better of them, the group was rescued by the World Guardian themselves. They thanked the renowned adventurer and left to attend to the matter at hand: the Zarosian warlord.

End of the Warlord

After continuing their search for the warlord, the Godless managed to find him. They were able to defeat him, although not easily once he began summon undead minions, who tried freezing each attacker with ice magic. The warlord met his end, vowing that his god would return and reclaim the world.

Portal at Lumbridge

Soon the Godless grew aware of a portal outside Lumbridge. As Kara-Meir and Ux, her demon companion, went on to investigate it, so too did some of the members. The area, however, became crowded as the portal continued to grow. The Godless speculated on the identity of the god who could be entering through the portal. They later met with trouble upon noticing a small group of goblins and black knights trying to claim the portal, thinking it belonged to their respective god. Luckily, the Godless were able to drive them off; scouts were stationed and remained in time to witness the return of Zamorak.

After the formation of the faction, the Godless has gotten a lot of members and aligned mortals. As the battle of lumbrige began, the Godless had become spies in both sides of the battle, as well as defending the castle from the two warring faction when they broke out of the crater. Mark, an early member who was made first Commander, was in-charge of the Godless who were protecting the castle. So far the Godless are in a few battle themselves.:

The Battle of Lumbridge

Main Article: The Battle of Lumbridge

A Godless Spy on Saradomin camp.

A Godless as a Saradominist Devote being a spy.

A Female Godless Spy on Zamorak Camp

A Godless female as a Zamorak follower as a spy.

Battle of Lumbridge ending

The Battle of Lumbridge.

While Lumbridge is in a middle of the battle between the gods, the Godless have gotten their way into the two faction camp, being spies in both sides, ready to strike when the time is needed. So far only several event was made for the Godless to fight back. This included raiders of both sides aiming for quick supplies outside the battle, and into the town. Another was an hostile takeover toward's the city.

Defending Lumbridge

During the Battle of Lumbridge, small groups of the two faction broke of the out crater to take over the castle. Thankfully, the Godless and other defenders were able to raid the attackers out. The Godless were still in the battle as spies in the two faction camp. On the other hand, the Godless had to also rid of those who escaped the crater in order to capture a location for it's supplies. The Godless had succeeded in doing so, with help of the Lumbridge guard of course.

The End

Mark killing a black knight

Mark killing a black knight.

After weeks of battle, it was finally finished, after Zamorak's defeat, the Godless had no reason to stay and left, others waited for the remaining Saradominist and Zamorakians to leave. They soon started gathering the remaining supplies left from the two faction and would then spare some to Lumbridge.

The Search and the Last Battle

Finding Amelia

The Godless finding Amelia.

During their search and gathering of resources in both camp, the Godless have found two survivors of Saradomin's army; a female white knight, and a pride-leader. While treating them, and searching for more survivors in both camps to treat, the Godless stumbled on trouble. The portals of the two camps seemed to have turned on from the remaining power the gods left behind. Bringing in one hundred Black and White knights back into the camp. The two faction thought of the Godless to be their enemy. With both camps, the Godless only had 45 men, so they had to fight for survival. At the Saradomin camp, the Godless were doing a better job there as they had Graffle and top fighters, as for the Zamorakian camp they had Mark and a few snipers.

On the Saradomin side, the Godless were close to losing, as the portal was still bringing in a bit more men, luckily one of the members were able to blow up the portal before it brought more men and thanks to the explosion it helped the Godless win the battle at that camp. At the Zamorakian camp, Mark and his men were holding their ground as the snipers were slowly dying and the battle was going to the Black knights. Thankfully the same result happened, as backup came, the same member happened to blow up that portal also. After the battle, the Godless explained to the two survivors of the Saradominist camp that they were left behind. The two picked to align themselves with the Godless, and are being treated for their wounds. Soon they noticed how the souls in the body did not leave, one of the members went investigate it.

War against the Goblins

During some time, the mayor of Rimmington had asked for the Godless help in stopping the Goblins from raiding their town. Of course they agreed to this as the Goblins were raiding in the name of Bandos, making it more of a reason to stop them, as they could hurt anyone.

Map of Rimmnigton with Godless

The Map of Rimmington with the help of the Godless (Orange dots are number of guards placed)

The Godless were aiding the town of Rimmington to fight off the raids of the Goblins. They've secured the mines and barricaded the town with walls big enough to keep them out, with at least 3 entrance. Once again the Godless went and defeated a army of goblins from gathering more resources north west of Rimmington, the area was secured.

Poor Unfortunate Souls

Rumors are spreading through Lumbridge, of the haunting changes in the already mysterious swamps to the South of the town. Fearing remnants of the hordes of Zamorak, the people say that many a brave adventurer has gone into the swamps with the intent of purging its evil, but none of them have returned. The Godless are ready to head out and help Lumbridge with this problem in all hope that nothing would go wrong. In the end they managed to survive the swamp.Though, they may have survived the fight, but the quest is long from over.

Battle for Rimmington

The Godless noticed a quick on attack by Zamorakian forces. The Godless were able to hold back the forces with the few men they had spared for Rimmington.. Thanks to Varis Grey, allied forces were able to come in a nick of time, before Rimmington was in a worst state than it is now. The town is slowly being rebuilt as the only critical damage is a house and their food supplies. Luckily the Godless were able to aid Rimmington with the food supplies thanks to them clearing the camp at the crater in Lumbridge. They brought enough food for the town that would last about two months, enough time to help Rimmington to go back on their food stock and farming. Luckily the walls have been fixed.

Obtaining the Land in the Sky

Shortly after the battle for Rimmington, the Godless had plans to have their own Citadel, but without it being on the list of citadel ownership for other religion to notice and traveled there thanks to a member who has a dragon, and flew to the citadel. After arriving there, the member activated the portal with a Wizard who was known for study of portals. Soon they had encounter with a few Aviantese. The Godless tried to make a deal, but the Godless were then threaten to be kill if they do not leave the Citadel that the Aviantese "claimed" first. The Godless refused to leave and fought with the aviansies for the Citadel. The Godless won with only minor damage done to their men. After claiming the Citadel, they voted to call the Citadel, "The Godless Hall."

Midnight Trouble

Somewhere in Ardougne there were a group of dark hooded men sneaking out to the east outside of the city. They were later shown to be a group of bandosian who were trying to open a small portal to be able to attack Ardougne. Luckily Ralphamic was there with Noah Arrav III. Ralphamic was able to fool them into thinking he was Bandos himself. After the small prank and information gathering, Ralhpamic was able to kill them and turns them into his own wights, only leaving one alive to kill out of joy. Afterwards the door that was summoned by the bandosian was left alone, and Ralphamic left his wights to guard the door until they bring more men, unknown on what would happen if they open the door.

Terror in Varrock

Varrock had a party in their city in the town square where everyone was invited. A few Godless member were able to attend the party as scouts. The party went on and was an enjoyable one until a small group of masked mime attacked and terrorized the party, with luck a few Godless member were able to join in and aid Varrock in the attack. So far only three were known to be captured and interrogated for information. Two were made into wights by Ralphamic. One was kept alive to be given as a gift to the capital of Misthalin. So far the Godless are all on look out for these mime masked group.

Fall of the Hall

An ambush came at night to the Godless hall. A force of Armadyleans came and attacked, driving out the Godless from their Citadel. The Godless were heavily damaged. For they lost a lot of resources, they picked to leave it lost, as they are too weak in supplies.

An Evil Power

After a gathering the Godless finally decided to go and check out the door the Bandosians tried to open. The door led to a portal that led to a modern looking temple. As it all started, traps were set almost everywhere. They fought through some Golems, escaped through dangerous traps, and solved puzzles that can kill them all if messed up. After making it through all this action they found themselves in a room guarded by a powerful young knight. Being told that there was a crystal that has an evil power sealed, the Godless came into an argument of fighting the young knight to destroy the crystal in hope to kill the evil. All came into an agreement that the crystal is perfectly guarded and decided to leave the crystal alone.

Pre-Gods Battle

Days before the battle between Bandos and Armadyl, the Godless have heard of the two faction setting up their camps secretly by putting in supplies before their gods called in the tower. A raiding team of Bandosians were tasked to raid Edgeville. In fast reaction a small group of Godless were able to fight off the raiding forces, and won. The Godless then started preparing for the war, as they knew that they must interfere to avoid major conflict and damage.

The Bird and The Beast

Main Article: The Bandosian-Armadylean Conflict

The Godless for next event.

Mark with Kara-Meir and Garlandia

After Bandos' and Armadyl's camps were set up, the Godless once again spread into task forces. This time there are three task forces, spies, truce makers and ambushers. The Godless were successful in ambushing and spying at the two Factions, as well as aiding the faction they are truce with to stop the enemies faction convoy. So far, the Godless had gotten a lot of new members the day the war started. Their goal was to ensure the protection of the innocents that were caught in the crossfire of the two factions battle.

Godless ambushers

Godless Ambushers


The Godless were so far trying to find out how the golems are being made in the two gods' faction. The spies information was that not only are they made from bones and armor, but the gods' animated them. It came into a conclusion that it would need perhaps several mages to cast an animation spell, and perhaps the golem would last shorter than the one from the two factions. So far the Godless are now recruiting for diviners, to be able to collect Guthix's divine energy, in hopes that is another way to animate the golem, or at least make it stronger.

The First Battle

As the fight for divine energy continued, the forces of Armadyl turned their gaze upon the forests of Misthalin. West of Edgeville, a concentration of divine energy built, enough to give the Bandosians or the Armadyleans a fair boost. Both armies marched to this point, to fight it out on behalf of their god.

The fighting opened with a group of Bandosians fighting the White Knights (under Commander Sir Bool Cowbra) and Anglian forces (under King Corvus) that had been ordered by Commander Alexander Aerendyl to secure the energy source on the hill. Soon the Godless jumped in to ambush both sides, which lead to the White Knights fighting on all fronts and leaving them pinned down. Bandosian infiltrators surrounded and assaulted Gunnarsgrunn itself, where some energy was found and taken by a black garbed occultist of presumed Kinshra origin. The conflict in the forest was brutal, and the Godless were seemingly to be tied with the White Knights, however as the Armadyleans overcame the Bandosians in the village, they managed to force back Bandos' forces and the vanished after a arrival of some unknown ambushers. The Armadyleans held the hill until the unknown ambushers known as Worshippers of the Dragonkin took over it, with the remainder of the White Knights retreating.

With the Armadylean forces diminished and fatigued, Commander Aerendyl conceded the battle and agreed to surrender, on grounds that the Worshippers not attack their wounded and innocent. The field hospital in the Gunnarsgrunn Longhall was evacuated to Varrock Square, with the Armadylean forces soon also retreating there. The Battle of Gunnarsgrunn was thus concluded with a Worshipper victory.

In the aftermath of the battle, the Godless went off to a scavenger hunt, to look for supplies the next day going to Daemonhiem, they were looking for parts of some weapons to be able to make new equipment. The Godless were then ambushed by Bandosians and Armadyleans. After a fierce battle, and a few injured, the Godless managed to win. Though winning, the Godless had to flee from an unknown creature that went to attack. Luckily they escaped with some metal parts. The Godless were then asked to ally the Bandosians for their next convoy trip. Accepting this, the Godless had planned to send only a few Godless to aid the Bandosians Soon the Armadyleans also offered an alliance. This request, was accepted, but secretly, the Godless made a plan, to back stab both sides.

Ambush on Convoy

The two factions, that of Armadyl and of Bandos, had prepared for an exception mission - a huge cache of divine energy was being released by the world just north of Draynor. Upon hearing reports, both factions sent large detachments from camps to the site. The two convoys marched from their respective camps, all but overburdened with diviners and bodyguards, ready for the inevitable conflict with the opposition.

As well as these, the Godless moved out to prepare an ambush on both factions, aiming to take them by surprise and stop them from collecting the energy. Unawares to any faction, the Kinshra Knights had decided to make an appearance this time, to stop the Armadyleans and their Saradominist allies from collecting the divine energy. The Godless ambushed the Armadylean faction north east of Draynor, and as the convoy halted to combat this threat, the Kinshra unleashed unholy fury into their rear. The Armadyleans suffered a brutal ambush, most of their combatants fleeing as the combined Godless and Kinshra efforts plagued through their ranks. A second detachment of Godless ambushed the Bandosian convoy but they were too late to stop it from reaching the site, they were already collecting the energy. The Godless, with the none arranged aid of the Kinshra, were able to defeat the two factions. The Armadylean convoy was swiftly beaten and crushed, forcing their remaining forces to retreat in disarray. The Bandosians succeeded in collecting the energy, but they did not make it back to their camp.

The battle resulted in a Godless victory, This is perhaps only due to the interference from the Kinshra Knights and their victory over the White Knight contingent, as it was unclear whether the Godless were stronger than the Armadyleans or not until the Kinshra entered the fray.

After the battle, the Godless went on to collect some divine energy, in order to continue research on its properties and uses.

Cave Goblin Trouble

Deep under Lumbridge there is a city of an ancient race of cave goblins. Their defenses have rose after Bandos returned, and out of fear, have not been allowing a lot of humans entrance to the city, only those who don't seem like a threat are allowed in. The Godless has helped train the guards, and improve their defenses. The Godless has over heard of an possible attack on Dorgesh-kaan, the Godless are preparing for the worst to come.

Soon, main members of the Godless has headed over to the city to help defend it. The moment they arrived, the city was under attacked. The Godless with Dorgeshuun guards were able to fight off the bandosian forces, who were coming in through the tunnel they dug up in. The battle was brutal, but the Godless managed to defeat the bandosian. Soon, they found out that the bandosian has a secret weapon, a giant hammer to collapse the dorgeshuun tunnel. The Godless were able to destroy this weapon, and seal off the tunnel they came in through. Soon after the Godless departed, adding few extra guards to protect the city as well.

The Big Discovery

Days after their conflict under Lumbridge, the Godless returned to their normal missions. Soon they made the discovery they have been hoping to achieve. They finally came across creating a golem of their own, to be able to match against the two warring factions'. The golem has been tested, it appears to leak out streams of the energy put into it, making it last shorter than Armadyl's and Bandos's. The amount of energy to put in it is limited, and the type as well, as a certain type put into it, can either damage, or improve it, which is yet to be tested on. The Godless plan on using the golem as a back up, for an escape routine, or a hope of winning.

Raid and Betrayal

After the victory the Bandosian had gained in the tunnel, and their enemy's golem, they feel confident once again. Some Bandosians moved back to base, as a few stayed behind slowly digging the blocked tunnel that leads to Falador. Tuska's followers meet up with the returning forces, just a few trees outside from the Bandosian's camp. Both agree for a small term alliances. The Bandosians now plans to aid the Tuskans to raid the Edgeville Monastery, for their goddess, in return, the Bandosians are able to take it over for the time being, making it into a headquarters, and a close travel to Edgeville for the divine energy. The Defenders are preparing, as a scout notice a few unknown creature having their camp set up at Ice Mountain. They notice a giant figure coming, knowing this, the scout(s) head back to warn their faction.

In the monastery, a chant of "Tu-ska" was heard, the raiders got ready and attempted to block both entrances. The defenders rushed in and with their demon. They attacked from the northern side of the monastery, as the building partly collapsed, and monks feeling from the opening. The battle was shown to be brutal, and very bloody. The raiders had their hands on a very dangerous creature, known as an Airut, who was chained, and guided by the Tuskan warrior. The raiders and defenders were both tied in combat, until a wight appeared and started manipulating the battle, teleporting the Airut around the area in hopes to damage it. Soon a small force of Zamorakians interfered, and battled a few defenders. The battle soon turned after the wight's interference and attacked the Godless' demon. Both the Airut and the demon were unable to battle any more, causing the two sides to fight a without their champions to aid them. The wight had injured several defenders before leaving.

The battle resulted in a defenders victory, in trying to avoid a god's faction to gain control over the monastery. The Zamorakians were able to completely burn the entire monastery down.

The Goblin's Final Raid

The Godless grew tired of giving Rimmington, so much support, with almost little, but active raiding, losing supplies, and men, the Godless choice to move into their settlement, that was discovered to be north-west of Rimmington. The Godless sent a group of agent to the settlement, to attack and destroy it for good, stopping their more actively attack on Rimmington. The Godless prepare their forces to be ready to attack the settlement. The Godless ambushed the settlement from behind. The ambush became into another blood shedding battle. The Godless were in the brink of losing, but luckily were able to overcome the settlement's forces thanks to their reinforcement arriving. The Godless soon went back to Rimmington, and let their medic attend to the wounded. Mark, would then order the Godless to pack, and leave the town, with only the medic house to remain, with the medics, and one Godless agent to remain.

Death of the God of War

As the time finally came, the death of Bandos was here. The Godless soon heard and saw the tower fire a giant ball of divine energy. The Godless with, their head, and eyes followed the energy to Bandos, as they witness the death of Bandos himself. After they witnessed the adventurer, standing in front of Armadyl, and the god himself smashing Bandos' stone head, the Godless scattered once again, remaining hidden, for when they are needed, another gods' battle, or mortals in trouble from the warring gods' faction, the Godless will always be there.

The Son of Saradomin

Bells were ringing at the Edgeville monastery a monk would be shouting, a bunch of citizen would come and gather around to witness this "savior" the monk is preaching about. Several more monks would be seen praying, and chanting some prayers. A young man would come towards the and reveal himself to be "The Son of Saradomin." Jandres the "son" believes he is the son of Saradomin, and plans to convert almost everyone. He soon noticed a Godless demon named Danny, and ordered an attack on him, and Noah the second, as he did not flee. After a close fight against the knights of Saradomin Noah appears to be dead, as Danny is wounded by not only an arrow strike through his wing, but a holy magic attack, that made his wings burn, to where he would unable to fly for awhile. Jandres escaped with only one knight who remained alive. Noah was left behind, as a Knight was able to kidnap him, and hold him prisoner.

The First Execution

A bell rings in Lumbridge, town folks looks towards the sound, and noticed how the church was guarded by a group of Saradominist knights. Everyone walked in the church, including a few Godless members. Jandres, the son of Saradomin introduced a Godless member, who is about to be executed. The Godless members rush in to stop the execution, and succeeded. Jandres ended up fighting them all alone, only wounding a few members.

After Jandres teleported, the Godless spreaded out, a few remained to help any injured citizens, and a few went to heal the injured members. Noah was rescued by other members of the Godless, as Jandres then destroyed his secret location hoping to kill Noah, and his rescuers, which failed.

Rise of the Hall

Weeks after Armadyl's victory over Bandos, the Godless once again were able to return to their citadel. Of course this became a no blood-lust battle, as there was an Aviansie who was about to leave, looking at the Godless men, and flies off. The Godless once again were able to make the Godless Hall back into the base it was before. Thanks to the Armadylean leaving their supplies behind, the Godless were able to use those left supplies to help remake the Citadel, and regain resources.

Death of the First Sage

The Godless gathered information on Jandres announcing four sages, and appointed each to the four major cities. One has made a current action once arriving to the city Ardougne. The Godless were able to make it in time to witness the sage himself, but were too late to save the innocent he executed. Once the sage, and his knights went to the church, just west of the market place, the Godless stealthily followed. After the sage entered, and the knights stand guards. The Godless then did an all out assault to the church, to be able to kill the sage, before he causes more execution in the city. The Godless succeeded in killing the sage, and some knights. One knight was spared, but was killed by a random ambusher.

Godless End a Void's Trouble

The Godless gotten an S.O.S message from the Void Knights, as they requested aid for their outpost. The godless responded this quickly, as four brave members were able to attend. The leader of the Void Knights asked them to hold back the pests, for their recruits to prepare, and fight. The godless would jump into their ship, and would sail into their outpost, noticing retreating Knights, the godless rushed in and goes on to attack the pests, and the portals.

The Godless spread into three faction to take out the portal, one stayed behind and defended the Void knight in the center of the outpost. The godless battled their way to the portals, and brought it down. Soon they notice a ship return, and the knight that was in the center of the outpost, came back alive, before the knights were able to send in their recruits. The godless was admired by the knights, The godless was thanked by the knights, as the godless left the island.

Terror under Falador

Under Falador's Garden, there were friendly creatures known as moles, weren't very aggressive. One day a farmer made a potion in hope to quickly grow his patch. The potion worked, but gave a nasty side effect, it over grown into a strange plant, that seems to make creatures into a more aggressive, savaging, and brutal minded monsters. A lot of adventurers, and the knights of the cities tried to kill the giant mole. More seems to pop up. The godless is asked by the farmer to aid, as it seems this new giant mole seems to be digging, where it could reach above ground and to the castle, another theory being towards the mine of the dwarves that is under ice mountain. The godless agreed to help, as now they make preparation to fight the giant mole, in hope that the next one that grows doesn’t cause as much damage as the current mole we will fight would.

The godless had a group of ten people going down to the mole lair and searched for it, soon they noticed the giant mole they are looking for. The godless were attacked by it, and they fought back with brute force. The godless had an hard time, but were lucky enough to end the giant mole, from causing damage. Of course they know another would come, the godless of course left the lair, with one member stating "Lets sniff some moleskin."

Meeting the Worshippers

At Port Sarim, some members of the Godless partied in the bar still, celebrating the death of Bandos. Soon the party was put to an end as three Worshippers of Dragonkins appeared in the bar. Mark, the 1st in command greeted them, and peacefully spoke to the three worshippers. They came with an warning and opportunity, telling the Godless that they don't wish to convert them, or hurt those who also believe that the world should be free of false users, and tells them that they should stay away from and affairs the Worshippers would be in, even if it means citizens would be in danger. Mark understood, and denied this peaceful opportunity, as it goes against the Godless belief, and even though Mark knew who they were, he, with other members in the bars, showed no fear towards them. As they left, stating that not only in the battlefield are they enemies, they'd walk off, leaving the Godless in peace. Mark would then relax, but not in fear, but in relief, that at least the bar didn't need to be destroyed.

Surprise on Edgeville

The Godless men who are in the town as scouts overseen the Saradominist group called Holy Crusaders forming near the monastery of Edgeville. The small group of Godless worried of an possible attack, they would prepare to evacuate Edgeville. One of the Godless climbed to a rooftop and scouted around, after seeing an surprise attack spark, the Godless spread out to evacuate the the town. The Godless succeeded evacuating the town. The Godless then spread out and and would not return to Edgeville, besides one member, who is looking at the battle.

The Herb of Life

The Godless over hears of a rumor about a herb that is known to revive anyone, no matter of their current state. A small group of Godless went towards Taverly, as they heard of someone one selling it. Making it to the market place, the Godless spoke with the herbalist seller, where he confirms he knows of the rumor, and believes it to be in a cave under Death Plateau. The Godless went to the cave and noticed several men dead, of course those men being Zamorakian, and Saradominist, and as it seemed, they killed each other, concluding one of the two had the herb.

After searching through some boxes, Cyrius, who is known as Mathew, in his human form, found a herb, and was sure it was the rumored herb it self. Mathew refused to give up the herb, as he wished to revive his daughter. Mark was able to confess Mathew that he will return if he can confirm that the rumor is true. While the transferring of the herb was happening, an Armadylean archer fired an fire arrow and hit the herb, causing it to turn into ash. The Godless let the Armadylean live, as Mark understood why.

One member confirmed, Rachel, that the herbalist mentioned there being more than one. So went off to search for Cyrius's daughter's grave, and in hope, she is still alive. As they reached it, they realised the coffin wasn't even there anymore. Cyrius was enraged at this, but quickly calmed down. Rachel felt sorry for him and tried to comfort him, Cyrius just teleported away, leaving her behind.

The Raid of Taverley

A few members of the godless were scouting around Taverly, as they soon witnessed a group of raiders attempting to raid Taverly of it's resources. The Godless were able to stop the first wave of raiders, which would lead them to split into patrols, allowing them to keep an better eye on the city.

Soon each group were faced with enemies in hope to wipe the godless off the town. As each patrolling group fought against the enemies raiders, they soon witnessed another raid wave. Soon the druids of Taverly and some guards from Burthorpe aided the Godless to defend the town. The Godless was thanked and rewarded some potions, in hope they would continue aiding Taverly in it's problems.

Death of the Next Sage

In the town of Varrock, a Sage of Jandres have been secretly murdering those who don't convert into Saradominism. Many citizens have gone missing ever since the sage arrived to town, as the city tried everything to find out what is happening to the missing citizens. Aaron Lansing, prince of Varrock decided to investigate the situation on his own, in hope to find out the result of the missing citizens. As he found further clues, he sent a request aid to the Godless, informing them of the new sage that arrived to the city, and hoped they would help with the investigation further.

As the Godless have scouts around the city, they start their investigation right away. Soon they figured  there is a sage of Jandres within the city. 5 members of the Godless went off to kill him at the church of Saradomin. The Godless charged in with a surprised attack, and slaughtered not only the Saradominist knight, but the sage. Of course one of the Knights escaped the attack, and set the church on fire, in hope to kill the Godless off. As the members escaped, they were worried for the two members who were still in the building. As the two escaped alive, one states "Oh, Worry for the fireproof demon, but not for the non-fireproof Mahjarrat."

Of course, the fire was put out to avoid major destruction. The group then left, with the scouts remaining in the city.

Ambush on Jandresian Escort

Jandres is down to one last sage, after the death of one of his sage. Desperate Jandres called forward the Crusaders, and tasked them to protect his last sage, as the sage may be a clue for the Godless to locate Jandres. The Crusaders offered to take the sage to their Citadel, to where he can be protected at all times. Jandres agreed to this, and has had the Sage moved to seers, as he was tasked to be in Asgarnia, the sage changed his location before he reached there.

The final Sage was picked up from Taverley, and is walking towards White Wolf Mountain. a Godless Scout soon notice this, and sent a messenger bird out, to inform the Godless of the Sages headed location. The Sage and his escorts has made it to Taverly where their first ambush to the sages convoy was made. The escort were able to lead the sage out of Taverley. The escort soon after a rainy afternoon walked around the city walls, the Godless managed to wait in the middle of the field between the camp's portal and farm. When the escort arrived, the Godless quickly ambushed the escort in hope to succeed this time.

The escort and Godless fought against each other, the sage soon exasperated from the escort, where he ran south into a building at Port Sarim. The battle continued as both sides then saw that the sage was separated from the battle. The two sides both retreated, with one of the Godless searching for him. The Crusaders, and Saradominist knights rushed back the farm, and ordered reinforcement, in hope to find, and be more caution on protecting the sage.

The Hunt for the sage!

Days later both sides have gotten ready to search for the sage. The Godless prepare to find and kill him, while the Jandresian/Saradominist would aim to find, and escort him to the Citadel. So far as the Godless went off to search, they were attacked by the Crusaders. Both sides begin to battle each other, as a storm would form in Port Sarim, where the Crusaders, and Godless battled.

The battle was long, as each members of both side were to be defeated. The Godless slowly lost, only leaving about 2-3 members alive, still fighting. The sage was found by the Crusaders, and escorted to the portal. As the remaining Godless members tried to leave their fight to kill him, but failed, as the sage was already escorted inside the portal, and into their Citadel.

The Godless, even with all their effort, failed to kill the sage. Now the Godless are focusing on a plan, in  how to locate, and kill the sage.

Godless Attack on Jandres

Godless vs Jandres

The Godless vs Jandres

A Faladorian Godless scout sent messenger birds to near by Godless members in Asgarnia. Report has stated that they have found Jandres talking to a unknown green man. The letter has a spell that can teleport those who receives it to Falador park when picked to go. Upon arriving and heading towards the location, the Godless had noticed Jandres talking to Kobalos. The Godless shockingly witnessed how mastered Jandres is in Divination, to where he took Kobalos divine energy out of him and formed it into a wisp, in order to take it. The Godless aimed to fight off Jandres before he took the energy.

Kobalos who was surprised at this, and angry when he found out what Jandres did. One of the members, Cyrius, aimed to get the wisp to study Kobalos' energy, knowing how powerful the man is. Of course Kobalos went on to take his energy back. The rest of the Godless aimed to attack, strike and kill Jandres once and for all. Jandres has proved more than worthy to be able to fight against, and injure the members of the Godless. After a great attack from Jandres, injuring several agents, he was shot in the eye by a crossbow killing him, but of course thanks to his Sign of life Jandres was revived in the spot without falling to the ground dead. Jandres was about to end this with a teleportion, and one last attack in hope to end it all.

A Mahjarrat would appear, and of course, the Godless noticing how the Mahjarrat was asking to aid Jandres, of course, as both had common goal. Jandres agrees to this, as the Mahjarrat offered to help him become a god of the tier of Saradomin. The Godless were teleported thanks to one of their members, but was sadly teleported to different areas as the Mahjarrat made one final attack to damage them. It is unknown to the Godless what happened to Cyrius and Kobalos. Though they agree that they succeeded on avoiding Jandres from gaining more power.

