The Cabbage General is a character roleplayed by Skervaldr.


The Cabbage Generals origins are unknown even to himself, it is assumed that his parents were a cabbage and a man. When he was a boy, he was made fun of because of his cabbage-like texture, he would often sit in cabbage fields and speak to the cabbages, they were his only friends. One day the cabbages told him of their god: Brassica Prime, he learned of Brassica Primes teachings and became a devout follower. When he grew to cabbage hood, he learned of the terrible crimes that are committed against cabbages each day, this angered him. He gathered the forces of all those loyal to Brassica Prime in order to end the cabbage abuse. He was named The Cabbage General.

Physical Discription

He has green leafy skin, is about 5'11, his armor consists of: A set of plate armor, a cape that was made from the leaves of cabbages, and a pair of daggers, the armor and daggers were made of steel but when they were created, the leaves of cabbages were thrown into the molten mixture in order to bless the armor and daggers, afterwards, the armor and daggers were painted green like a Cabbage.

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