This location is user Thane Nol's POH (Privately Owned Home) and is also his I.C. home.


In the Fourth Age, Thane Krios, the Mahjarrat, was walking through some grasslands south of Falador, near present day Rimmington, then he stopped and saw a spot that was perfect to build a home. He then told some of the workers in the Dominion to begin building him a white stone lodge, being finished after ten years. Thane ate and slept in this house for twenty years until the Dominion was overthrown. After it was overthrown, rioters assaulted his beautiful lodge. But he had a secret housing system: it had a bed, and food. Thane then had an idea to make it a bunker. After he had the idea and told the workers, they began working immediately. They made a very massive bunker. The bunker has many rooms now and is currently out of sight. Under any kind of interest, the surface makes it look like a destroyed home. But under the carpet is the sixty centimeter thick steel hatch.


  • Main entrance
  • Interrogation Room
  • Combat training room
  • Guest room
  • Bar
  • Bar kitchen
  • Study
  • Emergency Portal Room (EPR)
  • Thane's room
  • Sitting room
  • Grand Hall
  • Dining room
  • Main kitchen
  • Tribunal room
  • Another training room
  • Altar Room (Please note that I.C.-ly, the altar has no symbol most of the time, and on special occasions, a Zaros symbol is present.)
  • Infirmery
  • Storage
  • Workshop


  • It has a bedrock ceiling imported from Dwarves.
  • It has a sixty centimeter thick steel hatch.
  • There are forcefields that can be active on every door.
  • It has a self-destruct sequence that releases a toxic gas into bunker air that will explode after 8 minutes if poison does not kill anyone.
  • There is also shield that can activate over entrance hatch.
  • There are guards almost in every corridor.
  • Thane's room has reinforced steel doors.
  • The workshop has a tunnel that leads around Thane's room if doors are shut.
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