Divine Rush

A well of divine energy that remained dormant during the Bird and the Beast battle has sprung up in Varrock, and The Chosen Battalion leader, Gorbuk, has set his sights on Varrock to claim the well as his own! The Chosen Battalion launch a raid on Varrock, and as a result, food supplies in the city are greatly diminished. Part of the south-western section of the city are also greatly damaged in a fire caused during the raid. The Godless scouts were there to aid a few citizen from the fire, of course, the godless went in secretly to aid Varrock also.

Sixth age, Year 2

Death of Jandres

Long after the wait, the Godless decided to attack Jandres base after finally discovering it. As they sailed for 4 days and 4 nights in the sea into the new world, they did a full out assult on the island and attacked Jandres, and his knights. Mark went ahead to confront Jandres alone, Kobalos also joined in with his small group of men to attack. Soon, Mark, Kobalos and Jandres had a three way battle. Jandres showed to be a powerful opponent, being able to keep his ground against the two, but was soon ended, as the Adventurer has sniped Jandres with an arrow to the back of the neck. Kobalos took the chance of Jandres weakening after the sign of life, and ripped his head off. Kobalos screamed in victory and showed the head to all other of the knights, seeing that their god, was only mortal.

The Godless let the rest of the knights live, as a few joined their order seeing the truth of everything else now. Kobalos and his men left long ago and traveled back into the western world. The Godless travled back shortly after claiming the new area as their new base of operation.

Party of the Gods

Cabbage Facepunch Bonanza

The Third "Battle" between the gods.

Soon after the death of Jandres, The gods Brassica Prime and Marimbo saw these fights and decided that they wanted to have one too, and some time later, Marimbo plummeted out of the sky near a farm by Lumbridge, with Brassica Prime in her hand, startling a nearby farmers. Brassica Prime then claimed that the farmer's "devotion to his people had been noted", and that he would be "blessed over all other non-cabbages". Marimbo then claimed that he looked enough like one of her followers too, and she picked him up and brought him to Saradomin's old camp by the Crater, in order to serve as a priest and quartermaster for their battle. The Godless participated in the party contest between Brassica Prime and Marimbo. This time they entered directly as a 3rd competing faction, recruiting more mortals in hopes of outscoring the other two sides.

After the battle, the Godless lost because of low, but almost beating Marimbo, score. The Godless left the area and stay hidden, seeing that they were defeated, they wished to avoid much conflict, as their defeat was known to be embarrassing by them.

The Return Of the Commander

The return

Mark (Man in black robes) returning.

From hiding to surviving, the Godless had separated from each other, losing contact with one another. Mark had found some few Godless who met in their old hiding place. Mark greeted them and gave them a new order, which is to remain hiding, and only show your face when needed to save citizens. The Godless all were proud of Mark's return. More showed up after news of his return and greeted him, while others sent replies with well wishes.

After a short meeting, they disbanded and continued to scout the land of Gielinor, preparing for anything they might encounter.

Tribute of Guthix

As soon as the Godless saw the Guthixian butterflies, they knew it had been about a years since Guthix died. They paid respect to the tribute stone and had a small fiesta to honor his death. Of course the party went sour when they heard that a strange man was walking around collecting these butterflies in a jar. This concerned the Godless, as they were just enjoying their day. They went on to investigate it, in hopes they might find out what is going on.

The Godless vs the Order of Ascension Part One

The Godless soon realized that it was the Order of Ascension who were capturing the butterflies in jars. Lucky, one of the Godless agent were able to find out what they were doing. The Ascension as planned to harness the energies within the butterflies in hope that they can succeed in making a new god. They even have some divine energy for their experiment. Mark, the 1st in command of the Godless, has sent with him several skilled men to fight against the order. The group went to the Monastery of Ascension, where the order resides. Equipped with full range, the Godless were confident that they will succeed in foiling the plan of the order. As they went in, they soon found themselves fighting the members in each rank. They soon went into a chamber where a giant statue of what looks like Guthix was in front of them being constructed. As they were shocked at the construction, they soon heard a moan down further.

They bumped into a living captured human who was yet to be experimented, as well as the butterflies. As they then freed the butterflies and the remaining living captive, they then bumped into several powerful and different Ascended. The Godless fought their way through the being barely making it alive. As soon as they made it into the exit, they all escaped, but one member wasn't lucky. Amelia Pond sacrificed her self in order to succeed in the mission. Though Ocellus, a Guardian of Guthix, informed us that it will not be the last we will deal with them and hope that one does not sneak out again seeing the power of mortals that "can" defend themselves.

The Godless soon made a funeral for Amelia, with the grave titling "The best warrior and a brave one." Some where though, the same robed man would be collecting more butterflies, something the Godless overlooked.

The Godless Gathering

The time has come, after months of research, gathering of information about the new race (airuts) and information of some kind of war between lands and factions, The Godless finally went on to gathering all members within the faction for further planning. Two Members were given a mission to continue investigating on the robed man capturing the butterflies. The two investigated following the trail of the stranger's last location. Luckily he was found and located, only to find out he tried taking an hostage. The two went to attack the stranger only to find out it was a member of the Ascension, a Gladius.

The two men fought brutally against the the Gladius, with one being injured and the other having trouble to catch up. the Gladius showed no sign of mercy. In the end, the godless managed to kill him thanks to one of the member distracting him. As soon as they went to aid the woman, a group of Rorarii appeared on top of a nearby roof of the two. One of the member of the godless shot one of the which caused the nearby Rorarii to become aggressive to the attacker and fired a wave of crystal magic towards the two. The two bolted out of the fire with the woman and away from the location hiding from the Rorarii.

Another Godless member was tasked to investigate on the strange creatures (Airuts), studying their nature, attack styles and cultures. Two members were already on their way to the location. Taking several days from the elves city to the Airuts location they soon arrived only to encounter one scouting the area with some of it's group. The two went into hiding to investigate the creature, culture and abilities.One member decided to see how it would react towards a potion that would cause it to be dizzy once smelling it, the result was in it spitting acid towards the potion that was planted in grass, which shocked both of the godless members.

The two spread away from each other with the creature noticing them, of course a random adventurer seeking revenge happened to appear and attack the creature. Sadly the adventurer did not make it far and was easily killed by the creature with a signal punch, causing both of the members to be very afraid of the creature. As one started to signal a retreat, the creature notice the member and attacked. Lucky they got away thanks to a distraction the fleeing one was able to cause, sacrificing her pet impling. The two escaped with written notes on what they experienced.

The Godless vs Order of Ascension Part Two

Shortly after sharing urgent correspondence with the Mark, a party of godless agents and hired hands venture south, past Feldip Hills, and through its jungles to the Monastery of Ascension, where godless scouts have reportedly seen Ascended forces amassing for an undoubtedly sinister purpose. Upon arrival the party finds no sign of the collected Ascended, although it isn't long before a strange creature known as a rorarius attacks them. Suddenly, thanks to the creature's innate ability, the party find themselves ambushed by several rorarii and gladii, all experiments of the Order beneath the temple. Despite being outnumbered, the party survive with few casualties and quickly withdraw from the site once a larger creature, a scutarius, emerges from the temple and charges them. In the end, their goal of disrupting the Ascended forces to prevent a mass kidnapping is successful, yet only time will tell whether the Order will resume their practices or adopt other methods to acquire new subjects for experimentation.

Temple Raid

In the Wilderness, there is an underground temple near the Wilderness volcano. There is a rumor that a Guthix God sword was made and left there, forgotten by the druids. Soon the rumors spread around reaching all around Gielinor. This caused an all out war in the Wilderness, with Saradominist, Zamorakian, Armadylean and followers of the dead god Bandos all fought against each other to locate the temple and get the sword for the honor of their respective god. Of course they weren't the only one trying to find the temple. The Godless over heard the rumors and went out to investigate it, only to find out it is hidden in Forinthry Dungeon. The Godless had sent a team of three members to look for the temple and the sword.

Making their way to the temple, they have spotted a group of Bandosian fighting against the Zamorakian for the location they were in. The Godless hid in the dead woods witnessing the bloodshed against the two faction. They soon saw the victory of the Zamorakian, only to almost be spotted by them as well. They soon escaped the area, battling through undeads, Dark Unicorns, and bandits, only to thankfully reach to their destination. As they went into the cave hey searched around the area for a the temple. They soon stumbled on a ancient druid writing. Soon after they heard a group of Saradominist going into the cave. They quickly found a way into the temple, but it was blocked by a magic barrier that would teleport them away from the entrance. Thankfully one of the member had knowledge in magic that they were able to deactivate the barrier, just enough for the to enter before it activates again.

Once in the temple the trio stumbled on a trap. Two were trapped in a barrier, while one was free to roam. With team work they were able to deactivate the trap before it felled with water. While walking further they walked into a catacomb, where they found a trap door that leads to an army of trapped undead, of course not falling into it triggered another trap that revived the corps in the room. Seeing they are out numbered the trio ran from the reanimated corps and into a chamber where it showed a room with a God sword with no hilt, and broken in shards. They soon witnessed the arrival of several Elemental creatures, which they defeated with almost no sweat. Then one of the members walked forward and into a trap that killed them, only to be possessed by a guardian spirit of the temple and attached to the corps a Guthixian rune armor, with a sword as well.

Temple raid Photo.

The Darkauro and Truss Vs The Guthixian Spirit.

The Spirit revealed it self to be an veteran of the Gods War, and promised the duo that they will not escape alive now. The spirit was shown powerful, knocking one of the duo out, while holding up against another's dark and more powerful form where the armor and sword attached to the spirit. While the battle continued the Godless member destroyed the shell of the spirit, forcing it to reveal it's spirit form. After a long battle, the member that was knocked out witnessed the two battling. Overhearing on how the veteran was a Guthixian warrior, the Godless member showed him an orb containing the present day, and Guthix's dead body. This calmed both sides down. The warrior pleaded for the two to release him from his task. They do did so, freeing the warrior and dropping his armor. The two then entered the room, where they saw all of the God sword shards, as well as a broken hilt of Guthix's old Symbol with a note attached to it, revealing on how the druid tried to create the sword them selves but had no luck in succeeding, and after overhearing Guthix awakening to stop the war, all left but one who they tasked into guarding the sword from harm.

The duo left the shards behind thinking it was the right thing to do to honor the sacrifices of those druids. They left and gave their reports to Mark, where he congratulated the two in their job and completing the mission, as well as giving respect to the one who did not make it out alive.

The Ascensions' Plan

Soon a small rumor spread that an member of the Ascension would be near Varrock hunting for a new test subject. Mark decided to take action after one of the scouts of the city reported the rumor to be true. Mark arrived to the area with two more Godless member, of course that didn't have to do much search as they found a member of the order who was somewhat normal than the others. After a small chase the member of the order was stopped but a tall, and buffed goblin who was, according to the three godless, arguing with flowers. The member would whistle for back up as a few Rorarius would appear and ambush the Godless and goblin.

The four ran from the ambush with the man of the ascension on the goblin's back and found a cabin to hide in. After getting information from the member, and setting up a small camp there to escape. After setting the camp up, and finding a tunnel that leads to the dwarves mine, the godless battled for survival against the Rorarius. They quickly escaped thanks to the tunnel and caused a cave in to avoid the ascensions to follow. The goblin had joined the Godless in hope to rid of the gods from Gielinor, only for revenge, and freedom from their false promise, feeling all gods, like Bandos were liars. The group soon spread out to return home and rest, while Mark thinks of a plan stop the Ascension to this point.

Sixth age, Year 3

The Godless vs Order of Ascension Part Three

Soon after a long break from all their adventure, and investigating the meteors a scout has located a method that the Ascension were using to escape their dungeon. According to the information, the order had made a tunnel north of the Monastery. The Godless plan to close the tunnel and stop them from using it again. Three member of the Godless had to meet the leader for this mission in Yanille. Once arrived the group were given their missions and task, two were to be scout, one were to plant the explosive, and the leader was to make a distraction to avoid the bomber from being caught. The Four went on and prepared for their mission and left the town. taking over the night to reach the Monastery. As they camped in the woods, one of the members have gone missing, of course being far away from a near by town, they continued the mission, knowing the missing member could defend themselves.

Sleeping the night in the camped location. They were awoken by what one of the godless called, "ogre mating call." Disgusted, they went on into the forest to locate the tunnel entrance. While reaching to their destination, they noticed a few members of the order out of the tunnel leading the rest out. The three got in position and attacked. While the two were distracting the Order, the bomber went through and started placing explosive around the area. Luckily the plan succeeded, exploding the tunnel and killing all the members near the area.

The Godless claimed victory over their war against the Order, but it was to early, as soon one of their leader a Legio who'd escaped it's prison and lead the tunnel escape teleported right in front of the Godless. The Legio threaten to kill them if they do not back down and join their cause. The Godless refused the offer and went to attack the Legio. Of course even if the Legio was out numbered, the Godless were almost out matched as the Legio proved to be a powerful being. After getting struck once by it's special, that nearly killed them, they managed to successfully land a killing blow after several tries.

The Legio laid dead on the ground, where one of the member went on to investigate it, noticing it had a Dragon long sword on it, and a weird type of glove that doesn't seem fitting in any of their skill. The Godless took the Loot to their Citadel and put them in the treasure room until one is deemed worthy with enough skill and knowledge to wield the two item. Before dismissing each other, a giant asteroid passed the Godless Hall shaking the very island it self. As they looked out side they noticed it landing in the ocean, luckily only causing a small wave, and nothing dangerous yet.

A powerful ally

Soon after all their event, and finally wining the war between the Order of Ascension, the Godless first in command, Mark, made plans to speak with the being, Vorago him self. Mark took three of his men to witness the being, where in their shock, thought it was just a normal mortal named Vorago, until witnessing the creature it self. After a long talk and questioning, Vorago summoned Stone clones of each members, to test their skill in combat. The Stone Clones were shown to be more of a challenge to the Godless than they thought, copying their combat skill, but in a faster pace and stronger defense. After a long battle, they manage to defeat their counterpart, with some injuries. Vorago minions then told the Godless that he would think about their offer, and looks forward in the future of working with them if he agrees to.

Arrival Of Tuska

Main Article: The Battle for Gielinor

One bright sunny day, lighting struck a certain location with a massive earthquake being felt all over Gielinor, as well as a giant echo of a demonic roar could be heard over the skies. Giant strange rocks starting falling in Gielinor south of the Barbarian village. As the meteor was mined, strange insects would form around the area of the rock. When the meteor was demolished, an insect protruded from the remains, that was lead towards the herd of Airuts southwest of Piscatoris, near the Phoenix lair. Upon seeing the insect walking towards the group, the Airuts would start chanting Tuska's name, knowing her arrival is near. An Astromancer would overhear the news of a giant entity heading towards Gielinor, and would call upon the Factions of each religion, and heroes in hope that they can save the world, from utter destruction.

In hope of it all, a meeting would be made with the generals of each faction for an temporary alliance. Mark would receive words of this and goes to investigate further into it, only to see it was true, a giant entity is heading towards the world. Explaining the weird weathers and the earthquake, as well as rocks falling from the skies, Mark plans to take action.

Mark set off to travel in hope to find what he needs. During his travel, a Scopulus got onto Tuska and represented the Godless for Vorago. With Biehn approval, Mark was told of this with the other commanders and was made in charge of the battle for the faction, informing Mark that him and Kara-Meir are busy with something else, and with the Scopulus aid, it might give us an advantage.

The Gathering

As two days went by with Tuska's edicts not being weakened, the Heroes took matters into their own hand and started a meeting with each other. The Godless had offer to go in a full attack, all soldiers working together to stab Tuska's head at the same time, in hope that it an prevent Tuska from healing dramatically. That was turn down as it was to risky, considering as the Airuts were no where to be found. Armadylean had offer to remake the Golem from the battle between his god and Bandos, that was shunned as it was as well a threat, but as well kept in idea for a possibility. In the end all agreed that the Airuts at the moment were a threat, as they could attack at anytime and drive us off Tuska. They decided to finally attack the Ariuts, while they are on Gielinor, they will not notice that Tuska is being attack. Each faction had their mission to go through, Godless were to figure how to kill an airut through a skilled slayer master, Armadylean were to scout one of the Ariuts camp, with the help of one of the Godless who dealt with them before. As for Saradominist and Zamorakian were to deal with a matter both sides had in common with. Each faction left soon after the meeting was made, promising to meet up once again to share what they found and succeeded with.

After they were tasked to collect information of the Airuts, Mark had overheard one Airut found it's way to West of Port Sarim, east of Rimmington. Mark quickly looked at this after talking to a slayer master about the Ariuts. Three members of the Godless were given information of the Airuts, which includes their weakness, and strength. The Members made it to the area as they noticed the Airuts defeating the group of Goblins who tried fighting back. As the Goblins retreated the Airut would set the camp where he is, as he would scout around to be sure of no one near. The Godless ambushed the beast only to be over powered by it. They managed to injure it to where one of the member made a tree fall on it. Only a few injured, the Godless managed to take the fur and gloves of the Airut, and return it to the Godless Hall, where their researcher to research the fur and their strength.

The First Strike: The Beginning


Godless, Armadylean, Saradominist, and Zamorakian having a meeting.

After each side had found information they needed, and succeeded on their mission, Each one brought back promises. The Godless however had more information than they needed to get. They informed the rest of the faction that a portal appeared within Lumbridge crater, which turned out to be a group of airuts camping in it, and had plans to raid the town of Draynor. Concerned about this, the faction were stuck in a knot deciding on what to do, as they had planned, Of course, they planned to first protect Draynor. While as well as putting another attack on the Airuts in their original location. As well as evacuating the citizen of Draynor in case they failed the mission.

The Godless took the liberty to escort their Golem towards Draynor as early as they can, after countless of ambushing, the godless managed to encounter a Figure in the Warpriest of Tuska. The figure shown to be very powerful, with some followers, as well as an attempt to attack the golem, but of course they was stopped by a Godless demon who jumped in to give a killing blow. This was a fail, as the figure got away. The Godless quickly recovered and stayed within Draynor, knowing they will be needed there.

Battle of Draynor

All the faction settled at Draynor, with their army ready to fight against the Airuts. Each faction rushed into the the crater and fought against the Airuts, by their surprise they out numbered their enemy, where no worries were needed about their strength. After pushing the Airuts back into the crater, they were jumped by a Zaorsian group that came along to sabotage both sides for their own gain.. From their doing this has caused the Airuts to gain the upper hand and fight back brutally. During the conflict, a group of each factions went off into evacuating the citizens of the town. Soon the Godless Unleashed their Golem to fight alongside with the Armadyleans' Golem. On the outside of the crater, Saradominist and Zamorakian has started their own battle against each other due to the Zamorakian idea to use the Saradominist as a human bomb. The battle had caused both side to be out of the crater, causing the battle in the crater to be one sided.

The Heroes were split from the fight for the portal, to the fight against the Zarosians. The Airuts Number grew as long as the portal remained, killing dozen of heroes, and those who were sent to blow up the portal. One Godless warrior managed to disturb the portal's connection so what ever side it was on, in order to close it. This almost worked, but was failed to succeed as a High priest of Tuska managed to maintain the portal, and stayed to reconnect the portal before it shut off.While This happened a lot of soldiers were injured, and more ran off due to injuries and fear of the Airuts. The last one remaining were the Armadylean, as they were brutally went through the the battlefield taking out and pushing the Zarosian away. After the Zarosian were matching the Airuts until an group of Airuts came out of the portal. The Zarosian retreated with the last remaining member of the Zamorakian who made it into battle after the Saradominist retreated to avoid damage from their own men.

The outcome of the match lead to the destruction of Draynor leaving it raided from it's supplies, as well as most civilian dead or injured due to a lot failing to heed the evacuation call. The Airuts have set camp in the Lumbridge crater only to plan their next attack.

Mark was heavily injured, Rosaline was nowhere to be found, the Godless were desperate and had asked Vorago if he could assist with a Scopulus to represent and aid us with the problem on the surface. Vorago agreed to as long as it is meant to close the portal of the crater, to where his Scopuli would help in.

The Second Gathering

Meeting 2

Second Heroes' meeting.

Shortly after the failure on defending Draynor, the heroes once again set a meeting for an explanation on what happened. Mark and Rosaline were unable to attend, so a Scopulus went to represent the Godless on the two's behalf. Soon a Zarosian appeared to represent it's leader that ordered the attack on the heroes at the crater. The Scopulus demanded an answer for their failure on stopping the Airuts, and it was given, only for the commander to explain that it was already dealt with and the one with the idea was punished for it's action (as well as promoted for that idea.) Of course the Armadylean also explained that besides teamwork it could be it's golem as well, also stating that a group of Zarosian made the battle a free for all, where the Zarosian admitted with no shame.

The Scopulus confirms that the portal is still active and that Lumbridge is also in grave danger if nothing is done about this. Each side started debating on what to do, and how to close the portal once again, where some tried to give a more destructive solution, the Scopulus had given a better solution; it would give each wizards of each faction divine energy from the Anima Mundi it self only to siphon enough of it to close the portal, but would be temporary, where if activated, they would only have a few minutes to use it before it's gone. The Zarosian found this interesting and asked where to look, only to be given an riddled answer.

Once again each faction argued trying to show facts on things that were off topic, this enraged the Scopulus to where it smashed a table in half getting all of their attention as well as angering the Zamorakian, as the meeting was at their location. The Scopulus informed them that a portal was opened on Tuska leading somewhere, but was also static as well, which could mean a possibility that the Airut are finding out about the army on Tuska. Each sides agreed to send a bit more support on Tuska to keep an closer eye on the portal, while they move in more soldier into the Crater to once again attempt to close the portal, this time with the Scopuli (more than one) aid. Each member of the faction left after the meeting was dismissed to work on their task to ensure a successful mission this time.

The Scopulus reported back to Mark who was at Port Sarim medical house. After the small talk on what happened. Mark was impressed that the Scopulus was able to handle the meeting with ease. The two soon discussed on a strategy on their attack against the portal. Mark had set up a backup plan, if the wizards were to fail to reach the portal in time, he would have a stealth scout reach it and close it with the Anima energy the Scopulus was able to provide

The Battle for the portal

Airuts bs Gielinor

Second attempt for the Portal.

Finally the time had come to where all the heroes returned to Lumbrdge and prepared to march towards the Crater. Two Scopuli had arrived to represent the Godless, and help the Heroes of course each factions (excluding the Godless) were amazed to see the two Scopuli, as well as scared. Each faction was handed a device filled with Anima energy, this was going to be used to shut down the Portal in the center of the crater, to where it would not be able to be sustained. The Heroes rushed towards the crater.

The Scopuli both charged in to attack the Airuts, to where some were ambushed by two more Airuts, who seemed to be much more bigger than the regular Airuts. The Zamorakian, and some Saradominist focused of the two Airut Champions, as the Godless and other Saradominst and few Zamorakian focused on the others. The Scopulus separated to protect the two device holders to ensure that they make it to the portal. The Champion Airut facing the Zamorakian had with one sweep of it's mighty attack had made all the Zamorakian fly into the portal, where they appeared in the plane the Airuts were coming form, of course when they were about to turn around, thee Airut champion appeared and it was an all out war on the other side of the Portal.

Meanwhile on Gielinor, the Scopulus were protecting the device holders from the Airuts, as they proved to be much more powerful then they were said, of course this was no problem to the Scopulus, as they were powerful enough to hold the Airuts off long enough for the two to reach the portals. The Airuts were separated from each other as a group fight each one in order to prevent them from reaching those tasked to close the portal. A few Airut made it to do so, only to fight against the two Scopuli, where it became an all out battle of the titan like creatures. The factions men made it to the portal where they activated the device and and began to use it on the portal.

On the other plane, the Zamorakian there were slowly being over powered by the Airuts, to where one of the wizard decided to use it's divine energy ball it had in it's jar, and over power the device to instantly close the portal. This succeeded as it not only closed the portal, but killed everything near it, including the Zamorakian and some of the Airuts. This made the portal on Gielinor to go blank and give a static feed, showing nothing.

This gave those fighting a chance to close the portal for good as it was not going to take any longer. The Scopuli both fought together to forcefully push an Airut back, and damaging it greatly. As well as staying alive themselves and not be careless. The Portal closed, finally the heroes did it, with only 4 remaining Airuts alive. The Saradominist retreated after finishing their job, leaving the Godless, and Zamorakian alone with the Airuts. The Scopulus retreated as they were only there to help in closing the portal, and trusted that the humans to defeat the Airuts. The two factions started to lose warriors slowly as the Airuts were enraged and continued to brutally kill. As the Heroes started losing men, they slowly they gain the upper hand as the Airuts were being weakened.

Finally only a few Airuts left, of course the Heroes managed to shorten the number quickly, to where there were only 4 were left. The Godless managed to kill one and weaken the other with a sacrificing blow, leaving the Zamorakian alone with one more Airut as they retreated. The Zamorakian managed to kill the last Airut with almost losing more men. As they were about to leave the area to attend to the wounded, they were jumped by a Tuskan Lunatic who had been killed quickly. Of course, Lumbridge thanked the Zamorakian, of course the town had some disgrace towards them, believing they stole the fame from the Saradominist. Lumbridge also thanked the Godless with a thank you message for their help in ridding the Airut. Of course Lumbridge did thank the Saradominist, only for aiding the two Factions in closing the portal before retreating. Draynor was soon rebuilt with the help of the Godless who gave their financial support.

The Battle at Eagle's Peak

The Heroes all went towards Eagle's Peak, as it was time for them to fight the Airuts there. Little did they know those Airuts had opened a portal already and sent an raiding team to raid the the fishing colony. The Heroes appeared in different section of the area waiting to ambush the creatures. The Heroes rushed in on each sides fighting against the Airuts as this time they met their maker, as the Airuts were champions like creatured, bigger, faster and stronger then an regular Airut. The Heroes started pushing the Airuts back only to be pushed themselves. The Airuts had shown to be powerful enough to split their own warriors into fighting the Factions representing the Heroes.

The Godless began to fight their Airut with brute force and team work, showing that they will not hold back, they each witnessed the power of this type of Airut. Each member went off to attack only to be either pushed away, or pushed off. The Godless continues to distract the Airut as one of the member was ordered to go ahead and push ahead towards the portal. The Zamorakian all fought against three Airuts, separating their men into two sides to fight against the three. Their men started to slowly die against the combine teamwork of the two Airuts, while another was fighting the separated group. The Zamorakian slowly started losing men due to the teamwork of the two Airuts, which slowly started destroying the number of enemies they had.

The Armadylean and Saradominist both fought against another Airut Champion. That faction ass well slowly started to lose men, as most were careless. Though, the two faction managed to ensure that the Airut was distracted from one of the Godless men going to close the portal, as a few went to help after wards with some Zamorakian. As they made it, A few Airuts appeared from the portal to attack the Godless member, only to be stopped, and fought against the reinforcement. On the other side, the heroes had managed to defeat several Airuts. Of course a lot of heroes were injured, and slowly being defeated.

After a long battle, the Godless had managed to close the portal and returned with the rest still fighting the Airuts. After a long battle the Heroes became victor, only having one Airut remaining, but of course they had to flee as Airuts from the North western area came in after hearing an Tuska cry. The Heroes may have won this battle, but they were injured enough to probably end up losing their next one.

The Final Strike

After their last battle, the heroes over heard a portal opening on Tuska, Each side sent a group in order to ensure that the portal was no threat. The Godless had sent a huge supply of Meteorite chunks on Tuska's back, after figuring out that the rocks can be used to help damage her. Of course as most members threw their sharing, the Godless made sure not to use them all, preparing for the worst. Of course the portal switched to another plan to where Airuts arrived once again, this time attacking the heroes on Tuska, to lessen their attack.

As the battle waged on, the heroes started to overwhelm the enemies, as the the warriors distracted the Airuts to allow their side to throw those chunks into the portal, which not only hurt Tuska, but also damaged the portal to switch back into a window of a plane it was facing. Of course despite the Airuts effort, the portal was closed, thanks to the Zamorakians who managed to put in more chunks than the others. Of course one single Airut managed to survive and sneak it's way to the supply of Meteorites chunks and absorb their energy, making it stronger. The Airut used it's power to direct the portal back to the Airuts home world. The Airut almost succeeded in continuing the battle, until a lone Godless managed to fight it, and kill the creature, canceling it's attempt.

Afterwards the heroes returned into damaging Tuska, this time making it much easier, as the left over chunks were thrown into the portal window.

Death of The Destructive Entity

Vorago Killing Tuska

Finally the end was here, the Godless victory over Tuska was shown to the world. Vorago emerged in front of Tuska and battled against the beast only to give her the finishing blow. As Tuska fell onto Gielinor the Godless rushed towards the corpse of Tuska as it landed in the desert's ocean. With Tuska dead the Godless made an approach with their co-founder Kara-Meir, and another member, Garlandia. With the Scolopus remaining there with us, the plans was made to protect the portal from other factions, as well as protecting Gielinor from the portal.

