I only seek to surpass my Fathers legacy, and become a greater Master of Death

–Tetnaziwyn, to his favorite student, Evelyn, on his long-term goal.

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Patriarch of the House of Gonzo
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Fire Magic(Expert)
Blood Magic(Intermediate)
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Tetnaziwyn Gonzo
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Godhood Tier

Below Demi-God


Patriarch of the House of Gonzo
Dark Haerus of the Order of Skodanov





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Chaotic Evil




Shadow Magic(Expert)
Fire Magic(Expert)
Blood Magic(Intermediate)
Ice Magic(Intermediate)

Tetnaziwyn Ahriman Gonzo is the bastard child of Aztarwyn Zephon Gonzo and Kuolema Destruotus Kullis. His mother a slave, Tetnaziwyn was conceived as a result of torture, and once born, was looked upon by the eyes of Aztarwyn and what was seen was potential. As he was more Mahjarrat than human, he could be just as powerful as Aztarwyn was at a much younger age, thus allowing him to grow stronger. Aztarwyn tendered Tetnaziwyn as a son over a slave child, however influence from his mother would be a different story as Aztarwyn had freed her in the most horrifying of ways, presumed dead.

Tetnaziwyn never did live the life of royalty, as his other brothers and sisters had, just only a questionable nobility and the normal Gonzo life. At the age of five, Aztarwyn had crafted a sword of mithril and begun his training. Tetnaziwyn was taught in the most brutal ways, facing his father in combat once he learned to swing and his body swung to the ground each time. But he learned resilience. He got back up to fall again, growing stronger over time. At a later age, he begun his teachings of the Ancient Magics, beginning to learn the primary Shadow. He also began to learn Fire.

After many years, Tetnaziwyn began to develop and he became a worthy warrior of Gonzo. After several years of the disappearance of Aztarwyn, his father returned with a vengeance and the two, Tetnaziwyn now at his fathers side, would embark on a conquest of Wushanki people. Together, the two destroyed limb and land, forcing the way of the Gonzo upon the natives. And so, Dargonia was born, and Tetnaziwyn was Crown Prince.

Aztarwyn had ruled over Dargonia with an iron grip, however it seemed to have loosen since his last time as Kaiser. Tetnaziwyn saw that a revolt was brewing, and eventually Aztarwyn realized it as well after he had several hundred executed due to his paranoia. Tetnaziwyn felt he wasn't ready to rule the Kingdom yet, however he knew he had to be ready at moments notice. He stuck close to his father, providing that extra bit of protection should it be needed. However, his attempts would come to no avail as Setomus Clough and Khione Nocte had breached the castle during the Dargonian Uprising and battled the sinister duo. Tetnaziwyn fought Khione, keeping her away from Aztarwyn and whenever he had the chance, attempted to defeat Setomus himself, however he was constantly pulled back by Khione who in turn kept Tetnaziwyn away from the main battle. After the throne room was set ablaze and Aztarwyn's phylactery was destroyed by Khione, which Tetnaziwyn had attempted to save, he watched as his father died and took the form of the shadows and disappeared. Tetnaziwyn returned later for the body.

Feeling as if he failed his father, Tetnaziwyn kept his hood over his head as he attended the funeral of Aztarwyn. He saw Setomus and saw betrayal. He swore vengeance upon that day that he would destroy the new Clough just as his father had done before him, this time permanently wiping them out. However, he knew he had to wait.

Dargonia City was lost and the kingdom had to move. Tetnaziwyn continues to look for land, however affairs with the Gonzo are deemed more important. Arrondal had summoned the entire House of Gonzo to the realm, and with the powers invested in him by Aztarwyn, Tetnaziwyn was then declared the new Patriarch of the Gonzo. With this new honor, in a ritual, Tetnaziwyn had gained complete control over the Realm and the Seal of Gonzo once again covered the sky above Hauptsitz, only with a red aura, marking the new era. Tetnaziwyn had proclaimed himself as a prophet of Aztarwyn, to continue the work Aztarwyn had set him to do; to claim the lives of those who Aztarwyn wished to die.

After gaining control of his house and Dargonia, officially holding his coronation, he had intentions to not only kill Setomus, however destroy the rest of the Clough as a whole. He sought to drain the Clough blood from Gielinor once and for all. Knowing his action would spark conflict within the Gonzo, he had traveled across the world in search of potentially talented individuals who he could "save" from their current situation. The first of these individuals would be a half-elf, half-human named Evelyn, whom he had found in the ruins of the Lassar Grottoes. Beginning to dig out the cave, he had began to train her and turn her into his dark ways, being successful after seducing her to what he had called "The Darkness," and after doing such things to other individuals, he had created the Order of Skodanov, a sect of the Aztarwynian religion with their own views different to the views of the religion.

