The Albatross

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The Albatross, or Albatross, is an extremely large flying airship of the former Kandar Inquisition, a team of highly trained monster and beast slaying experts. The airship was created during the rule of Vectis Vekon after Christopher Aren had been made Lord High Inquisitor. The Albatross would serve as the home and transportation of the Kandar Inquisition.

The Inquisition

Near the beginning of King Vectis Vekon's reign, an anti-abomination law was enacted, banishing all entities that were described as "Evil in nature", to ensure Kandarin's safety. To protect this law, a defensive force properly named The Inquisition was formed. Soon after their creation, Christopher Aren became Lord High Inquisitor, thus becoming the group's leader.

The Inquisition, however, was incomplete. They required a large transportation vassal, to cover both land and sea. For this purpose, through means unknown, they built a flying airship that would span the skies of Kandarin. It would become known as The Albatross.

The Airship



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