Cruor-Dargonian War
Beginning End
26th of Moeyving, Year 38 of the Sixth Age Ongoing


Battle of the Senate

Battle of the Grand City
Battle of Bassira
Battle of Hauptsitz
Battle of Hauptsitz Stadt

Das Kaiserreich der Cruor
  • The Order of Altus
  • The House of Clough
The Kingdom of Dargonia
  • The Order of Skodanov
  • The House of Gonzo
Kaiser Aztarwyn III

Head General Onyx Varkham
Grandmaster Zephon Altus Gonzo
Dorina Clough

King Tetnaziwyn

Grandmaster Brannau
Dux Evelyn Gonzo

None significant as of yet None significant as of yet
Concurrent war
The Second Gonzo Civil War

The Gonzo-Clough War

Previous war
Cruor-Lionheart War II

The Cruor-Dargonian War, also known as the Cruor-Gonzo War, is a conflict between Das Kaiserreich der Cruor and the Kingdom of Dargonia. Part of the larger Second Gonzo Civil War and Gonzo-Clough War, the two nations of which have had tensions growing between each other finally clash heads as not just puppets, but now as their own entity.

The war had begun when King Tetnaziwyn had killed his own brother and the leader of the Cruorian Political Party, Adolf Gonzo, on the roof of the Senate's Castle. After a skirmish between the Gonzo who had betrayed Cruor, Kaiser Aztarwyn III had given an address to his nation, stating Dargonia had gone over a line that should have never even been touched. With this, Cruor had declared war on Dargonia, beginning a war of two nations created by Aztarwyn.


Factions taking part of the war.

Das Kaiserreich der Cruor

Das Kaiserreich der Cruor hadn't been at war with another nation for the better part of 37 years, having ended the second Cruor-Lionheart War and gone through an era of questionable peace, often in conflict with either its own land or puppets. Cruor is coming in as a favorable combatant, however their enemy shouldn't be taken lightly and the soldiers are well aware that this is the fight of their life. Now without the strength of the House of Gonzo to back them, Cruor is considerably in a weaker position than they usually are, however this will be their first war with an army of 100,000+ soldiers.




The Order of Altus

The House of Clough

The Kingdom of Dargonia

The Order of Skodanov

The House of Gonzo



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