After all the dominoes had been set in place, Tetnaziwyn had begun to execute his plan by taking Gonzo Warriors to Dorina's Farm in Nashuko City and began to do battle with Setomus in one-on-one combat. In the end, Tetnaziwyn had prevailed and dealt a fatal strike to Setomus, leaving the battle with his warriors in victory. After the death of Setomus, the Gonzo and Clough had come to a fully-armed conflict, Tetnaziwyn completely shocked by the new strength in the Clough. However, he remained calm and knew he could win with his weapons.

After a month or so since the death of Setomus, Tetnaziwyn had begun his plans to completely take Cruor for his own, meeting with his brother Adolf, who had a considerable large amount of power within the empire. After Adolf had refused to join him, Tetnaziwyn struck at Adolf in rage and had killed his brother. After leaving the skirmish in the Senate's Castle, days later Tetnaziwyn had been confronted by his grandfather, Arrondal. Arrondal had tried to talk to Tetnaziwyn to make different plans, sparing the Clough, and to stop sapping power from the Realm of Gonzo. With Tetnaziwyn's secret of gaining power revealed, having been siphoning power from the realm in bunches, he had refused to do Arrondal's bidding, claiming him to be the weaker of the two. Arrondal had commanded Tetnaziwyn to stand down and had proclaimed his right of Patriarch was to be renounced, and Tetnaziwyn struck at him in rage just as he had done with Adolf. The two had a lengthy battle in the midst of a battle between the Skodanov, Clough and rebellious Gonzo. Consumed by his rage, Tetnaziwyn had been able to hold his own against Arrondal's greater Mahjarrat power. He had used deceit to appear defeated, and when Arrondal went for the killing blow, Tetnaziwyn had blocked his strike and dealt the killing blow to Arrondal, finishing the final original member of the Gonzo, absorbing the power he gave off. In the same battle, Tetnaziwyn would duel Dorina in a contest of pure swordplay, ultimately being defeated by her before he had used his magic to separate the two and end the battle. The Second Gonzo Civil War had begun.

After the creation of the Order of Altus and the beginning of the Cruor-Dargonian War, the Gonzo and Clough had continued to fight each other in many skirmishes, being drawn right down the middle. Tetnaziwyn knew he had to strike the Clough at its core, having needing to kill Dorina who was the supposed leader. Tetnaziwyn took four Gonzo Warriors to Hauptsitz and had laid waste to the Cruorian soldiers, taking the castle for Dargonia and lured Dorina and Samuel Gonzo-Clough to the castle. After many Skodanov Underling disguised as Dux were slain, Tetnaziwyn, in his full armor, had begun to battle with Samuel, Dorina and Emma. After a lengthy duel, Tetnaziwyn had finally slain Samuel and had left Dorina broken, breaking her leg in the process. Before he could kill her, however, Aztarwyn III had come to reclaim his castle and done battle with Tetnaziwyn. Initially losing, Tetnaziwyn would consume himself with hatred and rage and unleash a powerful barrage of rage-filled shadow and fire spells, giving him the upper hand. However, more members of the Altus had arrived and Tetnaziwyn fled, making his statement.

Long after the Battle of Hauptsitz, Tetnaziwyn had continued to brew plans to strike the Clough at its core and kill Dorina. However eventually, he realized he needed to strike the Clough so swiftly and make the outcome so devastating that it didn't matter if Dorina was dead or not, the war would be won for him. During a battle in Bassira, Tetnaziwyn had come across the apprentice of Dorina, Ivan Clough. Ivan had defeated Evelyn in rage and when about to strike her down, Tetnaziwyn had intervened, offering Ivan a more promising future. He seduced Ivan to the Darkness, allowing his defenses to be lowered and as a Clough warrior was about to strike down Tetnaziwyn, Ivan had defended him and killed the warrior, switching his allegiance to the Gonzo. Tetnaziwyn had now recruited a powerful asset, deeming him an Acolyte of the Skodanov and he would remain in the Clough and Altus while he trained under Tetnaziwyn and work as a double agent.

After planting the seeds of destruction for the Clough, Tetnaziwyn began to make moves to lure Dorina in for a kill, using Ivan as a book to find locations of other Clough. He also had used his pawns to create a new sword imbued with Shadow magic, the Sword of Skodanov. After capturing seven Clough, Tetnaziwyn sent an offering that would promise the return of the Clough should Dorina come to Ice Mountain. The Clough accepted the offer and Dorina, along with Emma, had arrived to Ice Mountain, with the seven Clough chained together. After they had arrived, Tetnaziwyn laid waste to the Clough and killed all seven, confronting Dorina and Emma. After a short duel, Tetnaziwyn had finally defeated her and stabbed her in the stomach, as well as Emma, leaving them to die. However he would discover they would be rescued, and even attempted to halt the rescue, although he would be too late. Despite his failure to kill Dorina, he would implement fear upon the Clough. A later mission led by Zephon, Xetron, Blakan and Emma to Ice Mountain, of which attempted to revive Aztarwyn for their own cause, led to the revelation of Tetnaziwyn's true intent. After discovering that an enchantment was put on Aztarwyn's grave to prevent his revival, he revealed that he had the intention of becoming a greater God than Aztarwyn, and had prevented his return so nothing could stop him. After incapacitating Xetron, the enemy had fled and Tetnaziwyn stood alone atop Ice Mountain, looking upon his fathers grave with an evil glare, knowing now his father would reject his actions against the Clough.

