Your overall strength comes from your mind, body and spirit. When you balance these three out, only then will you be able to achieve your full potential.

–Ariston Everric, Founder.

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The Everric Crest
"It is tragedy that links us, what binds us together in chains. In all of our days, tragedy is what keeps us strong."

Family Name

House of Everric

Family Type

Patriarchy, Noble House

Head of Family


Founder of Family

Ariston Everric


Guthixian Godless; (Aristonian)The Godless Symbol; Pagan Beliefs in the Forces of Nature; Atheism

Family Motto

"Hodie, non cras." ("Today, not tomorrow.")

Family Colors

Blue, Yellow, Green

Family Animal

Lion/Prideleader and Phoenix


Yanille, Draynor, Seers' Village, Varrock

The House of Everric is a family of philosopher-mages and scholar-warriors formed by the Warrior-Mage, Ariston Everric and his wife, Flavia in the Second Age. They are now considered a minor Noble House and a Family of Mages, as Claude's founded Misthalin Branch has finally made good contact with the Everrics once more. The family currently has strong ties to the Blackthorn, Druids of Cross, Renderra, and the Void Knights Pax Sumnium Vallutae.

The de facto leader of the active-in-outside-world family is Gabriel, who strives to maintain the balance in the family The name Everric is one written alongside tragedy and fate, as many Everric lose family members to murder, or battle; it is, perhaps, their curse.

Ariston and Flavia2

The Founding Couple.

Magic is a natural affinity for any of this bloodline, as most of the prominent bloodlines throughout the world of Gielinor, though farming is also in their blood, and until recently, that's what most were. Like a few others, this family's main descendance is of the Moon Clan, The Druids and the Ithell Clan of Elves, and several members in the past have married in Seers, Elves and various others.

An Everric can usually be characterized by their fierce bright green eyes and their jet-black hair, although these are traits that most Everric have, there are those without the hair, but the eyes are a very predominant trait within the family and have been implemented almost magically. The family is also seen as mostly friendly, but there are those who aren't as much. Don't be fooled by the family's friendly demeanor, they are a family shrouded in occult mystery with a dagger and a bolt of magic at every turn.

This family was created and written by Matt.

Family History

Ariston and Flavia

The Makings of it all.


Main Article: Ariston Everric

This family will thrive, by our blood, my love. Someday, the world will know the name of Everric.

–Flavia Everric, to Ariston

The Everric Family were founded in the late second age by one known as Ariston Everric, who was and is, a powerful Magi, a descendant of the Moon Clan born in the Capital of Zaros' Empire, Senntisten and his wife Flavia. Though, throughout the years, and through the lines, this history has been lost, as well as the Worship of Zaros. In the later years, the Everric Family were a family of Farmers, though they had the occasional mage, or adventurer, their potential seemed to have died out with Ariston's great-great-grandchildren. For years the Everric married mages, keeping their magical bloodline strong and true to such, but they have usually remained farmers. 

Ariston's eldest child, Razmael, was notably a powerful mage as well, but he was "killed" in battle with Zamorakian and Saradominist forces, causing Ariston and Flavia to go into a frenzy, swearing to wipe out all who they thought responsible for his Razmael's death. This ignited a huge feud with another two families, family, whom Ariston, his wife Flavia, his remaining two sons, Orion, Arion and his daughter Ariane, went after. Each of these three had their own children, as well as Razmael. After years of fighting, the Everric found themselves against great numbers of enemies, most prominently, the families that  had been founded by the Lich, Tamoras, who had founded both the Leotrun and Silverkin Family.

Ariston the Everric

Ariston Everric, founder of the Family

The Leotrun, Zamorakians, and the Silverkin, Saradominist had remained publicly as enemies, but, with the same founder, the two worked together secretly, and their main goal was to capture and kill Zarosians. One of the few families that was able to illude them, and defeat the two in combat were the Everric. However, the Leotrun and the Silverkin both continued to grow exponentially, whilst the Everric had their own problems trying to settle down.

The Aralius Conflict and the Leotrun-Silverkin Feud

Main Article: The Leotrun-Silverkin Feud

In all my life, all of the wars that had happened, all of the atrocities committed, none amounted to the days when Aralius ran rampant.

–Garrick Everric, on the Feud.

Up until later, the Everric remained as a lesser family of Wizards, with Aralius Everric at their head, he became a powerful Necromancer, and he had two sons, Michael and Gabriel Matthew, as well as a blooded son, Alexander Everric. It was, by the teaching of a man named Nicholas Rayne, and the discovery of Tamoras, that Aralius had become evil, and a lich.

A few years into his later life, Aralius Everric had betrayed his father and killed him, spurring the wrath of Aralius' brothers whom he killed as well, and Aralius' sons came after him, and he was sealed away in a prison after his defeat by his own son, Gabriel M. Everric: the Everric's Arch-Mage at the time, in single combat, and then by both Gabriel and the Everric's Vanguard, Rennik Lovell, a second time. Alexander found Ingram, the son of Thomas Everric, Aralius' youngest paternal half-brother. He decided that the young man, now fourteen, would be his son, even though they were technically cousins. 

After joining the Aren Arcane Institute, also known as the Wizard's Guild and making a name for himself and starting a family with a girl named Annabelle, they had a son named Claude. 

Aralius Everric, Garrick's grandfather, escaped from his prison. Garrick was now about the age of forty, he realized how much his aging had slowed, and his son, Claude was a man already.

He found Garrick outside of Yanille and greeted him. "Hello, my grandson." Aralius said, his cold green gaze rested upon Garrick. Garrick, only about thirty at this time, found himself a bit fearful of his man who claimed to be his Grandfather.

"Who are you?"  Garrick inquired, less fearful than before, he remained silent, wondering how this young, wild haired fellow could be his grandfather, as Michael and Garrick's uncles had always told him that Aralius was dead.

"I am Aralius Everric, father of Michael, Gabriel and Alexander." He was still cold, the man was withered, and his hair remained wild. Garrick stared at him for a moment before Michael and Firia appeared from a flash of lights, stepping in from almost nowhere.

"Father-.." Michael said as he stared down Aralius.

"My son-.. I was just talking to yours." He smirked before he sent a ball at Michael's chest, which was blocked by a blast of air sent out by Firia. In moments, a magical duel ensued, the clash of magics, dark and regular would be seen, sending what looked to be bolts of lightning and sparks into the air.

Aralius leads Tamoras' Army

Aralius Everric leads Tamoras' Army

Aralius was pushed back due to the work of Michael, Firia and Garrick all working together, but the tide turned when the seal on Aralius' forehead was broken. Aralius' hair became white and his hair fell, he began to wither slightly, but, as the seal was broken an army of undead rose from the forests, walking out from the trees.

It was then that the other living members of the family had appeared in the area, Alexander Everric along with Samantha Leotrun, Garrick's son Claude, Gabriel M. Everric and his son,  Cyrus, had appeared from shimmering lights and they prepared themselves for battle. It was at this point that Gabriel and Cyrus travelled straight to Aralius, preparing for combat.

Through countless undead, Gabriel and Cyrus battled, and eventually they reached Aralius, whose whole appearance had changed. After a long battle, Gabriel and Cyrus had been knocked out by Aralus' use of a powerful move, it seemed to make all things around them freeze.

Aralius shed his skin in favor of his Lich Form, a bony creature, still wearing his armour. "I will amass an army so large, I will destroy all of Gielinor. You are strong, my children, but I am the strongest. I am the end-.."  He had approached Gabriel to place a hand on him,  but it was stopped when Lex Everric hit Aralius in the chest with an ice spike.

The vision faded, and with the family's focus on Aralius, he was pushed back and forced to retreat to avoid crumbling to dust, as the multiple hits he had taken had caused him to begin doing so. They chased him back until finally he teleported off, his entire undead army coming with him.  It was here that Gabriel M. Everric was established as the Grandmaster of the family and the new family system had been established, this was also when the renewed family crest was made.

The Everric Family

The Old World Crest

A few months later, all had become silent and peaceful once more, Aralius hadn't made any returns, but, this wasn't the case for long, and Aralius returned, this time with some of the Everric family's oldest enemies, the Leotrun and the Silverkin families and all of their blood, even the originals, Elias Silverkin and Taleborne Leotrun, who were now both Liches. Tamoras, an old enemy of the Everric bloodline had shown his face once more, and he began to raise more dead, an army he had been amassing for ages now. The House of Blackthorn finally joined in to help, at the urging of Alia Everric, who was a born Blackthorn Seer.

A small-scale Magical War had been set off, and for six more years, they returned to their battles. During this time, whilst fighting both the Silverkin and Leotrun, Aralius ended up capturing Annabelle. Garrick went after him along with Cyrus and Claude. They slew whoever was in their path, but, in the end, Aralius killed Annabelle, who died in Garrick's arms.

Garrick's rage was set off, and he nearly defeated Aralius, who escaped when Claude  had told Garrick to calm down. The Silverkin and the Leotrun had been pushed back, leaving only Tamoras and Aralius, Tamoras had withdrawn mostly from the conflict to plan more and allowed Aralius to lead his armies.

