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The Covenant are the remnants of the Enclave who did not leave to Thanes bunker when the Dominion tower was attacked. This group is FC and is run by user Thane Krios0.

Brief history

The Covenant was founded by Thanes son Garrus, who volunteered to lead 1/3 of Thanes army the group is known to be deep in the Rellekkan mountains, they recruit by either going into Keldagrim to recruit Dwarves, or capture Fremmennik who stray too deep in the mountains and turn them into Indocrinite. They only leave the camp/fortress to gather supplies recruit, etc. The majority of people in the Covenant worship Thane Krios as a god.

Race Percentages (by population)

  • Indocrinite: 71%
  • Humans (slaves mostly):4%
  • Dwarves: 25%

Religions present

These religions are present within Covenant Those marked by (*) means that it is not officially within the Covenant meaning worshipers are Heretics (**) means they are not officially a religion but are tolerated.and that they are not "Heretics"

  • The Archon (Thane) : Indocrinites and Dwarves
  • Zaros : Indocrinites and Dwarves
  • Saradomin(**) : Humans
  • Guthix(*) : Humans
  • Zamorak(*) : Humans
  • Pantheon(**) : none

Tree of Command

  • First tier: Leadership
    • Leader: Demigod Garrus Krios
    • Co-leader: High Prophet Alnock
    • 3rd in command: Warrior Hero Hitsurigi
  • Second tier: Prophets
  • Third tier: monks
  • Fourth tier: Warriors
  • Fifth tier: Grunts
  • Sixth tier: Recruits
  • Seventh tier: Civilians
  • Eight tier: Slaves



Royal Guard

Garrus with a staff of power

high prophet

Indocrinite warrior

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