The war would continue on and Tetnaziwyn persisted with his tactic. He allowed the Clough and Cruorians win key battles in exchange for taking hard shots at their strength and destroying cities greatly, while convincing Dargonia to continue fighting despite their losing position. He continued to train Ivan in the shadows until the time was right, and soon in the wars third year Ivan was deemed a Dux and a member of the Gonzo. He had changed his name to Caewyn as requested and the seeds were set to sprout. He had ordered Caewyn to lead an army upon Blakan Estate, which he had successfully done and greatly hindered the Clough's chances at victory, killing several hundred and weakening them to the point of defeat. As this was done, Tetnaziwyn himself had siphoned even more power from the Gonzo Realm, now with nobody to stop him he may ascend at his leisure. However, Tetnaziwyn would wait too long as the band of Zephon, Xetron, Blakan and Aztarwyn the Third had come to the Gonzo Realm with a huge weapon that was essentially a bomb of light. Tetnaziwyn had fought Zephon and Aztarwyn III, however his attempt to prevent the activation of the weapon would come to no avail as Aztarwyn managed to block Tetnaziwyn from Zephon as he activated the weapon. Tetnaziwyn would teleport out of the realm as the weapon weakened it to the point of near destruction. Revisiting the realm, it had been in ruin and was collapsing, no longer able to keep the shadow floor composure and was no longer infinite. Tetnaziwyn had then siphoned whatever power kept its stability and destroyed the realm completely, wiping it from existence. He then traveled quickly to Mount Cruor, where Caewyn had been tasked to kill the Cruorian Senate and he had discovered the mountain was a volcano that had just erupted. He found Caewyn, burned and limbless on the shore of a lava river. He used his new power to keep Caewyn from the edge of death to take him to Catherby, where he would have Derrick Valus who was issued to create a golem with the armor of Gonzo and transform Caewyn into a golem of sorts.

Tetnaziwyn viewed all of his options while Caewyn was limbless and dying. Derrick wasn't willing to risk severely injuring him further, however Tetnaziwyn, against Caewyn's will, moved other injuries aside. He severed his remaining arm without so much of a blink and drilled holes into Caewyn's bones. Derrick couldn't watch Tetnaziwyn create his own monster, however when done the false limbs were applied and the armor was finally adorned. A respirator was placed inside the helmet as an intimidating breathing device, also giving Caewyn unlimited oxygen. Finally, Caewyn's limbs were working and he was able to speak, Tetnaziwyn now learning Dorina had done this to him in her last effort to win. He only grinned at Caewyn's anger and sorrow, fueling the fire for a new era.

He began to finally end the war he had started three years prior, with the remaining Gonzo laying waste to the Cruorian army in multiple cities. He himself, with a band of warriors, then waltzed into Haupsitz to find an empty, abandoned and surrendered castle. Cruor was finally under the rule of a pure-blood Gonzo. After being crowned Kaiser, his first course of action was to officially disband the Senate, especially given all members had been slaughtered during the war. He also annexed Dargonia and Lionheart into the empire, forming a massive powerhouse. As time progressed, he began to shut out any hope of democracy within Cruor and stamped out the presence of the Clough and Rachel's reign, having villages being burned as a result. He had also implemented a censored press, hushing out anything he had influenced or was directly involved in and turned it against his enemies.

Just after his crowning of Kaiser von Cruor, Tetnaziwyn had addressed the order in the Lassar Grottoes on their victory and his plans to continue to rid the Clough of Gielinor and assert their dominance on their enemies. Just after however, he felt an aura of power rise nearby and eventually was confronted by one of the original five founders of the House of Gonzo, Elandre. They had briefly discussed her return and how she used divination to return to a powerful form, though she denied his beliefs and rejected what the Gonzo had become. Tetnaziwyn lashed out at her much like he did at Arrondal at the disapproval of his reign, and in a quick duel he had displayed just how powerful he was by using an intense amount of magic that could be felt by any mage in Asgarnia. Dismissing the gathering, he remained in the caves with Evelyn and Vesturiel as a blind arcane mage and her apprentice had waltzed into the cave, their interest peaked by the sudden wave of power. He began to charge an extremely powerful attack mixed with shadow and fire, causing his aura levels to skyrocket even further and the arcanist amazed. After she had interrogated him and had a small discussion, he finally realized that with the Gonzo Realm destroyed, Divination was a perfect alternative. He had teleported away from that point, now seeking the knowledge to perform divination to enhance his power even further.

Tetnaziwyn is role-played by the user Aztarwyn



Tetnaziwyn was born in the shadows of the Gonzo Realm, the first ever to have such an honor. Luckily, if it weren't for the process of thought from Aztarwyn, Tetnaziwyn wouldn't have been much of an honor to have.

