The Enclave is a massive Communist army in the south desert and are the current inhabitants of the Dominion Tower. This group is led by Thane Nol.

Races Involved

  • Humans (30%)
  • Dwarves (30%)
  • Elves (9%)
  • Mahjarrat (1%)
  • Indocrinites (30%)

Controlled Lands/Known places of Influence/Temples

  • Ullek (bunkers within tombs)
  • Thanes Bunker
  • Temple Prime (under Polliniveech)
  • (bunkers in various locations)


The Enclave was founded in the Fifth Age by the Mahjarrat Thane. It was fairly strong in battle. They're main base where they reside was in Thane's bunker, but within months they conquered the Dominion Tower which serves as the capitol and The Great Legate Ragnos led the attack with his battle-mages but as soon as they reinforced the tower, bandits began attacking. They were weak and the door was very difficult to open so they went to the Emir of Al-Kharid for aid and trade they formed an alliance and traded weapons for precious gems, as Dwarves are good weapon makers. later on Thane got ito contact with a fellow Nol Family member Thane gave him a high seat of power and plans on restoring the Nol's to power he made the Enclave known as "The Enclave of Cathar" Thane was then made the 28th leader of the Nol's

Types of Soldiers

Below is a list of Soldier classes:


Enclave Commando

An Enclave Commando

  • Head: Karil's Coif
  • Body: Karil's Body
  • Leggings: any type of Barrows, preferably Torag
  • Gloves: Void or any gauntlet that'll go with Barrows
  • Boots: Black Boots
  • Melee Weapon: Verac's Flail or Guthan's Spear
  • Ranged Weapon: Karil's Crossbow
  • Role: Multi-task varying from Warrior to Ranger (only class with crossbow)


Enclave Warrior

An Enclave Warrior

  • Head: Dharok's or Guthan's Helm
  • Body: Guthan (or Torag)
  • Leggings: any Barrows legs
  • Boots: Black
  • Gloves: Void or anything that'll go with Barrows
  • Melee: Guthan's Spear
  • Ranged Weapon: None
  • Role: Melee (main)


  • Head: Void Melee
  • Enclave Battlemage

    An Enclave Battlemage

    Body: Void Body
  • legs: Slayer Steel Caps (default clothing, color: black)
  • Gloves: Void
  • Boots: Black
  • Melee Weapon: Black Short Sword
  • Ranged Weapon: Magic
  • Role: Light Melee, Strong Mage (Main Mage)

Indocrinite Troop

  • Indocrinite Alternate
    Head: Galileather (or any full face dungeoneering armor up to and including Gallileather) or Lunar(see below)
  • Body: Gallileather or Studded Leather Body, or Lunar
  • Leggings: Gallileather or Studded Leather Leggings, or Lunar
  • Boots and Gloves: Gallileather or Studded Leather Boots, or Lunar
  • Weapons: Repeating crossbow, Bronze longsword (painted silver), round shield, Bronze short sword (painted silver), fighting claws, and staff or Fremmenik weapon.
    • Here note that a staff is a sufficient substitute for all weapons except knives if the Indocrinite is a mage-class.
  • Role: Multi-task

    Indocrinites armor

Classes of indocrinites

1: Default: Gallileather recruits

2: upper class after recruits

upper class:

Dominion Tower Guardian:
Dominion Tower Guardian Troop

Dominion tower guard

red Lunar

Desert Troop:
Desert Soldier

Desert Soldier

yellow Lunar

Elite/Swamp troop:

Green Lunar
Grassland,swamp,spec ops

Regular troop (when fighting in grassy areas etc,):

Regular non-colored Lunar
Regular Soldier armor and Thanes 2nd age armor
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