The Sins of your brethren do not condemn you, your own malice has done that alone.

–Tharvald Dragonsbane III

Tharvald Dragonsbane, The Younger


Tharvald Dragonsbane




Human, Elven blood





Eye Color:

Brown, white in old age

Hair Color:

Dark Brown




Son of The Chieftain of The Volskogr Clan


Armadylean, Fremennik Deities mainly Snow Godess ArmaSymbol

Tharvald Dragonsbane
Tharvald Dragonsbane of House Trollweiss of The Volskogr Clan is one of the Last True Fremennik Chieftains; The Volskogr Clan, living in camps and off the land, as opposed to in a permanent city. The Third of his name and the great great grandson of Bragolinde The Wanderer. He is brother to Ornolf Dragonsbane.

Early Life

Tharvald was born Fifth Era 136 and is currently 34 years old. Originally born with three siblings; a sister, Aesleif, born 145 and two brothers, Ornolf born in 139, and Ulfric born in 141, one brother died of Hangsman's Plague at the age of eight and his sister Aesleif went missing after going into the deep woodlands to pick berries at the age of 10, six years after their brother had died.  In 156 after the disappearance of his sister, his father decided to move the clan into the snow covered regions of the north, he was 20 at the time.

Current life

Tharvald lives now In the clan's lands In The Trollweiss Valley, with his father and brother. The land is fertile and hot-springs are a common sight. There is also plenty of grass for the clan's reindeer to graze. Tharvald, his father, Tharvald The Elder, and a host of men from the clan fought at the Battle of Lumbridge for Saradomin. Ornolf and Tharvald fought for Armadyl during the Bandos-Armadyl conflict.

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