The Fremennik Grunnloven was a document written by Haakon Steinsson, which was announced following the Polemistic victory at the Siege of Rellekka. It acts as a written constitution for the new Polemistic Fremennik Dominion, conferring power on the Jarl and his Thanes as a unit called the Radet. It also set up a set of rights of the Fremennik people under the new Dominion, legitimising it as a fully functioning nation state. It was, in part, inspired by Steinsson's earlier Declaration of Independence.

The Text

The Fremennik Grunnloven

The Grunnloven binds together the peoples of the Fremennik heartland under their chosen leaders to guarantee their rights and wellbeing. Fundamental above all is that the Fremennik peoples are granted freedom, fairness and faith in their future. Thus, the Rådet of the Polemistic Fremennik Dominion do, under the Jarl, confirm these articles for the common good of the Fremennik.

Article I

i) That each and every kinsman or kinswoman born unto our people shall be granted the right to live their life to its fullest.

ii) That no endeavour that threatens their life shall be foisted upon the kinspeople of the Fremennik without their will and consent.

Article II

i) That no kinsperson shall be convicted to any penalty or servitude without the determination of a Thane's court.

ii) Any conviction declared by a Thane may be overturned by the Jarl of the Fremennik.

iii) That the right to trial by combat remains available to as a challenge to the ruling of the Thane.

Article III

i) The right of any kinsperson to carry their weapon is guaranteed for the freedom of the Fremennik people and the defence of their honour.

ii) Only those dishonoured may lose their weapon, by command of Thane or Jarl.

Article IV

i) Any Fremennik may give their opinion freely, without persecution.

ii) The above is not relevant should the Fremennik dishonour his kin, another Fremennik or a friendly outerlander.

Article V

i) No Fremennik shall be held as dishonourable on account of the history of his kin, but shall be judged purely by his individual merit.

ii) This does not apply to exiled kins which have betrayed the Fremennik.

Article VI

i) A Fremennik marriage must be overseen by the Jarl, his Thanes, a Thane's Steward or a Priest.

ii) A Fremennik marriage must be between two kinspeople of whose love is true and pure.

iii) A cessation of such a marriage would be at the behest of the Jarl or his Thanes.

Article VII

i) The leader of the peoples of the Polemistic Fremennik Dominion is the Jarl of the Fremennik, whose seat is Rellekka.

ii) The Jarl of the Fremennik heads the Rådet, the council of the Thanes of Rellekka, Neitiznot and Jatizso (at time of writing).

iii) The appointment of a Thane to any new position with the Polemistic Fremennik Dominion is the prerogative of the Jarl of the Fremennik.

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