Godless on defeated Tuska.
The Godlless managed to set up a small base on Tuska to defend the portal, and Gielinor. They also managed to find injured members of the Zamorakian faction who were left behind, and are treating them of their injuries. Kara-Meir and most Godless members are in a fit on how they killed a god, with help if you ask. Other members gladly state that they had help, but that the Godless had given more damage towards Tuska than the others. They remain to keep their fame hidden, having tourists traveling towards Tuska to witness the dead Goddess, and the heroes.

Flames of a Dragon

A news spread towards the Godless in Port Sarim of a Dragon like creature chasing someone out of town, only to have a small forest fire appear only to be thankfully put out. The Godless went on to investigate further only to realize that the creature is a dragon, but the way it was described could be a Dragonkin, but of course all Speculation aside, they kept investigating further only to find out once again that the creature went some where. The Godless managed to track it down only to temporary lose it after traveling to it. The Godless believed that this creature went to Karamja, or maybe further.

What the Mazcab!?

The portal window of Tuska finally opened, as countless of adventurers were hopping into it, the godless were one of them, of course their faction were not alone, the Godless traveled into the world of Mazcab with several others only to find out that this world was not the home world of the Airuts, but was a previously visited world by them. It was figured out that Gielinor had it lucky, as Tuska has seemed to have shook the Airuts right off her back destroying their city, that the Airuts had. The Goebies, had asked the the creatures of Gielinor for help. Of course some of the Godless agreed only to have others return to Gielinor to protect it from invaders, and to protect Gielinor from it's own invaders.

The Godless was asked to aid in a supply delivery job, as most of their cities was destroyed and Airuts kidnapping their villagers, the Goebies could not transport supplies towards their north-western city. The Godless took the job with several other Gielinorian creatures. As they traveled through the graveyard and into the forest, the group were already ambushed by Airuts, luckily for the group, they had a special type of poison that is known to make the Airut enough to make them slower and weaker, and thanks to this, it helped the group fight off the Airuts and make it to the village dropping off their supplies. Before they could even take a breather, the Godless first in-command was ambushed by an unknown attacker, who had been defeated by him.

After this Mark had ordered some Godless to remain, in order to continue to aid the creatures.

The Memory Within.

The Godless had made great progress with the Goebies, as their reputation with the Goebies grow by the days as they help. The Godless were asked if they could help rescue their captive friends and lead them to the other remaining settlement through the woods.The Godless agreed and so went off with a group of five members to rescue the Goebies. Three had went off to distract the Airut from noticing the other two free the prisoners. The plan worked perfectly, the Airuts were distracted without the Godless even having to engage them in battle, making it an stealth mission as well. The group met up at the entrance of the Mazcab forest, and continued through it, only to be chased by the Airuts who had figured out that their prisoners had escaped, forcing the godless to recklessly run through the forest, and into the other side. Almost getting lost, ambushed by a traveling sick Airut, and attacked by a traitor Goebie, the group had managed to successfully make it out of the forest, and into the town, having the prisoners set free.

After this, one of the godless had ran back to the forest in order to ensure that the Airuts were lost in there, and die in there. The rest had stayed in a tent provided by a Goebie, only to realize that a member has had his memory changed, this has concerned them, as they have little clue on what was changed, until information given that the member had not remembered the item he had on him the last time he spoke with Mark. Concerned, the group decided to get the memory wand, in hope maybe that would work. After retrieving the wand, Mark had been fixing the memory of his member and made sure everything was as he remembered. After so they finally figured out what was insides the boxes delivered to Mark, a serum that is theorized to be able to damage a god. Mark afraid had decided to capture these boxes, research on them, and if needed, destroy them. Of course, it wouldn't be easy as the person who changed the memories was in a tight security location. The group traveled far and long, taking them at least three days to make it to the location, that was in the Kharidian Desert. As they arrived, they now attempt to enter the area, prepared for the worst to come.

Little did they know that the one who owns this location was out for a walk and we just managed to get him before he entered inside. The Godless managed to question him about the serum, to where a deal was made that he would help if he has the godless fund his research, to where he will also become part of it. The Godless agreed, and managed to end this discussion quickly. After finding the tablet with the location of one of the serum, the group went off into the desert. As they continued to walk, they stop at a certain location to use a sextant. Nothing, it seems they can't work with it, but, it wasn't the devices fault, they were on quick sand. Mark managed to save most of them, but him and another fell into the sand's underground pit, where they had found the box containing the serum. The two pulled themselves out and made it to surface. Mark instructed the group that they are in charge in locating all of the boxes. Mark then left the area leaving the group alone to test the serum.

To Dragon or Not to Dragonkin

Karamja, finally the Godless had permission to visit it. The group had prepared now, as they set sail to the island, they heard a loud dragon-like roar that startled everyone in the ship. Over night the ship had arrived towards Karamja, before getting to shore, they saw a humanoid dragon fly above them in great speed towards Karamja. Concerned, the Godless got off quickly and walked towards the location they saw the creature fly towards. Avoiding dangerous plants, animals, and people. The group noticed the creature was just a mile away, and hid behind nearby trees. As they examine the creature closer, they notice it to be a Dragonkin, who has stated to be looking for a hidden false user it has been looking for. Soon after it flew off once again west of the jungle heading towards the location The false user is.

After exploring further into the jungle, the group made it towards Brimhaven. After entering, one of the members had a surprised welcome part by a monkey, who decided to hump his face. After a bit of struggle, and some attention gotten towards themselves, the group had decided to question some citizens within the village. Each one stated that creature flew over them heading west into the jungle. Of course the group recklessly continued into the jungle to encounter the Dragonkin. As they entered the jungle, they notice the group of dragon hunter they were looking for beating on a old man. The Godless ambushed the Dragon hunter and saved the old man, but the dragon hunter didn't give up, and planed to kill them all for the information the old man had. Before the hunters could do anything else the Dragonkin landed behind them walking towards the group. The hunter thinking this is a rare dragon tried to kill the creature only to have themselves killed. The Godless moved away from the creature leaving the old man alone with it.

After a small plea from the old man, one of the member rescued the old man, only because of the fire missing the old man, it killed several other citizens that were fishing at shore. The Dragonkin then looked at who saved the false user and attacked him, only to have the rest of the Godless hid within the woods. The Dragonkin began to shoot it's flame within the woods aiming towards what ever it saw move. Soon it located the false user who happened to be with a knocked out member who avoided the flames but had a coconut hit him on his head. The Old man plead to the Dragonkin, only for it to shoot it's flame towards him. The Old man survived as his ring of life activated before the flame could kill him. This left the Dragonkin wondering, only to have a member suggest it being a special kind of ring. The creature considered it as well, only to then leave ignoring the group and went off towards his lab t oresearch on a way to stop it from happening again.

After this the Godless had returned to the mainland informing Mark of what happened. This concerned him, as he now wonders what to do next.

The Lost, The Found, and The Worried?

The morning came on Tuska and the morning guards made it for their shift, including Mark who escaped the rock prison for pirates. The Group had looked through their supplies and list only to get a surprise visit from the same Dragonkin the group had encountered on Karamja. Of course the members who are guarding Tuska now are not known of the Dragonkin, and is their first encounter with one. The Island became alarmed as each member drew their blade and bow ready to defend themselves against the Dragonkin. The Scopulus on the other hand was not afraid but concerned on what the Dragonkin wanted. The creature went on to examine the group only to be surprised that they managed to defeat the god they are on, and criticized them for being to cocky.

Mark spoke up asking the Dragonkin what it wanted, only to be harshly answered with insults. The creature wanted their aid in looking for false user that had escaped him in Karamja, sensing that the user was last on Tuska, he is unaware if he entered the portal, or continued into the desert to hide in a location that can't be sensed by him, and in return he would give them anything that they wanted that is within his reach to give. The group had decided to help due to the Dragonkin offer being a big help towards us.The group were given a few hours to look for the false user within Mazcab, and if succeeded, he would give them their reward. The Godless sent a group of four into the portal to look for the false user. The group decided to quickly find the user to put an end too the chase, as well as the cult that follows him.

Once they entered Mazcab, they dug for information on the false user who was stated by the Dragonkin to be an elderly man. The Godless had been informed by the Goebies' elder that the elderly man was captured by the Airuts, and had escaped into the Forest and was most likely lost. The four went towards the forest and searched for the old man. After several ambushes, and getting completely lost, the group managed to find the old man and capture him. They then returned to Tuska, delivering the user to the Dragonkin to where he executed the elderly and was much calmer than he was. The Godless managed to get their reward through information, as the Dragonkin did not have what they wanted in supplies.

Afterwards the Dragonkin left, giving them their life to live. The Scopulus commented on how popular the Godless were getting, and is impressed they can handle most situation calmly. Of course soon the scouts on Ardougne had sent words that something is up, and would investigate on the matter on their own. This concerned Mark as nothing had ever happened over there.

Strength Through Chaos!

The Godless scouts that resides at Ardougne had been paroling the city with their ambusher uniform. They soon went to the Zoo and noticed a smoke coming from the south. Shortly after the group had witnessed the battle between the Ardougne soldiers fighting against the Zamorakian warriors. Of course one scout being in the east of Ardougne had witnessed another battle go on. The group on both sides had remained hidden only spectating the battle. After the Zamorakian victory over the west city of Ardougne, the Godless had grown aware of this, and decided to take minor action and not report this as an S.O.S to Mark, as it was something that they could handle by themselves

The invasion?

A hot day it was for our heroes, as they set up their supply of food and minerals. Not all was peaceful, the portal window was shown to be acting a bit funny, only for the Godless to see through it, and witness an Airut scouting the portal on Mazcab. The Airut had then rushed off from the portal, shown to be with a group of five informing them of the portal. Both the Scopulus and Mark noticed that if they figured out the portal, would they figure out it's location and try to jump through? This was a threat that the Godless needed to look into.

A group of three went into the portal in-order to communicate with the others in Kanatah village, and to gather most of them to help build up a new and better defenses. The scouts entered the portal only to witness the group of Airuts still at the same location they last saw them when looking through the portal from Tuska. The trio had to go east and down the hill. The members in Kanatah had arrived and were informed of the situation and plan. The group then went back to climb up the rocky side of the hill and would witness two Airuts being scouts of the portal. One of the members of the Godless had thrown a peddle towards the portal causing the two Airuts to view the portal. There the Godless went up behind them and assassinated them through the opening of the neck. Jumping through the portal, they witness the group on Tuska on high alert, almost attacking those who passed through.

Soon after the barricaded the portal area and on Mazcab, they went on and informed the Goebies about the situation informing them that the Godless will also be active on Mazcab, preparing for a possible invasion of the Airuts.

The battle for the portal window.

For awhile, the Godless have been prepared for the coming attack that might happen. Scouts from Mazcab seems to have noticed a group of four Airuts making their way towards the portal to check up on the two scouts they had left there several days ago. This concerned the Godless as they did not intend this to happen, and hoped that a battle did not come to be. Sadly Mark, the first in command had to take action, even though he was enjoying his small day off. Mark hurried back to Tuska and gathers a few fighters to help him defend the portal window from the Airuts.

Mark and his men how ready to jump into Mazcab and prepare to fight. After they traveled to Mazcab, Godless guards had informed Mark that the Airuts are almost here and that they prepared the area to fight. Mark ordered the archers to fire a valley of arrows at the creatures once every reload, as they are fast, that amount of arrow will damage them. Mark then ordered the soldiers to follow his lead and to ensure all is to avoid their attacks. As the Airuts began to get closer, the Godless got in formation prepared for the oncoming battle.

The Airuts attacked after they found out about the Godless being there. The battle was insane, so many Godless soldiers were killed, the godless were almost defeated by the hands of the Airuts until thankfully one of the members of the faction arrived with Nemi poison, sprayed it on the Airuts, weakening them. Thanks to this advantage, the Godless overcame the invaders' scouts and succeeded in protecting the portal.

The outcome it self satisfied the Godless, but also worried them as this might lead to a full on attack. Mark thought of an idea to allow their member, Ralphamic to shape shift into a Airut and report to them that the portal was fine. This planned worked, leading to the Airuts to think everything is fine, but instead of reporting that Mark requested, Ralphamic reported what happened, and what the portal was really for.

Destroy, Death, and fur?

A raven would fly over the sea from the eastern isles. Coming towards to the west it managed to make it on Tuska's back. Being night time, one of the members managed to get it and read it was a S.O.S sent by the scouts on the east, leaving information on a eastern native would appear in Port-Sarim soon looking for some Godless to aid them. The member manged to send several messenger birds to several members who are able to help. The native had already set sail to the west only for the ship to be stopped mid-way by pirates threatening to take the ship and it's treasure. The Native managed to cut down the pirates as he was a samurai of the east. After arriving the Godless men were already there waiting for the samurai who introduced himself to them. After a short introduction the group sailed to the eastern isle, The Skull region. After making it they ran into not only a native warrior, but also trouble, a group of Tuskan followers seemed to have been interested in a fight. The group managed to defeat their attackers and rushed over a destroyed town, with no bodies, or locals, only for them to hear a scream near the temple of Chi. The samurai becomes in-raged and charged in with the other group and attacked while saving the temple's monks. Once they rushed in they noticed it was Elizabeth, and finally, they will catch up towards her.

The battle was fierce, with the Godless pushed back, and having Eli charge up her deadly spell, only to have the Samurai leap towards her to slash his sword towards her spell, causing not only shock towards the war-priest, but pushing her back a bit, while the Samurai crashed on the table very injured. Eli then charges her signature spell of a lighting storm only to be back stabbed by a warrior of hers who waited for the opportunity to strike. Eli would fall onto her knees and flees from the scene thanks to a teleport tab. The Godless quickly looked at the tablet to see where she teleported, only to figure out it was on a near by village. Once they reached her, she tried to regain her strength only to be stopped by the Godless. She was brought to her knees by a Godless member only to be turned into a wight by Ralphamic who jumped and interfered, who informed the member that She had a sister, who was a spy in their faction, and left refusing to give further information.

The war against planes

On Mazcab, the airuts are finally ready to attack and take control over the portal window that lead's to Tuska on Gielinor. The Godless prepared themselves on their defense post on Mazcab for the incoming attack with nemi poison on their weapons. Without warning the Airuts rushed towards the Godless and went into a all in battle running through and jumping over the barricade that was set up. The Godless fought with effort to not only poison the airut, but defend their ground from them. The battle was long, as each member tried their hardest to kill the airuts causing injuries on themselves. After a long battle the airuts number shrank as several Godless members remains fighting those number to push them back.

The battle ended, the Godless has won with the remaining airut retreating, only to over hear it dying by a then huge roar from the distance. The battle was won, but not the war, the godless will rest now, but in time, another attack will be made. Mark had went traveling to find a cure to his sickness.

The rescue

The faction was called into an emergency meeting at the Godless Hall. Mark was there hosting, only for him to be stabbed, and exposed to be a shape shifting wizard who works for Elizabeth, and had plan to kill the faction from the inside, starting with it's top men. After the explanation of what really happened to Mark, the Godless were surprised of the fact that Elizabeth was still alive, even after being seen of her death. The group prepared themselves for another travel, and a rescue. Knowing the fortress is within thee Wilderness, the group go in prepare with a group of eight members.

While entering the wilderness, they noticed an small army of Eli's worshippers charging at the group, as if they knew they were coming. After a successful victory, they rushed to Eli's fortress and saw a low attempt of guards.around the fortress. The group managed to sneak in perfectly, only for one member to stupidly alert every guard in the fortress of an introduce. The group managed to escape being caught towards the dungeon, where they split up into two groups and went on to look for Mark. One group went through a pathway of traps and enemies. Another went through a super heat, prize and enemies as well. As they met in the cetner they witnessed Eli there beating on a member up.

The battle begin only for the group to notice how she copied Tuska and formed up a barrier protecting herself from any type of attacks, which one member predicted and counter it with a small dagger based of the Tuskan spear used to weaken Tuska herself. The group had trouble even landing a successful strike as each member felt her blow and power she had grown in. The member slowly started to overwhelm her that in the end, she teleported away casting a destructive spell to bring down her fortress, along with the guard at the fortress. The group managed to escape with Mark and other hostages within the dungeon.

The group escaped via teleportation to Port Sarim, where in their medical house left Mark in order to treat him of his injuries. The rest left to plan ahead of what to do next, and how to deal with this matters now.

The rescue, the miracle, the betrayal?

The Citadel is under attack, all godless were called for reinforcement their attackers attacked throw contact of dragons and portals. Now it is time for the Godless to once again to fight against their enemies, but even within the walls there is a traitor who happens to be killing the guards slowly to lower the faction's defenses, it is up to the out side Godless to aid protect the Hall.

Other members off the faction made it to the Hall to fight off the remaining army of attackers. The reinforcement went on to the keep fighting against the attackers as the forces of the defenders would be in the keep it self. Explosion and screaming can be heard within the walls, as traps were made before hand towards the attackers. Their leader, Elizabeth would be already heading towards the roof of the keep to meet up with those she needs to kill. After the reinforcement arrived on the roof as well, a battle accrued against the Tuskan war priest leader. After a a long and destructive battle, Eli was killed and returned to Ralphamic as a wight. But Mark has a strong feeling that her plan isn't over, she has more in stored for the faction, and has a feeling Ralphamic knows something.

The Invasion of Falador

Main Article: Invasion of Falador

As the Kinshra set their attack towards Falador,  Mark, the first in command of the Godless, has issued an edict to the Godless to not intervene with either side, with the only exception being when civilians are at a clear, direct threat. However the Burning of Rimmington by Kinshra forces has broken the edict, as civilians where either left homeless or 'put to the sword'. The Godless now plan military action to defend and evacuate civilian populations now at threat of attack by both sides, such as Port Sarim.

There are also rumors that the Godless have again infiltrated the factions with spies, with the intention to either steal or destroy the Banner and Sword in protest against Saradomin, with one being true.

The battle for Port Sarim.

From the woods, marched the Kinshra, prepared to fight and take the city as their own and burn it to the ground like they did with Rimmington. The defenders prepared themselves as with the aid of the godless giving them more number than before. The Kinshra came in from the north prepared to raid the down only to be attacked by the defenders, and the Godless. The battle was taken place between the axe shop and the bar near the dock, as the port dock itself was destroyed. The Godless and the defenders managed to keep the Kinshra and their battle in one spot of the city, with no problems on keeping the battle there. As the defenders started to lose men, it was up to the Godles to fight the Kinshra and defend the Port. Meanwhile several members of the Godless had set up several canons and evacuated the citizens from the port, with only remaining citizens left behind as some were Zamorakian supporting the KInshra, and others were those not willing to listen.

The battled continued as the Godless and Kinshra were neck to neck until the Karamja warriors showed up and were not attacking at all, this worried the Godless as their commander issued an retreat as they were not able to fight against reinforcement without help. The remaining forces of the Godless retreated and met up miles away from the port. The Kinshra screamed in victory with the citizens of the city chearing for the Kinshra as fellow Zamorakian. But not all was over, several canon was fired but did miss the Kinshra by a bit almost killing them all if was calculated a bit more.

Defeat, The Godless felt defeat as they had retreated from the forces of the Kinshra, putting up a longer fight, but still lost due to the strength the Kinshra had given. Their effort was not all lost, as they managed to evacuate enough citizen to safety, heading towards the Lumbridge crater and were given tents there so they may shelter for the time being. The Godless were not ashamed for defeat as they were only meant to evacuate the citizens and ensure the Kinshra knew, there were stronger forces that they will have to face. The Godless now prepare to get towards Burthope, predicting they are to attack there, their first in command continue to work on as a spy towards the White knights, until the time is needed for him once again.

Assassination: Traitor?

Across the eastern seas in the Hook reign, the old base of Elizabeth who was Jandres before was taken by the Godless as in outpost after her first defeat. But soon after the defeat of Tuska it is attacked by the natives of the reign as they seems to dislike the banner of the Godless. The Godless had managed to stand it's ground against the natives. Saratobi, a native of the Skull, who was known by almost all reign was sent as emissary to see if a peace treaty can be made. Once there Saratobi found out that the Godless has a traitor, as there was a rouge group attacking the native there. Now it is up to the Godless to find out who, and why.

The faction had sent three of it's member into the Hook reign to meet up with Saratobi. Once arrived Saratobi greeted them and informed them that the natives were willing to have a peaceful talk with their female Khan, a wife of their Khan, in hope to cooperate on the matter of the rumors. Once they arrived into the village the group witness guards all over the area, including the roof of the of their buildings. Saratobi and a native spoke with each other on why the defences were needed. The Godless understood as they would have done the same thing. The princes arrived shortly with several guards with her, but things turned sour as several arrows rained down on the guards and their empress, with explosion. One of the guards managed to shoot the location where the arrows came from killing the sniper, who was then shown to be wearing a Godless cloak. Saratobi informed the the three to run back to the ship as he would try to talk the natives on this trick.

After running out of the village, Dark dragged the two members into the shadow realm with him to where they planned on finding the attackers. And this succeeded as they found the fortress of Elizibeth's old face. They begin getting in their with their stealth in order to hide from the guards, On the second floor Dark would be heading his way to the Godless cloaked men only to have one of their member break cover over divine energy. Dark managed to ambush them with his huge mace and killed most of them, leaving only two alive. of course someone tried to blow up the fortress only for it to be stopped, but bought enough time for the surviving members to retreat. After searching for clues on the dead body, they came across a letter given by these men to kill the empress. The letter was signed by their first in command, Mark. This concerned the trio as they now left the island via teleportation, with plans on what to do next.

Meanwhile on the Hook reign, the man behind it all smirked as he killed the remaining survivors who had escaped, and presented the bodies to his people, showing them that the Godless are not to be trusted, and that this could now mean war.

Operation: Puppy rescue

The Godless have over heard that one of their member, called Tyler Locke, was kidnapped by Ralphamic for reason unknown. This was an opportunity for the Godless to finally take down the Mahjarrat, as he's been playing tricks on them for so long. Mark finally can also have his revenge on he Mahjarrat, who had done something to Mark in the past. The Godless prepared a plan. Mark and Dark, the two in command of the Godless, were to distract Ralphamic and try to kill him, as the rescue squad were to find Tyler within Ralphamic hideout, and get out. Mark had already located Ralphamic and his hideout and set up the a portal location for when he opens a portal it would have no problem to enter it.

Mark awaited for Dark and the rescue team to meet him in the forest near Rimmington. With a scout keeping an eye on Ralphamic. The team arrived as they went over the plan while Mark opened the portal leading to the first entrance of the hideout, informing them that they must unlock the door fast before the room floods it self. The group jumped into the portal all but Mark and Dark as they prepared themselves for the fight of their lives. Dark shouts out the name of the Mahjarrat, who knew of the rescue team, but went on to play along. He arrives with a cocky smirk on his face, to where Mark opens a portal leading behind the Mahjarrat jumping in quickly to come out on other side to strike the Mahjarrat as a surprise attack.

Within the hideout, the team managed to unlock the first door, allowing them to wonder into the hideout, only to be forced to hide as Ralphamic's wights were guarding the hideout. The team split up with one keeping an arrow ready to strike at one of the guards. The team made it to the doors as each one noticed something different; One door was a storage room, another was a lab where human slaves were being forced to work. Another leads towards the target they came to rescue, who, was being rescued by Ronia, Ralphamic's hybrid daughter, who was spying on her father. One of the team member who opened that door ran in almost about to attack only to notice she was helping and lead the way out.

On the surface, Ralphamic is surprised that two human are giving him trouble where he had to draw his Dragon blade for the first time in a long time. Mark admits that if it wasn't for his knowledge of portal magic, they would have been dead long ago. Dark points out that Ralphamic is weakened for the fact that he fought another powerful Mahjarrat, and that drained a lot from him. Ralphamic was surprised at the Knowledge that Dark had, as well as Mark's keeping his abilities a secret. The battle continued with summoning of wights and more counters with portal as both sides were tired. Dark succeeded into stabbing the Mahjarrat with a spell that would destroy his soul. Rlaphamic drank a serum that delayed that effect and made him stronger. The duo knew this would be trouble, as Mark turned quickly to strike at Dark, surprising Dark a bit, only for the Mahjarrat to take his place thanks to a portal he placed under Dark and Raphamic, where Dark would appear above the Mahjarrat's location, and once disappeared, he would land safe on the location led. The same would go with Ralphamic, only not so safe as Mark's Dragon long-sword sliced open his chest.

Within the hideout, they all ran to the portal. One of the member throw a bunch of explosive behind him, enraging the other who wanted to try and save the captured slave. Ronia grabs them all and instantly teleports them to the portal where the explosion happens afterwards, where the portal closes. Once arrived on the back to where the portal originated, and witnessed Mark on his knees coughing up blood from overusing his portal magic, and Dark protecting him from the Wights. The group fought together having to have ended the battle, where the mission was a success, only with Ralphamic escaping. Mark and Dark found his body later taking his last breath within the Godless medical house, Informing them that they are the most powerful human he encountered and hopes that his clone does not make the same mistake he made. Mark quickly uses a spell to stop the body from disappearing quickly, where he rips the head of the Mahjarrat, and shows it to the rest of the Godless days after.

With one threat out of the way, more soon came, as the Godless now has to deal with beings wanting to become gods.

A new threat and old memories.

It had been some time since Naabe the Hoardstalker returned with information about the mysterious Mephilies. It was then that the Godless received word that one of Mephilies's emissaries was spotted near Eagle's peak. A small band of Godless members, including Naabe and Mark, ventured to Eagle's peak where they found a mysterious storm hanging over the mountain and decided to investigate. They soon found there way into the mountain only to discover the emissary who began his attack after some unnecessary banter. The fight was one-sided as the emissary began to tap into some unknown power and unleashed a barrage of power magics. However,the magic soon backfired as a misfired spell caused the cavern to collapse. Through ingenuity and raw power, the Godless blasted the emissary causing him to not only loose the ring he had but also his life. A boulder crushed the emissary as one of the Godless swiped the ring as he and the other members narrowly escaped a similar fate to the emissary.

The Godless soon discovered that the ring had strange magical properties as the thief soon realized when he not only saw the world around him lose color, but also he began to hear voices. They returned to the citadel to theorize what the voices the bearers of the ring heard. They came to the conclusion that one memory was from Guthix, due to mention of a World Guardian and protecting others. The other was inferred to be the original bearer of the ring, who they concluded to be Mephilies himself due to the emissaries desire to claim the ring. Mark chose to take the ring to be examined by experts to determine if more memories could be extracted.

However, not all was peaceful in the Godless Hall despite the victory. Tyler Locke, one of the more meek members, asked Darkauro to recover a specific potion for him. Darkauro provided the recently returned serum to Tyler, only to break out in a psychotic laughter as Tyler contorted in pain from drinking the potion. Dark was soon knocked out and taken away to be interrogated, while Tyler continued to writhe in pain from the potions effects. It soon stopped as Tyler rose, seemingly different, as he surveyed those around him. He soon got into a fight with another member named Lyam. The resulting fight left Lyam wounded as the others present calmed and detained Tyler, taking him to a cell to cool off and taking Lyam to get medical help. Meanwhile, Mark discovered that Dark was unaware of his actions after going to the vault as the two realized Dark was being controlled by his alternate personality. Dark began to panic at what he might have caused as Mark left him to calm down.

Tyler had been taken to a cell where he soon began to come to his senses. Soon, Tyler had calmed down enough to think rationally and proceeded to make amends for his violent outburst. Everyone gave a collective sigh of relief, despite Tyler's body not returning to normal. Mark chose to let Tyler go rest as they would address the matter at a later time. However, as most of the members left, Dark emerged from the Shadow Realm in a disheveled state. Mark and Frank, the other member in the room at the time, soon discovered that Dark intended to leave in an attempt to face justice for his actions. Despite protests by both Mark and Frank, Dark left to face the consequences of his actions with a hopeless look on his face. A mysterious entity known as Cytax informed the two that Dark intended to kill himself, which would only result in Dark's alternate personality gaining complete control of his body. Concerned, Mark and Frank attempted to use one of Mark's portals to reach Dark only to find themselves back in the keep. Unable to properly teleport to Dark, Mark and Frank chose to head to Tuska and think of a plan to find Dark.

The Desert's Judgement

Mark has assembled a small search party to search for Dark. The group met in the Shantay pass awaiting for a Kharadian native to bring back information about Dark's previous location. Mark informed the plan to the rest of the members that their goal was to search for Dark, knock him out and enter his mind with the memory wand to force the grip his demon's aspect, that it left behind. Their main goal for now, is to find Dark, and avoid him from killing himself. Of course an old man overheard the conversation of the group and gave them a brief story of the Demon Eyes clan. After several question the group concluded Dark went to the location the Demon eyes were last seen before they disapeared. The Source the new third in command given, Ryneta, came towards Mark and informed him that Dark was last seed heading south, and they should hurry, as the sandstorm covered most of his tracks. 

