Thaliel Neleseth
"Hello, traveler. May I relieve you of your pains and worry?"






Eastern Colonies


Nomadic, Eastern Kingdoms






Neleseth Clan


Lawful Neutral

Thaliel Neleseth is a youthful but powerful healer-elf from the Neleseth clan. Born to a small group of elvish healers in Ardounge, the ever present threat of plague immersed the youth into a life of healing. Further expanding her craft, it was the collapse of the Kingdom of Kandarin that caused her to renounce her duties. Interested in eastern cultures, she left Ardounge for the likes of Falador, Varrock, and Lumbridge. Today, you can find her in any of these towns, offering her talents to the wounded and sick residents and travellers.


Youthful Beginnings

Being born to a nomadic group of elvish healers, Thaliel is quite unsure of her birthplace or even the identity of her parents. Nonetheless, as she would claim that the 'past is the past', that is what we are to explain.

The start of her healing 'career' began in Ardounge. With the break out of the plague, her band along with many other elves, especially members of the Neleseth, flocked to Kandarin. Seeing and dealing with this plague first hand, not to mention the crime and muggings that also ravaged Ardounge, Thaliel had the pleasure of being immersed into such plights. Following the methods of her mentors and making tweaks and adjustments of her own, she would work to near perfection in her craft. A small prodigy, she devoted every minute of her life to such efforts. It was only when the Kingdom of Kandarin collapsed in the early 6th Age did she finally move East, leaving her home and family behind in the pursuits of futher expanding her knowledge as well as put it to good use.

Presence in the East

Thaliel can usually be found in Falador, Varrock, and Lumbridge, offering her healing abilities to those who need them. She has a few relations with many of the residents, but her weary lifestyle has made her very uninterested in the propect of marriage, or even an elvish union of trust. 

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