His mother a slave, Kuolema, Tetnaziwyn was destined to become a bastard. However, he would become Aztarwyn's child as he saw potential in Tetnaziwyn. Tetnaziwyn was more Mahjarrat than Aztarwyn had been, and had the potential to be greater. Aztarwyn took him to the Gonzo Manor in Cruor, where they would reside.

Tetnaziwyn would never meet his mother however, as she was freed in the most horrific way possible. Being spared from the show, Kuolema was casted off into the icy chills of Forinthy and presumed to be dead, which would free Tetnaziwyn from any conflicting influence from her.

Once Tetnaziwyn turned five, a sword made of mithril had been crafted for him and training had begun within the realm. Aztarwyn had been a much harsher trainer than Arrondal was, as Aztarwyn continiously beat down Tetnaziwyn. Tetnaziwyn learned to swing in which he would fall right after, however he began to learn to get back up. He learned resilience. He learned will. He learned that to be a true warrior of the Gonzo, he musn't give in until his final breath. 

Later on, Tetnaziwyn begun to learn the ways of the ancient and modern magics. Tetnaziwyn was fascinated by the ways of the shadows and fires, his fathers two favorite forms. Understanding how to use magic, he began to hone his power and the dreadnaught of the Gonzo was born. He was a quick learner, moving onto other magics in his teen years as he continued his practice.

The Heir

Although not much was seen from Tetnaziwyn, the Gonzo had accepted him as one of their own and he was respected, however not greatly as he had yet to prove himself. However, it became apparent that he was destined for greatness. With the blood of Aztarwyn surging through him, he had the capability of being much greater and he would finally realize that he was the true Heir to him.

Tetnaziwyn didn't know when he would take over, however. Would he become a prophet and be worshipped along with the God of Death, or would he become a God in his own right and do battle with the one who brought him to such heights? Was he to overthrow Aztarwyn and take his place? He didn't know. All he could do for now is wait until he was strong enough to make a clear decision and accepted his destiny as Heir.



Aztarwyn had returned from his capture on Wushanko not just nine months prior to his swift actions to create another army. With the Knights of the Crimson Mist, he then went to Aztarwyn III to gain five warships. Tetnaziwyn despised Aztarwyn III, the false ruler in his words, for he should not be the true ruler. Tetnaziwyn is the true claimer to the Cruorian throne, as a pure Aztarwynian member of his bloodline. That's what he thought, at least.

Tetnaziwyn and his father sailed for the Wushanko the next day, and after a good amount of time, they arrived to the island. As soldiers on the ships prepared for an amphibious invasion, the two Gonzo took to the sky and onto the island, where the natives awaited their devastation.

While Aztarwyn had taken the lead and bended land and will, Tetnaziwyn shed the blood of hundreds of natives. Taking on several at once, he chopped down with relative ease wih his blade and shadows. He used the shadows to play with his prey, slaughtering them after they fell for his tricks. Later, he set fire to forests with his father, and the plumes of smoke that came from them had risen into the sky and the sight of a new regime was witnessed. Dargonia was going to be born.

And so after land had been secured, a city was built out of nothing. That is, a "shitty city" in his own words, as half of it was a village and more rural over the urban center. Tetnaziwyn however looked upon the Kingdom in growth from a castle that had been swiftly made. Aztarwyn joined him once, and the two only looked upon it. "Father, look at it. Soon, it will be grander than even the splendist of Gielinorian sights."

"Yes, my boy, and there would come a day that you rule over it, too." His father had said to him.

Crown Prince

Taking the mantle as Crown Prince, Tetnaziwyn began to realize that he would one day rise to power as his father worked the strings within the shadows. He began to have mixed feelings, thinking it was his destiny to become his fathers equal however to never be greater. He also thought it was his destiny to overthrow Aztarwyn in order to take his place, leading the Gonzo and Dargonia.

He attempted to dismiss the conflicting ideas and looked forward to learning from his father. Over the course of a year, Tetnaziwyn learned how to manage a kingdom - in a way a dictator might. He was taught to use fear to control the people, making examples of those who commit treason to him and slaughter many to make a point. Allowing free speech was a way for the population to rise against him, thus using fear to keep the voices to a hushed whisper was his way of thought.

Tetnaziwyn wasn't the only one though who knew a revolt was growing. He knew the natives would somehow rise to overthrow Aztarwyn, and thus for his own needs he made it his goal to keep his father alive if his father could not do so himself. He wasn't ready to take the throne, to take the family and take his fathers place.

That's what he thought at the time, anyway.

A Gods Fate

A day had come in Dargonia where the air was not as easy as it had been before. The sense of tragedy had made itself present, and Tetnaziwyn was uneasy. He doned his armor and joined his father upon the rooftop as the native slaves began to gather in the city square and towards the bridge of the castle. They somehow managed to free themselves. The day everyone had predicted finally arrived and it was their time to quash it.