Aralius approached from Yanille's west, a large army, Aralius' final solution, had been amassed. This force consisted of a few small groups of Aralius' followers, all lower levelled mage apprentices and a few of his Tamoras' acolytes. The rest of the army consisted of higher-end skeletons and Zombies. Gabriel led his family into battle.

Alongside Alia, Cyus, Michael, Firia, Cyrus, Alexander, Ingram, Rennik Lovell, Samantha Leotrun and a wary Claude, they fought waves of undead. It was here that Gabriel, Michael and Cyrus had taken split off from the group, leaving the others to fight off the undead while they confronted Aralius. After a long battle of the elements, and Ancient Magic, Michael and Cyrus had been incapacitated, where Aralius and Gabriel continued to fight. Cyrus and Michael had awakened both, the two were beside one another, watching a locked duel between Gabriel and Aralius.

Aralius knew he was losing this battle slowly, and he made an attempt to shoot them both with a powerful bolt of Arcane Energy, a last ditch effort to get rid of the two. The others watched from afar, still locked in combat with Aralius' armies, and eventually they got hold of the mages that were keeping a small force of them alive. Gabriel stood before the beam and released a disruption shield, which held only for a few moments before he was hit with the bolt, it tore through his robes and his heartbeat had increased, a small hole had burned into his chest.

Gabriel faltered for a moment, he knew his wound was mortal. Alexander, Michael, Garrick, Cyrus and the others were powerless to help him. Gabriel placed his hands forth, producing a small glass orb, a sigil had appeared under Aralius' feet, he had been weakened greatly as well by the battle and the use of the bolt. Light erupted from the sigil and Gabriel began to chant, in a few moments, Aralius' withered body reproduced its skin, leaving him withered and nearly without muscle.

Gabriel chanted more and soon enough, Aralius was placed into the glass orb, the orb fell to the floor, the enchantment on it preventing it from shattering. Along with it, Gabriel collapsed on his face. Cyrus and Michael ran to him as fast as their weakened forms could. The rest of the family had seen this transpire, and the rest of Aralius' army had either been defeated or had collapsed.

The rest of the family had rushed to Gabriel's side, Alia took his body in her arms, screaming for him to be live, the tears fell profusely from her eyes. Gabriel's body had shut down due to over-exertion of his magics, and the grevious wound that had been inflicted to him. He lay lifeless in Alia's arms, the rest of the family looked to him. Rennik took Gabriel's mantle and handed it to Cyrus, who accepted it sorrowfully.

This made Cyrus' personality change quite a bit, and he was soon appointed as the Grandmaster of the Everric, the title he believed he had only acquired through the death of his father. Claude, Garrick's son was bitter over the death of his Uncle, and moreso the death of his mother at the hands of Aralius. Claude denounced magic and stormed off to Misthalin, despite all best efforts of Garrick. Claude cut off contact with Garrick and started a family.

Betrayal of Cyrus

Main Article: Cyrus Everric

My family, their lives have been stripped away from them. My wife... My children. By our family's greatest enemy.

–Cyrus Everric, to Rennik Lorde on "the Betrayal"

Throughout these ten years of conflict, Cyrus' wife, Rebecca and their four kids, all adults, had managed to stay out of the conflict. But, one day the four kids, Rachel, Cyril, Ronin and Mark had disappeared.

Cyrus went after them along with Rennik Lorde and tracked them to a small cave, where they were being held and they had been chained up. This wasn't after a week after their disappearance.

Cyrus and Rennik fought about ten Wizard's before a black figure revealed himself, standing at eight feet, with horns and golden eyes, pure malevolence incarnate. He revealed himself to be Tamoras Noctis, and for one reason or another, he didn't recognize Rennik.

After a long duel, Tamoras claimed that he was bored of it and shrugged before teleporting off. A worn and tired Cyrus shook his head and looked to his comrade, who didn't look nearly as worn. Cyrus was well aware that Rennik was his elder at least by a hundred years. The two rushed to the walls where Cyrus' children were being held and freed them and brought them home, Cyrus' tower which was once Gabriel's.

Cyrus noticed their strange behaviors and mannerisms, even though they had been clear that Tamoras had tampered with their minds. Cyrus had realized they were becoming increasingly more distant and the once close relationship that he had with his kids had faded and died.

It wasn't until another year that they showed any more odd signs, one night they called Rebecca to the top of the tower and began burning her to a crisp, her screams of agony could he heard from afar. Rebecca had only died because of her refusal to fight her children.

By the time Cyrus had arrived, it was too late, his kids stood victoriously over Rebecca's charred corpse. A dark apparition floated over them, it was the form of Tamoras. He disappeared again, and Cyrus' kids began to attack him. Cyrus fended them off with ease, but then a strange essence entered them and once more they fought.

There was a light show atop tower that night, quite the display, and soon enough, others were drawn to the bottom of the tower. Others rushed to it, namely Garrick, Michael and Lex Everric. Once they had arrived, Cyrus' children were dead. Cyrus himself was holding Rebecca's charred body, tears flowed from his eyes. It was the last time he cried for many years, and his heart had hardened.

The Beaufort Uprising

Main Article: The Beaufort Uprising

The Beaufort Dynasty: A proud house, arrogant. Foolish. They paid for their mistakes.

–Ingram Everric, on the Beauforts.

The Uprising

The Beaufort Dynasty, originally an Ardougnese family now Isles and the Yanillian house of Baronet entered a full-out conflict spanning for two years. It seemed at first the Baronet were winning, but, in the end the Beaufort won and ended up absorbing the Baronet completely, while killing the top aggressors of the family and quelling any thoughts of rebellion.

This had already attracted the attention of the Everric Family, now a prominent family within Yanille and the surrounding southern lands mostly after hearing of the defeat of Baronet, they mobilized their people for combat. The House of Beaufort was a militant family by all means, consisting mostly of warriors and knights.

The Beauforts sent a letter to Cyrus, it was an invitation to a peace summit. So, Garrick had been established as the protector of Cyrus at the time, along with Rennik Lovell and Marcellus Everric traveled along with him. They were greeted by the main camp, and were in the center of it, surrounded by Beaufort and Windham soldiers. Though they were offered wine, the Everric did not drink, they had noted the Black Lion Coat-of-Arms that the Beaufort kept.

The Everric had recently established the Golden Lion as their own, and it had been made clear to them that the Beaufort didn't truly want peace. Not long after, Gerard Beaufort came into the back entrance of the commander's tent and shot Marcellus in the spine, killing him instantly. This started a heavy skirmish that resulted in the deaths about ten of the Beaufort's soldiers by Rennik Lovell and Cyrus with incredible ease.

They would have continued there, but, they had a dead man with them now and the rest of the Beaufort soldiers ready to shoot them. They teleported off, this would be one of the few times that these members would actually take part in actual combat as the runes were expensive and scarce. After returning home with the dead Marcellus, the group pulled the bolt from his spine, knowing he was already dead.

Cyrus called together the family and once gathered and Cyrus explained the circumstances of what had happened at that summit. The family, stil rather small, called for war and called for the aid of their allies. Cyrus, a Blackthorn by birth, went to find them himself and to the Castle Thorn, south of Yanille, he traveled.

He spoke with his Uncle Tyrion Blackthorn, who was now nearing his seventies, his aging slowed by his own questionable means. Tyrion welcomed him happily and after a few nights of speaking and drinking, they finally agreed to retrieve the Cross family together and request aid. They did so and spoke with Alister Cross who agreed to help them, bringing their armies to Yanille.


The Beaufort prepared their armies and marched towards the Castle Thorn, prepared to fight the Blackthorns. The Blackthorns held out for a few days and finally had prepared enough to make an attempt at breaking the siege. The Blackthorn soldiers under Armand Blackthorn sent out their forces in attempt to break the siege, and it had worked at first, but another force had marched onto the hill, more Beaufort soldiers. They broke the attack and routed the Blackthorn troops and chased them off to Yanille where they camped outside, during the confusion, Armand was killed.

The Beauforts now had a castle to call home. Amaund Beaufort arrogantly named it the Beaufort Castle or the Beaufort Fort. They prepared their large force and continued to prepare for a month. It was by this time that Rennik Lovell, Grand-Sentry of the Everric, had performed a powerful, yet draining, ritual in Lovell Tower, leaving him at a low amount of physical energy.

Commander Francois Baronet led the Beaufort and Windham forces to Lovell Tower, the next spot on their map. It was the largest structure in the area and they wanted it. They were met by a lone Rennik Lovell who faced the army with outstanding and what everyone thought to be, crazy courage. Rennik prepped himself for combat, and sent out a Wind Surge, which knocked away a large portion of the Beaufort Armsmen and killed a few that had fallen upon their own spears.

Rennik, although he was weakened and drained, was still an extreme force to be reckoned with. Rennik continued to fend off the army until he couldn't any longer and he teleported off, leaving the Beaufort forces beaten, battered and broken. However, Lovell Tower was still left alone by Rennik, who had retreated back to Yanille. They found that the Lovell Tower would only serve as a nice fort, there were little to no rations in it.

