The Council of Sir Amik


Sir Amik Varze


162, 5th Age

Operates in

Falador, Vallancia, and Entrana


Governing of Asgarnia

Current Representatives


The Council of Sir Amik is the current governing council over the White Knights of Falador, and at one point, the entire kingdom of Asgarnia. The council was founded not long after King Vallance fell ill. The White Knights saw this council as a solution for an attempt to justly rule the kingdom while Vallance was physically incapable. All White Knights hold equal importance and say while at the council table. Their main goal is to assist Sir Amik Varze, the leader of the White Knights, in both political affairs of the kingdom and knightly affairs in the castle. The council was founded by a dozen White Knights. The jurisdiction over the kingdom ended after the Battle with Lord 'Vile.

The meeting ended and the men rose from their chairs. All save Sir Tiffy, who politely refused the offers of assistance.

–The meeting of Sir Amik's council, Betrayal at Falador

Members of the Council

The Council is made up of high-ranking White and Temple Knight officials, and at one point two members of the order of St. Rimmington's Sarothic church. The two monks were placed onto the council in the year 1 of the 6th age due to their authority in presence on the Asgarnian island of Entrana.

Current Members

  • Sir Amik Varze
  • Sir Kuam Ferentse
  • Sir Vyvin
  • Sir Tiffy Cashien
  • Sir Vye Ver

Past Members


  •  Sir Amik's council was first referenced in the book "The Betrayal of Falador". It was taken from this and implimented into roleplay for further expansion.
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