The Eastern Triumvirate was an alliance of nations sworn to defend peace in Gielinor. The alliance was founded when Kaiser Aztarwyn of das Kaiserreich der Cruor met with King Corvus of Anglia and presented the idea to him when the Empire of Gielinor had been gaining power, which the idea was soon taken to Emperor Relius of Misthalin. The three came to the agreement this pact would be officially formed and would allow other nations to join, while those three remained the ringleaders of the pact.

Conflict would lead to das Kaiserreich leaving the alliance, with their place taken by the Menaphite Empire. The pact eventually fell with the abdication of Emperor Relius and the forced abdication of King Corvus.


During the life-span of the pact, in the official creation a few articles were going to be set in place to set in place guidelines for all nations to follow, such as to join wars of national defence and aid countries who are supported by the pact. However, before the triumvirate could become an official entity, it would fall apart.


The Permament Three

The permament three members of the triumvirate are made up of the original founders of the alliance and whoever is deemed to be a member of the permament three, and they hold the power to add or remove other nations from the alliance. 

  • The Kingdom of Anglia, ruled by King Corvus
  • The Empire of Misthalin, ruled by Emperor Relius and Empress Katrina
  • The Menaphite Empire, ruled by Pharaoh Khepri
  • Formerly, Das Kaiserreich der Cruor had been a permament member

Associate members

Other members will be effected by the articles set forth in the alliance, however do not hold veto power. They may vote however on different matters.

  • There are no other current members of the alliance.


The history of the pact.

  • Once the pact is informally created, the three nations issue a closing of their own borders.
  • Anglia and Cruor create a naval blockade to keep the Empire of Gielinor from sending supplies to their distant lands.
  • Misthalin soon opens their borders.
  • Emperor Relius and King Corvus betray Kaiser Aztarwyn when they lure him into Grimdark Manor and attempt to kill him.
  • Das Kaiserreich forces leave Gielinor by their own hand and in the process, leave the pact.
  • Anglia reopens their borders following negotiations with the Imperial Senate.
  • The Menaphite Empire takes das Kaiserreiches place in the pact.
  • The pact eventually dies out with new monarchs stepping to the thrones and the pact is dissolved.


  • The pact is loosely based off of NATO in real life, with the main article in this pact being "When one is attacked, all are attacked."
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