The Everric heard of this attack and mobilized quickly. Under Ingram, the Everric soldiers marched into battle along with Galen Everric. Instead of being met by Beaufort forces, they were met by the Windham, who still had a much larger force. The forces split in two, the battlemages were led into combat by Galen and they broke the immediate lines before fighting their way to Geoffrey Windham, the force's commander.

After a short skirmish between Geoffrey's bodyguards and the Battlemages, Galen drove Geoffrey's own blade through the man's chest with little effort. Ingram's forces had held out, but, atop the hill once more were the forces of Beaufort and Baronet atop the hill, led by Francois Baronet.

They charged Ingram's forces and forced both Galen and Ingram back, the forces were pushed back once again with little effort and Ingram and Galen were left safe, though, they had lost a good portion of their men in the retreat, forty percent. The two approached their family once more and they were welcomed, everyone was just happy they were alright.

Now while the Blackthorn, the Everric and the Cross gathered, two of their own began to gather their own supporters. These two were Merrick Everric and Veron Blackthorn, the two prepared a strange plan, and, every night Merrick disappeared to pursue his relationship with Marie Beaufort, a true jewel of the lands. All had gone silent from the Beauforts, everyone thought they had been preparing for more war.

The Blue Wedding

For two years, Merrick pursued his relationship with Marie, and she loved him back. Although Marie believed the relationship was shrouded in clandestine, Cyrus, Rennik and other members of the Everric had known of it due to the information given by Merrick. None could know what Merrick was planning, they just wanted the boy to be happy thinking that it might be cause for peace.

Amaund did not disagree, he thought it would help create peace and then eventually get him to be able to gain control of Yanille. With the blessing of Amaund and Cyrus, Merrick and Marie had scheduled their wedding, and Amaund set it up, allowing for them to be wed in Lovell Tower. Everything was made nice by the Courts Battlemage, Avril Beaufort, who was both a Nature Mage and a Pyromancer.

The Lovell Tower was made rather beautiful, people reveled and the soldiers had been sent back to the Beaufort Castle for only the day. The Beaufort and the Windham had already gathered, awaiting the Galen's family's arrival. Though, Galen had told them that they couldn't make it; Amaund was slightly annoyed at this, but, he decided the wedding should go on anyway. But, soon enough, a group in Blue Robes, the "Everric Family" had arrived, fifteen men and women travelling as couples along with the Priest.

And so the wedding went on at the urging of Amaund and the two were wed under a Guthixan Priest, it was Veron Blackthorn, his piercing cerulean eyes had been watching their enemies. After the main ceremonies, the happy couple approached Amaund. Merrick quickly pulled a dagger, the last thing he had spoken that night, "The Everric pay back their debts" and he drove it into Amaunds chest, missing his heart.

Amaund fell as Merrick pulled it from his chest, bleeding heavily. This ignited the battle between the Everric-Blackthorn loyalists and the Beaufort family as well as the Windham found themselves in combat. Personally, Merrick had slain both Martin Windham and his newlywed wife, Marie when they had attacked them. Gerard Beaufort and Veron fought each other and mortally wound one another, only after Veron had slain several of the guards presiding the ceremony.

It was this moment that almost everyone from both sides had lain on the floor, slain. Merrick stood, covered in blood, breathing heavily. He fought finally against James Windham, and he had nearly slain him as well. Merrick stood over him, though, it wasn't to be and he was stabbed by Amaund, who had been bleeding. James thanked him solemnly and wrapped his wounds helping him out. This small bit of peace didn't last long, everyone who was once living, was slain and Amaund was paranoid. Once he had gotten some of his strength back, he stabbed James to death in his sleep.

Amaund returned to the Beaufort Castle and prepared his fortress, fearing the retaliation of the Everric, all that was there to greet him were his soldiers and his men at arms and knights. This was all he needed, he thought, even when his family and his allies had drowned in blood. The Everric found the tower once again, cleaning up and holding a large-scale funeral for those fallen at that battle, placing their own fallen into their "Vault."

The Long Night of Solace

Our fires lit up the night, banners of blue and gold and their standards flew high above our troops and we descended upon them. It was time they learned what the name Everric truly means.

–Galen Everric, on the taking of Beaufort Castle

Beaten and broken, confined to Beaufort, Amaund waited and waited for something to happen. All was silent in his Castle, the screams of his family rang through his head. All he had done, everything he had accomplished was slipping through his grasp. It was the first time he thought that the castle he sat in was made of sand rather than stone. He would soon be correct, Amaund's enemies were marching to the castle, led by Ingram Everric, Galen was at his side along with Revan and Stannis Blackthorn. By the hundreds they descended upon the Castle, firstly, the camps outside of the Castle were taken down with relative ease, even those who weren't taken by surprise were easily slain by a sword or an arrow.

One by one, they fell, by the hundreds, their camp was destroyed and burnt. They continued onto the Castle, destroying the walls with a few powerful wind waves and surges from the mages there, the outer walls of the castle collapsed. Into the keep they traversed, Galen faced off against Francois Baronet and ended up killing him, once again with his own blade and driving it through the man's chest. Revan had returned to his usual stance, this was his first major conflict and he seemed to be enjoying it... Almost too much, one by one and then two by two men fell to his blade, and to his spells.

They stormed the keep after busting down the doors, Ingram led the way and they fought their way through a few different varieties of surviving soldiers, each one was slain quickly. Ingram had yet to draw his blade, yet, finally they reached the room of Amaund Beaufort and he was already armoured, prepared to fight. Ingram was only in a thin set of robes. Amaund had challenged him to a duel, to which Ingram had readily accepted, and Ingram used a few little tricks.

After their blades had locked for the first time, Ingram pressed down on his hilt and spun his blade about before Amaund's sword flew away. Amaund stared at Ingram with his brown eyes, the fierce bright green eyes of Ingram stared deeply into Amaunds, seeming to put Amaund in a trance-like state for a few moments. It was then that Amaund snapped out of his trance-like state, however, it was too late. Ingram's hand had glowed an eerie green before it sunk into Amaund's chest.

Ingram ripped his heart out and allowed Amaund to watch for a few moments before it crumbled to ashes in his hand. Amaund crumbled to his knees and fell to the floor, lifeless. He was unable to say a word as he spoke, as he had lost his thoughts at seeing his own heart and his life slipping away. Ingram shook his head and then walked away with a shake of his hand. Galen followed soon behind, taking off Amaund's head and placing it atop a spike, his body soon followed, carried by Revan. It was placed aside Francois, who had received the same fate.

The Castle was ransacked, everything was taken, and all of the armor and weapons? They were salvaged and sold for gold, taken from the bodies. The bodies had been tossed into the castle and burnt along with it, the banners were torn down and burnt on the spot. None were spared, none who occupied that castle that day survived. Ingram rode away along with Galen, back off to Lovell Tower, their forces in tow.

A Normal Everric Family?

Claude had a son named Bartholomew or Barry, and a daughter named Claire. Garrick himself left for Yanille, eventually working with the Arens and becoming the head of the Wizard's Guild later in life, he is still there to this day.

Richard and Stuart Everric were born to Bartholomew and his wife, Abigail Everric, in the year 120 and 122 respectively of the fifth age. They were raised as farmers, and learned to live off the land, becoming quite self-sufficient. Growing up the two boys found it hard to grow up together, and they found themselves in many scraps. Eden herself never went on to marry, and she gave birth to Evelynn and John Everric, who chose to have her surname compared to their father, Xavier. 

The two brothers eventually grew up, going their separate ways, Richard inherited the family farm, and stayed their to work, eventually meeting Niki, a geomancer and descendant of the Moon Clan. She was wounded, and Richard helped bandage her up and clean her wounds. The two fell in love during her stay at their house and they got married and started a family. Despite this, Richard didn't know that the first two children, Caedmon and Lynette, were not his. Stuart, went to work his way up into nobility, though the brothers stayed within Misthalin for these times.

Stuart bought himself a mansion not far outside of Varrock and remained in good contact with his brother and paid visits every once in a while, even offering financial support. Even with nine children, Richard was still too proud and too stubborn to accept help from his brother.  

Tragedy (Misthalin)

Main Article: Gabriel Everric

One fateful morning, the Farmer Everric were living on one of the farms between Lumbridge and Draynor, some of the eight kids were gone for whatever reason, a few remained, the father, Richard, the mother, Niki, their oldest son Gabriel, and a few of their other children, being Connor, Kennith and Lynette, due to recent events, the area was subject to Bandosian Patrols.

The night before, one of the younger brothers, Kennith, had spotted a group of goblins patrolling about two hundred or so feet north of the farm. Gabriel looked out to where his brother, spotting it as well, though they didn’t bother to tell their parents.The day before was quite eventful, the events including things such as busting open the roof, licking windmill grinders, throwing each other through windows, helping out random strangers, and acts of incest being performed by their mother, Niki.

