The Declaration of the Independent Self Determination of the Peoples of the Fremennik Heartland, also known as the Declaration of Independence of the Fremennik, was a document written by Haakon Steinsson in order to facilitate the beginnings of the new Polemistic Fremennik nation. It was signed by Jarl Domovoi Shieldbreaker, and Thanes Kharn, Haern and Aluxes of the Radet.

The Text

Declaration of the Independent Self Determination of the Peoples of the Fremennik Heartland

The peoples of Rellekka, Jatizso, and Neitzinot, fair territories of Fremennik heritage, do declare their absolute inviolable right to independence from the Northern Seas Empire. The twisting of our traditions, the breaking of our sacred laws and the economic devastation of our lands are intolerable offences to our kinsmen. In our independence, we seek:

I) To restore the sacred traditions of the Fremennik people and of our Gods to all the lands of the Fremmenik

II) To re-establish the authority of Fremennik law and to undo its corruption by Southerners

III) To take back the resources that the Southerners have used for their own gain, so that our people may remain strong

IV) To create once more a strong, independent Fremennik union of its uncorrupted right

V) To return power in its absolution to Fremennik Jarls and their counsel

VI) To exist peacefully as free Fremennik unless the call of war is sounded by our leaders, not by Southerner Kings

VII) To reject any further political, economic or religious manipulation or interference from the South

VIII) To oppose the usage of heretical sorcery in our lands in full, but tolerate those spellcasters who refrain from such heresy in our domain

No longer shall the Fremennik be pushed under Southerner boot, for we are free men and we vow our lives so that our kin may be free and our lands may prosper as their own dominion, rather than the dominion of the selfish, the greedy, the power-hungry and the other Southerners who seek our oppression rather than accepting the culture and the difference of the Fremmenik. We, the undersigned, do affirm the independence of the Fremennik. 

The TRUE...

- Jarl Domovoi Shield-breaker of Rellekka

- Thane Kharn of Rellekka

- Thane Haern of Neitzinot

- Thane Aluxes Gryphii of Jatizso


The immediate reactions to the Declaration were hostile, namely from the nation being opposed, the Northern Seas Empire, led by Emperor Voron. It was soon after that the Rovins geared towards war. This document was the ultimate cause of the Siege of Rellekka.

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