A brand you can maybe trust

–Advert for Adair Tobacco

The Adair Company

Company Age

Thirty years

Main HQ

Southern Asgarnia

Products sold



Secret Services

Drug Trade

Escort Service

Mercenary contracts

Original Founder

Levito Adair

Past Owners

Raynar Adair

Current Owner

Beatrice Adair

Origin of the Company

The company was originally created by the then duke of Catherby Levito Adair as a means to make legitimate money for him and his family and as a cover for his underground businesses.

For the first ten years of the Company the only products they sold was that of Tobacco and it was only operated in the kingdom of Camelot.

In the next Twenty years the company began to grow delving into the industry of Liquor and launching the company internationally placing offices all over the world.

Current Businesses owned

Adair Tobacco

Dragons breath brewery

The Rising Sun

Karamjan Tobacco Plantation

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