After Richard had arrived home, Gabriel was informed by Lynette about the heinous acts that their mother had performed, which subsequently ended up in Gabe telling Richard about the incestuous acts, after all this and helping out a wounded woman with dark cobalt eyes. The events left Connor, already the loner and rebel of the family as a scarred child. Gabriel and Arkaevum, the twin brothers, and some of the oldest of the family tried to keep the house in order while their parents were gone. Soon enough, as both parents had left for their different reasons, the kids were visited by their Uncle Stu, who talked to them about the various situations in their lives, and spent the night as well.

Stu slipped out early in the morning to see how the renovations were coming on his own house.The next morning, Niki and Richard ended up getting into an argument, mostly about Niki’s violation of the children, and other things. As the two strangers had also been within the house, they exited with Gabriel, Connor and Kennith. They argued all over the house, throwing things and what not until they went outside, a large group of rogue Bandosians was making their way down to the farm with a group of about ten Goblins, five Orks, two Ogres and one Bandosian Warpriest and Ambusher behind him, a small army. Niki, who had been charging an earth spell, impaled the Goblins with sharp rocks, while Richard fought off some of the Ork’s killing a few, leaving him tired.

This wasn’t before some of the Goblin’s loosed some flaming arrows at the house, bringing down the wooden foundation with relative ease.The eldest child, the half-sibling to the others, Lynette had trapped herself within a thin layer of rock, having taken after her mother, this was a mistake, as it could have cooked her alive. After the forces had been thinned out, with some help from little Kennith and his bow, most of the remaining soldiers were dead, save for the two Ogres, the Ambusher and the Warpriest. Gabriel grabbed one of the younger brothers, Griffin and carried him to Draynor, with the rest of the family, and the strangers. 

The Warpriest had made his way up to Richard’s position behind the Ogre’s, who had scooted past Richard, as Richard attempted to stop one of the big ones. The Warpriest took this opportunity to stab Richard in the left shoulder, who cried out in pain as he fell onto his back, being knocked over by the combined force of the Ogre’s sheer moving weight and the sword stabbing into his shoulder. Richard made an effort to stab at the Priest, who simply knocked the sword away with his foot, thrusting his left sword into his chest, and pierced his heart.

As the Priest’s blade had pierced Richard’s heart, the Priest spoke to him and said, “Your family will fall as quickly as you.”Richard looked back; his green eyes glazed, blood coming out of his mouth and nose as he coughed his last words, “You don’t know my family.” With that Richard Everric breathed his last breath.

The Bandosian Warpriest called back his remaining forces, leaving the carnage of dead Orks and Goblins to rot, far exceeding the stench of when they were alive and grunting. Meanwhile, inside the house, Niki was looking for the unconscious Lynette, who was still trapped inside her thin layer of stone. The stone had protected her from the searing flames, but not without cost. During this, Niki was sacrificing her own well-being, the flames searing at her skin, burning it off, as the beams and foundations of the house collapsed upon itself simultaneously, and she was subsequently crushed by the beams, and burned to death, her remains lost in the rubble, the house being burnt to a crisp.

Kandarin Branch

Allannah Everric and Sam

Allannah and Sam (Sargs'Suun) fight an Ogre

Eden and Robert spread out to different parts of Kandarin, and they both had copious amounts of children due to several different reasons, each to their own. Robert had Selene, Arathorn, Kristina, Victoria and many others. As well as this, Eden had Evelynn, John, Allannah, Jade and Janelle.


The four brothers who were there returned, Gabriel, Connor, Kennith, and Griffen returned to the wreckage, looking over the dead Goblins, and Richard’s dead body in sadness. Connor headed over to see if Lynette was okay, treading lightly over Niki’s remains, though not shying away from kicking her skull aside coldly. Connor had no love left for his mother, due to her violation of him the day before. He broke through the thin rock shell, which had almost served as an oven for Lynette, and took her out, bringing her out to their brothers. Gabriel held onto his father’s head, and Griffen took his father’s sword, as Gabriel already had one.

Gabriel kissed his father’s head, before speaking to his brothers on the burial, and three out of four had come to a consensus, as the strangers had come to offer their condolences. Connor left to go back to the village, as he saw no reason to bury their father. They buried him, the boys cried over their father’s grave as the abused neighbor boy, Wade came to see what had happened, looking over the group.

Wade asked the group where the ones who had done this had gone to, Gabe, still mourning replied sarcastically, “What are you going to do?” Wade looked back and replied sarcastically, “I’m going to throw them a tea party! What do you think I’m gonna do?”Gabe looked back to him and replied, “Shut up. Your parents never loved you.” This made Wade draw his bow and train it upon Gabe, who replied by drawing his sword.

One of the youngest siblings by the name of Nyuu, who had been hiding in the tree, jumped onto Wade’s shoulder, knocking him slightly off balance, and Gabe rushed in, over his father’s grave, jumping onto the well, and using it as leverage to sink his blade into Wade’s shoulder. Wade backed up, getting cut by it as well, as he tried to reach for his dagger, but found as Gabe had landed, he lunged forward with his left knee and knocked him into the tree, hitting his head and dazing him a bit. Gabe then brought the hilt of his sword to the back part of Wade’s jaw, knocking him out.

Connor returned, coming to tell them about the house that they had found in Draynor. This house actually belonged to a member of the Cut Assassins, Lyruil Iorwerth, one of the most prominent members. Gabriel handed the unconscious Wade to Connor, and asked him to bring him back to the house they had found. Wade had been dropped at the crossroads outside of Draynor, and left there. Gabriel went off to look for his twin, Arkaevum, the youngest brother and sibling, Ravalan and of course Melody, the mentally unstable younger daughter.

Mattthew Bowie exited the illustrious Usual Spot, walking not too far to see that there was an influx of children in the area, around his house. He walked up and spoke to Connor about the house that the children had taken for themselves, as it was the one he had for himself. He told them that they could stay there, giving Connor the key to the house and disappearing into the shadows. This would begin the new story for the Everric family, leaving an unsure fate for them, and their fates to the cold, cruel reality that is Gielinor. Gabriel then left for Al Kharid, not knowing that was where Arkaevum was. He completed a course that he and his brother had established once more, though did not find him.

The Adventure Begins

Arkaevum ran away to Al Kharid, being trained for about a month straight with the Ali's. He was trained to be quite proficient in Air Magic. Kennith, Gabe, Lynette and Wade travelled to the site of the Battle of Lumbridge, aweing at Saradomin's pedestal. They looked at the divine tear pool, in which Lynette threw a few fish, which happened to be their dinner that Wade had fought hard for, and they ended up fishing them out with Gabriel's sword. They soon scaled the large scaffolding which held the guards of Saradomin's battlefield, looking over the site of the snow covered carnage.

Soon after this the family left to go to Varrock, stealing the 'Cut Mobile' in the prcoess, and promising to give it back with a note addressed to Mr. Bowie and their Uncle. The kids ended up going to Varrock, and Kennith asked Gabe to teach him how to freerun, running and jumping from building to building with great skill, Kennith learned quickly as well.

Gabriel then left again to Al Kharid, still wondering where his brother had run off to. He moved along the course that he and his brother had established, sliding down an awning, before finally reaching a group of planks that were close together that they'd look at. He saw two people there, recognizing one was his twin brother, Ark. Ark heard his name, and Gabriel had crossed the planks. They wondered what was going on, and Gabe pulled a stunt where he fell off the roof as Ark was performing his final test for the Ali's. He was caught by a ball of air, which slowed his fall. Ark then was gifted a diamond necklace by Master Ali, who then floated off humorously. To which, they returned to Varrock, and settled in for a short while.

Soon they were found by their Uncle Stuart once more, who then proceeded to offer to adopt them. This happened, Amber, one of their friends, being adopted as well as Wade. Uncle Stuart left for a moment to retrieve his two carriages to get them, as Melody arrived and showed her bucket of flowers, leaving again. Melody then left, and was replaced by her not-so-imaginary friend Roger, who was more or less, a pedophile, and a very large black male.

By this time Uncle Stuart had returned and Roger began to threaten him. After Roger had made a threat on Melody's life, Arkaevum and Gabriel both readied themselves for combat. Arkaevum punched him with his spiked gloves, while Gabe stabbed him in the spine and twisted it. Ark then followed up by shooting a Wind Surge at him. To which they left the body there and moved to Stuart's Mansion.

After going there they settled in, and picked their rooms. And for the first time with both of them knowing magic, Arkaevum and Gabe sparred with magic and melee for the first time. They fought, and after exchanging a few blows that gave one another a few bruises, it ended with the two hitting their hands fists together. They shook their hands at their sides and exclaimed how it had hurt before departing.

The Next Few Years

A year has passed, and now they've been training hard together, being taught by a few people around Misthalin in different styles, learning from some former members of the Wizard Tower. The most prominent training, was the training that Gabe had recieved from Arkaevum, that was the training that the Ali's had given Ark. A few different choices have been made, and ties have been split.

This led to Lynette and Wade leaving the area along with Caedmon with Gabriel, Ken, Connor, Ark and Griffen staying along with their remaining sisters, and the other neghbors who decided to stay, they ran away, some to join the Order of Virtue. Gabriel himself forming a relationshipship with a new girl, Mia Vere.