As the natives and soldiers began to clash, Aztarwyn had noted that two people had made their way from the crowd and began to cross the moat via grappling hook. "Son looks like we have a fight. Come, we will meet them." Tetnaziwyn had obeyed his fathers command, following him down into the halls where Setomus and Khione were to enter. Dimming the room with the shadows, leaving torches unlit, the window left open to attract their prey. Tetnaziwyn in his armor was ready to fight whoever it was that dared to defy them.

Setomus and Khione climbed through the window and with a flicker of fire, the torches lit and Tetnaziwyn hid himself in the shadows. Aztarwyn and Setomus had begun to exchange words, and suddenly Tetnaziwyn realized that the Clough had come for revenge. As Aztarwyn and Setomus engaged in a fierce duel, Khione began to follow and Tetnaziwyn unhid himself, charging at Khione with his sword. However, she proved to be a worthy challenge as she disarmed him and he resorted to his mastery of magics to fight her, warding her off enough for his sword. She continued to manuever around him to fight him, as a straight up hand-to-hand combat would result in her defeat.

Their battle continued through the halls as Tetnaziwyn attempted to blind Khione with the shadows, continuing to follow Setomus and Aztarwyn. Tetnaziwyn knew he had to wound Setomus in order for the battle to end, as Aztarwyn could not simply defeat him. He had finally successfully hit Khione with the shadows, however a stray strike of light burned Tetnaziwyn's armor, forcing him to remove it and use his robes. The epic would continue unto the rooftop, where Khione managed to hold off Tetnaziwyn as Setomus and Aztarwyn continued their own duel.

Eventually, the rooftop would be collapsed and the battle took the throne room. Aztarwyn lit the room into flames in order to prevent escape, and the duel continued. Tetnaziwyn and Khione backed off as Setomus shattered a cabinet, Aztarwyn's Phylactery flying towards them. Tetnaziwyn had reached for it, knowing that his fathers life was in his hands now and he was too late. Khione shattered it to pieces, and within moments, Setomus had defeated Aztarwyn. Tetnaziwyn left as to prevent himself from possibly being defeated.

Tetnaziwyn returned to the castle later as the revolt was beginning to end, with the Crimson Knights in retreat. He had gone to the charred room, where Aztarwyn's body lay limp upon the floor. He kneeled before his fallen father, bowing his head in respect. It was upon this moment he swore vengeance for his father, he swore he would kill Setomus and the remaining Clough. He needed to finish what his father started.

The Heir Ascends to King

After the death of Aztarwyn, Tetnaziwyn rallied Dargonian forces to abandon the burning city and go to a new land. They managed to fight their way to the ports, taking heavy casualties and the Dargonian navy had fled the Wushanko at long last. Tetnaziwyn had brought the body of Aztarwyn to the realm once his soldiers were safe, preparing the body for the funeral. He had called Arrondal to the realm, telling him that it was Setomus Clough who had killed him. Arrondal, in grief over the death of his last living son, made a final drastic mistake that would cost the lives of many to come.

"My boy, while it is important to remember Him, it's also important to know you were his Heir. And now you must take the mantle as Patriarch."

Tetnaziwyn had finally ascended to what he was destined to become.

Instead of overthrowing Aztarwyn himself, Setomus had done the dirty work for him and now all Tetnaziwyn had to do was secure his grip on the Gonzo. On Dargonia. Any power Tetnaziwyn was given, he had to maintain it and multiply it. He realized he had an unlimited source of power now once he was granted control of the realm, where he could siphon the power into him to reach God-like levels of power. As he was a purer Mahjarrat, he could naturally hold more of the intensive power the realm would gift him and even if it had imploded, the power would remain with him. He could sacrifice many for his own gain, he could do whatever he wanted now.

He was to become greater than Aztarwyn ever had dreamed of.

Tetnaziwyn had dismissed himself, claiming he needed to check back with the Crimson Mist in order to keep things in order, his plan to land in Nazshaar and make a new city. However, while he was addressing his men, he began to devise a plan to secure his power. To gain his revenge. He had to lock away anything that could take the power away from him.

In which would lead to casting Aztarwyn away forever and possibly to kill Arrondal once the realm was his.

Days later, Tetnaziwyn had to conduct the funeral for Aztarwyn, alongside with Arrondal, interim Patriarch. Tetnaziwyn had delivered a eulogy for Aztarwyn, addressing his family on the cold peak of Ice Mountain, where a gilded coffin with the seal of Gonzo contained his body. He had claimed his resolve for vengeance was strong and he would punish those who had betrayed them with the greatest amount of pain, looking directly to Setomus, whom had been present. And with his skill in earth magic, he had made a burial site so deep that Aztarwyn was buried to the very bottom. Once his coffin was finally laid to rest, Tetnaziwyn broke a shard into the site and his enchantment was to take place, a strike of lightning on the area. The Gonzo Seal would be engraved into the ground next to the tombstone, and Aztarwyn was safe from tomb raiders and the world safe from Aztarwyn's return.

