The Final Sanction is a plot series that took place within The Duchy of Lumbridge – consisting of two main plot-lines, and several sub-plot sessions, with multiple hints to the series thrown into unrelated sessions.

The plot series was designed by K9 Morphed and Voden Myshi, and took place between Saturday 10th May - Present.

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A Vision of the Future

Deep in the heart of The Duchy of Lumbridge rests the quiet and ancient farming village of Mianarr. However, on one perfectly ordinary day, it sent the world a message. Throughout Gielinor, the winds dropped as a wave of silence fell upon the realms and only one sound was heard: a soft, intriguing, operatic melody lasting just under a minute.

Once the song had been sung, the winds returned as the sound faded, but still heard - continuously repeating the strange invitation.

To those that followed its call, they’d hear of a ‘strange woman’ who claims she can escort people to the source of the invitation. They’d learn that they must meet in the local tavern the morn after next, and seek a female called “Rani”.

–The Introduction to "A Vision of the Future"

Journey Through The Mists - Part 1

It was all a blur at first, I remember thinking 'how will that small tavern be able to hold all these people?' to myself. Somehow it worked. Good thing, too. It looked as if it were going to pour buckets soon, so I was just hoping to find that Rani woman and get off, doing as much as we could before the rain hit from the South-West. Eventually, she showed herself as some of us greeted, I remember a strange man with a snake-like head picking up a girl.

As we walked from the tavern, many of us spoke and contemplated about what the snake-thing was, some even started to give it a name! I think Rani called him 'Terrance', maybe something else - I can't remember really, I was too focused on that damn squeaking noise. It was quiet at first, but grew louder as we walked.

Soon, I discovered that others noticed it too: the group halting as we investigated a near-by bush, well, the White Knight did. He found a rabbit, trapped in a snare. We discussed what we should do with it, but we still haven't decided what to do with it yet...

–'Roleplay recap', Journey Through The Mists - Part 1

The Tavern

The session kicked off in Lumbridge, landscaled to another part of TDOL (The Duchy of Lumbridge) and re-named "Mianarr". Using the General Store as a make-shift Tavern, a multitude of people gathered in search of Rani, who was lazily hading in the corner; insterestred to see who would try to find her first. growing bored, she revealed herself and began to group everyone together to get going before the rain hit.

Only stopping briefly to get a snake-like custom race 'Zhigil' creature, who conviniently couldn't speak Common Tounge, to put down a woman: they set off whilst discussing what the creature could be.

Down The Rabbit Snare

As they continued walking, the group began to hear quiet squeeks of distress, later discovering it to be a rabbit trapped in a snare. The group halted, watching it as they debated on what to do with it. Some wanted to set it free, others thinking it was owned by the farmhouse just north of the bush they found it in whilst others wanted to kill it, claiming to want to 'put it out of it's missery'.


  • Due to a server crash, the first session had to be split into two seperate sessions.
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