Lynette returned to the house with Wade and Sir Tristan Howe. Others showed up as well, Brynna, Connor and Gabriel returned soon after, a short confrontation happened, but ended when Gabriel stepped between and gave the three an ultimatum, to which they left, but soon it seemed that Pierce had tracked Connor to his secret hideout, which Gabriel had already visited. Gabriel then dropped down upon the mountain, seeming to float, this time as Pain.

They spoke for a moment before Gabriel leapt off dramatically, like a true ninja, using air magic to propel his jumps. Connor then had a short confrontation with Wade Pierce, who ran off. This led to the next battle, where Wade once again hid away in snow camo, using a 'scoped crossbow', not exactly a great idea due to the inaccuracy of crossbows. But, Sir Tristan Howe killed one Rogue Kinshra, and another Rogue Kinshra Knight.

The Windblade recruits, Pestis and Fairfax did quite well in the fight and took down Lynette, Fairfax shooting her with a bolt to the shoulder. The Order of Virtue soon retreated when Pain ordered the traps to be activated, and as this happened. Pestis nearly died when Aven Arkov ended up attacking him. Pain activated the teleport functions on their commorbs, saving the life of Pestis. The battle ended when Connor exited, Gabriel himself soon following.

These events caused Arkaevum to question his being, leaving to find himself, helping whomever and whatever needed it, a virtuous man altogether.

Gabriel has now found Ravalan Everric for the first time in a year, in a cave with goblins near Lumbridge, talking to a skeleton as a friend, claiming it had kept his sanity. Gabriel found him and took him back to the mansion, and fed him some of their high class food. He then taught Griffen how to read.

Gabriel left now to find himself, and attempted to suppress the darkness inside himself, he hated most and all things, except his family. This resulted in him going to train around the world with various masters, training hard under the Windblade, and the Ali's, as well as several more Masters, resulting in him learning many diverse weapon techniques.

Gabriel returned, after allowing his Uncle to take care of his family, along with Amber and Brynna. He received a warm welcome, and then began casual travel, with an excellent muscle tone now.

With this, Gabriel learned to suppress his darker half before he began to train, this way, he started to Divine, something he hadn't quite done since the Battle of Lumbridge, and this time to a lesser degree. Others such as Wade and Arkaevum had just still travelled the world. Griffen himself had been taught Magick by Augustus, a powerful Mahjarrat and Mage with a history with the Everric Family's mages, he is disguised as Gaius Argus Umbria or Gus, which is homage to Ariston, as Argus was the name of his father. 


The wisdom of the gods is all false, their righteous quests are only for their own personal gain. Learn from this, my children, these are Ariston's teachings.

–Rennik Lovell, on Aristonian Teachings.

Gabriel Everric, the family's current overall leader found a strange book within the Everric Manion's study, that notably hadn't been there before. In most cases Gabriel upon finding it, he read into it, noting quickly that it was encoded, and that it was written in the language that some of the more advanced mages used, the Language of Infernus, or the Ancient Language. It took Gabriel twenty-four hours, but he had quickly decoded the first few pages, which had a short biography of Ariston and Flavia everric, the founders of the family.

These first few pages also revealed that Ariston and Flavia had been sealed away somewhere. With this, Gabriel called a meeting with Arkaevum in the Jolly Boar Inn. Afterwards Gabriel began to explain, with the timely arrival of Kennith, Griffen. They spoke of travelling the world as a family, and together they devised the plan of recruiting some people to join them on this trip. Firstly, they ended up recruiting their cousin Evelynn Everric, long time friend Amber Derikson, Wade Pierce, Isla Grey, Hannibal Moreau, a mercenary named Daniil Orlov and a bartender named Julie.

Garrick Everric made his reappearance to most of the Everrics, finding his place in Arkaevum and helping him recover. Gabriel smiled at seeing his Great-Great Grandfather again after almost a year. Soon after, he returned to Yanille, watching as Allannah, his great-great granddaughter, and an old-old servant of the house, Samantha, fight off an ogre.

Pieces of the Past

Gabriel and the family found themselves very involved throughout the world, mostly through the Guild, Aspera Tower and other things, whilst they travelled about. Taleborne Leotrun appeared in Arenvale, looking for his daughter Samantha. After a short skirmish between Samantha, Kristina and Taleborne, they neared the Institute, and Aralius Everric, the father of Lex, Michael and he deceased Gabriel M. Everric appeared next to him. Samantha had retrieved Lex from the institute, being in charge of the Institute Defenses, he prepared himself for battle. Gabriel R. Everric and Garrick Everric appeared soon after to take a gander, along with Evelyn Aren-Renderra.

After a short magical duel, Samantha sent both Taleborne and Aralius through a house wall. And in a short span of time, the rest of the Everric present sent vines, shadows, blood or others towards the building, making it implode and then explode. After the explosion had cleared, dead began to rise, and in a few moments the dead were also taken out, and Aralius was incapacitated by a tree trunk sent by Kristina Everric.

Time ceased for a brief moment, and Ariston Everric made a cameo appearance, literally grabbing onto Taleborne and then teleporting him off before time started up again. Everyone looked around, wondering what had happened, but they were glad to see that Taleborne was gone, and to find that the mighty Aralius was down. Aralius stood, Lex approached him, stating that Gabriel's sacrifice had not been in vain.

Gabriel himself wondered what this meant, and asked Garrick, who told him that he was named after Garrick's Uncle, Gabriel M. Everric. Gabriel smiled at this before the group approached, Arathorn placed a large, ornate magical sigil at the Aralius' feet, and walls lit up around the sigil, coming up and bringing Aralius to his knees. The pain was intensified when Lex set his hands out to increase the effect of the spell. Around them, they began to chant a spell of sealing, which made Aralius' body shrivel up once more. Lex and Garrick took hold of Aralius' arms and they disappeared into thin air to seal him away once more.

Gabriel looked to Samantha, and Arathorn to Kristina, seeing if they were okay. Taleas Leotrun, the son of Taleborne, and the biological brother to Samantha appeared. He sent a burst of magic out at Gabriel and Arathorn, which knocked them about twenty feet, sending them through a fence. Taleas teleported off with Sam screaming in his arms, and Kristina was left to tend to Gabriel and Arathorn.

Aristonian Philosophy

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As a family, the Everric originated as Zarosians, though, they strayed away from this as Ariston and Flavia found their place in the world. The atrocities committed by all of the followers of the various gods, and the weaker gods left them unwilling to trust gods or most people, except for the closest. Aside from this, Aristonian philosophy is a set of ideals on what he believed was important.

Personal Freedom

Freedom of the Mind

Naturalistic Worship and Mysticism

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This page contains Custom Content

This page contains content that is not official RuneScape lore. It has been made exclusively for use in role-playing and may be subject to change should Jagex release contradictory official content into the website or game.

The practice of Nature Worship is something viewed similarly to the ideals of Serenists and Guthixians of certain denominations, namely the Ithell Clan and the Druids of Taverley. There is, however, a darker spin on it. Although, this form is used in coupling with Witchcraft and the way its practitioners operate make them viewed more as Witches than any Guthixian Druid or Serenist Elf. It is a religion primarily written by Ariston Everric and Zephyr Blackthorn themselves;this is the version rewritten in certain areas by Ingram Everric and Elana Cross. It is what to most would be considered as a Pagan and Occult faith. Those who practice it are known as the Mother's Children and their Coven, the Coven of Mystics.

Dark Celtic Music - Spirit Rituals And Beautiful Spiritual Mix-0

Dark Celtic Music - Spirit Rituals And Beautiful Spiritual Mix-0

The Mood of the Religion

To add, the religion itself is neither black nor white, good nor evil. The morality of the religion itself depends on the alignment of the one using it and so it will come out as the manifestation of one's morality in most cases, though most who practice it would be seen as having a neutral alignment. The Worship and Magics are highly tied together and it's thought that one cannot quite be performed without the use of the other. The main book of worship that holds all of the teachings is known as the Naturarcanum: a giant tome that can be shrunk and grown at will, while multiple copies have been created, only the heads of each coven are permitted to carry it.

Currently, in general numbers, the religion and pracitice itself has shrunk to only have one active Coven and they meet where they can and when they can, usually under a full moon at night at some obscure location to maximize the effectiveness of the rituals.


A moonlit meet

A typical Stone Circle utilized by members of the Coven

The Religion is highly centered on the worship of those believed to be the Forces of Nature. Each and every one is viewed to be archaic in some way, and many hints are given to them being the Elder Gods themselves, but there are more than that. To the Children, these deities are known as the Hallowed.