Entering the hell's heat of the desert, the group managed to hurry with enough waterskin locating Dark. After several steps being taken into the sand, the group found two merchants who seemed to have known about Dark's location, in return, they wish for the Godless to buy something from them, which one of the member gladly did. After selling an item they informed the group that Dark was last seen heading towards a haunted mountain, in where rumors says ghost of a nomadic group resided long ago. The party continued quickly towards the location only to notice Dark was there, and the part began to talk to him to avoid him from jumping off, buying time for Mark to use the wand on him, which failed as Dark predicted this  and fought against Mark who managed to talk with Dark alone after their little brawl. 

During the talk Mark tries on his own to talk some senses into Dark in hope he would stop, however Dark refuses on going back from his judgment as he then draws his sword and shield, forcing mark to fight him. Mark informed Dark that he will not kill him, but this would make it harder to help him. Dark didn't listen and rushed in with the two battling it out with mark in the end stabbing dark on his side and forcing him off the cliff. AS Dark falls he smiles thanking Mark for understanding, waiting for his death, waiting for the bed of the ground to accept him. Dark lands gently on the sand next to Mark after going through a portal. Thanks to this Mark and the rest managed to heal Dark's wound and takes him to another location for the party to enter Dark's mind and battle the demon within, while one remains awake and guarding the body.

They prepare as Cytax warned them about the challenge ahead, and how they will have to face decisions that might cost them their lives. Mark, Lyam and Victor travled into Dark's mind while their physical body is taken care of by Tyler. The trio after entering have been introduced by a bunch of Dark's memory of his youth, including when he killed the Demon eye clan. The trio were surprised that they were forced to see it as they were more of a surprise to see that they are now entering the Buther's lair. Upon entering, they each noticed their weapons and armor removed from them, turning them into teens, only Mark was made into a druid like he was before, still an adult. The Butcher appeared to them and started attacking them with illusions of their most saddest past, feeding off their sadness and anger. Lyam was not effected as he was left out and started to attack the Butcher with his crystal magic he had. After the Mark and Victor snapped out of it, they continued to fight until a Flame of Dark's voice told them to use remember their happiest memory, as it could weaken their enemy, and with that, they all remembered.

The Butcher grew weaker as a light was shinning on him making it weaker and weaker.Mark then uses a Demonology spell on it to remove it's influence in Dark's mind. The Butcher disapears as trio left the mind, only to be awaken with Tyler sleeping, and Cytax waiting for them, who informed them that he will take Dark with him to ensure that the Butcher is really gone. Mark agreed as he would be to busy to keep an eye on Dark. After Cytax left, So did Mark and Lyam, leaving Victor alone with a sleeping Tyler.

Unholy Reclamation

A brutal storm begins to rage across the Godless Hall, preventing access via the main portal, as the council was preparing to gather to debate what to do with The False Eye. As the orb that contained it was escorted to the main chamber by The Hoardstalker and the order’s diviners, Mephiles’ Paradigm launches a surprise attack on the outside perimeter, teleporting many of the Excubitor Guard to occupy and butcher the main guard. The Storm’s thunder and strong winds prevented the Keep from hearing the ensuing battle or the alarm. Rosaline however was by the main guards post with her children, and would escort them though the battle to the main portal, jerry-rigging it for moments to teleport them to safety on the surface.

As the chaos unfolded, Emissary Kallig snuck into the keep and ambushed the attending members, allowing Mephiles, who was perched on one of the Keep’s towers with Excubitor Officer Karath, to remotely access the False Eye’s power of blurring the shadow realm and real world, allowing him to infiltrate the keep as a shadow that would attach to the Hoardstalker. Without warning, he would begin to suffocate him, before throwing him telepathically into the wooden panelling, knocking the Gojaro unconscious for the remainder of the siege. Mephiles himself then physically manifested himself, defending his Emissary from a Godless Demon by throwing him into the left side benches with a blast of divine energy, disabling him. Smirking behind his ornate helmet, he offered Dark and Lyam a chance of “redemption”; Surrender the False Eye to him, or they will die. Of course their answer was obvious. Lyam open fired at Mephiles with seren crystal-tipped arrows, while Dark would slip into the shadows to strike the duo.

Screenshot (982)

The Godless meet Mephiles Sol for the first time.

Lyam’s attack however would backfire: With the arrows that struck Mephiles where simply absorbed into his simulacrum form, while The Shaman managed to grab the orb and break it open with one of the crystal-tipped arrows, being overwhelmed with Seren magic and divine energy. Mephiles grabs the ring from his Emissary, pushing him aside, greatly empowering himself as he slips the ring upon his gauntleted hand. He gains the ability to augment his own physical form, sprouting a pair of draconic wings. His strength, speed and divine potency also increase tenfold. As he absorbs the power, Emissary Kallig is overwhelmed and killed by Dark and Lyam.

Mephiles quickly utilises his power to overwhelm his Godless opponents single-handily: By parrying a suddenly recovered Demon with Wightgrasp, and despite getting stabbed by a infernal blade and torched by demonfire, deeply wounds it by clawing it’s abdomen with a orb of divine power. He also attempts to impale Dark with Wightgrasp, as he attempts to flee into the Shadow Realm, by using the ring’s power to latch onto him. However Lyam saves him by detonating a rubidium and nitro-glycerine flask, blasting Mephiles into the left side benches, along with blasting a hole through the front-right tower.

As Godless reinforcements began to flood in though the hall, Officer Karath storms down the stairwell and occupies them with a couple of Necroviles. Mephiles himself arises from the debris he was thrown into, wipes away the char from his face caused from the demonfire, and declares enough in a violent tone. He flaps his wings and ascends upwards, blasting a hole in the upper floors to the roof. His body and Wightgrasp pulse with Guthix’s stolen power, along with his own divine reserves, charging an orb of power approximately the size of the Stone of Jas, firing it into the air.

The Orb flies up into the sky, detonating into a mass flurry of meteors charged with divine power, crashing all across the Godless Hall Island, tearing apart anything in a wide radius As the keep itself begins to be struck and begins to collapse around them, Dark and Lyam fall back to Rosaline, dragging along a wounded demon, the unconscious Hoardstalker and a small number of remaining guardsmen and women into a protective shield, before managing an emergency group teleport to Lumbridge castle. A drained Mephiles declares his victory on the Godless’ own podium, before teleporting away on his own, leaving his officer for dead with the Godless.


Mephiles destroys The Godless Hall in a single, devastating blast.

At Lumbridge, a shocked Mark observes the citadel’s destruction amongst a terrified crowd while hearing further explosions. He struggled to open a portal, as something was blocking him from entering, before his men all teleported behind him. In shock Mark and Frank, a member who was with Mark, rushed towards the other Godless who were in various states of health. After explaining what happened to Mark, Lumbridge’s denizens looked in horror as the outer sections of the island began to crash into the southern oceans as their levitation totems crumbled and failed.

Mark declared the survivors to look for other survivors of the attack, talk to their inventor team, and meet at Tuska within a week for a plan: but only after seeking medical treatment. Mark went off with a few of his men to meet Vorago, who agreed to give them help, as they helped him, but he would only give them a Scopulus as aid, and would hope their prediction of the man being a threat to the Anima Mundi is right, or Vorago will reconsider their terms of “friendship.”


A memorial service for those who died during Mephiles' assault.

Local reports where soon spreading around the province, reporting that only around 30 or so of the 90-strong Godless Home Guard had survived the siege, and that bodies from both sides had begun to wash up near the Wizard’s Tower and Draynor Village. With the Faction busy trying to face of against Mephilies, only a few were there to have a memorial service for those who died.

Operation Columbia

News had arrived from a new recruit of the faction, informing them that a member of the faction, Lyam was kidnapped near the world gate. Mark and a small task force went on into investigating on who kidnapped Lyam. After investigating Mark disbanded the group to send word back to the Hall in order to investigate it further. Mark and Tyler went back to the world gate only to discover Comstock a caption of the outside lowerth camp in front of the gate. Thanks to Tyler bashing at the elf Mark had to come up with a plan B and fast. Of course he would be kidnapped with Tyler after an attempt to open a portal to Tariddad thanks to his quick peak through the world gate. Of course being both bind, Comstock offered Lyam to take one of the two to help him with his mission to enter an old temple.

Of course Lyam picked Tyler knowing Mark could escape easily once the duo went in to the temple, Mark was taken into a shack to be contained there. Mark then quickly fights the guards, undoing his tied hands and feet during the fight and knocking them out. Once he walked out of the shack with his sword and dagger to fight off the rest of the guards, he noticed some of the Godless members there wanting to rescue Mark and Tyler. They went into the temple only to discover that Lyam's mother was still alive and guarding the temple her self. After the small reunion, they went into a room that had a guardian within it. Of course it then attempted to kill them all to protect the artifact it was protecting, only for it to be missing.

After an exchange of confusion they were ambushed by the rouges lowerth and taken out side where Comstock explains he had already found the pieces of the artifacts that was shattered, and now needs the temple to put it back together. Mark was asked for a plan C by one of the members, who was told that the plan will come in shortly. Dark whispered that it will from the shadow realm of the plane. Of course several Crystal shapeshifters appeared and started to fight against the lowerths. The Godless made like plan Z and ran to the world gate and retreated to Tuska in hope that they can figure out a new plan against a new threat, who was revealed to be Lyam's Grandfather.

Sixth age, Year 4

Frigid Knowledge

A tip-off from the Godless allies in the north gave a lead on one of Mephiles' False Artefacts: The Frostentome. A strike team was soon organised by Mark from their temporary headquarters to recover it before the Paradigm recovers it and further strengthen the God of Rejuvenation. The Hoardstalker had arrived towards the Fremennik Province area waiting for the team to arrive. A huge number had arrived with their second in command, Rosaline. After a rundown of the mission by the Hoardstalker, the strike team moved out went north towards the hunting tundra, north of the province, and encountering a Scopulus, who was sent by the Anima Mundi to secure the area for the Godless. With a mix of hesitance and distaste from Rosaline and the Hoardstalker, the group was silenced soon by the growl of Necroviles, who had been protecting the area until their master arrived to claim the artefact.

The Scopulus, unshaken, stormed off and fought off several of the creatures. During its fight the Rosaline implied abandoning the Scorplus, until it came back with several Necroviles impaled on its speared arm. Silencing the groups concerns, they marched deeper into the tundra. Upon crossing onto a series of beached icebergs, the group soon felt the unsettling aura they knew when they had the False Eye. But another pack had snuck up, pouncing over one of the snow drifts and past the Scopulus.

The Godless engaged, with the Hoardstalker and Darkauro dealing with them in close combat; the former getting into a violent scrap with the Alpha. But the scrap had allowed the Alpha to howl, alerting an entire nesting ground that had been established to guard the area. The Hoardstalker, taking de-facto command, ordered everyone to higher ground on the solid drifts. The Scopulus defied, charging violently into the swarm and using his mass to divide the single swarm into smaller groups, who then suffered the full wrath of it swinging its rocky limbs around into them.

As the Scoplus distracted them, along with protecting Rosaline from a side attack, The Hoardstalker carved a forward path though the hoards and to the edge of the iceberg, where the Artefact was encased within a huge mound of ice. The Hoardstalker, Dark, Ellone the Icyene, and Taylor all attempted to break the mound, with Taylor more worried about the safety of the book itself. Darkauro attempted to use Fire Blasts, but discovered quickly the ice was enchanted to deflect such attacks, and so let the Scopulus attempt to smash though. In the process, one of the Hoardstalker’s chakrams got embedded in the mound, before being shattered by the golem as it continued to bash the ice. As they begun to break into the air pocket that contained the False Artefact: A book, encased in ice, The Hoardstalker and the Scopulus where struck by a conetrated burst of Divine Energy. While the Scopulus’ mass only made him slide into a nearby ice sheet, the Hoardstalker was blasted over and into a snow bank above, cracking one of his horns as he landed, suffering a concussion.

The Godless turned to face the direction the blast had come from, discovering Mephiles across on the opposite coastline. Shocked to discover he had come in lieu of one of his Emissaries, they scrambled to redraw their weapons. The Scopulus stomped out from the wall of ice, retaliating with a fury of rocky projectiles across to him. This howver was futile, as Mephiles transmuted his cloak into the Dragonic wings he had acquired from their previous encounter, using them to glide across to their side.

While the Godless kept attempting to retrieve the book, Mephiles engaged the Scopulus. It was no match for therock entity, who was vastly underpowered against Mephiles’ enhanced strength and speed. Taunting the group, Mephiles claimed he knew where the Godless are keeping the False Cloak and the Visage. The Scoplius took avantage, uppercutting him enough to stun him and take a few steps back. After realigned his neck, Mephiles gets up and charges toward it, swinging Wightgrasp like a maul, and delivered a crippling blow that shattered the Scopulus’ arm and putting it to his knees. The Scopulus would look in shock seeing how it was defeated in two blows, aknologing his opponent’s divinity, before being delivered a quick killing blow. Horrified by the quick defeat of one of their most powerful allies, everyone apart from Darkauro began to retreat.

Dark eventually chipped off enough off the opening to grab the Artefact, and attempted to run. Mephiles aimed Wightgrasp, about to fire an explosive blast at the retreating faction, only for Rosaline to surprise Mephiles by throwing a strange imp she had been concealing on her person, who blinded him as it latched onto his face. Frank, one of the strike team, would charge at the god, stabbing it on the back, only discovering that his simulacrum form was tough and reduced the impact of stab attacks. Surprisingly, Mark then suddenly stormed down the ice sheet, swinging the prototype god-slaying longsword. It penetrated further due to the augmentation, but it was still not effective. Tearing the imp off his face and throwing it to an icy death in the frigid waters, he stabbed Wightgrasp into the ground and charged divine power into the earth, pushing Frank and Mark away from him. Deciding they had no chance to defeat Mephiles alone, they began to retreat. But Mephiles enacted one of the new abilities he had gained by absorbing so much power, overriding Mark’s will and then throwing him to the ground.


Even while impailed with a broken Wightgrasp, Mephiles continues to dominate Mark.

Mephiles glided again to where Mark has landed, cutting off the only route back to Relleka. Mephiles easily took Mark's body into a grip again, hovering him toward himself, with Wightgrasp ready to impale Mark. However Mark this time could control himself enough to cast a portal spell, which projected the spear end into Mephiles back, before splitting it in half as it shut close while still though the portal. Mephiles was in agony as Wightgrasp’s blade fully penetrated into his Simulacrum’s inner core, the wound protruding a cyan, gloopy mix of divine energy and water from the Well of Life.

Mark gloated, taking the opportunity to stab him again with his augmented longsword, but only though the Armor. Mephiles quickly recomposed himself, sheathing away the aft section of Wightgrasp, now charging blasts by hand. Being slow to charge a teleport spell on time, Mark used his augmented longsword to block the attack, only for Mephiles to continue rapid firing off attacks towards Mark's failing blocks as it dwindling in charge.

The Hoardstaker recomposed himself as well from his fall, leaping down and charging with his remaining chakram, only for Mephiles to simply grab the Hoarstalker by the throat, and throw him towards Mark, where, of course, was thrown to the ground with Mark together. Incapacitated, Mephiles painfully extracted the bladed half of Wightgrasp from his back, taking it like a blade and stabbing it clean though Mark’s right thigh, twisting it as it was extracted it to inflict maximum pain.

Mephiles grabbed Mark’s throat, demanding him to tell where the extraction point for the group was, only to have his mother insulted. Putting Wightgrasp’s blade to his neck, he gave him a final chance for Mark to correct himself: He insulted his grandmother instead. Prepared to have his throat slit, Frank tackled Mephiles from the side. The pair scrambled across the snowy floor to The Hoardstalker, who summoned a Spirit Kyatt, and distributed the appropriate scrolls to the three to teleport them out. After taking the trip to Karamja, Mark managed to cast the appropriate group teleport to Vorago’s barrier-protected cavern, where the rest of the strike team had arrived after making it to the extraction point. Mark was tended to first, having his open thigh wound filled with an absorbent moss to reduce the bleeding, before being bandaged out and lifted to Port Sarim. The Hoardstalker was instead treated at the cavern, having his head and horns bandaged up, along with being provided with a bucket for any vomit. Darkauro, along with the others, gathered up and examined their prize: The Frostentome. After briefly flipping through the handwritten pages and attached samples, Darkuro said he would go and transcribe a copy before sealing it away with the Visage and Cloak.

Sliske's Countdown

Main Article: Sliske's Countdown

The leaders of the various religious factions would find a letter addressed to them, if they were in such a place where they might be taking mail. Within, a "Dawn Officer Savvah" requests a personal meeting at a time of their convenience, with a return address in south Varrock. Each faction representative head towards Varrock to confront who ever sent them the letter for this meeting. Each faction leader went off and headed towards the address given towards the factions leaders. Officer Savvah informed each leader/representative about her plan and goal, wanting to stop Sliske's plan on causing an all out war against the factions. After a copy of the Sword of Edicts was planted in the middle of the Grand Exchange of Varrock acting as a scoreboard toward's Sliske's contest, the gods' faction had started to get a bit more active towards each other after new names were added into the scoreboard. Her plan was given to all the factions leaders and representatives, wanting to avoid other factions from fighting one another in hope to find Sliske and bring him down. Of course with most factions had agreed but with their own idea and goal in agreeing.

The Old One

After awhile, of meeting a new threat called the mad hatter, a Sliskean wight, and with the investigation of "The Heart" the Godless new they had a lot to go through. Biehn, their leader had started to order Mark into sending the members into more missions, ones that Biehn had hoped not to send. Of course Kara-Mier was not pleased with having the entire faction having to take missions now, but still stood strong on the idea. Of course before Mark could continue this new system he would over hear on Tyler and Argen being kidnapped once again, and ordered Dark to head towards Rosaline, and warn her on the situation, while he contacts Biehn. Of course Mark gets words on Dark being kidnapped, this drew a line as he decided to go ahead and investigate on his own. Luckily Mark had given Dark a communication orb that is hidden within the ear, of course Dark had swallowed the orb, which made it easier for the device not to be dedicated. After awhile there was news of murder in port sarim, Mark went with several members to be able to investigate if it was either a religious matter, or just a natural murder spree. They slowly found clues that led Mark to believe that the cause could be from a Chthonian demon. They over hear screaming once again only to witness a hooded figure on the dock of Port Sarim, soon to reveal it self to be a Ripper demon. Mark looked in horror as he ordered everyone to retreat, while he remained to give his members time to run. Mark held his own against the creature as he had fought against one before as a task given to him by a slayer master. But thankfully he was saved by a Godless member who threw a bomb towards the demon, forcing it to escape.

Back at the meeting location, Mark informed them that the old one has some powerful allies, as Rippers and their reputation was known to all even their Icyene member. Mark issued them all to remain caution of where they go, and to contact him with the new earpiece they received. Mark went back to work on trying to open a portal to Dark's and Tyler's location. Soon after Mark and Rosaline to Port Sarim in order to investigate on the Ripper's last appearance, only to be met another foe, another minion of the old one, one that can control ravens. Mark and Rosaline had shown to be too powerful for the minion to fight, so he retreated with some injuries to prepare. Of course this wasn't the last time he fought, as the minion returned to fight other Godless members only to have lost by them, and died. Later on one of the Godless member Argen, was let go due to her method of talking. Argen informed the Godless of the plan of the old one, and where Tyler and Dark were. Only for that plan to come true. Mark on the other hand had opened a portal, of course Dark, who had swallowed his ear orb, would rush behind a building as he them, went on to opening a portal through his butt, with something else coming out. Mark was annoyed by Dark losing the Orb like that, and threw an potion, that knocked him out of the control. As well as going towards the Old ones other minion and stabbing him in the back.

Everyone was free of control and of the whisper. Mark ordered everyone back to the citadel where they could rest and take a moment to ease their mind.

Operation: Spirit Siphon

Following the discovery that Mephiles has been using a Spirit Catalyst to transport into the Spirit Plane, The Hoardstalker has arranged for his Godless Strike Team to go to his homeland and disrupt the Paradigm's plans. The Godless strike team had met up at the meeting location, ready to continue their mission. They activated the device and were transported into the Spirit Plane, in their humanoid form. The Hoardstalker tries to warn everyone to be careful, as damaging this world would damage Gielinor as well, leaving an imprint. The group head off with two Elves of the group being ordered to remain hidden to ambush, in case it is needed. While traveling they came upon a campsite, fire still warm, only to find Incandescent energy, something they did not expect to find. Tyler would try to keep it for himself, only for Mark to deny him of that "find" and his payment the diviner so much claimed.

Their study on the energy was brought into a close as they were discovered by two of Mephiles allies, but hidden within the forest of the plane. After a short talk, one of the allies ambushed the group of Godless with roots, showing to be a nature wizard. The Hoardstalker, Mark, and Tyler put up a fight only for the Hoardstalker to be knocked out by the other ally, while Tyler was knocked out by the wizard. Mark tossed Tyler to the side, and used his portal magic to move the Hoardstalker to another location, which worked, but backfired moving him somewhere Mark doesn't know. Lyam and Mamori, the two elves ambushed the two allies. The Godless forced the allies to retreat only to have them bumped into the Hoardstalker, who had found the amulet. He soon found out of his clan being killed off, and attempted to kill the allies, only to fail, Mark and the others made it to the Hoardstalker. They left the Plane only for Mark and the Hoardstalker go into an argument. With this Mark left in hate of the Hoardstalker, and goes into working on the device with other inventors.

Invasion of the Airuts

Godless Vs Airut

Gavrog and a Shaman vs the Godless highest ranking meembers.

As the Godless on Tuska are on high alert for the Airuts on Mazcab. The Godless had gotten an alert by a Goebie named Tardis. Being a scout and aligned to the Godless, he warned them of a invasion of the Airuts, and their forces being of a Shaman, and a hulked Airut. Tardis had managed to give enough details and was tasked to take cover and retreat towards the camp of Goebies. Mark with Kara-Meir, Garlandia and the Scopulus all prepared for the oncoming battle. Mark had put in enough effort to improve the defences quickly, as well as supplies to be shipped in. While the Godless got prepared, the invading airuts would attack those in their way, showing no sign in stopping, even with the poison being shot at them. Of course this defense was pushed out of hte way as the invaders had made it to the Portal WIndow, and were prepared to jump in and take Tuska's corps for their own purpose.

Once arrived on the other side, the Godless started their attack as well as the airuts as the entire corpse of Tuska was a battle field. With everyone on Tuska fighting for their lives, the Scopulus had shown to be taking care of the Airuts easily on it's own. Airut after airut would fall, but more would jump in lowering the number of the Godless as well. Reinforcement had arrived and succeeded in aiding the Godless into victory. Of course this aid was soon to be undone as two massive and hulk sized airut had arrived from Mazcab. The general Gavrog, with a shaman. Gavrog and the Shaman had both insulted their army seeing they failed to succeed in their mission. After a while of introduction, Gavrog ordered his men, minus the shaman to attack once again, as mark did the same to allow the top rank of the Godless to fight the two airut. As everyone prepared, an magic user known as Royno would prepare s powerful fire based attack, the shaman would have activated an anima barrier to protect himself, and Gavrog from the spell.

A Scopulus would jump towards the two Airuts attempting to break the barrier before Ryno could attack. This failed as Gavrog had blocked it's attack, with the shaman binding it with anima magic. Seeing that an anima creature was fighting for control, Gavrog had ended it to avoid any trouble. The battle between the Godless and airut continues, as the top ranks would be facing the two general of the airuts, minus Mark, Kara-Meir, and Garlandia who are busy dealing with the soldiers. The higher rank would be having difficulty in bringing the two airut down, as they prove powerful enough to take them on. As the battle continues with the airut army, mark notices explosion and fire coming from near the portal, as he attempts to move towards the battle. One of the Godless member, Dasmius Kristol was greatly wounded, having his leg sliced right off him by the shaman, thanks to some distraction, he managed to escape. While other higher rank of the faction continued to fight, those on the lower ground were slowly losing due to the fact they no longer have the Scopulus. Mark tried his best to keep the number balanced, or on the godless side, but this would slowly, fail as Kara-Meir had issued an retreat.

Being able to understand some Gielinorian langues, he took noticed of this and ordered the shaman to end this fight quickly. Obeying to the order, the shaman would unleash an extremely powerful anima blast from the ground, in hope to push all opponents back. This sort of worked only they all already retreated with one throwing an explosion flask. This damaged Gavrog greatly as he tried to protect the shaman. After their shout in victory, Gavrog and the shaman returned to Mazcab, and ordered several airrut to remain on tuska, as it is their new camp site. Mark had ordered everyone to rest up, as he will claim back Tuska, but for now he needs everyone to rest up, as the coming battle will arrive soon. Which wasn't long, as the Godless managed to take back Tuska, with a more powerful Scopulus. The shaman, and their general were not there to defend Tuska, making the Godless victory easy.

Invasion of Port Sarim

Jed, also known as The Iron Link, an eastern pirate captain of the Skull, had invaded Port Sarim to capture more slaves. Port Sarim's guard and other local adventurers who came to aid, are all fighting against the Skulls crews protecting the prisoners, and the citizens of Port Sarim. The Godless has shown no sign of interfering with the battle, only having several scouts to keep an eye on the jail house, as the prison it self keeps one of the Godless old enemy.

Travel to the Arc

After the attack Jed made to Port Sarim, The Godless were finally free to travel to the east. Of course this was with a reason, as one of their member had a bounty on her head. Mark had planned to take a small team to the Arc in order to try and rid of the bounty. Of course the member didn't want to go, respecting that, Mark and Rosaline carried on into preparing the ship with supplies. Of course Frank, the third in command and Lyam had knocked out Argen, the member who didn't want to go. Of course after a few days of keeping her well fed, she had woken up to witness where the ship was heading, in her panic she attempted to turn the ship around, only causing it to crash into Waiko. Thankfully no damaged was done to the island's resident, but the ship was badly damaged to the point where it cannot be used again.

While everyone was getting themselves prepared to travel around the island. Mark went on to find out when the next ship to the west would return. The news of the ship was told by the team, costing one thousand chimes, and it would arrive in a week. Of course after some travel renting out a room in a inn, and calling for some back up. During this, the Godless had bumped into the Karamja's forces, who stated they were just visiting the Arc, as they finally have time to do so. Of course no trouble were made, only with some of the Karamja's men wanting some actions towards them. Of course after a few days of wondering around the Arc's other island, and learning new things, reinforcement arrived, allowing some supplies to be made also. Mark alone set up a meeting with Sakuna, the self proclaimed goddess of the east, who owns the elder artifact known as the horn. She is who had set the bounty on her head. The meeting was for them to exchange Argen's life, for the chimes, and their men to leave the east. Little did Mark know that the Goddess has made an alliance with Mephile, and the Godless old enemy, the Soul reaper.

A few hours before the meeting, Mark had headed towards the island he asked for them to meet with supplies of divine grenades, devices, just like the calories bomb, made to explode after a few seconds of being triggered, but instead of actually helping the user by drugging them up with adrenalina, this explodes a dangerous divine blast that can kill it's target if critically hit. of course Mark had planted twenty around the area, and made a trigger a step behind where he needs to send, so once the trigger is pressed, the grenades would be launched into the air and explodes in three seconds. After setting the trap up Mark would await for the goddess. Finally she arrived witnessing the tied up Argen. Of course after a small exchange of words Mephiles arrived showing some shockness on Mark actually turning in one of his own. With the reaper as well showing up. To Mark's nightmare, he'd show no worries, knowing that he'd probably be able to kill two birds with one stone, at least two, as one of them might not be in it's original body.

Of course Mephiles exposed at the notice of a ship that had some Godless men on it. Mark disappointed with this he'd trigger the grenades to explode, while also using surge to move away from the deadly explosion, but not the powerful shock way after that. A horn blew shortly after the explosion as smoke cleared. Mephiles can be seen damaged by the trap, but only enough to cause some noticeable damage to the armor, and add more cracks into his face. While he gloats on how he tried to warn the goddess, only to see her head on the ground by the effect of the grenades. Mark would take notice of this also smirking his plan worked, and was amazed his grenades at least caused some damage towards Mephile. Of course, instead of worrying on the fact they made weapons to damage him, Mephile, along with Mark had their eye fixed on one thing, the Elder horn. Mark quickly raced towards the horn.

On the ship, Dark and Vash both started to prepare the canon to fire at Mephiles. Mephiles however had thrown his staff towards Mark, who had to dodge it to avoid damage from it. Soon a giant octopus known as the Kraken would appear and attack the island where Mark and Mephiles were at. This Kraken was called by Sakuna, as her attempt for an attack. Of course a swing of it's tentacle would force the horn into the sea, sinking in deep. Of course Mark would bolt towards the ship avoiding the attacks of the Kraken, while Mephiles keeps fending off it's attack and tried to attack Mark, only for the tentacle to get in his way. Of course Vash fired a stun canon towards the Kraken, knocking it out to land on Mephiles, Of course Mark makes it back to the ship with the others helping him out. Mephiles would be angered and distracted by his attempt in killing the kraken. After the ship starts to retreat Mephiles launches a weaker version of his attack he used on the faction's citadel. Mark having a false artifact on him, connected to his augmented sword, he'd used it as a beacon to attract the divine attack forcing it to be absorbed by the sword and with help of the false artifact, Mark would be able to withstand the power of the energy the sword is absorbing. Of course this power would force a great pain towards Mark as the second time the attack was absorbed, Mark would collapse fainting. Dark would quickly force the entire ship into the shadow realm.