As Arrondal made his announcement for Tetnaziwyn to be named the next Patriarch, a week later, all the Gonzo had attended his ritual in the realm to crown him such a right. Binding the realms strength to his will, his blood to the Legendary Shard of Gonzo, Tetnaziwyn was at long last ruler. He had recasted the seal above Hauptsitz, the new aura for the seal glowing red now in a mark of a new era. An era of blood.

Patriarch of the Gonzo

Quest for Revenge

Tetnaziwyn didn't expect for his vengeance to be simply achieved without months of preparation. Slaying Setomus right off the bat would turn the House against him, as Aztarwyn's death had only been fairly recent. Setomus was still somewhat important to the Gonzo, and convincing them otherwise would take time.

He knew despite how long he waited, he knew members of the house would grow agitated against his quest to slay all with the blood of the Clough running through their veins. He had to grow his own force of warriors in order to counteract a potential large uprising. He had to make several men and women his apprentices and teach them the ways of the Gonzo, however not to make them strong enough to turn against him and succeed.

Tetnaziwyn knew there was something in the Lassar Grottoes. He didn't think of his father to be a fool and destroy the cave completely, only enough to make it seem it was all destroyed. He travelled north of Falador to the old cave entrance, which was covered by rocks. Moving aside the rocks with relative ease, he entered the dark cave. He felt a presence however, and he lit a flame within his hand to illuminate the area around him, sword in hand. He continued on until he came to a dead end, a pile of rocks. He began to move the rocks one by one, letting them crash onto the floor. However, he had awoken a residence of the cave, and soon enough he looked to his left and he only saw one thing.

Purple eyes.

He turned his attention to whatever he was looking at, and soon he casted his intense flames upon the walls, his flames sticking to the rock for a few minutes before they would extinguish. However, it was enough to see something dart behind a rock. He had spoken to her in a loud tone, using his deception to bring the unknown to him. What had stepped forward was a small elven woman, dirty with grime and in tight armor. In moments, she had attempted to escape, however he caught her, grabbing her by the neck. He raised her in the air, being a lightweight, she was easily held. He had examined her and sheathed his sword, knowing he could do something with her.

In another direction was another wall of rock. Tetnaziwyn knew this was the armory of the old Lassar Grottoes, and had charged a powerful mix of air and earth. He lashed his magic forward, blowing the rocks into the room, where damaged swords and armor lay on the ground. He lashed out on the room with fire, which lit a few torches that somehow survived. He then threw his subject forward, and she landed on the ground hard. She attempted to reason with him, however he did not understand her Elven language, though she understood him well enough. He offered her salvation, a better life, power. She got up and walked towards him, taking his hand as acceptance, becoming his new apprentice. He left the cave afterward, allowing her to finish her sleep.

Months it took. He had to teach her how to speak in common and possibly Gonzo, train her in the magics and melee. However, in an exercise, she displayed competent swordsmanship well enough for him to hold off on the intense training he received at a young age. But most important of all, he had to break her will for her to grow into what he had imagined for her to become. She was very much against his teachings, bounded to a vow to her old mother. He had to wound her, destroying her armor. He began his teachings of the shadows, not expecting her to be able to cast more than a sliver.

However, he was caught off guard. After he had told her to channel her hate, sorrow and anger, she had casted a large ball of shadow to the left, slamming it against the wall and blowing out a few torches. He was impressed, ending the exercise at once. He had healed her of the wounds he had caused and had made a pool of clean water, allowing her to bath. He used his trickery and deception to seduce her to darkness and she finally let him in, her old promise broken, and he could finally have his way with her. Months flew by, and soon, she was ready. When she began to understand common more thoroughly, he learned her name was Evelyn. Soon, Evelyn became competent enough to be named a Gonzo. He had gifted her with black robes, much like his, at last and transfused his blood with hers in the ritual he conducted.

Over the course of Evelyn's training, his favorite student, he had travelled across all of Gielinor to find several competent men and women to become his new students. He taught them all individually, some easier than others, and eventually they reached a point where they too could become Gonzo. They were nowhere near the power of a normal warrior, however they were powerful enough to have a good fight. He had finally created his order of apprentices, dubbing it the Order of the Skodanov. His quest was nearly complete, within a years time, however it wasn't done just yet. He had one more step.

That was to kill Setomus once and for all.

Rebuilding Dargonia

During Tetnaziwyn's quest to create an order to counter a Gonzo uprising, he still sought to regain and purify the Cruorian crown. He knew the Clough would have Cruor on its side, and he himself needed a powerhouse to hold the Cruorian offensive. Dargonia had to be reborn.

