The Battle of Rimmington
The 4th White Knight-Kinshra War
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Rimmington Township
White Knight victory
The White Knights of Falador The Black Knights
Unknown Unknown
8 Auxillaries 3 Knights, 15 Auxillaries
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The Battle of Rimmington was the opening conflict in the (4th?) White Knight-Kinshra War.

The Battle

The battle began when the Black Knights detonated a great bomb that demolished a large portion of the township. They soon became engaged with a White Knight party that had been in the area and had rode out to investigate. Soon thereafter, more men at arms and militia made their way to the site. As more men at arms arrived, the engagement became ever more contested. The White Knights where just gaining the upper hand when a band of Void Knights arrived. These knights were commanded by (anyone?) they joined in the fray on the side of the White Knights and it was not long before the Zamorakian forces were defeated.

Personal Accounts

The Account of Malcolm MacFirthane

an excerpt from the journal of Malcolm, Laird and Chieftain of Clan MacFirthane

" then thaur was th' matter ay th' battle. Afor we haird th' Zamorakan laddies, We hud bin at th' port, sellin' th' lest ay uir ben goods. T'was when we heard th' clamur. We cam' an' Rushed an' in a coorie, tae black knichties hud bloon up half th' toon... Ah rubbed mah een but they did nae deceife me, thocht Ah wish they hud. th' toon was indeed bloon awa'. some sycophant was laughin' himself silly, some wizard cheil. Ah ordered th' clansmen tae line up fur a charge, an' we gart fur th' center ay th' toon, reit as th' white knights themselves arrived. Ah GUTTED th' evil mage fa he was laughin' ower th' cruelty he hud wrooght.

'at isnae hoo a true cheil shoods act ur carry himself... uir charge hud easily broken their line, which they hud struggled tae f'rm ance they hud seen us runnin'. Ah min' stabbin' anither cheil, Ah dornt hink he was a knecht... lae ay th' battle was indeed a blur. Th' lest hin' Ah min' was standin' against some karamjan evil-doer. we we're fairly weel matched. but when th' void knights gart their charge, he an' onie fa ur livin' the-day ran. Ah believe, an' by 'at time, th' battle hud drawn tae a close. th' day was oors an' oors aloyn..."


  • When counting casualties, Knights are actual characters, while auxiliaries are purely representative.
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