Thankfully this worked as they made their escape, with Mephiles enraged for the fact that his own artifact is used against him, and he was unable to grab the elder horn. Once arrived to Waiko, the group had decided to see what's in the artifact and try to add fragments of those energy into augmented device to use against Mephiles. They used the lodestone teleport method to head towards Vorago's cave, to where they have the lab at. Once entered Mark managed to pull out a fragment energy from one of the false artifact to show Dark, only for the two to realize that it was a mistake, as they witness it being a hybrid of two energy mixed together, elder and incandescent energy. Doing anything to this hybrid energy would cause devastation, which the two decided not to toy around with, or allow to continue any further. After this Mark has continued to improve the false artifacts they have with perks on the device.

The Godless' raid

After an information given to the Godless on an member gone missing. This Member was a medic, who was known to also cause some trouble towards a few Godless, including Tyler Locke whom was dating. Frank, the third in command had issued the missing status asher mansion was known to have been attacked, and wanted to form a team of seven, to investigate and rescue that member if she was still alive. Everyone had met outside of the mansion at night. With everyone arriving Frank finally gave everyone their task and would have everyone to enter the mansion. As they did they would notice more destruction than what Frank have gave, knowing this was recent. As they slowly walk through the room. They begin to smell something of rotten, only to witness piles of rotten corpse. Tyler went on to investigate to see if his lover was there, only to find her laying down elsewhere, away from the corps. Tyler panicked begging his lover to hold on, that she will be ok, of course, everyone tried to inform Tyler, that's there 's no saving her now.

After some information about what made the mess, and the potential threat, the group went towards the study room, Frank entered with a few noticing the study was some sort of demonology study, a method to turn humans into demons. Of course they were all confused on this study, they would hear some stomping noise from a room south of them. Before they can look, an eight feet tall demon would appear looking at the group. Everyone stood still with weapons ready. Of course before fighting. Information was gathered; the demon informs the group that it did not kill the people, only eating what's left of them. Of course after further questioning it was discovered that it was the member's mother who could have killed her. The Demon asked to be freed, sensing another demon scent on Tyler, wanting to help track it, and it's target down. Of course the Godless decided not to take any chances and threw holy water and explosive flask with holy water to kill the beast, which worked blowing the demon off clean.

The team departed with everyone celebrating for a drink, with Frank shortly after going to Mark and Rosaline, who were drinking at Port Sarim's bar, to inform them of the mission, and what they discovered. Upset that the two couldn't enjoy one day off, Mark and Rosaline starts to pay attention towards the study from the mansion. During that time some of Yokrad's men had arrived and declared death on Rosaline. Mark and Frank readied their weapons trying to give the ork, and human size goblin to leave. Without them listening a battle took place in the bar. Mark managed to open a portal for Rosaline to leave in secret, while Frank fought the ork, and Mark fought the goblin. Some seconds later of blows were given, Mark managed to slice one of the goblin's leg off, and Frank managed to stab the ork several time making it bleed a lot. Of course Mark issued an retreat after hearing Port Sarim guards. Frank tried to convince otherwise but Mark didn't want it to seem as if it was a drunken bar fight and the two left leaving their enemies to lick their wounds.

Mark a day after the event gave Rosaline and Frank a gift. To Rosaline, he gave a dragon dagger, that was raided from Ralphamic's lab after their attempt to kill him, with her choosing of a warpriest armor, being Zamorak, so she may absorb blow from her enemies. To Frank, Mark gave a two handed dragon sword, one Mark toof from the Mahjarrat "dead" body. With his choosing of warpriest, being Bandos. Rosaline wished her's to be customized like Mark's on how his armor looks like cloths instead of actual armor. Frank decided to keep it how it is until he gets use to it.

A Portal through time?!

Mark had received word from his scouts that there was a saradominist going around collecting some supplies. Mark was willing to ignore this and allow the man to continue until further information arrived that the man was working with a cult to help Saradomin win the contest and Gielinor it self. Mark didn't like the idea, and so went on his own to investigate on the matter. Mark would arrive to Catherby, the location that the saradominist was in. Mark would sit on a bench near the lodestone system of Catherby. Mark looked at the ma from afar, not once letting him out of his sight. Around a few minutes later one of the Godless member, Dark had arrived only bumping into the commander as he was just traveling. After an exchange of conversation and informing Dark of the situation, the two were greeted by an warrior from the "Nova Knights". The knight would ask the two if they wanted to join the organization, of course the answer was obviously no. The knight respected their answer and continued to walk off, informing them that the order would accept request.

After the knight left, Mark had noticed the saradominist leaving towards white wolf mountain. The two Godless got ready and started to follow the man using their stealthy skills. Of course after a long day of traveling up the mountain, night time had arrived, forcing the wolves to merge to hunt. Of course the two men had taken precaution of this and took another route. After reaching the very top of the mountain, the two noticed the saradominist setting up a ritual with some supplies. After two attempts to do the ritual, the man opened a portal, confirming the Godless' information on the man. The two worked together and killed the man. Mark decided to see if he can tell where the portal is heading, while Dark searches the dead man and looks for any clues. What Dark found was a journal that kept all the information about the cult and the portal. Mark recognized the supplies needed and discovered that it was a portal in attempt to travel back to time.

Mark had hidden the portal with an illusion spell and would leave with Dark to call in other members of the Godless who are skilled with portal magic. Mark refuses to believe it is a portal through time, but if it is, it must be shut down.

Trouble in the south

The town of Southbridge, a town south of Yanille, recently had people disappearing in the night and the villagers did not know why. It wasn't until later that there were bloody runes left in those victims' house. At this point the lord of the town Count Seben sent an S.O.S towards the Godless, believing that they might be able to help. Frank was ordered to investigate the town and decided it was best to assemble a strike team should things go bellends up. Frank had discovered it wasn't a normal kidnap of the Order of Ascensions, or ogre, he predicted it to be necroviles after having information given to him about an "undead" smell during some of the kidnapping. Frank had reported back, and with approval had set up a strike team to investigate the town and stop the kidnapping. After arriving with the Godless and speaking with the lord they learned more about the goings on; explaining it happened during the night, and towards certain people. The group looked around town, asking the villager finding out more and more about the kidnapping, slowly coming to realise that it was infact the necrovile that were abducting the villager, for reasons unknown. After figuring this out they set about fortifying the town preparing to defend it, and defeat the kidnappers. Come nightfall, the group was beset by necroville and after dispatching of a few normal ones they encountered the Armored necrovile. A towering mass of Vines that charged after the group going so far as to rip a tree from the ground to get the group. They fought against the armored creature with no rest, having one of their member distract it more. The team split up into two, group one fighting the armored necrovile, group two is to fight against the number of necrovile that were heading to kidnap the citizens.

The first group managed to blow the head of the armored creature off after having a few injuries on them. After the defeat of the armored necrovile, the left over group that were meant to kidnap the citizen, retreated after the defeat of their leader. The Godless had succeeded this mission and had celebrated their victory over a drink. Frank had reported their result to Mark, suggesting they do something, believing that their interference of the kidnap would do nothing. Mark suggested sending in two scouts and as much of a supply they can. The reason for this small help is because Mark doesn't want the gods faction to feel as if the Godless were going to claim a land. Mark also didn't want trouble with the kingdom, or Mephiles to see a army settled in a city.

Mark had sent Frank, with two other members to try and capture a necrovile emissary, "alive".

Exterminist of chaos

During these quite times, the Godless had gotten an letter from the house of Telemmaitë, informing for a meeting with a higher rank of the faction. Mark had went due to there being no high ranked to represent the Godless during that time. Mark had went with two aligned followers. One being half elf to ensure Lyam can explain his grandfather's action, in case that's the reason for the meeting. Of course that wasn't the case, Nolfinwë, head of the house, had informed the trio that there was going to be an zamorakian extremist group that would engulf Kandarin into chaos. The elf wanted to show proof and take the trio into the meeting the leader, lord Bane, was hosting. Mark had thought this through, and considered into sending a representative, or a spy for short, to escort the elf, with his guards to the meeting.

Mark had sent one of his member who was revived as a wight by a friend. Despite the information given and attempt to show proof, Mark does show concern towards the elf, on how he managed to gather this information and feels like the man is leaving something out. Of course all concern aside, after the meeting Lord Bane was accused by Nolfinwë for treason, of course Bane has countered the statement and stated that Nolfinwë was the one causing treason. Of course the meeting ended with a court summit being held for Bane and Nolfinwë. Seeing how easy it was, Mark had ordered scouts from Kandarin to keep an look out, as well as his spies for those within the castle to inform of anything Bane related.

Negative and Positive Energy in the Arc

Nick, the head diviner, and master diviner of the Godless had decided to head towards the Arc to investigate on the dead Moai's energy. With Dark, Nick had met Vash, who showed them where the positive energy is. Nick had collected them and was overwhelmed by the memories and feelings these energy had. Nick had collected a good few of these energy and put them into a jar. Nick tried to convince Vash into sailing them to Goshima, of course during the time it was considered "cursed". Vash did mentioned an island where a dead Moai releases both negative and positive energy. Nick went to collect.the negative energy, only to find out the two, negative and positive energy, has merged into a ancestral energy, powerful energy that, like regular energy in the west, were able to create items. Nick had a theory and took it to the Godless hall to see if it can be merged with divine chargers, which did. Nick had requested to be able to send diviners to the divination island (as it is called) and collect the ancestral energy, to serve as other energies if needed.

Anima Arcesso


Mephiles reveals there is a traitor amongst them.

The Godless arrive at their makeshift laboratory for the False Artefacts, inside the lower Vorago Caves, following a dispatch of urgent recall orders sent by Mark. Rosaline also brings her two children, unable to find care for them in time. He soon divulges that their diviners have finished their work on the Artefacts. It is concluded that using the False Artefacts themselves as weapons are too dangerous, so Mark reveals he used their power and knowledge to synthesize four identical copies of his Anima Spear.

But as he distributes the new Anima Spears with Dark, Frank and Rosaline, all light sources in the cavern are extinguished by an unknown force. The Hoardstalker is taken out by an unknown entity in the confusion: Missing as the group reignite light sources. Mephiles’ revealed himself in voice alone, hiding in the deep shadows casted in the now sealed cavern. Fearful for them, Rosaline asks Argen to seal her two children in a sphere of rock.

Mephiles toys with his enemies with conversation and taunts, before revealing the bombshell that there is a traitor amongst them. Linold, one of Rosaline’s children, is sucked out of the orb though a short-range shadow rift and into the waiting hands of the Hoardstalker. The duo emerge from the shadows; the former with the latter’s blade to their neck. The Godless quickly are taught that Mephiles had replaced the real Hoardstalker ages ago with one of Rosaline’s old foes: Gephis'vros, and that also he had allowed Mephiles to sneak into the Godless Hall using his shadow as a gateway.

Mephiles takes advantage of the situation, using Linold as hostage to prevent the Godless attacking as he emerges from shadow, then commanding her mother to surrender the Anima Spearhead she possesses to the avernic demon. Begrudgingly agreeing, the spearhead is slid across the room to him.

Then upon Mephiles’ command, Gephis’vros slashes Linold neck with the Anima Spearhead, killing him in front of his own mother and younger sister.

Horrified at the brutality that Mephiles expends on a close friend, Mark teleports away without warning. Lyam is also distraught, chasing Gephis’vros into the shadows in a vain attempt to capture him. Rosaline and her daughter go to mourn their loss, while the other engage Mephiles in a brutal brawl: Including Frank and Dark with their new Anima Spears.

Chaos ensues, allowing Gephis’rvos to emerge after losing Lyam in the shadows, before using a Telesphere to teleport the Godlesses’ False Artefacts, and the Anima Spearhead, away to the Tower of Life. Gephis’rvos however failed to be aware of his surroundings, being ambushed by Argen and Dark. The duo ultimately kill the averic demon with a combination of Geomancy and Earth Wave.

Mephiles holds off the others as Gephis’rvos is killed, until Dark successfully slices his face with the use of one of the Anima Spears, wounding him across the left side, which is then exacerbated further with a Fire Blast-tipped arrow. Infuriated, Mephiles charges up a similar blast to the one that destroyed the Godless Hall, firing it upon the roof of the great cavern.

The blast alerts the attention of Vorago, who after being preoccupied with brave adventurers attempting to use the Maul of Omens on him, charges below to defend. This ignites aquick and sudden retreat by all parties using teleports. Mephiles returns triumphant to the Tower of Life, now back in possession of all the False Artefacts. The remaining Godless escape to Draynor Village: Including a distraught Rosaline cradling her dead son. With the Godless second-in-command on the brink of insanity, the other four find themselves with severe injuries and low morale.

Armadylean-Bandosian Conflict 2

The cry of war can be heard in white wolf mountain, with drums and rawrs of bandosians creatures. Armadylean setting up fliers to recruit others to help fight against their enemy. Scouts from Seers, Burthorpe and Taverley all headed Catherby to meet with the scouts of the fishing town. Their orders are to force evacuate all citizens with a teleport other spell or tab, and to jump into the battle when needed. Supplies was sent to the scouts to prepare them from the upcoming battle, which included better armor, weapons and teleport tabs to force citizens out. They were also given other supplies to set traps and help them in battle if needed. During this event, Mark was killed by the warmaster of the Bandosian faction, thanks to the second in command, who had sapped Mark to weaken him for her own benefit. After being exposed, and disappearing, Frank was appointed as first in command to replace Mark. During this time, the bandosian sent a letter to the Godless warning them about their soon to be invasion. Of course the letter stated that their claiming of Tuska would be after they have take Catherby. This gave the Godless time to prepare and plan for the incoming attack.

Calling Sirens, Sea creatures that are Shark people and so on, also more soldiers to the faction. They also prepared with canons, traps, and so much more. Of course with the guard tower, gnomes has used devices, and spells to create an illusion on Tuska, powerful, powerful enough to make it seems as if they were just there guarding. The Illusion is set up until the guard tower witnesses ships. supplies transportation and all was made through teleportation, allowing a quick preparation. Of course the Chosen Battalion had left sea trolls, morges, and moblins at Tuska water to remain there for an ambush.

The Aquatic members of the Godless would have ambushed and exterminated all of the aquatic member of the C.B if they were to arrive. As a siren would have had fishes inform her of Tuska as they soon started to arrive, doing this during their travel. Sirens would order their sharks, and other predator of the sea, enough of them, to ambush and distract the sea bandosians as the aquatic members of the godless, that has teeth to rip things to shred, like shark. or tentacle for legs and/or hands, they would have also ambushed the distracted group by going deep and swimming under them to strike. Godless of the Island would be informed of this by one of their aquatic members. Those on Tuska would keep everything prepared incase those sea bandosians were to come up.

During this time, Rosaline had confronted the Godless and has an ongoing trial against her, pleading innocents claiming that the spirit of Mark was a vengeful one and had nothing to do with his death. Of course the trial was put on hold after several evidence and statement was made, needing more proof and information. This situation with Camelot continues. As the Chosen Battalion had taken over Catherby, Camelot had decided to fight back to reclaim their port, as well as having aid from not only the Godless elite fighters, Kandarin's soldiers and Asganria's soldiers. The Godless Exarch, Frank, had went to a discussion meeting, where he had pointed out, that the reason the battalion had been winning their battles is because of the Camolet's forces will, as they form a line the bandosian's forces would rush in without thinking. Of course despite the best effort to try and fight back, the king of Camelot had surrendered to the bandosian group and came into an agreement with them. This shocked, and annoyed the faction, leaving them with more of a trouble, and option to take on.

The Empty Throne Room

After announcement went by of the discovery of Zaros' old throne room, the Godless has sent members to investigate it. As they arrived, the Godless posed as experts and heads of the museum. They managed to gather enough information on the site, as well as stealing some of the crystal without getting caught. After several more time in the site, as well as questioning the workers. The members leave the site with information, and crystal they have gotten from the site, hopping to unlock some useful information, or ideas.

A Fallen Nihil, and the traitor

During the fire festival, a Nihil had emerged from the huge bonfire, calling out for aid. The festival goers had fled from the area afraid of the creature, thinking of it as a demon. The Godless went to investigate the fallen Nihil questioning it. As it revealed to be a emissary of the Queen of Ashes. This concerned the Godless, after hearing that a being being able to transport this creature through fire. One member threaten the creature and attacked it to avoid it from returning to it's master, only to be killed easily. The rest of the faction had promised no harm, so long it didn't harm those of Lumbridge in the name of his "queen."

During this event, the final trial against Rosaline. After several more evidence, they used a super truth serum, and the wand of memory. With this it confirmed she was guilty. This angered Biehn that caused the entire room to fall silence, even Kara-Meir who is always angry. After hearing Dark's, and Frank's statement on what to do to Rosaline, Biehn has issued her execution. Of course she transported into the shadow realm and attempted to escape, only to be chased after by Dark. The Godless hall was put into a lockdown, with Biehn going towards the portal to turn it off. Within the shadow realm Dark and Rosaline confronts each other. Rosaline attempted to jump off the citadel only to be greatly injured by Dark. Of course Rosalien managed to escape the Citadel's Barrier of super teleblock, allowing her to teleport into safety.

Now Rosaline is being hunted down by the faction, and executed if they find her. Frank had requested to change the ranks naming once again to avoid another situation like Rosaline to happen again. During this time a group of three Godless members had been given a mission to investigate some strange sighting of a demon within the woods that separates Port Sarim and Rimmington. The trio entered the woods while night was coming. As they were about to set up camp, they would her fighting deeper into the woods, sounding as if a group was being brutally killed. The trio went further and witnessed a Nihil, almost being the same sized of that of Nex, brutally killing the group of goblins, ripping them apart and into shreds. The trio attempted to protect the last goblin by stepping up and telling the nihil to put it down. Of course a neck snap can be heard, with the goblin being dropped on the ground dead, a shadowy figure appeared and started to whisper to the nihil on how they are it's enemy, to attack before they capture it for "him". Enraged by the mention of "him" the nihil attacked the trio with no sign of a peaceful negotiation. The Godless trio tried their very best to fight back, but soon became overwhelmed by the over sized nihil speed, strength, and abilities.

The Group attempted to disable it's ability to fly, only for it to fail, breaking one member's ribs,slashing off another's arm, and bull rushing to another. The target against the bull-rush attack managed to avoid the attack only for the creature to run into the woods. Thinking it ran, they would start to hear rustling of leaves, notting that they need to retreat, as the creature was to much for them. The trio used a teleport tab to retreat from the area. The nihil was ordered to flee to another area, hinting that it will be hunted down. That one member that avoided injuries managed to inform Frank of the creature. This was noted and was given an investigation.

Soon after another investigation group to search towards Draynor, as there were sighting of the demon there. The group set off arriving at the outskirt of Draynor. As night time arrived, they would notice dead bodies of Godless agents, some who were close friends. After giving them their final resting rights, they proceeded towards the manor, due to a clue showing some struggle being made. After entering the manor, and encountering several traps, they managed to the hostage, the creature, and the same shadowy figure other agent met before. Aa the battle broke out, the room began to darken with several members creating light source, giving them an advantage towards the nihil. One members had snuck his way to the hostage and escaped. While the nihil was distracted and injuring others, the creature itself was injured as well, only to heal by the small blood of her enemy. After noticing the hostage escape, the nihil was confronted by the shadowy figure once again, informing the nihil that it is a failure, and deserved to be killed by the group.

The nihil was upset, very much hurt by the words that was stated by the figure who once saved it from Freneskae's nihil. Of course one member took notice on how it was being lied to and offered it a chance to redeem itself and help them with tracking down the figure. Of course several members argued, remembering past information about the creature. Of course they all came into an agreement in keeping the creature as an ally to the faction, so long the Exarch approved. Which he did, but keeping the nihil under Cloud's authority, if anything were to happen, he'd be responsible.

Current score and status

As the sixth's age continue to reveal more challenges to the Godless, the Gods scoreboard continues to change. With new score added. This shocks the Godless as not only did Seren get a score, but Zaros also, revealing the return of the empty lord, and the crystal goddess. The world guardian has also gained point, almost rivaling that of a god kill point. The Godless begin prepare themselves, believing that Vorago might require their help again. Of course this is also in doubt, as the Godless were told by Vorago that their assistance is only required, when he deems it. Biehn, the leader of the Godless had decided to hold an entire faction meeting. Wanting to give an brief statement of this year's status, and what's been going on.

Shadow of Doubt

Dark, the Taxiarch of the Godless, had sent several agent of the Godless to investigate a strange phenomenon at the dige site; empty throne room. An ourg, and centaur of the godless had arrived waiting for the rest, who had arrived just when a scream of workers was heard within the dungeon. The group entered the dungeon to investigate the situation leaving the Ourg behind so he can scare away workers when they try to enter. Once the group entered they spot on workers cowering in the corner as a ghostly figure would be where the throne use to be. They all charged in and attempted to attack the figure, only to find out it was intangible. Of course the figure had introduced himself as Shade Von Shadow, a human who was supposedly trapped in between the shadow realm, and the normal realm. He requested help from the faction to free him from the state he's in. The group agreed after an attempt to speak with Dark, who was being cut off every so often due to bad feedback.

They ran outside and followed shade to where his bones are, with the ourg joining in. As they arrived to another temple, one yet to be discovered. As they entered it the ourg had picked up the bone of the man and placed it on the alter, only for it to be a trap. The bones was actually made to summon a demon. Of course it was no match for the Godless, having an ourg and centaur fight as a team, with other members putting in the same effort. The ourg gave the final strike killing the demon and freeing the group from the trap. Of course Shade revealed himself once again and informed the group of being spied on by him. Of course he departed shortly after, only for Dark to arrive who was informed off the trap, and in return he informed them that he never spoke with them, which is why he ran towards them. Dark had decided to stay behind and investigate the situation, ordering everyone to rest.

The hunt for undead

The Godless were given a task by the Exarch to search down their contract, who wants the Godless to investigate a weird sighting, and location he found. The group managed to break the location's barrier that was set on it. The group entered the dungeon and came across three pathways. Picking to stick together, the two pathway ended as a dead end, while the last one was seen as the right way to go. As they continued their path, they'd notice a group of zombies heading their way, thankfully a gate was able to block the zombies from getting closer. Of course they managed killed off the zombies and unlocked the gate. As they went in further into the dungeon, they stopped at a safe spot to rest up. Several members had left the dungeon to gather more supplies and reinforcement, only to bump into John an adventurer aligned to the Godless. They requested his help, knowing he was enough to help the group out. John agreed seeing this as a form of adventure. After returning the group continued, fighting off ghosts, skeletons, and warding off spiders, they make it to their target. As all adventure they'd would be introduced to the "boss". Of course the battle was hard, but they managed to defeat the necromancer and leave with little information they carried.

Blood and War

A coffin appeared in East Falador square, filled with gallons of human blood. When a guard found it last night, footprints led away for a few feet, before abruptly stopping. The large, metal coffin had a hole where the head would go on the lid, and four locking cuffs inside, with an enchantment to prevent movement. Someone tried, and potentially succeeded in releasing a monster into Falador. Likewise, a heavily armored figure with Bandosian markings, and a mask resembling a doll's face built into the helmet, was found dead by the South Falador gate, the damage implying magical means were used.

Finally, the sword's timer was broken by some Godless and unaffiliated people, who considered it a victory. With the Sword removed and skulls sent to their respective resting places, the earlier display is cleaned up. However, the sword's timer would, if still functioning, read "1D:4H:25M." Some Godless agents remained in Falador readying a reinforcement teleportation, for when it is needed.

It came in the dead of night. The message that the battle had begun. Armies of Wights surrounded Falador at sunrise, pounding their shields with their weapons twice, then hitting the ground with the butt of their spears. Armies of wights, numbering a mere 2,000, but with the couple hundred necromancers about, any futile attempt to stop them would only add to their numbers, and be quickly replaced. This was the first wave. Standing before the North gate were three figures. A grey and blue clad figure, headless, in armour. The Shadow Demon Azarkre'ath, pounding its chest in excitement. And finally, the fearsome Wight Knight of Sliske, a former White Knight corrupted after her fall in the recent siege of Falador.

Flying overhead, people have spotted what appears to be a loud, wailing moth, with a wingspan of at least 12 feet. It's fire magic hastily decorated the White Knight castle with a flaming sigil of Sliske, but this was extinguished almost as fast. The forest fires in the north continue to rage on, approaching the city closer and closer. Finally, strange mechanical noises have been heard in the Giant Mole's lair.

All hell is breaking loose upon Falador, as the rising sun was suddenly hidden by a sudden rainstorm, leaving the skies dark and gloomy as the time to the battle draws closer.

"Tick tick tick. That's the sound of your life running out."

As Godless members arrived through a transporting gnomecopter, each one stood in a line separating their choices of combat. Of course the white knights, kinshra knights and other asgarnian warriors had arrived to protect their city from the invading forces of undeads. The sliskean forces had moved it attacking all sides of the city, giving the Godless little option they'd planned. The first battle had begun with a giant Mechanism heading towards the eastern square team and attacking head on. Of course the Moth was seen heading towards the south gate of the city. The Group split up as they heard to fight the Moth. The Demon Azakre'ath Had arrived the southern gate fighting against the white knights, temple knights, and the guards of falador with his army of undead. John with his sidekick had aided these forces fend against the demon. A wingless dragon had arrived adding more stress towards the battle against the mechanism and the headless commander.

The north gate of the city was starting to be overwhelmed by the army of undead and their leader, the Wight Knight (pun). After the defeat of the Moth, and the trip sliskean forces on the east square, most of those group has rushed to help the northern gate team, only to witness a small number of godless and falador's guard trying to fight back. Luckily the reinforcement managed to overwhelm the undead army, focusing on the knight. While the knight was being piled by the the forces of the Godless and asgarnia's forces, while four members of the Godless started to push the wight's army back, removing them from the city, and denying them access from entering further and disturbing the battle. The puppet-master, who's behind the attack, has been using the siege to kill an target she was after. Of course she was attacked by an Godless archer Lyam. The battled continued where the puppet-master soon retreated, forcing all of her undead to vanish, killing off her wight knight. The defending forces cheered in victory, as they managed to ensure the victory of Asgarnia. However, the city's guard did not feel the same way as they heard of one of their own, Deborah had died, who the guards wished to keep alive and protect as a vital informant on Sliske's possible actions and whereabouts through his forces during the Eclipse itself. While the Godless left, they still viewed this as a victory, as they managed to hold their own, and fend off the forces of Sliske's forces..

Sliske's Endgame

GOdless eclipse
The moon Zanaris had finally covered the sun from Gielinor. There, each gods arrived to their fortress or camp site. Armadyl at his divine focus tower alone, Saradomin at the White Knights castle gathering his forces with his commanders, Zilyana who was looking at the horizon and Padomenes who began training the forces of Saradomin. Zamorak had arrived at the Kinshra's fortress presenting himself to his followers and aligned warriors there. The Godless took note of this and had sent more troops towards Tuska to prepare for any attack they might receive.

Soon they caught up with the news spread on the contest's outcome. Despite some members being enraged that they were not invited to the game, by Sliske or Vorago, they were all shocked that the dragonkin had destroyed the Stone of Jas, mostly surprised with Sliske's death. The Godless were more in ease with the outcome of the contest, not only glad that the gods and their factions had not started another gods' battle. The Godless remained hidden, continuing with their tasks on guarding Tuska, scouting the world from godly influence that threatens mortals life and tasks that involve the gods and their factions.

Sixth age, Year 5

Memorial to Guthix

Memorial to guthix with head diviner

Once again a new year arrived, but this time with something very new to the world, a new ancient structure had appeared out of the blues and got the attention of travelers and so much more. The Godless' head diviner had traveled to the area, seeing he wasn't the only diviner there, as Gielinro's guild of diviners has sent it's head and some student diviners to investigate it. Nick, the Godless' head diviner has managed to look into the echo memories discovered by the world guardian. Using these memories Nick tried to figure out a way how the area was invisible, and just now decided to appear. Sadly nothing new or helpful were found, but an Icyene was left behind with Nick to keep an eye on the place and the airuts who were a bit closer. Soon Godless members who were former druids, and continues to follow Guthix's teaching visited the area for a memorial to Guthix.

Agents of Fury

Nymora, one of the Avernic generals of Zamorak and half of the Twin Furies, spent much of her life tracking down those who had betrayed her god and bringing them to justice. Now she finds herself locked in battle alongside her sister in the heart of Gielinor. There she sent two of her agents, Zymthara and Miithrius, to help track down treacherous demons. The two are in Daemonheim, asking help from adventurers around the world, hoping to complete their missions as soon as they can taking a more humanoid form. Of course several agents of the Godless had went to check on the demons, only to find out they were being threatened as the Godless not only had some former Zamorakians, but also had some former Zamorakian demons.