The ships continued to sail for land, eventually on a course for Nazshaar, which has been noted for quite a bit of free terrain. After landing on the continent, the Crimson Mist had been tasked with securing a fair amount of land, set to construct a city upon the land. A village was originally created, with a castle being erected within months of forced labor from leftover slaves. Others who had sought to leave Lionheart due to the oppression of Cruor had also stumbled across New Dargonia, as it was named, and had become citizens. Dargonia's population was beginning to grow, as was the nation again.

Tetnaziwyn had worked in the shadows as King, however he would appear in his castle from time to time to observe the city under construction. Otherwise, Grandmaster Brannau would oversee his bidding.

Battle of the Patriarchs

The time had come for revenge. Having scouts watch over Dorina's farm, he waited for an opportunity to strike the farm where he could avoid the public eye. With Rachel and Emma gone, presuming Dorina to be gone as well, Tetnaziwyn had brought three Gonzo Warriors and a small squadron of Crimson Knights and archers to the farm, menacingly marching towards it from the field.

Setomus had come outside, along with Dorina to watch the Gonzo come to the farm, and outside had come to a standoff. This moment had finally come, with Dorina running back inside. The two Patriarchs had stood there, silent, staring into each others eyes as they knew what was to come next. Tetnaziwyn knew that Setomus had forseen this moment, however this did not get in his way. Tetnaziwyn, already had instructing the Gonzo on their duties, had drawn his swords, continuing to stare down Setomus. Setomus drew his sword as well, and the showdown of glares continued. However, the standoff would soon cease once Setomus opened his mouth.

"You're not as intimidating as your father was."

Tetnaziwyn gritted his teeth and lashed out with rage, beginning the duel by using his high-powered offensive strikes and slashes to quickly set the tone. Setomus began to step back as he defended against Tetnaziwyn's onslaught, having gone through the doorway into Dorina's house. Once inside, Setomus began to telegrab books and throw them at Tetnaziwyn to begin to distract him, however the hits were meaningless as Tetnaziwyn's rage kept him going. Eventually however, bookshelves would be knocked over as Tetnaziwyn used a combination of air and shadow to push Setomus into them, however Setomus' resilience kept him going. Both men channeled their respective magics, shadow and light, into their swords to create powerful clashes, however coming to no avail. Eventually, the two would make their way through the backdoor and outside again, though Tetnaziwyn would fly up onto the roof of the house.

Setomus followed, using the same shadow-flying technique Tetnaziwyn did and resume the duel, being spectated by the incoming Clough fighters to confront the Gonzo. Tetnaziwyn continued to use his dual-wielding swordplay to fight against Setomus' defensive style, however Setomus used offense as well. Tetnaziwyn had switched to a more defensive style for a moment, recalculating his strategy. When he had the chance, Tetnaziwyn was able to kick Setomus off the roof, who of which used air magic to lighten his fall and rolled back onto his feet. Tetnaziwyn used shadow magic to make his descent more graceful, and the two continued the duel in the field.

Tetnaziwyn eventually was disarmed of his black mithril sword, left with the Sword of Gonzo. He continued the duel, using a faster paced offensive against Setomus before Setomus would fire back with an offensive of his own. The two offensives would counter each other out in an absolute duel of the blades, both blocking and attacking in mere seconds. However, Tetnaziwyn knew this could be used to his advantage. Using a very brutal block to catch Setomus off-guard, causing him to lose control of his swords direction, Tetnaziwyn telegrabbed his other sword off the ground and in a swift movement, he had lunged forward and stabbed Setomus through his chest. With a menacing smirk, Tetnaziwyn pulled his sword from the body and Setomus dropped. He looked to Rachel and Emma, who had managed to find their way through the fight and were spectating, and grinned at them, before manifesting to shadow and making his leave, taking his warriors with him.

Tetnaziwyn returned to the Gonzo Realm, having his revenge against Setomus. However, he knew now the Clough were prepared for a battle with the Gonzo, and so he knew a war would begin between the two. He had called the Gonzo to the realm, preaching that the Clough had their hand in killing Aztarwyn and they must take arms against the newly created army they have drafted. Several Gonzo were quiet, however several more would cry for war, chanting in their war cries, unsheathing swords. Tetnaziwyn would smile at them all, pleased to see a desire for war, and dismissed the family.

Tetnaziwyn now began the war that would spell the end for one of the houses.

The Beginning of the Gonzo-Clough War

The war did not begin hot as some had expected, but rather freezing. The Gonzo had nothing for the Clough to attack right off without risking a defeat in Dargonia and Cruor was in their hands. Tetnaziwyn did not press the issue and had allowed the war to be limited to very small skirmishes, resulting in few casualties. Though despite keeping the conflict to a low level, the divide in the family became apparent and Tetnaziwyn had known a section of the Gonzo were against him. He had already created the Skodanov to counter this, however it was becoming apparent that more had been against him than anticipated. His apprentices began to find more members for the order and became their masters, as he had intended and allowed them to foresee their training. 