  • The Mother- As with every Pantheon of gods, there must be a Chief Deity who watches over all others. The Mother is that of what all should be, the sky, she watches over all of those she calls her children. She is prayed to for the hope of fertility and prosperity.
  • The Visionary- The visionary is the one who oversaw the creation of everything, he who thought to create all, calling the Smith and the Artist to do his work.
  • The Smith- The Smith is the creator of the planet, with a mighty hammer she forged the world together into one large, blank sphere.
  • The Artist- The Artist is he who wrote the landscape, placed the trees and shaped the mountains; he is the son of the Visionary.
  • The Thief- He who commands those who would take from others to maintain the balance.
  • The Light- He who brings light, most commonly known as the Sun.
  • The Hunter- He who presides over game beasts. He is the one to pray to when you need aid during a hunt.
  • The Destroyer- He who commands all of the destructive forces of Nature, the controller of the storms, the winds and the waves that may kill one another.
  • The Darkness- In constant harmony or constant conflict, it is unknown to the practitioners of this religion, there is one who rules when there is an absence of the Light's presence.
  • The Demise- As with most religions, Death is viewed as a force of nature. Death is only prayed to when the members of the Coven want someone, well... dead. He is seen mostly as forbidden to pray to. He is, though, the one to pray to during rituals to prevent death or resurrect the dead.
  • The Collector- Working hand in hand with the Demise itself, the Collector is the one who goes around taking the souls of the each individual taken by the Demise.


Chosen Coven Member

Typical wear during Worship

The religion itself focuses highly upon the Worship of the Forces of Nature as a whole, those who inhabit nature and those who have passed on.

  • Harmony- Similarly to Guthixian Teachings, this religion stresses the need for balance and harmony with one another, though it may be viewed as more extreme, as those who practice it would see to overthrow all other governments to form one neutral New World Order. This is, of course, only in theory as those who practice it suffer from a form of laziness when it comes to interaction with Government and higher orders aside from the "Forces".
  • Ancestral Worship- It is believed that when a relative passes on, rather than being brought to the Grim Underworld, those who follow the faith, as the religion is coloquially referred to, are instead fused with the Soul of the World, the Anima Mundi. With this, they become those whom those above chose to protect their respective areas of nature. The most revered are Nature Spirits.
  • Living Beings- All Humans, Animals and Vegetation that live are part of the balance of nature, and it is seen that all are to work together to maintain the balance. Though, when taking the life of another, the heart must be destroyed or offered up to the old gods, whether it be human or animals; vegetation for all intents and purposes is excluded from this rule for obvious reasons.
  • Pacifism- It is to be known to all practitioners of this religion to practice pacifism, which is thought to be that disputes should be solved by peaceful means. However, if someone is aiming to harm the friends or family of someone who might practice it, no quarter that wasn't granted to them should be given back.
  • Mysticism- All of the abilities and things you are able to do through the use of magic are gifts from the higher powers, the Forces of Nature.
  • Freedom- An Ethic as well as a belief, the religion stresses freedom in all aspects. What this means is dependent on one's moral values


  1. The religion itself is to be protected at all costs and it is okay to lie for the protection of the religion.
  2. Spilling the blood of a higher form of creation (I.E. Dragons, Bears, Unicorns) means that a sacrifice must be performed as soon as possible and a new ritual must be performed and a new site constructed in order to appease the gods.
  3. The Deities are the utmost and come before all.
  4. Those who practice it are simply known as Witches and Warlocks.
  5. The Covens are tightly knit groups made up of Witches and Warlocks alike, unlike many Covens, this Coven type is made up of those who can defend themselves instead of needing a designated defender.


The Nature Coven

Caviness leads a Ritualistic Worship Session

The Religion focuses highly on worship of the Deities and the Nature Spirits and the worship is always Ritualistic

  1. A practitioners abilities must be renewed through prayer and sacrifice at the phases of the moon, at every full moon is when the rejuvenation is the strongest.
  2. The Sacrifice can be made in groups or individually, as long as it is being done. Though, the individual at the center of the ritual receives the most power. These groups are known mostly as Covens.
  3. Rituals can take place anywhere, though a new ritual site must be constructed each time, that being a makeshift altar of sorts.
  4. The Inner Circle is the performer of the main rituals, and only the most practiced and mature members of the Coven are allowed within the Inner Circle.


  • Due to the heavy freedom given by the religion, those who are its practitioners are not highly open about what they do and do not openly convert due to the nature of Witch Hunters. One must be rather close to a Witch for it to be known.
  • Once Converted, the new convert must be brought to the leader of the Coven and kept in waiting until the next full moon. And when the moon is at its highest point, the blooding ritual is performed
  • The blooding requires the sacrifice of the life of another living being (usually a larger animal such as a wolf) at the same time, if it is messed up, then the potential coven member will perish alongside the creature that was sacrificed.


  1. As long as it doesn't harm another being, do what you wish to do.
  2. Do not use your gifts to harm another individual, there are other methods for it. In the end, someone who abuses their abilities will be taken by the Deities and returned to the dust from whence they came.
  3. Your guidance will come from the spirits, that is the will of the Deities.


As he knelt beside her, he clenched his hand around the amulet, squeezing on the edge so that the dragon horn would form just a slight incision. Once this was achieved, his arm extended to her wound, placing his hand against it, amulet touching it as well. A gentle whisper of a quick chanting escaped his lips, his skin paling visibly as the veins began to stand out in his forehead and neck as well as other parts with skin showing. With the chanting, were one able to see through 'the veil of shadow' they would note two, robed figures standing around the him, one looking to be channeling its energy into him, the other, draining it away. Sweat loomed at his brow now, before a more profuse perspiration overtook him. Looking to him, one would be able to note the pallor and what seemed to be a look of great agony on his features as a tear of blood trickled from his eye. Still, he continued on, and she'd only be able to feel a somewhat pleasant, but out of the ordinary tingle as her wound began to close. Blood trickled from the other eye, some coming from his mouth as well as he ceased his chanting. Giving her a weak smile, the veins in his face and body returned to normal as his eyes rolled back into his head, and he collapsed on his back. For a moment, the two robed figures stared upon the man's body, only fading into nothingness as the woman looked onto them.

–An on-looker's account on Blackthorn healing.

As prior stated, the Mysticism practiced by members of this Coven cannot be viewed as black or white. Though, it would be considered a form of magical practice that would be outlawed by the traditional magic users at the Wizard's Tower. The contents within the Naturarcanum, which holds both the beliefs, doctrines and the mystical abilities offered by practitioners of the religion.

The Blackthorn Amulet

The Blackthorn Amulet is a pendant/necklace that is given to all members at the family at about the age of ten. The raw amulet itself is lined with slots to place gems, and is lined with the visage of a duelling Wolf and Dragon. The amulet is lightweight, and made initially from silver. The enchantments are made with any variety that one could expect from gem enchantments, and the strength depends on what kind of gemstones are held within it. It can be lined with teleports, attunement, and whatever the wearer wishes to use within reason. Practitioners of the magic itself tend to use other items to teleport, including teleportation tablets and other amulets, rather than wasting enchantment room on the amulet itself. 


The Abilities taught by this art can be viewed as very powerful, which is why it is ruled out of hurting other individuals. Most of the younger generations will be found knowing some of these skills. With the taxation of magic, if given necessary permission and rights, a mage may use the energy of another mage around them to amplify the strength of a spell.

  • Pyromancy- It isn't uncommon that a Witch or Warlock will know fire magic, as it is the basic form of Self Defense in the teachings of Pyromancy, and it is one of the main studies. Every member of the Coven is going to know this. It is thought to be the Mother's gift to her creations.
    • Flame Control- From already created fires, the user can manipulate flames to how they wish by way of runes, or without, though it takes a lot more focus to use runeless.
    • Fire Creation- Through use of more runes, the user is able to create fire in the traditional way of fire spells.
    • Ritualistic Fire- Fire is used heavily in rituals, in a very ceremonious way, but there is no specific "sacred fire" as all fire is considered sacred in a way.
  • Cruomancy(Hematomancy)- Blood magic is highly used in rituals, as the sacrifices are "given to the Divine beings."
  • Divining- As a practitioner of this religion is given the ability to "divine" the future or the past through the gifts and can be used if one uses the "essence" of another living creature, be that the sap of a tree or the blood of an animal or person. As most are Seers with the inability to control their inheritance, they are seen using this when they truly wish to Divine.
  • Cardiomancy- A deviation of the magic of the body and the magic of blood comes the magic of the heart, which gives the user the ability to have power over it. It is highly ritualistic and is used to extract the heart during rituals, mostly used on animals, it can also be used on people, but it is highly advised against. This magic is only known by the most trusted members of the Coven.
  • Necromancy- With the effort of multiple members of the Coven, a dead person or loved one is believed to be able to be resurrected with the proper rituals.
  • Summoning- A distortion of the traditional form of summoning, and with enough power from members of the Coven, a demon could be summoned.
  • Healing- Healing is most possibly the most taxing piece of magic, as it sacrifices the same amount of energy that it takes to heal the person. Coven members always try to find others who know how to heal or use the natural methods of healing.
  • Conjuration- This is the form of either taking things from elsewhere, as many mages can do, or the form of conjuring "spiritual weapons" which is something that is rarely ever seen.
  • Arcane Magic- A more practiced Witch or Warlock of the Coven will be seen using different sigils for different purposes and for whatever they wish. To do so, they need the proper time to charge and then must place their hand where they wish to plant the sigil.
  • Teleportation- A spell that literally involves casting a summoning/conjuration spell on one's self. Used only in an emergency, teleportation can also be used on others at the cost of the user's energy.
  • Alchemy- Concentrated, one can alchemise anything so long as they have the right ingredients to exchange it with, and the physical energy to do so.