Creation of abomination

The Godless old foe, the Mad Hatter had finally succeeded in creating a new god, one that is a construct of each god on Gielinor. Unaware of this the Godless assumes that the destruction of Rimmington's lab was caused by the Mad hatter. Of course they soon heard word of something going on in Taverly's white wolf mountain. Having sent scouts to investigate on it, they decided to wait for backup to do a full on search of the mountain.

Another God?

The signs of inter-dimensional contact between Gielinor and another realm have manifested south of the Edgeville Monastery, disturbingly similar to Zamorak's pre-portal before the Battle of Lumbridge started. What could have the power to tear holes open between realms but another divine entity? Seers, a resident chronomancer, and other diviners of the future have worked together to determine that the portal will fully open by the end of the week. By then the Godless had arrived to investigate the portal, only to witness two human from another plane arriving from it. Suriel had tried to get information of them, only to then be driven off by Saradominst Icyenes who were there to aid those travelers more than the Godless could. The Godless deemed the travelers peaceful and continued after seeing they were teleported by the Saradominist to another location.

Construct of the Gods

During the investigation of the rumors in Taverly, Godless reinforcement had arrived to aid on the investigation. They were not alone, several White knights and travelers had arrived to investigate it themselves. Despite difference in belief, everyone agreed to work together and ensure the safety of Taverly and it's Druids. After getting information towards the newly formed cave, the group headed towards that location to investigate the cave. During the travel white wolf mountain had once again shaken from what was inside. After entering the newly formed cave the group discovered that they aren't the only ones here, and that the cave seemed to be active with another group. Slowly with cautions they'd continue into the cave, starting to hear chatter, then another shake with a demonic roar. Realizing that there is something that could threaten Taverly, the group decided to take no chance and attack when the time is right. After overhearing the plan on the construct's action for the future, the Godless acted right away, fighting the construct while one member of the Godless worked on a device to strike it with electricity. After injuries and strikes, the group managed to force the god construct into retreating, saving Taverly from destruction.

Towards the heart

Reports had gathered that an unknown activity was taking place at the Heart of Gielinor. The Godless had rounded up four agents on Tuska to investigate the unknown activity. Their job was to locate an agent within the desert and follow their lead once they do. As they located the agent, who was really out of place, they'd head off and continued towards their final destination. Three days had passed, and within those three days, only one member returned with the aid of an ent. The rescued recruit has told the Strategos and Taxiarch on how they were followed, and killed off one by one until the last two were killed. Julia, the recruit has explained the appearance of the attacker, who triggered the two high ranking members memories. In shock, the Taxiarch would order everyone to stay away from the heart, with Strategos heading towards the near by Godless members to warn them. As this went on, with the Taxiarch leaving to inform the Exarch, the ent was recruited into the faction, along with a Julia, who was given a proper recruitment.

Battle for Tuska

A letter was sent to the Godless, as a warning for her attempt to claim Tuska. The Godless, instead of heading the warning and leave, the Taxiarch, being paranoid as fuck, upgraded the defenses tenfold. As the cold night sky came, so did an unpredictable storm. As two ship were on the western side of Tuska, far within the ocean, acting as a trading ship. As explosion from the sky was sight, the "trading ships" began their attack, firing cannon toward's Tuska. In respond, the defending forces would return fire, as the aquatic forces within the water would start attacking the two ships. While the aquatic forces are fighting against the two ships, and those within the canon area are returning fire, Exarch Frank, and Taxiarch Dark would witness a Golem landing besides them, wanting to distract them from figuring that this was all an distraction. As thw two fought the Golem with an Ourg on their side. The battle within the ocean continued, as a blue whale was summoned by one of the seasinger of the aquatic forces, tilting a ship over enough, to scare them into retreating. This worked, only forcing the other ship to continue the assault, and attempt to move around, to avoid whatever it was in the ocean.

The battle was over. The Godless still held Tuska, but not without casualties. Many were those who lost their lives in the defense of the World Devourer. However, for every death, many and more were the losses Rosaline suffered in the assault. The Godless realized the true nature of her raid: to siphon enough anima from Tuska and summon a portal to the abyss, and though she would be ultimately successful, they were able to steal upon her flying citadel and disrupt the ritual; a risky yet fruitful maneuver that would see her citadel rent in twain and split between dimensions. In a final act of desperation and frustration, Rosaline invoked 'Daemonicas Abhoris' and summoned a tormented demon to kill those left in the abyss with her. The spell backfired, though, and her hands were consumed by the very same fire that ravaged the demon and kept it in a state of pure agony. The Godless abandoned her seeing no other option as the battle ground was being destroyed and warped.

The Godless now are repairing the defenses, and resupplying Tuska, as well as tending to wounded soldiers.

Court of the Crimson King

With the help of a rescued lunar mage, the Godless prepared to lay siege to the Legatus League's main headquarters. The main objective was to assassinate the enigmatic leader of the cult, the Crimson King, and destroy the groups higher leadership. To that end, Taxiarch Dark sent a small strike team to locate the King's position before the main force of the Godless would strike the base. This would give the strike team enough time to dispose of the King. Dark sent Argen and Cloud ahead, both of whom were powerful fighters, as the strike team.

The pair arrived in the League's portal chamber, finding it powered by the souls of those captured by the League. They proceed to follow a cultist dressed in pink robes, sneaking past the main hall where the other cultists were drinking to an upcoming raid on the Godless. They eventually arrived at a large pair of doors where the pink cultist entered,remarking that he had the King's food. Before entering, the pair alerted Dark that they were in position which began the assault on the inebriated cultists. The strike team proceeded into the King's chambers, only to find the cultist talking to himself. But after further questioning, the cultist began to speak as if the Crimson King was near him, before his body contorted and his clothes into that of the King.

The battle was intense, with fire magic of various colors covering the stone chamber. Meanwhile,the main attack force was having no trouble putting down the cultists that were drunken in their revelry. The battle with the King took a major turn when Argen went berserk, generating lava claws the rip the King apart. Despite the King using the lodestones around his chamber to dodge,he was still gravely wounded by Argen's attack. It was then that a fourth figure joined the fray, a man that the King referred to as Rubicante. Rubicante gave off an aura of malice as he proceeded to bash the King's skull in with his war-hammer, much to the displeasure of the enraged Argen.

The fight continued between the three, only for Rubciante to gain the upper hand and beat the Godless strike team into submission, showing no interest in fighting them at this time. He teleported away, leaving the wounded Cloud and Argen to be found by Dark. The two were escorted to the medic tent in Masakados, where they informed Dark of their success in the King's death and describing their attacker. Dark seemed to recognize the stranger and left to make preparations for what was to come.

Got Wood?

The past few weeks have seen an increase in goblin raids. These marauders have left the remains of felled trees in their wake. So far they've only been a minor nuisance, but word has spread about a goblin raid on McGrubor's Wood. Being private land, the foresters there have sent out a call for adventurers to deal with the green menace. The Godless received the call, through scouts and agents around the area. Four Godless agents arrived to the forest entrance to investigate, only to be denied any sort of call by the "forester", who seemed a bit green, small, and small for his cloth. The group spread out to find another way in, one unknown to the goblins. One member stayed behind to gather information to the "forester" by asking it, question like why would the goblins not be there? Three other agents managed to find several goblins chopping trees within the woods, shortly after they found a way in. Another agent found a few on a boat big enough to transport some supplies. Thanks to that agent, the goblins on the boat blow it's horn alerting other goblins, forcing the three other agents to ambush the wood cutters. The one agent with the "forester" ran towards the riverside, as they already gathered the information they needed. The goblins have all pulled out a potion and drank it, shouting: "For new big high war god!"

After blocking one of the ambushers' strike, the goblins all looked in shock, and started to hold their throat, each one with panic and shock in their eyes. They soon all collapsed, shocking the Godless agents. One agent had used ancient ice magic to freeze one of the goblins before they got the chance to even act as planned. After interrogating the frozen prisoner, they found out that they are attempting to summon a new kind of god, one that seems associated with fire. This sounded familiar, but they warped their head around the fact that it could be either the wolves deity in the north, or has something to do with what the fallen nihil has explained. Over all it did not sound good, and this boss the captured goblin was talking about seemed to be smarter than thought, as he managed to trick the goblins into drinking poison. They let their captured goblin go, not caring what it does afterwards. The Godless now understand what thy might face, and fear for an early celebration of fire this year.

Test Against Divines!

The head of the inventor division of the Godless had been tasked to find a way to create weapons that can kill the gods. The said inventor had discovered on a way to use the manipulable, and unstable curse energy. Having a huge supply, he calculated the amounted of anima energy that was required to harm Tuska, and put in that amount to the new device created. With the new device seemingly functional, the inventor calls in a huge number of Godless recruits, giving them a mission, one that will help discover the device limit and prove some theories.

Each group had spread out into the world, heading towards the location of each gods they can go to. With this the first group made it to the White Knight Castle, disguised as white knights, they managed to get in the castle without causing much suspicious. During this time, the other group of Godless agents had managed to get to their target as well. Despite being discovered, they managed to fight their way to the gods, but sadly the spear failed. With all agents dead, either by the said gods, their followers defending them, or the orb that was said to teleport them out. This left the gods, and their following asking the most important question right now, who sent the assassins?

Mystery Murderer?

Across Gielinor, someone has been murdering religious figures of each factions. At first it all seems like natural causes, or freak accidents, but the head agent of Rimmington soon discovered that these deaths were assassinations. He was unsure why, but decided to send a small group of agents to investigate and discover the source behind these assassinations. Agent Frost, the head agent of Rimmington informs the agents of what he discovered, asking the groups to investigate for him. The group set off to the church as it is closed due to further investigation for the guards in the port. Once they arrived in the dusk of day, after a week of travel, they searched the area for clues, only finding that the priest's death was not similar to the death across the world. They decided to search out side the church once again only to witness a priest entering it.

Soon they noticed a figure in the shadow, who the priest seems to be praying towards, chanting for a holy barrier. The agents wanted to enter, but felt a strong urge against it. After witnessing the new priest's death, the agents breaks in the church, only witnessing the figure's amazing skill in magic, and disappeared into the shadow. Seeing how he disappeared with no trace, they soon found clues that the now dead priest killed the former priest to gain the position quicker, believing this is the work of Saradomin. They soon found out that the church was reconstructed by the possible figure, as they found a switch that opened up churches wall, leading outside. Before they can continue to investigate further, they were confronted but several guards who were sent to investigate a report of screaming in the church. Luckily the agent managed to escape and return to Rimmington, reporting back to agent frost. Who sends a high alert letter to this new threat. With hope they can capture this figure, and find out about the rumors of the assassin towards the Gods, these events might lead to a possible new gods war.

Meanwhile, a man in a pink shirt, was within the background, eating his lunch, and having a very great day.

The Gathering

Due to the rumors about the assassination against the gods, high ranks of the Godless have all gathered with the leader to discuss the current situation of Gielinor, and the faction. Things became worrying when they discovered that one of their own could have sent recruits to assassinates the gods off record, and did an almost fantastic job in hiding any trace. With that, and the fact that the Queen of Ashes might finally arrive this year, each member were given a job, the Exarch is to represent the Godless once the festival of fire arrives, with another member if he can send in one. Taxiarch was tasked to ensuring the inventor that probably set up the mission, had more proof on them to put them on trial. Strategos would go on to ensure that the agents that discovered the murders, and heading towards the Ogre's spa resort are prepared for trouble, while the leader appointed to ensure that the rumor doesn't point toward's the Godless, but to also try to avoid a stir towards the other factions that can cause another gods war to erupt. Once the leader of the Godless left, the higher up were greeted with an unwelcoming surprise. Saratobi, an agent of the eastern lands was arrested and help in Port Sarim Jail house.

The trio commanding officers of the faction decided to investigate this on their own, and see if they can take him out. After several weeks of travel, they arrived to Port Sarim witnessing Saratobi in his cell, missing his right leg, and left arm. The Taxiarch notices that the agent is wearing a black mask, one that those of the cave horrors wear. They notice he wasn't being very responsive, just sitting in his cell, mumbling the real name of the adventurer, which confuses the trio. The Taxiarch would whisper Xau-Tak's name, having heard of it before. This forces Saratobi to stand through support of the cell door.

"You think can save them 'Player'? This is the warping of reality and agony. And this is Xau-Tak!"

These words came out of Saratobi's mouth, with each prisoner first screaming in pain and agony, for only later to chant the entity's name. The Godless then took Saratobi out of his cell, with the approval of the Port's Head Jail guard. With more concern than solution, the Godless are forced to work fast now, and in hope to save Saratobi from his cursed situation.

A Piggy Feast!

Pigs would arrive at the Godless hideout where the forester was taken following his rescue by members of the order. Smeared in red paint all over their bodies was a message for the Godless: 'Dear nosy humans, you come to Oo'glog Recreational Relaxation Resorts for big feast in honor of New High War God. Bring pigs please. They good for tracking and eating. Bye now, Firebelly.' Agents of the Godless had soon traveled towards Oo'glog after receiving words from the Taxiarch that all is good to go, with teleportation tablets delivered to them. As they arrived they were greeted by the leader, Firebelly, who informed the Godless that he wanted woods for his own bonfire, showing them images of what he saw, thinking it to be the Queen of Ashes. After the goblin's story, he refused to believe that the Godless were going to peacefully give them the wood if they knew, (the agents represented themselves as an Saradominists organization.) He kicked the group from the party afterwards, calling them lie for not being responsible for killing his men, who were poisoned.

After the agents left, the head agent sent the mission report, waiting for word from one of the three high ranks. Firebelly was angry. Deep in prayer, drink, and jubbly, few things could smother the wildfire that spread throughout his mind. Those stupid, nosy humans didn't understand, couldn't hear the voices like he did. The whispers... "Liars," they warned. "Deceivers! MURDERERS!" Despite trying to educate the stupid, nosy humans, his queen was unsatisfied. The New High War God demanded vengeance for the goblins slain at McGrubor's Wood. Blood for blood.

"Stupidnose!" Firebelly cried out, his blood boiling. The voices in his head receded as he began barking orders to the goblin clearly suffering from a hangover. "Y-yes, Big Boss?" "Get other goblins ready. We leave soon." Stupidnose blinked. For a moment he saw two Firebellies. The thought scared him immensely. "But Big Boss, where we go?" Firebelly cracked Stupidnose over the head with with a jubbly leg bone. "We go home, stupid!" Stupidnose retreated quickly to do as he was told. Sighing, Firebelly reclined in his chair and sucked the marrow out of the now broken leg bone in his hand. Home... The thought of returning there warmed the fire in Firebelly's belly. It will be good seeing home again.

Investigation of fire

Meanwhile, after receiving the information from their last mission, the Godless decided to send a task force in order to prevent goblins from hurting themselves and others. Those agents within Kandarin were told to stay alert and be prepared for the future. They were told to remain suspicious of every goblin they see, even those among the order, following them to ensure they weren't causing trouble. But this was a waste of time, as Entrana's wood was set on fire, having a wildfire spread. At first the monks managed to contain the fire and spread the word to Asgarnia for help. Of course the word of Entrana's incident was heard in Port Sarim's bar, the Rusty Anchor. Agent Wyoming had requested available agents to report to the bar. As three agents arrived, Wyoming would give inform them of the situation.

After giving the agents the proper items, he also informs them that they will be acting as Temple Knights, seeing how they should have called an S.O.S by now. The agents leave convincing the Monk on the port of their allegiance to the order of Temple Knights. After two week of travel, they notice Entrana inflames once again. That quickly got off the ship and started helping with the fire. After containing it once again the "knights" Investigated the woods noticing a lot of dead wildlife. A unicorn foul was found nearly dead, which showed it's memory to one of the agents. They soon realized that the flame started by a group of goblins who teleported to the island using the Law altar, using the island's firebird and escaped using the tunnel that leads to Draynor. After further search, they informed the monks of the possible cause, and advised them to allow guards on the island for a certain amount of time, until they can be certain that Entrana is safe again.

One of the agent had sent the report of their findings to Maskado, to allow one of their higher ups to read the mission report and give further orders.

Storm on board

After rescuing one of their agents from prison and what they assumed, going insane. But little did they know that the item they destroyed and left behind somehow found it's way to the citadel, and towards a certain individual who had tried to destroy it. But slowly, a storm is being formed above and around Makasado. Witnessing the storm, the Godless have no fear over it, not knowing that this is not a normal natural storm, but is instead, an hurricane, something very rare and not recorded in their history.

CItadel rain

The entire citadel was put in an lock-down mode, with the storm devastating Masakado, the entire members of the island would be in the keep for protection from the harsh wind and rain. Lighting strikes would be powerful enough that one tilted the island so much, it almost did a flip. Panicking members and civilians can be seen. Not as much as Strategos and Taxiarch both learned that the mask they destroyed followed them somehow. They tried to destroy it only to find out they it will never be destroyed. The Godless guards and two higher up went out to investigate the island, and witness it's damage, which was devastating. Walls destroyed, trees removed, and the portal destroyed. Stuck on the citadel, with only the teleblocked magic working, the agents are stuck on a broken island, with no communication as well. Now the faction go on to rebuild the portal with the resources they have, and are unable to recollect until they fix everything.

But as Masakados is hovering over the ocean, with no land insight, something within the water prepares for an appearance. Soon the citadel was attacked by giant stone like hands. These hands attempted to sink the island into the ocean while it was high in the sky. Soon after the claws retreated. As the portal finally returned, the citadel was unlucky. Giant hand prints on each side of the island, more damages than repair. While some lives were lost, the sacrifice of Saratobi Uchiha, an eastern samurai will be remembered, giving up his life to save the Godless, or so it is said. Warnings would spread throughout the faction of any island that seems corrupted or unnatural to a dead one, to avoid it at all cost. The citadel now being repair, only two month until their next meeting with Biehn their leader, what surprises waits the faction this time?

Discovery of the lost grove.

The lost grove Godless

A group of Godless agent visiting the lost grove.

The Godless one day overheard of an island that was once lost in the mist of time, reappeared into the world by unknown means. Interested in the island, the Godless would attempt to head towards there, only to be stopped by one of their fairy agent. The agent informs the command of the Godless of the lost grove, on it's purpose and connection to the anima mundi, warning them not to show and sign of threat towards the inhabitants on the island. After preparing their diviners, with other agents as guards, the Godless would sail to the lost grove, arriving in awe by the beauty of the island preserved nature.

A Fairy would happily welcome the group to the island, surprised that the island returned and humans are already visiting. Diviners, with their special senses in divination and the anima mundi, would feel the island having some sort of sad emotion, as if corrupted. The diviners and agent soon explored the island deeper, learning from several fairies of the island's guardian, Solak. Surprised to learn that the creature was a product of the anima mundi, just like Vorago and Telos. Further into the grove they went, witnessing all types of creatures, including the island's wisps and chronicles. Teelee, a fairy that guards the mushroom on the area would introduce them to the island's weekly ritual, where they would collect certain colored wisp, using little energy from them to create an elixir that helps the island get additional nutrients when offered to the great oak tree in the center of the Island.

The Godless would end their investigation after gathering enough information, deciding to leave a few agents, and diviners to camp the island and help the fairies continue to do the ritual weekly, only to be allowed to continue to study the island and how they can use the wisps energy like the fairies do.

Pray to Sliske?

Unaware who the murderer of the high religious figures was, the Godless soon discovered a possible victim. The Godless sent in three agents to investigate the rumors of a corrupted monk named Gangrel Theif at the Monastery of Saradomin, near Edgeville. Two of the agents who were female disguised themselves as members of the Abbey of St. Elspeth Citharede. Another agent would sneak instead using his ability and enchanted outfit to blend in with the environment around him. As the agent snuck into the monastery, he informs the other two to wait, as one of the sister from the Abbey was there. She soon left in a hurry, not wanting to stay near a creepy monk who's been eyeing her as she left. The two agents soon entered being greeted by Gangrel, who seemed very interested in them. Agent Cameo (who is well camoflauged) moved closer to listen into the conversation. A white knight who was sent with several more to investigate a situation of the monastery had informed the two girls to leave, as the monk allegedly abused his position to assault female visitors to the monastery.

After looking around, the three found a man in purple who seemed both out of place and in place. They only get the name "Yoshi" from his briefcase. After some more searching, they decided to stay overnight to see if anything would happen. The three agents heard footsteps coming from the chapel room, but discovered that the room was empty. They searched around only for Cameo to find a trapdoor, which led to a secret room, with paintings of the monk's actions. There, before an altar to Sliske, Gangrel was kneeling in prayer to his new god. As Cameo approached Gangrel, a gust of wind entered the room, drawing his attention to window where a shadowed figured adorned with skulls and horns overlooked Gangrel. Before Cameo could do anything, the figure had vaporized all but the monk's left hand and escaped with it. One of the agents gave chase. They reported back to Agent X, with the clues and information they found. They were soon dismissed and went into gathering more information on who the killer was and what they were after.

Mystery of the missing

With the rumor spreading of the attempt assassination of the gods, the Godless worry about fingers being pointed towards them. With information they gathered, they are now suspecting their head inventor. They slowly find his insanity through files of him, as well as him keeping files of testing things behind the faction's back. With several locations pinpointing his own secret lab, the Godless send out words towards the agents of the area to investigate with cautions. Are they truly prepare to see what they find?

The guards of Masakados has evacuated the inventors from the roof of the keep, in order for the other agents of the Godless to investigate the lab. During their search, they came across some blueprints that required a good look into. They discovered that the blueprints was for a mind control helmet once used for monkey, but somehow modified to work on other races. Soon they discovered a device that was meant to reveal a magical message to the Godless if they were suspicious of him. He also informed the Godless that he will be returning to the Citadel for his supplies and hope they do not get in the way.

Abomination from the Wilderness?

The Godless had received word that the Marshal of the Guardians of Armadyl to talk about a potential threat towards the world. Lukani, the marshal, had informed the Taxiarch of the Godless that the Wilderness has a cult that is changing the biology of a race, causing them to be in a abomination like state. A zamorakian organization had also requested a summit, to talk about the cult and it's unknown master. The summit did go well, with information on the creatures and cult. The Godless have decided to go on ahead and figure out a method to sneak in Daemonheim, a location that was recently conquered by the cult in secret. The Godless agreed that they should wait till the zamorakian, armadylean and Freminnik are all prepared.

World war wolf?

News have reached the Godless on a incident that happened in Morytania, forcing the wolves to act in revenge against the human on the west. A Godless agent was sent as representative of the Godless, luckily he was a werewolf also, which made things easier for the Godless, as the wolves would not give to much toward their own. With disagreement and a lot of snarling and growling, Anton, the leader of a pack that fights for freedom, agreed to allow the Godless to help, giving them two weeks to find out who the person is, and his appearance. Despite a short amount of time given, the agent had asked aid from the Godless to check west of the salve, while the agent searches around asking about a group led by a Saradominist. The agent had discovered enough to only avoid a large scale battle between the wolves and the Saradominist. As all was quite, no words came in yet that the wolves of Morytania have moved.

A Cache Trouble

Packaback, a Guthixian druid, had sent a letter to the Godless in hope of aid. Several agents had responded meeting with the druid, who informs them that someone had forced themselves into staying in the Guthixian Cache longer than it was meant to be opened for. The Druid and one of the agent discussed the possibility of how one managed to stay there longer, and bypassed the defenses in the cache. The Godless would head towards the cache with the druid waiting outside. As the group entered they would encounter a destroyed automaton. This would concern the group as they are aware of the ability, and power of an automaton. Looking for clues, they only concluded that a type of maul was responsible for the defeat of the automaton.

As they traveled further, they would soon encounter an automaton fighting against some figure. The group watched in shock as the figure defeated the automaton, as if it was a goblin. The figure would call out towards the group, as if he was expecting someone to appear. To his surprise, one of the Godless agent did rise from the hiding spot and confronted the man. The figure was soon revealed to be the Butcher, and with a quick chuckle, he attacked the Godless. Despite the group's advantage in number, their opponent showed more than capable in facing them. Each one would be defeated into submission, the Butcher took this chance and teleported the huge jar of memory into a remote location that the Godless would not think to look. Before he could strike the final blow to the group, the cave of the cache would start to rumble, a sign that the cache is forcing itself to close now. The Butcher would retreat with a final taunt towards the group. The Godless managed to escape with luck, with only a disappointed druid outside waiting for them once they informed him of the situation. Dark had arrived with several more Godless agent in hope that he was not to late when the request reinforcement was given. In shock from what he hard, Dark would dismiss the agents, informing them, that will be the last time they encountered the Butcher.

A Search for Hope

With it being months after the meeting with the Zamorakians, Armadyleans and Fremennik, the Godless had received no words from any sides, the Fremennik refused to help seeing how it wasn't their problem yet. The Armadylean were busy with their own situation, and the Zamorakian they had spoken with was no where to be found. Word had spread to the Godless that the creatures attacked Lumbridge. Proof of this was sighting from a civilian who witnessed the creatures. Within weeks the Godless have found out that a Saradominist group had information of the creatures, such as their location of origin, and weaknesses of their defenses. Two agents of the Godless waited for nightfall to sneak into the castle of Lumbridge to gather the files for their mission. As they made their way into the castle, they discovered that the files was kept within the church, for the Saradominist faction to grab and use.

After leaving the castle once again, and almost alerting a guard, they managed to get into the church and steal the file, while destroying evidence of the creature attacking Lumbridge. Now the Godless can do the mission by themselves, seeing how long it was taking for the alliance to do anything.

Psalm of Sword: Finale

A war between a Saradominist and Zamorakian faction had gotten the attention of the Godless. After a small preparation the Godless had discovered that the Zamorakian are attempting to assault Falador, as it was the headquarters of the Saradominist general. The Godless decided that an ambush task force would be better. Eight agent of the Godless were given orders to prepare for battle. As they gotten into their ambusher outfit, they left and waited in the woods of Asgarnia, north of Falador. The first four ambushers witnessed Some Saradominist and Zamorakian fighting near the borehole of Vorago. Distracted, the two side were ambushed by the Godless, with one Zamorakian remaining mage fleeing, as the rest, including the Saradominist died. A ballistic was within the area, with the Godless aiming to destroy it, they were beaten to it by one of the Saradominist Icyene.

As the sun was setting, and the sky getting darker, the Zamorakian had sent in an army marching to the front gate of Falador. The other four agents of the Godless waited to see if they should jump in. As they notice the army of Zamorakian heading towards the city, they've decided to ambush the Zamorakian before they could get any closer. The Saradominist were unaware of the Godless interference, and continued to march towards the army and the giant ice demon summoned by a few Zamorakian summoners. As they got closer, afraid that they were about to be horribly defeated because of the giant ice demon, they soon became surprised that a group of masked ambushers, who were secretly known as the godless, were fighting the Zamoraians, with one attempting to kill the ice demon. The Saradominist general, and several icyene began to fight the ice demon, with the white knights aiming towards the army. One of the Ambusher would attack one of the white knight from behind and assassinated her. This would force the white knight to retreat thinking there was a more dangerous enemy to worry about.

A huge chunk of Zamorakian would retreat from battle after seeing their ice giant and general both injured. This retreat was also made as the Godless ambushers were shown not backing down, with a good sign of fatigued and cuts. Some Godless ambushers were killed, while the rest were injured. As the battle was over, and so was the war, the remaining ambusher retreated to Taverly. The Godless proud of their success into shortening the battle and avoid major casualties towards Falador, its landscape, and its people.

Continuous of Murder

After two murder towards monks and priest of Saradomin, the Godless are concerned on the targets. After finding out that the two Saradominists were greedy and had a disturbing mind, the Godless would question the motive of the murderer. Unknown where the next murder will take place, the Godless attempted to gather information on, where, who, and what religion is being targeted this time, as it was mostly Saradominist, the Godless would mostly focus on his churches. With time, the Godless hope to end this madness, but can they really stop the murderer before it's to late?

After doing months of research, the Godless had discovered that the serial Killer was a merchant by the name of Yoshikage, who has been in almost all of the location of the murder. The agents within Varrock had all gathered in the blue Moon Inn's basement and came up with a strategy plan. They managed to kill a corrupt Bandosian priest, who was actually an agent in disguised. The group then went into hiding as the "priest" was sleeping in one of the room in the Inn. Soon a figure would walk into the room. As the creature attempted to burn its victim to ash, the attempt failed sue to the room being covered in a magical barrier that voids fire magic. The Godless would soon rush into the room surrounding the figure, who was more confused on being caught red handed. The figure escaped, due to him being intangible somehow. It was discovered that Yoshikage used a magical astral projection to kill his victims after tracking him down and confronting him. Yoshikage proceeded to summon his projection and attempted to escape, where he would lose the Godless after starting fire at the city's general store.

