The Dominion is a roleplay FC faction created by the user Thane Krios0.

TerranDominion Logo2

The Dominions Logo

Race Percentage

These are the racial percentages of the entire population involved in The Dominion.

  • Humans: 29%
  • Dwarves: 25%
  • Mahjarrat: 3%
  • Goblins: 30%
  • Elves: 40%


  • Human: None, but if trusted enough, possibly Zaros.
  • Mahjarrat: Zarosian, though, publicly, none to low ranking members.
  • Dwarf: None.
  • Elf: None, same as Human.
  • Goblins: None.

Current Council Members

  • Thane Nol: Mahjarrat
  • Jovani du Gore: Human (supposedly)
  • Goblin: None
  • Elven-Elwin Cadarn (Alfa)
  • Dwarves: None

A Brief History

The Dominion of United Races was founded by the mahjarrat Thane in the Fourth Age, which united most races such as humans, elves, goblins, dwarves, and a few select mahjarrat.

The Dominion solved most illegal problems and was considerd atheistic by people not in the Dominion, thus starting the Great War. Sadly, it ended with Dominion's defeat. Thane, with all the other council members, went into hiding but The Dominion has sprung up again in the Fifth Age, plotting new plans.

Sadly, later on it fell, slowly and giving birth to The Enclave


The Dominion of United Races enjoys doing the following:

  • We burn Saradominist and Zamorakian villages to the ground.
  • We humiliate followers of Zamorak and Saradomin.
  • We spread propaganda and false rumors.
  • We kill followers of Saradomin and Zamorak.
  • And, we desecrate both Zamorak and Saradomin shrines.

Soldier Uniforms and Classes

Guard/Basic Soldier

  • Helm - Rune Full Helm
  • Body - Rune Chainbody
  • Leggings - Rune Platelegs
  • Gloves - Rune Gauntlets
  • Dominion Logo
  • Dominion archer
  • Dominion Dragoon
  • Dominion Basic Soldier
  • Boots - Rune Boots
  • Shield - Rune Square Shield
  • Sword - Rune Scimitar
  • Cape - Bladestorm Drape, Clan Cloak, or and a Battlefield Clan Cloak, colored red, if you choose to join my faction and/or clan (applies to all).

(Please note that in-character, all Rune armour/weaponry is redesigned and/or repainted Steel armour/weaponry.)


  • Helm - Rune Med Helm
  • Body - Rune Chainbody
  • Leggings - Rune Platelegs
  • Gloves - Rune Gauntlets
  • Boots - Rune Boots
  • Weapon - Rune Halberd


  • Helm - Bruise Blue Snelm
  • Body - Blue D'hide Body
  • Leggings - Blue D'hide Chaps
  • Gloves - Blue D'hide Vambraces
  • Boots - Rune Boots
  • Weapon - Magic longbow


Head - H.A.M. Hood

Body - H.A.M. Robe Top

Leggings - H.A.M. Robe Bottom

Boots - H.A.M. Boots

Gloves - H.A.M. Gloves

Weapon - Fire Staff and Magics

(Please note that in-character, all robes are red to match the emblem.)

Shogun (Council Members and Military leader)

Head - Constructor's Hat

Body - Dragon Chainbody

Leggings - Dragon Platelegs

Boots - Dragon Boots

Gauntlets - Dragon Gauntlets

Cape - Red Battlefield cloak

(Please note that I.C.-ly, the Dragon items are redesigned Steel items.)

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