  • Taxation- The forms of magic used here that aren't super traditional (aside from Cardiomancy) are highly taxing. Annoyingly the ones that benefit others in a normal sense, especially healing, are the worst for one to use and can result in death through over-exertion.
  • An eye for an eye- At the cost of healing another person, the Witch or Warlock will be placed into the same amount of pain that the person they healed was in. If the person was mortally wounded, then the mortal wound will be taken on by them; the healer will begin to bleed out of their eyes, nose and mouth and will be placed into great strain until they themselves perish.

Family Tree

A † denotes that an individual has passed on.


  • Ariston Everric- The Founder of the Everric Family, a former Zarosian, powerful mage and brilliant strategist.
  1. Flavia Everric- The a half-Elf Wife of Ariston, their fates are intertwined, she is a powerful Mage and former Zarosian as well.
    • Razmael Everric- The eldest of Flavia and Ariston, a powerful mage and brilliant strategist.
    1. Celestia Everric- Wife of Razmael, a powerful Shadow Magician.
    • Orion Everric- The eldest of the triplets born to Ariston and Flavia, the strongest, less calculating. 
    • Arion Everric- The middle of the triplets born to Ariston and Flavia, the skilled, inquisitive, outgoing and witty child. He likes to talk through combat situations.
    • Arianne Everric-  The youngest of the triplets born to Ariston and Flavia, The balanced one, condescending, cunning, intelligent and witty, Arianne is a powerful mage and fighter.


  • Nikolai Reyn- The youngest of the Agema, and a friend to Razmael and the others.
  • Blaine Clayton- A family friend and a Shadow Mage. He is considered family.
  • Sergei- The Everric family butler.
  • Cleto Gaspar- A family friend, member of Ariston's Agema. He is considered family.
  • Marius Burke- A family friend, member of Ariston's Agema. He is considered family.
  • Saif Ahmad- A family friend, member of Ariston's Agema. He is considered family.
  • Gallus Orsi- A family friend, member of Ariston's Agema. He is considered family.
  • Zeek- A family friend, humanoid and strange creature.
  • Sargs'Suun (Sam)- The family's demon servant, subjugated by Ariston when Blaine Clayton summoned him, it eventually took the body of Samantha Leotrun.

Aralius' Line

This section covers members of the present day Everric

  • Aralius Everric- A Human Necromancer, the father of Gabriel Matthew Everric and Michael Everric and adoptive father of Alexander Everric. He was defeated by his son, Gabriel, and his magical abilities and prowess were sapped away and kept within an orb that rests deep under the Everric's old farm. He is known to have worked with Tamoras, the family's enemy. Aralius escaped once more and was resealed and delivered to Cyrus.
  • Gabriel M. Everric † - Gabriel Matthew Everric was a human, the son of Aralius and the older brother to Michael; Gabriel sacrificed his life to save Michael, Lex, Cyrus and the fates of the rest of the family per the sake of their beliefs. He had one son, Cyrus. Gabriel was the Grandmaster up until his death.
    1. Alia Everric- The mother to Cyrus and the wife to Gabriel M. Everric. She remains at home most of the time, but, she has since taken to watching over Cyrus. She is one of the few members of the Everric who is also a member of House Blackthorn.
  • Cyrus Everric- Cyrus Everric- The Enigmatic son of Gabriel M. Everric and Alia Everric, and the inheritor to the Everric title of Grandmaster.
    1. Rebecca Everric †- The beloved wife of Cyrus, she was slain by her own children.
    • Rachel Everric †- The eldest daughter of Cyrus and Everric, she was slain by Cyrus after her possession by Tamoras.
    • Cyril Everric †- Cyril is the eldest son of Cyrus and Rebecca Everric, like his sister, he was slain by Cyrus after they betrayed him and slew Rebecca.
      • Brandt- Given away to be adopted at his birth, Brandt was raised in the atmosphere of the Void Knights. When he was older, he found himself involved in the Spark of Hope, being captured by Worshippers of the Dragonkin to help others in need and ready their forces for their rebellion.
    • Ronin Everric †- The middle child, and youngest daughter of Cyrus and Rebecca, she was slain when she betrayed him.
    • Mark Everric †- The youngest child, a clumsy boy. He was slain after he betrayed Cyrus, as they had already been brainwashed in an irreversible manner.
  • Michael Everic- Youngest son of Aralius, Human, Lunar Mage and powerful Wizard, the father of Garrick and the lover of Firia Iorwerth-Everric. He spends most of his days drinking, or at home with Firia and pretends to be a livid old drunk for the most part.
    1. Firia Iorwerth-Everric- Is an Elven warrior and archer hailing from Prffdinas, she ran from her homelands to avoid Elven Supremacy and her clan.
  • Garrick Everric- Half-Elf Guildmaster of the Wizard's Guild a.k.a. the Aren Arcane institute, direct relative of most of the living Everric. Through him, the Everric have strong ties to the Aren family. Garrick is the current Patriarch of the Everric family.
    1. Annabelle Everric †- The wife of Garrick, she was killed during the Leotrun-Silverkin Feud by Aralius.
    • Claude Everric †- Only child of Garrick Everric, decided to become a farmer instead of a Wizard after an argument with with his father.
  • Alexander Everric- The adoptive and blooded son of Aralius Everric, he is also the brother to Michael and the late Gabriel M Everric and the husband to Maria Everric as well as the adoptive father to Ingram Everric
    1. Maria Everric- The former wife to Thomas Everric, then wife to Alexander. She committed suicide with assistance from Tamoras.
  • Damon Ayers-Everric- The bastard son of Aralius Everric, he was crippled and has since disappeared.*Rennik Lovell- Rennik is the Everric's Grand Sentry, and a blooded member of the family, he is seen rarely around the Everrics, except when he is needed.

Bartholomew's Line

A member of the Everric of Bartholomew's line would typically be found in and around Misthalin, as that is where his father Claude settled, and Bart inherited the family farm. Though, this didn't quite last as Bart or Abby would have expected. This family seemed to be the one with the highest branch-off in their talents, ranging from all three styles of combat, as well as knowing how to farm. A certain air of humility comes from this group. 

  • Bartholomew "Bart" Everric †- The son of Claude, father to Richard and Stuart Everric, he married Abigail and went through with his fathers ideas of being a farmer. 
    Bart's Branch

    Bart's Branch

    1. Abigail "Abby" Everric †- Abigail Everric is the wife of Bart Everric, and is the mother of Richard and Stuart.
  • Richard Everric †- The son of Bartholomew and Abigail and the beloved father of most of the Misthalin Branches Children; killed by Bandosian Attackers.
    1. Niki Everric †- The eccentric, third generation immigrant of the Moon Clan, mother of Richard and some of Robert's children; killed by Bandosian Attackers after the house collapsed upon her in search for Lynette.
    • Gabriel "Gabe" Everric- The eldest son of Richard. Gabriel serves as a leader of the family, as well as being a member of the Void Knights.
    1. Paula Everric-Rovin- Gabriel's wife, best friend and lover. The two are very much in love, and their relationship is being tested by the outside world.
      1. Aurora Rovin- Paula and Gabriel's daughter through Paula and Leon Grey, now adopted by Gabriel. She is the twin of Grant.
      2. Grant Rovin- Paula and Gabriel's son through Paula and Leon Grey, now adopted by Gabriel. He is the twin of Aurora.
      3. Aiden Everric- Paula and Gabriel's son through Gabriel and Rebeckah Blackthorn, now adopted by Paula.
      4. Emilee Everric- Paula and Gabriel's biological daughter, eldest of the triplets.
      5. Delilah Everric- Paula and Gabriel's biological daughter, middle of the triplets.
      6. David Everric- Paula and Gabriel's biological son, youngest of the triplets. 
      7. Layla Vere- Gabriel's daughter with Mia. Twin of Zane.
      8. Zane Vere- Gabriel's son with Mia. Twin of Layla.
    • Arkaevum "Ark" Everric- The second oldest son, only younger by a minute, and twin to Gabriel, they differ in personality, and Ark prefers to train strength and magic rather than agility and magic.
    1. Julie- A woman that Gabriel and Arkaevum met in the Taverley Bar. Although she may have had some feelings for Gabriel at first, it seemed to be that she and Arkaevum have since taken a liking to one another.
    • Connor "Con" Everric- The third eldest, and probably the most scarred. He is a loner, though he watches over his siblings, he prefers fire magic. Connor has disappeared and has not been seen or heard from.
    • Blaez Everric †- The fourth eldest, he was an odd fellow, and died in the attack by Bandosians, he is believed to be the cause of the attack. 
    • Kennith "Ken" Everric- The fourth oldest and now the middle child of the family, He specializes in archery, he likes to get into mischief. He is the only Everric child with brown hair.
    • Melody "Mel" Everric- The twin of Griffen, she is his elder by about thirty seconds. She continues to live with Stuart.
    • Griffen "Griff or Griffy" Everric- The twin of Melody, younger by about thirty seconds. The mischievious little fellow, his partner-in-crime happens to be Ravalan.
    • Ravalan "Ravvy" Everric- The youngest son, and a mischievous little fellow as well, whose partner in crime is Griffen.
  • Stuart Everric- The brother of Richard, and the son of Bartholomew and Abigail. Stuart is a wealthy and consistently drunk man of high intelligence.
    • Lucifer Everric- The eldest child of Stuart Everric and Rachel Gerard. Lucifer is a 'holy mage' and a bringer of light.
    • Raphael Everric- Born the son of Jacob Everric and Serena Blackthorn, Raphael was the first-born, and was born when the two weren't quite ready for children. He was adopted by Stuart. Biologically, he is the brother of Caeden and Caviness Everric.
    • Michael Everric- The youngest child of Stuart Everric and Rachel Gerard. Michael is a swordsman, and a dark mage aspirant.