He escaped to assume the identity of someone else, but luckily the Godless had figured it out and informed Varrock's guards, who were able to identify him shortly as he tried to make his escape. He was then exacted for his crime. The Godless were proud of their victory over the murderer, but knew this wouldn't clear the Godless' name, or stop speculation of a god battle being provoked.

The Traitorous Inventor 

Tower of life updated

Tower of life defense added.

After figuring out their own agent, the head inventor of the Godless was the one who sent recruit agents into a suicide mission, the Godless were treated by an unwelcoming visit by the inventor. Despite their preparation to attack and capture, they came into a shocking discovery, the inventor had captured a good number of Godless agents and forced on them a helmet that brainwashes the victim. Not wanting to kill any of their fellow members, the Godless allowed the inventor to take all of his blueprints, items, devices and other things that belonged to him, and leave. Not wanting to start a battle with their own agents, the Biehn has decided to send a few agents to assassinate the inventor before he does something that makes the Godless, into a bigger target to the Gods, their faction and Vorago himself.

A Godless scout had located the traitor, residing at the tower of life, the scout decided to look into the area further, looking for weak points into the tower's defenses. After scouting around the tower some more, the scout's partner, an imp, had teleported inside the tower and started investigating inside the tower, making note of it's guards and defenses as well. As reports came in to the Godless, the higher ranks decided to continue on sending an assassination team, but equipping them with better items for the mission, seeing how defended the traitor has gotten himself in. Soon a senior agent of Kandarin region would meet with several agents within Ardougne. They all met up to their known location, discussing their plans in getting in, retrieving a stolen blue print, avoiding to kill the guards as they were brainwashed members and killing the traitor. As they reached the tower, the group remained hidden in the woods, seeing only one guard, who is keeping an eye on the Oldak Coils surrounding the tower. The leader of the group had ordered everyone to pick a coil and be prepared to use the shock bomb on them to disable the machines. As each one were in position, a few helped the senior agent knock out the guard.

Once the devices were disabled, they soon climbed to the top of the tower, as the first door from the first floor was locked and guarded. As they made it to the top the Godless soon discovered a giant jar of divine energy being used as a generator. Deciding to leave it alone for stealthy purposes, the group ventured on knocking out and sneaking through the tower's guards. As they finally reached the ground floor of the tower, they realized a guardian door like eye from Daemonheim was watching over the room, speculating that the eye would set up an alarm, the Godless would avoid being seen but it, resuming to shut down the eye through the levers that were in the room. After shutting down the eye, they ventured to the

Invntor office.

basement of the tower, only to find it was more heavily guarded than the tower it self. Having demons, Orks, and other powerful non-human like creatures, the Godless have decided to use their elemental harnessed arrows. As several archer prepare a water arrow, they would soon fire, each one splashing water into the guards hitting their helmets, which gives the guards a small electrocution, knocking them out. As they got closer to the traitor's office, they soon discovered the entrance was being blocked by a Kinetic Cyclone. Thanks to their inventors who managed to pinpoint a weak point, they would force the device to malfunction, causing it to explode. As the smoke surrounded the entrance, they would rush into the traitor's office, who was confused at the machine's explosion and shocked on how the Godless managed to get pass his defenses. The group then piled on the inventor, with most of them shooting arrows to his head and heart, one ran towards the traitor and stabbed him in the neck and continued to stab him until he was covered in blood.

After over killing the traitor, the brainwashed agents all regained their control, they started to help the agents recover those knocked out members and return to the citadel. The agents stayed behind and located the blueprint they were ordered to retrieve. The rest of the file they decided to burn after seeing the damages they could have brought into the world. Afterwards the Godless soon regained all of their members, proud that for once, they did not have to lose any one in this short civil war.

From the Ashes

Firebelly is back! The Godless have received word of goblin raiders stealing chickens from outlying farms. Tracks suggest that the green menace have withdrawn to a resource dungeon in Kandarin. Can the Godless defeat Firebelly and his horde or will they burn with the rest of the world? As scouts discovered movement of goblins, heading towards Kandarin's resource dungeon, noting the number of goblins, and supplies of woods, a wooden figure with a bandosian symbol. The scout reported this to the senior agent of Kandarin, before said agent can go on the mission to assassinate the traitor. The senior agent would send in a few agent from seers and Catherby to be teleported to the resource dungeon through the orb of communication. As members arrived, including extra hands, they would discover that the dungeon was filled with smoke. With several coughs from the Godless, they stepped into the dungeon smelling cooked chicken. With hunger striking some of them, each wanting chicken. As they went further in, they would notice dead goblins around, they predicted it was due to the smoke, and having the dungeon closed. They would soon investigate the ashes that were around the room, with some having summoning charms. Despite the roasted chickens, there was one remaining.

Soon the ashes alone started to stir alerting the groups. Four Pryefiends and a Pyrelord would emerge, from the ashes, showing that the summoning spell worked. The Pryes would attack the Godless, but would fail to do any major damage as two agents were magic user, and prepared water spells against them. After a careful and strategics fighting, the agents managed to outmatch the Pyrefiends and lord. They would begin to collect the extra food and the live chicken, the live one to return it to a farmer who demanded his chickens back. However, one of the members soon heard a whisper, panicked he would turn around, alerting the other members of the voice they heard. The group soon witnessed his attempt into digging a pile of ash in front of him, revealing that the voice told him to. Finding a charm, every agent within the dungeon would tell him to put the charm away, of course the agent wanted to keep it to research, almost causing a few to jump at him. This was voided as one of the agent demanded the charm, claiming that he would take it to Masakados and allow the Taxiarch to give the order on what to do with it.

The group disbanded with a few heading to a near by bar and grabbing a drink. Sadly, the firebird from Entrana was not recovered, with speculation of it being dead, or someone else was really pulling the strings.

Foreshadowing of destruction

After running out of patience, the Godless would refuse to wait for the Zamorakian leader of the wilderness region, the Armadylean who are busy with their own problem. The faction would prepare plans to send out an stealth team to Daemonheim and finish stop the creation of the abomination creatures, their cult and to put an end to the one responsible for the creations. Thor, a Fremennik who's job from his tribe and the Godless to guard Daemonheim, helped the Godless find a hole in the ground that leads to a unexplored dungeon where the creatures are created and resides in.

As the group of agent managed to sneak into the dungeon, they would lose the tail of the creature they had been following. As they searched around the first dungeon the create would have killed one of their own. The Godless would easily defeat the first creature. As they continued into the dungeon, they would fight their way against more creatures, until finally meeting with "the Master" in a part of the dungeon that has mixed skin of different races attached to the room, with magic logs as well. As they were all ready to fight, one of the Godless member had decided to see if a peaceful negotiation can be done.

This had worked, as the master would be talking to the faction, realizing of their alignment and asking them questions to see why they don't see it his way. One member managed to give him an excellent reason, forcing him to see how he just deluded his view without seeing other options. The master would allow the group to kill him, which would lead to the death of the other creatures. Before the killing blow was streak, he informed him of a message that was supposed to be delivered to the Taxiarch of the Godless, informing their connection soon to be broken, with the rest of the world and reality with in. Thor would return to his duty and ensure that his fellow tribesmen would not notice that he snuck in people with their own armor. The rest of the Godless would sneak in diviners to collect the energy around the dungeons, returning them to Gielinor.

Menaphite club

Members of the different god factions have gone missing, and all lead to a mysterious club in the city of Menaphos where "A god war wages every night." An Godless agent within Menaphos has somehow gone missing as well, leading to a full investigation by those within Menaphos. will be attempting to find out what is the club, where it is and see what they can do to stop it. The agents all met up and decided to speak to one of the locals in the work district, who saw a man known as, " the guide" lead people into a secret passage behind the worker's district. Once they got there, would would fail to see any method of opening the secret passage, as the wall had no sign of lose brick. One of the agent decided that they should wait for nightfall, and see if the guide person to open the passage.

As midnight streak, the agents, hidden within the area would witness the passage opening. As they entered they would witness a crowd of spectators, all from four different district.The next fight was about to begin, an all out battle, with the captured agent being the prize to freedom. The captured Zarosian mage had managed to stage a coup against the leaders of the club, with the help of the Godless, everyone managed to escape, with the injured fighters being recovered in the Godless' operation center.

Varrock's sacrifice

Word has it that there has been missing children in Varrock. A cult of unknown allegiance has been responsible for the kidnappings by luring children into the slums of Varrock. It is up to the Godless to determine the truth and stop the ones responsible for this horrible act, having the city's agents to investigate the situation. As the agents within Carrock met up in the city's square, they would witness it full of citizens. A few reading their fortune by a fortune teller. Several hours of waiting, one agent that decided to scout within the sky would notice a man leading one of the kids to the church of Zamorak that is within the poorer part of Varrock. The Godless would race to the location, seeing the man enter the building. As one of the agents decided to play decoy, as they were young themselves, the others ambushed the cultists, who was just a group of crazy Zarosians. The Godless would laid waste to them, returning the boy to the square unharmed and to his family. Sadly one of the cutlists has managed to escape, leading to a look out for all agents within not only the city, but the kingdom. The agents soon celebrated within the blue moon inn, enjoying their beer as their mission was a success.

Cavern of Tainted Memories

The Godless have overheard of a Cavern filled with tainted wisps. Hearing that the wisps can be harvested to create magical weapons, the Godless would look into gathering the energy to research and create weapons with. These energy would prove useful to the Godless, creating purified weapons, of course these weapons were limited, and only some agents were handed these weapons.

Trouble at the Grove

As some diviners and druids help with the ritual, continuing to study the Grove, an anima construct creature would attack the agents, un ware to what they done, they would report the situation to the fairies, only to have their question unanswered as they were also unaware of what was going on. A scouting godless fairy would witness a group in hoods provoking the creatures into attacking the Godless, using some kind of device that controls them. The agents within the grove then sent out a request for backup as they were only equipped to defend the druids and diviners.

As reinforcement arrived, they were surprised to see the Godless camp relocated, being atteh south end of the grove. As the agents informed the reinforcement of the situation, they headed into the forest of the grove. After several hour of their travel, looking into the destroyed campsite. Soon they would encounter several hooded figure with the device active. One of the Godless' agent had snuck close enough to the device and turned it off. Of course this did little, as they still managed to create a giant golem of the islande. After killing a few of the hooded figures, the Godless soon fought the golem. With several attempt to take it down, they soon realize they needed to destroy the anima orb within it. After several attempt to get to the core, they soon succeeded in destroying the Golem. With one or two of the hooded figure escaping, the Godless informed their diviners to be on the lookout, as they might attack again.

Issue within the City

Despite their success in stopping the religious fight club within Menaphos, the senior agent would soon find reports of more kidnapping. With guards on alert, one would think they would have stopped this, but even those within the guards are being bribed, or are to lazy to do anything. Bayek, the senior agent would have those within the city gather information, to see who is behind the kidnapping, and is it for the same purpose as before.

Bayek would inform the agents of Menaphos on the situation. He would order the agents to collect information on where does the kidnapping take place and to avoid engaging the kidnapper. The group went off to first investigate the hideout, one where the fight club took place, seeing how one of the entrance was blocked, they would assume so are the others, as one of the hideout entrance was completely sealed off. They would then investigate the worker district, meeting up with an aligned worker. As they entered his house, they would notice signs of struggle, with hints of him being kidnapped as well. They continued investigation heading toward the merchant district.

As dusk arrived, they would witness a shady looking merchant selling some goods. After awhile the merchant was seen leading his customer towards the port district. As they continued to follow, they would have split up as the guide tricked them into following different individual. The two Godless agent following the guide would be lead to an alley. The guide informed them that the aligned worker he had kidnapped was being punished for having the Godless interfere. He then attempted to kill the agents by igniting fuses to an explosive barrel, while he escaped.

Failing to defuse the barrels, the agents would retreat from the alley and be forced towards the bar once the explosion occurred. This explosion caused major concern to the Menaphos officials. The Pharaoh would issue an full out investigation towards the cause of the explosion and those responsible. This forced the agents within Menaphos to lay low. One of the agents did report to Bayek, informing him of the situation, and a riddle found during his search, possibly leading to the guide's next location.

Saradomin's GodSword?!

An spy of the Godless would over hear of a temple knight who had recovered the Godsword of Saradomin. Unaware how, the temple knight had requested for the sword to be delivered to them as quickly as possible. After months of the sword travel, and it's location kept a secret, a senior agent within Asgarnia would order ambushers towards the route given to them by the spy. Their goal is to retrieve the sword for their own benefit. As days passed the cargo would have passed through the wilderness carefully, attempting to reach the Edgeville Monastery where other temple knights would wait so they can take the cargo from there. Agents within Edgeville would confirm the arrival of the cargo, where it would continue it's path towards the woods heading to the southern gate of Falador.

Agents within Falador would head towards the northern woods of the city, hiding within the trees, ready to ambush the cargo. As the cargo arrived to it route, with each agent preparing to attack. The first squad would go ahead and toss the shock bomb, stunning the knights for a very long period of time. That signaled the archers to shoot the guards and knights. Several seconds has passed, with each guard dead, the Godless would look into the wagon witnessing the sword covered in a a lot of cloth. They would then return to their operation center, removing the cloths and were in awe to the mighty sword. Their expression would soon come to an end as their spy would confront them with horrible news. "IT'S A TRAP!" yelled the agent, informing them of the Temple Knight's suspicion of a mole within their order. Disappointed that it was a fake (mosly enraged of the left out information.) The Godless soon managed to fix their mistake by using the form that came with the false sword. A gem was also needed that was with the sword. Thankfully, with a perfect story to cover up the missing wagon and sword, the Godless managed to remove all kinds of suspicion, for now.

The senior agent, Noklah would inform all agents to be cautious of the Godsword cargo rumor, as it could be false. The agents within Seer's village would over hear of this rumor. The senior agent would hear the reports from Nokla, but would attempt to send agents to sneak into Camelot's castle, wanting to make sure the sword is indeed fake.

The Exarch's retirement

Thanks to recent scouting and missions, the Godless were able to locate the necromancer they've been chasing for years. A strike team of standby and available agents were formed. as they reached the dungeon, they fought against several wights and creatures, going through traps and doors. They finally arrived to the Necromancer. The Exarch stayed behind to fight off several undead and destroy the armors that were in another room. The Godless fought hard, with having one member of the team pass out and the Exarch deeply injured after wearing the armor, that took control over him. The Exarch injury had put him in a coma, where the remaining survivors and conscious agent have decided to him sealed within a crystal. After evacuating the dungeon and having all their wounded agent be treated, one of the agent had reported to the Taxiarch and Strategos informing them of Frank's condition, memory loss, coma, and being a threat since the armor is still on him.

Dark, and Suriel have decided that only them and those who were conscious during the mission would know of Frank's condition and where about, even the leader Biehn would have no clue of what has happened. To protect Frank further, they decided to keep him until they managed to at least remove the armor on him. News of Frank's "injury" would be sent to the Godless, informing them that Frank was badly injured in a mission. The news continued, informing the members that he resigned from the position of Exarch, handing it over to Dark, and would return to serve the Godless once he recuperated.

Airuts vs Godless: rematch!

Despite it being over a year of peace, once again the Airuts aim to conquer Tuska, with the dead goddess defenses in place, would the battle really be that easy? Unaware to them, the Shaman would once again march with the tribe leader, prepared to fight the Godless and reclaim Tuska. As the airuts first jumped to the other side on Mazcab's portal window, they would be welcomed with explosion from the land mines set up around the portal window. Once the mines had done its work, the dwarf multi canon would start firing at the airuts, signaling the Godless to attack. Scopulus would charge in, taking the lead on the assault.

Soon they would be confronted by the general and shaman of the airuts. As the battle behind the elite agents and the two leaders of the airuts continued, the shaman would notice the scopulus in front of him being much more powerful than the last time. The two would lock into battle with the scopulus, the agents would back the scopulus up by fighting against any airuts who planned on interfering. The Godless would be at awe witnessing the scopulus true strength, fighting against two opponents toe to toe that defeated the faction long ago. The Shaman would use cast an corrupted illusion spell on the agents to prevent them from interfering any further.

Each agent would be in a illusion of fear and anger, fighting against them as if they were physically there. Because of the agents' status, the Scopulus was being outnumbered. Soon the agents broke free of the spell and with little strength they had left, fought against the airuts that were attacking the scopulus, and against the two generals. The airuts were soon retreating with the two leader, as they were being overwhelmed, despite their strength, the Godless had a few strong agents themselves. With few of their own the Godless went into healing their wounded, and reinstalling their defenses once again.

Agents in trouble

Agents within the Scythe region of Wushanko were sailing back to their marked uncharted isle in order to report their findings of resources, only for an odd storm to take course and force them to be lost at sea. With days under the sun, they would soon spot an island unknown to them. The captain of the ship would have the agents to gather whatever resources that they can gather from the island, as their supplies were running low. The island would soon be discovered by the crew of the ship to be within the volcanic archipelago of islands in the Eastern Sea, which had a reputation for being haunted among sailors. The ship soon left the agents stranded on the islands wanting to save their own butts. Of course, a message was sent to the agents on the island, apologizing to them for their actions, promising to inform the Godless of their location.

The agent were enraged at the mutiny, would continue on to look for shelter. They would soon find a deep cave. Decided to shelter there with out entering to far in, they would seen hear scream and scree within in jungle. The group hurried on barricading the cave's deeper part, and entrance. As night fell, the group couldn't sleep, as the same scree would be heard within the cave as an echo. Soon a chant can be heard also, forcing one of the agent to go insane mumbling it enough to soon learn what they were chanting too. As everyone woke up, they would see the mumbling man rocking himself back and forward. The group walked out of the cave deciding to put the poor man out of his misery.

As they decided, they went into executing the man with east before he could finish his question. Of course the question was answered by the creatures within the cave. "Xau-Tak", they would drag the dead body into the darkness of the cave, where the man, who was thought dead would be screaming asking for help. Flesh tearing, gurgling, unknown of what they were doing, but the agent could imagine it. They would soon split up to gather fresh water and wood to build a raft and escape the island. This would prove to be a mistake as splitting up would have each one go insane and eat each other. Only two agent survived hours later, with their sanity still maintained, but for how long?.

Far from the island, the ship that had abandoned them would have sunken, with parts of the ship floating on the water.

Trust in Guthix

Godless agents met with a druid known as Heartwood, a representative of a "concerned third party" whose interests they shared with the Godless. Having learned of their mysterious charm, Heartwood informed the order about a missing fire spirit and suggested the agents attend an event where a person of interest - the popular stagevangelist Brindlebar Silverstein - would be preaching.

The agents attended the event where Brindlebar displayed his apparent skills as a faith healer despite his clubbed feet. During one such act an explosion occurred. When the dust settled, Brindlebar was alive and his birth defect miraculously cured.

The Godless agents recovered another grey charm from the area, and upon searching Brindlebar's apartment, made several important findings: his event schedule, his cache of charms, and a letter detailing his purchase of the grey charm from a mysterious salesman known as K.T.Y.

Upon returning and debriefing Heartwood the druid congratulated them on a successful mission. He then left with the promise of work in the near future.

Pandemonium in Ardougne.

Sloan, the Strategos of the Godless has had word from old friends in Ardougne. Rumors of civilians being attacked and homes being raided. What the goal is, is unclear. Heroes, knights, and guards of Ardougne were not able to solve the issue, it is up to the Godless to investigate the situation. As Sloan arrived to Ardougne, he gathered up several available agents for his investigation. As they met up with several old friends of Sloan, including his son, the group realized that a group of Zamorakian are probably behind the whole situation. This clue came from a poser they had spread across the city.

The group soon began to plan their next move, deciding to attack thee raiders once they raid the warehouse. As everyone got into position, they were soon confronted with several spear-men. They succeeded in exploding the warehouse but were unable to successfully collect the supply they were looking for. The Godless managed to take one of the raiders back leaving the son of Sloan, Owen, to interrogate.

Love that Dirty Water

While Sloan and his team of agents were investigating the raids, Ardounge water supply seems to be poisoning the people is. With the guards busy, investigation of the cause is slow, the Godless believe that there might be a cult involved, wanting to investigate it, even if the theory is wrong, they would need to put a stop to it.

The Godless discovered the source of the water being poisoned to be a device that was possibly created by the Hatter. With the help of a researcher investigating the river, the Godless removed the device and clean water returned to Ardougne. They left the device with the researcher to discover the location of the Hatter.

Sixth Age, Year 6

In the Right Place

The Godless, following a lead from Heartwood, discovered Brindlebar Silverstein in a Temple Knight safe house outside Lumbridge. They rescued him from his unconscious kidnappers and relocated him to a Godless safe house. Once there he divulged his experience with the Temple Knights. It was decided they would keep Brindlebar safe until they can confirm he isn't being hunted by the Temple Knights.

The Het Hunt

Due to recent activities within Menaphos, the Senior agent had called for a reinforcement of agents to help with a task, that hopefully is the last. The arrived agent were informed of the individual who has continued to kidnap tourist despite his group being destroyed. After the briefing, the agents were escorted towards the river elid mouth, being near the bridge that leads to Sophanem. Once they got there, they'd continue to follow the riddle that lead them there, aiming to go under the bridge and locate a secret tunnel.

As they reached towards the bottom, they managed to locate a loose tile, revealing to be a button to unlock the tunnel. The group soon discovered this was where the victims who were killed taken. According to what they gathered, the dead victims would have their soul trapped in the body, for then an unknown figure having absorbed their soul. The Godless soon killed the Het guide, only leaving more question, as to who was the unknown figure. They would report back to the senior agent before departing the city the next day.

Life of the Party

Volunteers from the Godless were tasked by Heartwood to enter the Spirit Plane and search for the missing elder spirits in person. Once there they found a spirit impling struggling to make a delivery, and after helping it, learned about a spirit jamboree being held not too far from them. They went to investigate and found several spirits, gorajo, and even a pair of elder spirits.

Through social interaction, the Godless agents uncovered the names of the missing elder spirit, as well as the identities of the remaining two. Unfortunately, the spirits were clueless about their kidnapped acquaintances. The party was soon interrupted when a flying leviathan began restraining spirits. The gorajo turned on the remaining spirits, but left to chase spirits rescued by the agents. A woman then appeared in the clearing, sealing away one of the elder spirits in a pouch, and then forced the Godless agents to return to Gielinor.

Returning home, the Godless realized the woman was none other than Rosaline Haines. They left to prepare for whatever nefarious plot she is now brewing.

Kami-Shima's Trouble

Agents within the Wusnako region would witness an western made ship heading towards the Shield region. The Senior agent of Wushanko region (as a whole for the time being) would send agents to Kami-Shima, fearing the ship belonging to a cult that worships the Anima Mundi. The agents would travel for several days on ship, reaching Kami-Shima. As they traveled through the jungle, they would witness several dead cult members, and an injured shi-guardian lion of the island. The group would go on and treat the lion, who soon ran deep into the jungle, hinting them of the battle's location.

Deeper, they would witness a giant lion, bigger than the others. Several cult members were seen fighting alongside some controlled lions. The Agent soon managed to free the giant lion who was being bonded, and stopped the cult from controlling the creature. This was done thanks to their effort in destroying some devices that were able to control anima constructs. Kami-Shima soon recognized the Godless and their pass aid to the world, thanking them for a second time telepathically.

Wushanko agents would report back, giving the Godless a better idea, and clue on countering the devices used by the cult.

A Fayre trouble

Fayre rp
During the month of Bennath, the Spring Fayre had had it's rides, and activity malfunctioning. With little option left, and Lumbridge investigation team solving nothing, Menowin Requested aid from the Godless. Several agents were sent to Lumbridge to provide aid on the investigation. Menowin informed the group that some witness has saw a hooded figure with an necklace around then, unknown symbol. After several investigation with witnesses, and stealing info from the guards, the agents discovered the symbol being of an old cult order. They soon located an member of the cult and took him in for interrogation. They would discover that the man is from a religious group that worship Saradomin, Guthix, and Zamorak. They believe that when Guthix died, he split up into several gods, similar to Tumeken. They attracted the authorities to the man who was arrested for his crimes.

A Deep Sea Adventure

The Godless had decided to recruit a pirate crew to be part of their Naval forces, becoming privateers for the faction. Their new Admiral, Edward Kenway, would already be at sea with the Godless new ship, the Tide-Splitter. Their first mission was to locate a ship heading to the main land from Wushanko. Details of a blue flag ship with hooded crew were given, as well as the devices on them. The privateers would set sail looking for the said ship, finding it weeks after sailing. Kenway took no chances and ordered the crew to fire at the sail pole of the ship, to slow them down greatly. The Tide-Splitter, by the crew's surprise, was actually faster than their old ship, reaching their target faster than they predicted. The crew would soon board the cultist's ship, slaughtering those who fought back.

Those who surrendered to Kenway's crew were questioned for information, gathering that the cultist were planning to meet with the rest of their members at Vorago's Borehole, planning to try and control the strongest of the elemental. Kenway would order his crew to slaughter the survivors and tie their ship to the cultist, to give favor to the Godless naval forces.

A Message from The Future?

Kenway and his crew were once again given a mission, to find a seer within Wushanko who is rumored to have predicted the outcome of the conflict within the sixth age. Kenway and his crew set sail to the Arc, there they witnessed the Seer they were looking for being forced onto a ship but a group of Saradominist. The Kenway crew followed the ship to the open sea, where they would speed up their sails and attack their enemies. Once again they slaughtered their enemies leaving the survivors to surrender. They took the seers and let the survivors stranded on their own ship.

Solak, Guardian of the Grove.

The agents within the grove has discovered that there are two ships coming towards the Grove.Both ship is of Saradomin, and Zamorak. Being outnumbered and overpowered, the Godless knew that they were required to take a more stealthy approach. A team of two would split up going to the west, and east. Team one would have vine crawlers attack the in coming ships hoping to remove their numbers, which succeeded. Team two would ambush the few they were able to ambush. Soon the two factions would meet up in the center, leaving the Godless to obverse from the distance.

As the two factions were about to fight, Solak would emerge and slaughter them all. The Godless would be witness of the slaughter. Once Solak was done, he would look towards the location of the hidden agents, then would return to his slumber.


The Godless had gotten word that The Mad Hatter were making work within the Heart of Gielinor. Realizing that an army is required, the Godless prepared their own forces, ready to fight the army of wights. The battle would soon start outside of the Heart, with every agent of the Godless withstanding the army of undead. Soon a path was opened for Dark and his group to enter the Heart. Once in, they were confronted by the Hatter, who offered a one on one final duel against Dark. Dark accepted and told his forces to advance without him, believing this tastic would be best to avoid the Hatter from pulling any strings.

The agent arrived within Telos' chamber, witnessing the guardian fighting against the Gods' construct. The agents would witness two large and buffed wights in the chamber. Believing they are attempting to ambush Telos, the agent attacked the wights. At the bridge, the Hatter and Dark continued to fight. Each swing, each thrust from their blade would show they are willing to sacrefice everything for their belief, if only the Hatter was alive for that to mean anything. The agents within the surface would be trying their best to prevent the wights from going back into the heart, each of them trying their best to live also.

WIthin Telos chamber, the agents would be trying their very best to fight back against the two wights strength. Telos would be winning against the construct, who soon fell deeper into the heart, going to the pool of anima. While this was happening, the agents managed to defeat one of the wights, each one focusing on their last target. Several agents were already injuried, their lost target was much more powerful than the other.

The surface would have its sand covered in blood of the Godless agent, despite their number having it's advantage over the wights, they were losing agent. But finally after a long battle, the Godless had over powered the army. Those within the chambers succeded in killing the last remaining wigh. Telos had successfully gave the final blow to the construct, killing it. Dark had the Hatter on his knee, who soon revealed to the Exarch that he just wanted to die and the idea of awakening the Elder Gods seemed like a perfect fit. Before the final blow was struck Dark felt an extremly sharp pain on the chest, the Butcher was behind him, with his arm right through the Exarch. Witnessing Dark's death, the agents all tried to strike the butcher, but were to late, as he left.

The Godless tried to locate Dark's body, but failed to find it, leaving to have a memorial service for the Exarch. Suriel was soon appointed as Exarch, with Biehn only allowing Suriel to remain as the only higher member in charge, under him. Dark's and all those who died in the battle were all added into the monument.

An Absolute End

Things were quiet after the Exarch's death, as the Butcher had been keeping a low profile after depriving the Godless of another Exarch. That was the case before an emergency distress signal was sent to the Godless from their agents in the Lost Grove simply reading "The Butcher." The Godless mobilized shortly and eventually arrived at the Grove, only to find a pack of mercenaries preparing for battle in their path.

An old man seemed to be leading the group, who one of the Godless named Anna recognized, and approached the Godless. He informed them of the Butcher being present in the Grove and his shared desire to remove the demon from play. Together, the two groups managed to ambush some remnants of the Legatus League cult that the Butcher had presumably recruited for his mission. The Mercenaries and the Old man held them off as the Godless charged into the center of the grove.

There they found one of the Butcher's devices that he intended to use to damage the Anima Mundi, triggering an apocalyptic end to Gielinor. There were also several strange devices, similar to those used by the anima cultist, in front of Solak's lair that seemed to be keeping the giant at bay. The Godless also found that it was protected by some kind of barrier, and were soon trapped in by a tree falling and blocking the way. The Butcher emerged from the roots of the tree and he was hungry for blood.

A battle ensued with the Godless and the Butcher fighting to the death. However, things seemed futile as the Butcher was encased in a set of statically charged armor, protecting him while also damaging those attacking at close range. Thankfully a late arriving mage from the Godless came, using a combination of fire and water spells to damage the armor. Beneath that, there was an ascension crystal armor that protected the Butcher as well.

Things once more seemed bleak until the timely arrival of Argenta (Argen to her friends) Howe, who's quick shot with an exploding arrow provided a crack in the crystalline armor for the Godless to exploit. Thanks to the efforts of Sylas, Julia, Anna, and Argen, the group was able to send the Butcher's head flying of its body. But that provide useless, as the Butcher continued to fight and speak despite his head which seemed to only serve the purpose of maintain a humanoid appearance.

The fighting did alert the fairies of the Grove, who informed Merethiel of what was happening. With her help, the Godless managed to hold the Butcher in place, allowing the group to unleash their fury upon the monster. It was then that the Butcher unleashed his malicious aura, drowning those in the area in his built up anger and hatred that scared the elven mage long enough for the Butcher to force his way out of his bindings. The monster charged past the Godless to his device, redirected the barrier around it to spread out and block the Godless from passing to his side.

The Butcher gloated about his imminent victory and the destruction of the world, unaware that by adjusting the barrier he had short-circuited one of the devices keeping Solak docile. The Guardian of the Grove emerged and towered over the damaged demon and prepared to crush him. In the wake of his demise, the Butcher chose to laugh. He laughed and laughed even has Solak crushed him. Until that moment, the Butcher's psychotic and vile laugh echoed across the grove until it was replaced with silence. From the crushed remains, a black and red mist rose above it before dissipating. The Butcher was absolutely defeated and dead, thanks to the Godless and Solak. The world was once more brought back from the brink of ruin.

As the Godless and Argen left the Grove, the Old man provided them with a means of tracking down the various other devices the Butcher had intended to simultaneously set off in conjunction with the device at the Grove. With the help of Vorago, who informed Telos of one placed in the Heart, the devices were destroyed.

Current standing

After dealing with the Butcher, The Godless would have no danger ahead of them now. Every threat they have faced was dealt with, only thing left now are the Gods. The Godless would once again remain within the shadow, preventing any factions of the gods' from causing any sort of damage, or starting a new war. Things were once again much simpler for the Godless, but yet never easy. Some agents are currently keeping an eye on the rift north of Draynor, aiding against it in any way possible.

After several months, Suriel had sent a few agents into Mazcab to scout the airuts, as no words were given on their movement. These agents would soon discover that the airuts had killed the scouts and seemingly have been growing stronger somehow. These agents tried to see the source of the airuts new power, but were forced to retreat. Suriel, not wanting to risk a huge number of agents in battle, had issued a quest towards for any daring adventurers to do.

Year 7

Council of Gielinor.

Seren had sent out word across people of Gielinor to meet at Burthope to discuss the threat of the Elder Gods. The Godless were among the few organization, and Biehn to be invited to the meeting. Garlandia was sent to represent the Godless. After an major event had unfolded, the Godless are now aware of the Elder Gods, and their threat against life. And are also aware of a new threat, the Dragonkin Kerepac, who plans on destroying Gielinor, a plan he's been attempting to do for a long time.

Land/Area used

The Godless are not landowners and do not wish to be government knight/Soldiers to a kingdom, but they have members who resides in each kingdoms all across Gielinor, these area listed are known locations that the faction are known to be most.:

New Masakados

Main Article: Masakados

New Masakados is an island that floats high above the western ocean of Gieinor. It serves as another base of operation for the Godless. Masakados is not open to the public unless those invited in, or are aligned to the Godless. Over the past years the island has become home to many who wished to live away from the surface. Those who lives there are guards, workers, and other agents who help upkeep the resources of the island. During the past years, the defenses of Masakados has increased, with the help of Invention, the island is now prepared for another invasion. The last Masakados was attacked and destroyed.

Kingdoms' bars and location.

As the Godless remain hidden and continue to work in ensuring their goal can be achieved in a way, they have bars and locations all over Gielinor. These locations include Wushanko, Morytania, Tirannwn, and much more. Without listing each location's and where, they are all served as a "operation center", where agents assigned to said kingdoms to would go to meet and turn in reports of what they found. These locations would look normal to those unaware, but those within the alignment of the Godless, would know where to go when needed. These "operation center" keeps supplies of food, potions, first aid, and a file cabin to send to Masakados. There are more than one operation center in one kingdom, but one of these centers are the location where the a senior agent, would reside.


Main Article: History of Dorgesh-Kaan

The Godless have made an alliances with the Dorgeshuun, cave goblins that live underground of Lumbridge. They also help protect the city, so whenever the city is in trouble, the Godless would try to aid them as soon as they can. So far the city defenses have rose after hearing Bandos return. After Bandos death, the Godless were allowed to remain within the city as their protectors, when Zanik's vouched for the faction, as she herself was a member. She then disappeared, the faction assume she's dead. This City is owned by a Godless member known as Ur-it. With the discovery of Invention, the Godless has gotten aid from the city's inventors in using electricity, and has also aid them in the knowledge of using divine energy on their invention also. The Godless also aided the city when it was under attacked by the Bandosians shortly after the death of their god. Despite not fighting, the Godless did help seal off any easy method or shortcuts to the city. Now the City is used for the Godless to gather devices from inventors who creates electrical devices for them.


Tuska's upgraded defences.

Tuska's new defences.

After the defeat of Tuska thanks to the Gielinor's heroes aligning mostly to the Godless, the faction had set up a camp on her to protect the other world from Gielinor's Gods, as well as protecting Gielinor from theirs. The Scopulus also remains through Vorago's order, in case an invasion of airuts were to happen. The only way to access Tuska is to either swim to her from shore, (if close by) or sail towards her. After years of attempts, Tuska's lodestone had finally been repaired, only to work for those within the Godless.

The island has had several upgrade with it's defences during the past few months, with it's battle against the airuts, and a possible new threat heading their way, the Godless had upgraded the defences on the island. These defences includes eight cannons, two on each butt cheeks facing the ocean, with four more on land. Another on the spine, being a dwarf multicanon augmented made to not only attack invaders from the sea, but also those from the portal window. Oil poured in the scratched rift made by the lodestone, to ignite and create a fire wall for a short amount of time. Wooden pillars made into spikes barricading the higher level of Tuska protecting the four other cannons that are pointing north. The guard tower was given a upgrade with metal to protect the wizards and archers on it. More Godless agents and recruits were added to help guard Tuska. Around the dead beast are trip wires to avoid an ambush to be made, these wires are very thin, that those with no experience would not be able to see it. These wires are made so that when an enemy tries to sneak onto Tuska, it would open two vials of Super explosive shaker, which is far more powerful than the super fishing explosive. This will instantly kill, or greatly injure an enemy that tries to sneak in. The vials were painted to match Tuska skin color, and made near resistant to water. On Tuska, supplies and resources had doubled, with divine and shocking grenades added to their defences.  

The supply crates have all been moved into the hairy forest of Tuska, where her skin structure and hair protects it. Sometime later the Godless had established few new devices towards their defenses. Two Kinetic cyclone put at the wooden wall entrance, these devices are made to swing the four runeclaw that are attached to it and cut through anything in its path with great speed and strength. This device also leans around as well, making it more difficult to dodge. Another device called Oldak coil was added as well. Two towards the shore entrance of Tuska, (butt crack) But made to hide behind the butt cheek to avoid them from spotting it. two more are added, one near the medic tent with another added east of it. These devices are meant to strike targets with a bolt of lighting, of course it can hit multiple targets, making it a useful device as it attack target within distance as well. These bolt of lightings are powerful enough to kill with just three hit one can stun most targets. Plus being near the ocean, being wet with seawater makes it worse, and would give an instant kill. Near the portal window the Godless had set up landmines made with divine energy. Similar to the ones during the battle of Lumbridge sacred mine, only made to be much more powerful.

Members of the Godless would have a special equipment worn for the Oldak coil lighting. This equipment avoids them from being targets of the device, allowing them to turn it off and on without any danger. The land mines are painted to stay hidden from the enemies eye, of course a trail made by the Godless is seen, even with several members during both day and night shift are to ensure no one steps on it but the enemies, which could kill the airuts.

The Lost Grove

The Lost Grove is an island that the Godless have stationed themselves in. The island is located west of Tirannwn, appearing after centuries of being hidden but the guardian of the grove, Solak. The Grove has a powerful connection with the anima mundi, giving off a powerful magic within in. With constructs of the anima residing on the island, Solak would be one of the strongest, an elemental guardian of Gielinor. Several agents have stationed the island to help the fairies preform a ritual that helps give the great Oak tree nutrition. The agent also, but gently without hurting the island, study the wisps and creature on the islands.


You can wear anything you like, unlike the Gods of RuneScape, the Godless have no defining uniform. You are allow to even wear God related stuff on you, we are not forcing any uniform at all, BE YOURSELF! The only time we recommend you to wear something out of your clothing would when it is either a stealth mission where something light is needed, or something with armor when in battle.

Alliances and Enemies

The Godless through times are known to have allies, and enemies, the Godless DO NOT ally themselves with Religion factions, unless it is agreed by the council members, with a reason given, Serenism is not an exception, but would be given aid, if a suitable benefit is seen out of it.


The Godless are known to have several allies, which includes Ex-Guthixian(those who still follow Guthix's teaching of balance, and his true ideal of no worship.) They would be promised of aid when needed, and supplies of resources for both sides The specific allies to the Godless are:


The Godless are known to have enemies that are those who are in a religion and worship their own gods. Enemies would never be allies to the Godless, they would be avoided, or attacked if seen as a threat. A truce with them is allowed only if something is threatening both organizations. The specific enemies to the Godless are:

Temporary Alliance

The Godless were known to have a small truce with some organizations in the past, this means of aid to protect innocents, and cities. Do note that this does not mean that both side would then turn enemies, depending on the outcome after the truce, both side can be allied, or natural;





Being a member of the Godless doesn't always means work, one can join the faction in payment for their dedication to the faction, or be an aligned member, those who are aligned to the faction but do not get paid or a job, and are only there to help when needed.


All race from all around Gielinor are accepted, although some would need reasons to join the Godless, not all members would trust these race due to old teachings and former/current belief. Of course to be recruited into the Godless, one must either speak to a emissary of the Godless, or an agent of the Godless. Of course these agent would need to ensure that the person they are recruiting isn't a spy. As all race are allows, here's a list of how well one would be allowed.;

  • Mahjarrat: Although they're not hostile to the faction, almost all members of the faction have no trust towards this race due to one being the cause of Guthix death and another for threatening Gielinor through the Elder Artifacts. Just because most members don't trust them, doesn't mean they will be looked down on. Mahjarrat would need a good reason on why one would join the Godless, for example; Ralphamic joined the Godless believing that ridding of the belief of gods would settle down the race from causing an all out war towards each other. Also believes that the Godless will gain some kind of power that will help him with his belief.
  • Vampyres: After the last quest that took place in the 5th age, there is no way that human made Vampyres can cross the salve now, and due to this, Vampyres no longer have any reason into joining the Godless, as they are a race with a different set of nature, and only full blooded Vampyres would be able to cross the barrier. But even them their thirst might get in the way of what good or bad they try to do.
  • Werewolves: Werewolves are another, hard to accept Godless aligned race. Reason to this is because they are indeed Zamorak's creature, being under his embrace, something proven very hard to escape from. Those who do would be accepted, but this it self can be extremely difficult.
  • Goblins: While they can be at times idiots and stupid, Goblins are allowed into the faction. A reason for one joining was needed, until Bandos died, where most of his followers might join the Godless. Some might join for other reasons, as if they believed they never needed a god to join, or that they believe they they are the strong, and the weak are the gods for being able to die.
  • Gnomes: As former followers of Guthix, gnomes do not need a reason to join, as Guthix belief is strong in the Godless goal.
  • Dwarves: Just like Gnomes, they are allowed to join.
  • Trolls: Like goblins, Troll also need a reason to join. Most troll can state that they are with Fossil, other can simply state that they never wanted to follow gods, because without one they were already strong. They would be kept an eye on, as they do eat humans.
  • Hobgoblins: Although a bit smarter, they are like trolls and goblins allowed to join.
  • Orks: Although partly extinct, reasons for them to join are needed, as they mostly follow the strongest.
  • Ourgs: Almost extinct to the fullest, Ourgs are a rare race to join us, they would be accepted.
  • Ogres: As stated above, they are accepted, but not trusted, as they eat humans.
  • Demons: Like Ux, they would need to have broken the contract of the two gods, and show no destruction. Most members who were Guthixian might have trouble getting along with them.
  • Icyene: Icyene are also a rare race that can join the godless, due for them being loyal to Saradomin, Unless they witnessed Garlandia punishment and disagree with him, or suffered the same punishment, it would be hard to come up with another reason to join.
  • Humans: All humans are accepted.
  • Hybrid/half breed: All hybrid/half breed all accepted.
  • Elves: Elves are one race that are also very, very rare due to almost all of them being loyal to Seren, and due to the City being revived. Most elves are also needed to live near the Locations of crystal due for Seren magic over them. Even though they can grab a piece of Seren and travel far from home. Elves would need a good reason in being Godless, as stated before all follow Seren and are to loyal to her.
  • Sea-Creatures: This race, being mermaids, Siren and other from the eastern world are accepted.
  • Aviansie: This race is almost rare to the faction, due for their loyalty to Armadyl. Although it was confirmed that most Aviansie, who were on Gielinor believe that Armadyl had abandon them and left them. Others on their home world believe in no gods, and were stated by Jagex that they are against worshiping Armadyl.
  • Goebies: Although not from Gielinor, they are allowed to join if they wish to, even though they have no interest to help Gielinor in it's problem, they might wish to fight against the gods to avoid them from reaching their own plane. After their recent quest, most Goebies had arrived in Gielinor to try and live with in it, which would give more reason for them to join the Godless, as the concept of a god alone scares them.
  • Fairies: Like all former Guthixian, fairies are allowed in the faction. Due to their duty to control the weather, season, and other magical stuff on Gielinor, it is extremely hard for a fairy to join the Godless with the amount of work they have.
  • Centaurs: Creatures with the torso a human and the legs of a unicorn. This race was founded by Saradomin and made to fight for him.This race is known to be nearly extinct, with only a few surviving members in their home plane and some in Gielinor. This race joining the Godless would require a good reason, as they are mostly loyal to saradomin. Of course a reason to joining can be due to saradomin sending the race to fight and nearly die out.
  • Nihil (Zarytes): Nihil are a race of abomination. Beings created by Zaros, being a mixed of other race he had found and experimented on. These race are almost impossible for a relaxed and social talk, as they are aggressive against anything that is different from them. This includes their own kind, if they start to grow or look different in any way. This race was considered a failure, and most hate Zaros for that, so they either look for a purpose, one that Zaros couldn't give. This doesn't mean they would join the Godless, unless they have a reason to, which would be hard as they are very aggressive creatures, serving one who can provide them a purpose.

Any member of these race shown any sign of no trust, they will be given a test with witness to see if they can be trusted, this means attacking a small location of their former faction, stealing something important from them, or killing an dangerous leader they were with or part of the religion with. Any other method will be given in role-play.


  • Recruit: Recruits are the newest members of the Godless and form a large pool of talent of which the movement can draw upon and refine to its needs. Given that any individuals may join the Godless at any point in their life, the rank of recruit does not mean that one is inexperienced or undergoing some kind of apprenticeship under a more senior member, but are not given any serious task for the time being. Recruits advance to becoming agents of the Godless once they have shown that they can be a trusted and reliable asset to the movement as a whole.
    • Aligned followers: Those who only wish to aid the Godless movement, and not take the rank of recruit, or higher. They would not be given mission or tasks like other recruits or agents, but instead would be called on if it is required.
  • Agents: The most numerous rank that forms the backbone of any operation that the Godless may undertake. Agents of the Godless are as varied as the fish in the sea with each having their own reason for joining the movement, and have proven themselves capable of furthering the goals of the movement as a whole threw one way or another. Agents are given an area to remain and scout as a normal citizen. They are allowed to deny or accept this job.
    • Specialist: A rare ranking position among the Godless. While still ranked as agents, specialist are individuals whose talents make them uniquely qualified to handle certain task that the average agent would not normally be able to perform. While the rank is technically senior to an agent a specialist is normally tasked with specific jobs rather than the more general tasks an agent might perform. This is most often the case when concerning medical staff, however certain mages, diviners, and inventors could also be make specialists.
  • Senior Agent: A Senior Agent is an individual who has shown to possess skills in leadership and has been with the Godless for a considerable amount of time. Senior Agents are the ones who take command of groups of agents within the assigned kingdom/region. Their job is to ensure every agent of their assigned area reports back alive and with helpful information. They are responsible for their agents and missions they hand out. Agents to evolve to this rank can deny the responsibility of the job, and only be tasked to lead in missions when needed.
  • Exarch: The Senior most Field Agent of the Godless, the Exarch is tasked with running and coordinating the movement as a whole. The Exarch is second only to Biehn himself and receives orders directly from him. As the senior most agent the Exarch is expected to keep the Taxiarch and Strategos in line and direct them on their greater tasks. This being the case the Exarch can take command of any operation the Godless may be undertaking at any point in time.


Like most Faction, the Godless soldiers, warriors, and fighters are split into four forces. Each one having a special mission or advantage over others. These forces have no determined uniforms.

  • Aquatic forces: The aquatic forces of the Godless were formed during the second year of the sixth age. These forces are made up of sirens and sea-creatures of the east and other race that resides in the sea. These forces are to fight for the faction within the waters, attacking ships or those on lands by dragging them in the water. These forces aren't big in numbers, but are considered big enough to hold it's own against an army.
  • Aerial forces: The aerial forces of the Godless were formed during the battle between Bandos and Armadyl in the first year of the sixth age. These forces are made up of gnomes, with their gliders, and copter, which was given an add-on, multifire crossbows for the passengers to use against their target. Aviansie and icyenes are included in this forces as well. These forces fight within the air, either dropping heavy boulders, explosive grenades/vials, or use archery against the ground level opponent. They also fight in the sky when needed.
    • This force is split into 3 division, delivery, in which a specific gnomes copters are made to deliver cargos. Battle, in which specific copters, gliders and other race are made to battle within the air, as stated above. And transportation, in which specific copters are made to transport human/humanoid creatures.
  • Ground forces: The ground forces of the Godless was formed shortly after the formation of the faction. Ground forces/units are made of any race of members/aligned being. These forces fight for the Godless when battles are taken on ground level. These forces were used during the battle of Lumbridge, the bandosian and armadylean conflict, during the kinshra's attack on port sarim and the battle on Tuska and against her airuts, which continues to this day.
  • Assassin/scouting forces: The assassin/scouting forces were formed during the beginning of year two of the sixth age. These forces are made up of human, gnomes, elves, dwarves and other beings that are able to assassinate or scout. These units comes in two to four members of the faction, aiming to scout an area for information, or assassinate a certain target. They wouldn't show any sign of being part of the faction, or reveal it. This forces was used primarily during the bandosian and armadyleans first conflict, which were a small group of ambushing forces and "allies makers" during then.
  • Naval forces: The naval forces are a group formed during the fifth year of the sixth age. They are made up of races big enough to help in a ship within the sea. This force was formed when a pirate known as Josael Aren, who agreed to be the in-charge of the forces. The forces now has a port in a uncharges island within Wushanko called Umi no kami nashi.

Goal and motivation

Just like the in-game faction, the Godless are dedicated into removing the gods' influence over Gielinor. Of course this also means protecting the mortal from the war between the gods and their warring faction. Just like most organization, the Godless are dedicated towards their goal, with most members showing hate towards the gods, and their followers, or showing a more understanding matter towards the situation. The Godless goal and motivation became possible after the death of Guthix, who had revealed his true ideal, of a world without the gods.

The faction aims to prove that Gielinor doesn't need Gods to protect them, nor are we forced to follow them. An example of this is the Battle for Gielinor, during this event a goddess named Tuska was making her way towards Gielinor to devour it's anima mundi, thankfully with enough mortal aligning to the faction during the event, Tuska was weakened enough, disabling her barrier and giving Vorago the killing blow, who was representing the faction during the time. This event proved that if mortals combine their strength together, we can take down a god or weaken them enough.

Invention and items of the Godless

The items listed below are no allt listed as items that only the Godless can have, but are items that they use to benefit the faction as a whole. Not all the invention items used by the Godless will be listed, like Augmented items, or the Lightbulb hat.

Psychic link-papers.

The Psychic link-papers are an unique item of the Godless. This item was made to help members get into areas without the means of trespassing. The way the paper works is very difficult and requires training to do so. It requires connect to the wielder's mind, if clear and trained to used the paper, the wielder is able to have the paper cast an illusion of what they want the target to see, or what the target wants to see. If the mind is unclear, it will be a blank piece of paper. Of course if unable to think of what to show (as in knowing what you want,) the paper will just show wiggly lines. The paper can work on almost anyone. Those with great skill, and knowledge in magic might be able to tell that the paper is casting an illusion. There are only several of these papers made, enough to give to members on a scouting/spying mission.

Divine grenades.

Divine grenades are invention that the Godless thought of during some of their scientist/inventor prototype with making explosives in ball like orbs. These items are very dangerous, when one explode it releases a powerful blast of energy, like a regular explosive, only more powerful and deadly that, in theory, can damage low tier gods. It could instantly kill it's target if given a critical hit, like a regular explosive, the wave however, is powerful enough, able to force more people around them off their feet, almost like having several explosive going off at once, damaging them by just the pressure of the explosion. These devices are given only on certain mission, due to their nature and destructive capability. The stronger the energy, the stronger the explosive. These devices go off in three seconds after pushing a button and releasing it.

Communication - earpiece

These items was discovered by Mark, after being given a commorb, in the size of an earing, Mark had decided to create something like that, but able to put in your ear and made almost telekinetic. Of course not a lot were made, but enough for several members. It has the same weaknesses and uses of a regular commorb.

God aligned spear (anima spear)

During Tuska's arrival, the Godless had made spears that harnesses energy from the anima mundi. This was used to weaken the goddess Tuska, a tier 4 god that had an anima barrier protecting her from deadly attack from Vorago. The Godless only had three spears, but managed to create more to use against the gods themselves. The spear must be given divine energy through the shard, where it will power up the spear to where the blade would glow and create an extra blade. The Godless inventors theorize it to be powerful enough to damage and possibly kill tier six gods, this theory is yet to be proven.

The Barriers

The Barrier is a device that creates an actual barrier around a certain area, to prevent people from teleporting in, like a teleport blocking spell. It works the other way around also, like teleblock it prevents people from teleporting out. The Barrier weakness is the shadow realm and used to be teleport witches. Due to upgrades made by the inventors, it is able to block those who are able to break through the teleblock spell by enhancing the machine to create a electrical barrier as well that disturbs teleportation magic, voiding any attempt for even a teleportwitch to escape. The device has been augmented and improved to void anyone from entering the shadow realm within the area.

After the Destruction of Masakados, the Godless have improved the Barrier to work against rifts and forceful portals. Another barrier was also added to block attacks that could result in the destruction of New Masakados. When needed, the barrier will physically appear and protect Masakados from any attacks. This also means keeping people out of Masakados.

The Detector

The detector is a device created to help detect a presence within the shadow realm. This device was inspired by automaton's ability to sense those within the shadow realm. After this discovery, the inventors of the Godless spent three years trying to create the device. Once the device senses someone in the shadow realm, it would give out a alarm like sound, warning those within the area. The only location that has this device placed is Masakados. While it can sense out those within the Shadow realm, it can only sense so keep within it. If someone is able to enter deep enough into the Shadow realm, where they cannot see a person on the other side, the device won't be able to detect them, but it would still be a danger to the shadow realm user.

Shock bomb

The shock bomb, like the divine grenade is a device created from a small orb like machinery created to explode in a similar matter, only instead of a deadly explosive, it lets out an electrical wave that stuns anyone is in the five feet radius. The device stuns for about six seconds and is used for mission that might require the user to escape. Those who wear a special style of shoe, would have the electricity absorbed to the show, and any metal them would not attract the sparks. These devices explodes the moment they touch the ground, as it is a glass orb entirely, with a device on it that stores the electricity.

Oldak coil

The Oldak coil is a device created by Oldak, as a method of defense. When active, any enemy that are in range will be repeatedly attacked by bolts of lightning and it can hit multiple enemies at once. The bolts reach up to 7 feet and are very deadly, they can kill a person if struck more than once. It is only used towards' location of important, such as, Tuska, Masakados and Dorgesh-Kaan outer wall.

Divine-o-matic vacuum & Energy barrel

The divine-o-matic vacuum is a device solely created for diviners and those who are not greatly skilled in divination. These devices can be pointed at a wisp of any energy and with a pull of the trigger, it sucks them into the vacuum, which stores them into a energy barrel. The barrel is also a device that collects energy and can also acts as a giant divine charge. The two together work as a method to collect more energy, while the diviner also collect memory, giving more energy. This device is only given to members who work as diviners to collect energies.

Kinetic cyclone

The kinetic cyclone is a device that is almost similar to the Oldak Coil. The difference with this device is that it can attack anyone, even the one that activated if they stand to close to it. These devices have rune claws on it, at least three around it. When activated, and when it senses a presence near by, it will start spinning around, using the rune claws to strike at the target. It can only attack those who are close to the device the handles holding the claws are extended by 4 feet, and it can lean while spinning, making it a very good method for defense. Because of the device chances to attack the one activating it, it is only used as an extreme measure for defenses.

Jumbo generator

The jumbo generator is a machine that generates power to other machines within Masakados' lab. This machine run on divine energy, and requires a huge chunk of divine charges to stay active. Every month this machine is required to be refilled. So far the machine only powers Masakados' Oldak Coil and Kinetic Cyclone. The auto disassembler mk. II, which disassembles items automatically. Partial potion producer DX, which created unfinished potion for the herblists of the Godless to finish. High capacity plank maker, that creates planks for the Godless, making it easier for the Godless' plank makers, only needing to make sure the wood is in the machine, and it is being properly made. Alchemiser mk. II, that creates coins (not a lot to make the faction richer than cities) for the Godless, which is only uses when the budget of the faction is low, or when they have items and resources no longer required. Lastly, optimised hide tanner, that automatically turns hides into leather. If the generator was to ever stop working, or if the Godless are unable to recharge it, they have a peddling device to keep the machines working until the generator is back up.

The Tide-Splitter

The Tide-Splitter is a ship created by the Godless for their new naval forces. The ship as ten cannon on both board side. Two cannon on the front of the ship, which is in a quarters, and two more on the back in the Captain's quarters. Four more cannon, which are huge, are on the deck, and two on the front quarters. The ship is made of Mahogany, giving great durability towards the ship. The metal on the ship would be of iron forged in Wushanko, the Tetsu plate. The ship is fast, and powerful. This ship is captained by a Godless privateer known as Admiral Edward Kenway.

Memorial Monument of the Godles

Godless Memorial monument.

The memorial monument of the Godless.

With the Godless being around for five years and it's aligned members sacrificing their lives for the faction, Dark had ordered a monument to be built within Masakados. The monument would be placed near the keep, for those who visit can pay their respect. The monument would have the list of members who have died during the years and more would be added. On Top of the monument would be a statue of the first Exarch, Mark. The Monument would be roughly the size of an ourg, made big enough to write down those who have sacrificed themselves for the cause, and those who would soon lose their life. The monument also has a sort of "holy" energy around it. This is due to the monument being dedicated to those dead agents, as they are happy to be remembered. The monument would act as an altar, restoring prayer energy. The Monument has a caretaker, who would tell stories the Godless biggest missions, or greatest battle. Had anyone search the names, they might find the name of Linold Haines among them.

Another memorial monument would have been built in New Masakados after the old one was destroyed with the old citadel. New names were added.



  • The most members of the Godless wear light armor and clothing to sneak around, run faster and dodge better, this can be related to the game, Assassin creed as they use no armor and are known to defeat at least a battalion of enemies with armors.
  • Just like the battle of Lumbridge, the Godless had managed to heal the wounded left behind by the factions, and were recruited as Godless themselves after the battle against Tuska.
  • Despite their victory against Tuska, the Godless are not fully acknowledged for their aid in defeating Tuska at all.
  • Despite not being part of the Godless, Vorago was still labeled under their banner in the Gods scoreboard, this was due for the fact that Vorago was aligned to them during the battle against Tuska
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