Half-Siblings, Adoptees and Extensions (Bartholomew's Line)

  • Caedmon Everric- The full-sibling of Lynette and a half-sibling to the rest, Caedmon a former Guthixian and a Bandit. He is a product of Robert Everric's lasting affair with Niki.
  • Lynette Everric †- The now seemingly deceased half-sister of the children of Richard and Niki, she was and is a Guthixian and has served in a few different orders including the Order of Virtue, and the Holy Crusade until her next rape by one of the members of the Crusade. She was a product of Robert Everrics lasting affair with NIki.
    • Vulpes Everric- The bastard child of the late Lynette Everric and a product of her rape, he is being raised by Caedmon. 
  • Lexxi Everric- The youngest child, once a wild young thing, a daughter of Niki and a half-sibling to the others.  She was the product of an unknown father.
  • Mercutio Delimino- A lifelong friend of Gabriel's who is essentially like a brother to him.
  • Wade Pierce- The unofficially adoptive child of Richard and Niki, as well as being the eldest out of all. He's taken up travelling and rarely sees the others due to this.
  • Kali Pierce- Wade's adoptive daughter, whom he rescued from the Mist, just south of Varrock.
  • Amber Derikson- A neighbor who is friends with the Everric kids, and usually is found with them, she and Gabriel have had a crush on one another for a long time.
  • Mia Vere- A girl who has become a servant to the House, Gabriel's ex, it is unknown whether or not the two had a child together.
  • Brynna- A lady who got kicked out of her house, and now lives with the Everric's she has her own job to help support the family, she's a possible woman for Uncle Stu.
  • Johnathan- A servant who works for Stuart Everric, a nice guy all-around, and a friend to the Richard and Niki's kids.
  • Max- The family dog, who is primarily cared for by Johnathan.

Claire's Line

Claire is the daughter of Claude Everric, the man whom had previously disowned his father, Garrick. Claire saw fit to return to Yanille, where the family had seemed to fair its best. There, they were respected Nobles, Mages and Warriors. In the nearby city of Ardougne, they were valued in the military as officers. This was the place to be, Claire thought.

  • Claire Everric- Daughter of Claude and the mother to Robert and Eden, she never married, though she had both of her children with the same man, Johnathan Burke. She remains as a resident of Yanille, her only affiliation with the Aren Arcane Institute being the her grandfather, Garrick. 
    Claire's Branch

    Claire's Line

    • Robert Everric- Son of Claire, father of copious amounts of children. Robert, like his sister Eden, has a very high sex appeal.
      • Alexandria Everric - Robert's wife.
      • Selene Everric- Robert's eldest child, a young and powerful witch.
      • Arathorn Everric- Robert's eldest son, being about twenty-five, and a skilled wielder of Ancients as well as Chaos Magic. 
      • Kristina Everric - The third eldest legimate child and human daughter of Robert Everric, being several years younger than her brother. She is a skilled Summoner and Aquamancer. She also has some skill with ancient magic.
      1. Kai Rovin - Kristina's boyfriend and also the father to Julian.
      2. Julian Everric-Rovin - Only child to Kristina Everric and Kai Rovin.
      • Victoria Everric- One of Robert's daughters, she was lost as a young girl and moved to the Wizard's Tower.
      1. Alister Cross- Alister is the boyfriend of Victoria Everric.
    • Eden Everric- Daughter of Claire, mother of Evelynn, John, Allannah and many others. She's a very powerful Lunar Mage, Seer and a member of the Moon Clan. Aside from this, she has a very high sex appeal and some of her children inherited this.
      • Jade Everric- Bastard child of Eden and Reggie Thorton, an Elf in disguise.
      • Evelynn Everric- Bastard child of Lady Eden and Xavier Marik, Eve is an Anima magi, and is a second cousin to most of the living Everric being several years older than any from the Misthalin Branch.
      • John Everric- An Rogue and Mage, the long-lost full brother to Eve who was lost in a storm when they were only children.
      • Preston Everric-  A Slayer, and a frequent of Burthorpe and Taverley. He's a bit of a drifter, and rarely uses magic.
      • Allannah Everric-Locke- The eldest legitimate, human daughter of Eden Everric, a botanist and nature mage.
      1. Brandon Locke-Aren- Allannah's husband, and father to their triplets, though the two don't take care of them.
        1. Olivia Renderra- The daughter of Allannah and Brandon; she is being raised by Brandon's sister Eve.
        2. Anna Renderra- The daughter of Allannah and Brandon, as well as the twin of Olivia; she is being raised by Brandon's sister Eve.
      • Jaezun Everric- The eldest legitimate, human son of Eden Everric, a student of Kyrian Grimdark and a soon to be warlock.
      • Janelle Everric- An adopted Elven member, blooded by Garrick using Eden's blood, making her the daughter of Eden from a young age.

Ingram's Line

Ingram's line is descended differently from the others, as Ingram's father was Aralius' younger half-brother, Thomas and Maria, Thomas' wife. Technically, through adoption by one who would have been considered his cousin, Alexander, Ingram is both from Aralius' line, and not. Typically, those from this line live in the Asgarnian area, in Burthorpe, Taverley and Rimmington, as well as Port Sarim. Other than being Artisans and mages, this group also tends to practice Witchcraft.
Ingram's Branchh

Ingram's Branch

  • Ingram Everric- The Arch-Mage of the family, a Warlock and a practitioner of the other spellbooks as well. He is the son of the late Thomas and Maria Everric and the adoptive son and cousin of Alexander "Lex" Everric.
    1. Elana Cross- The lover of Ingram Everric, the two never married, but she was always considered part of the family and she raised her kids. She is a member of the Cross family of druids.
  • Galen Everric- The eldest son of Ingram Everric by only mere seconds, he, like his mother, has orange hair, one of the few to have such in the family.
  • Merrick Everric †- The twin to Galen and the older brother of Revan, he was a cunning battlemage and warlock.
  • Revan Everric- The youngest of Ingram's sons, he is a powerful Warlock and has made it to become the Arch-Mage of Kandarin.
  • Jacob Everric †- The sole, deceased son of Revan Everric.
    1. Serena Blackthorn †- The deceased lover of Jacob.
  • Caeden Everric-Blackthorn- The son of Jacob and Serena and a budding young warlock as well as a Seer. He is the twin of Caviness.
  1. Elizabeth Everric- The wife of Caeden, and mother of Arthur.
    • Arthur Everric- Caeden and Elizabeth's child.
  • Caviness Everric-Blackthorn-The daughter of Jacob and Serena, a budding young witch and rogue fighter. She is the twin of Caeden.
  • Grayson Everric- A Knight of the Round Table, and former wandering Mercenary. He is the the older brother of Maya.
  • Maya Everric- A member of the Void Knights, and a more quiet member of the family. She is the younger sister of Grayson.

Extensions (Entire)

This section covers others who have either been adopted, or taken in by the Everric, and some affiliates, servants, friends and retainers.

  • Augustus- The Family's Guide throughout the ages, though his absence from Gielinor seemed to be what suppressed the Family's magical affinity, and their fall from grace.
  • Angus Cross- Brother to Alister Cross, and Griffen's Magic teacher.
  • Samantha Everric-Leotrun- One of the oldest members of the family aside from Alexander, she was adopted many many years ago, but, she is considered a member of the Kandarin half of the family.
  • William Blackthorn- The Commander of Gabriel's Partisan Magi and the brother to Rebeckah Blackthorn. He's a kind individual and talkative individual, and one of Gabriel's best friends.
  • Cersei Blackthorn- The consistent lover and best friend of Arathorn Everric. Cersei is devious, fun loving and condescending.
  • Dany Blackthorn- The younger half-sister of Cersei Blackthorn and a friend of Aurora and Grants.


Wu-Tang Clan - Protect Ya Neck (with lyrics)

Wu-Tang Clan - Protect Ya Neck (with lyrics)

The Theme of the Family.

  • The Name Everric was derived from the similar name of Everett, though, there is little sentiment to that name.
  • The Everric were created to be a family of mages of Highest Potential, as they were all humans. 
  • The Everric all are shrouded in secrecy.

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