Though, he was not fully satisfied with the power of his order. As a technique to flush out weak links in the order, the Haerus of the order would be the slayer of the previous Haerus in power. As he was the Dark Haerus, he had intentionally limited his apprentices in their potential so he could never be overthrown and be the most powerful, though he came to realize he would eventually be bested without gaining more power. He then realized he had full control over the Gonzo Realm, including the ability to siphon power that kept the realm stable to himself. Though as a deal to keep the Patriarch from hording all the power, the power had to be returned in a certain amount of time based off of the amount of power siphoned. Though, his father had overseen the realm being created and he had limitations to how much power he could hold. Tetnaziwyn was stronger, he had no limits and was purer as a Mahjarrat than he was human. The realm would collapse before Tetnaziwyn would have to return the power. He had thought of this before, before he became Patriarch and had remembered this. He knew now he could finally siphon power from the realm, preferably in small amounts to go unnoticed, and nothing could stop him. Not Arrondal, not the Clough.

Not even his own father could stop him now. 

Tetnaziwyn now knew what his eventual goal was to be. He was not to be a prophet for the rest of his life, no. He wasn't to be a preacher, a crusader. He was to be a martyr should he had been defeated, he was to be a true Master of Death. He was to be a God greater than Aztarwyn could have ever dreamed of. His final lesson to Evelyn was that she must not set her predecessors strength as her own goal or her cap, but rather to surpass them and become even greater. He revealed he planned to become greater than his father and replace him.

Tetnaziwyn adored the new power he gained from the realm once he began to siphon it. He felt rejuvenated from years lacking a ritual, his whole lifetime. He siphoned a tad more and then tested his new cap, taking any pent-up rage and allowing forests and some slaves to be his first victims. He had destroyed things without so much of a blink. He knew he had to hone each portion of power taken to improve on his already impressive skill. He went back to his normal daily tasks, looking forward to what the Clough and the Gonzo against him were going to face.

Killing Adolf

More time passed since he had killed Setomus and the war had yet to really kick off. However, Tetnaziwyn knew if he had attempted to make a move, Cruor would step into the mix and suddenly the Clough would have a massive advantage. He needed an ally within Cruor to sway the empire towards his side, despite Kaiser Aztarwyn III clearly being against him. His brother, Adolf, was a big deal in Cruorian politics. He was the leader of the Cruorian Party and thus had a considerably large influence on decisions that the Kaiser would make. If Adolf were to join Tetnaziwyn, perhaps the Senate could be swayed to make an alliance with Dargonia and together they could destroy the Clough. Perhaps even one by one, senators would turn against Kaiser Aztarwyn III and Tetnaziwyn could make his move for the crown. Tetnaziwyn managed to get his hands on a commorb and contacted Adolf, requesting a private meeting with him atop the Senate's Castle in Hauptsitz Stadt. Adolf abided by his request, which came off as a demand.

Days later, Tetnaziwyn would travel to the roof of the Senate's Castle and meet Adolf. Adolf had seemed calm, despite Tetnaziwyn's intimidating appearance as well as the three Gonzo warriors he brought with him. He knew Adolf would have alerted the guards of Tetnaziwyn's visit as he was going to accept only one answer. The brothers greeted each other. Tetnaziwyn had offered Adolf a powerful position within Dargonia should he join him, as well as offering him to join the Skodanov. He offered power, wealth, anything Adolf could ever imagine. Adolf could finally be the son Aztarwyn would have wanted with Tetnaziwyn's training. However, much to Tetnaziwyn's dismay, Adolf had declined his offers as he was still loyal to Cruor and wanted to remain neutral in the conflict, as he was connected to both families. 

Tetnaziwyn's facial expression turned from neutral to very, very angry. He had expressed his rage to Adolf, telling him the Clough were nothing compared to the Gonzo. They were weak, trash. They were meant to be disposed of. He had declared Adolf to be a waste of Aztarwyn's precious blood, as he was tainted by the blood of the Clough through Emma. Adolf had looked very concerned as Tetnaziwyn continued to unleash his rage upon him. Finally, Tetnaziwyn had reached his boiling point and had finally realized even his own brothers and sisters were against him, and they too needed to be slain.

Tetnaziwyn drew his sword and swiftly lunged at Adolf, stabbing his chest. He lunged the sword further into Adolf, going straight through his body and the blade of the legendary weapon covered in his brothers blood. Adolf's eyes went from his chest to Tetnaziwyn, looking at him with sorrow and shock. Tetnaziwyn only stared at him through his hateful eyes, unimpressed with his path. Secretly hiding, AdriAnne had screamed and jumped out to go to Adolf, which she was stopped by Dorina. It didn't matter now, however, as Adolf was to die and now he knew of the Clough's presence at the castle. Tetnaziwyn withdrew the blade from Adolf and the worthless body had dropped as Adolf attempted to cling onto life. Tetnaziwyn's attention turned to the trio of women, as Emma had accompanied them to watch her son die. Dorina was the only one ready to battle as the other two continued to absorb the shock and Tetnaziwyn had ordered his warriors to attack. Dorina held her own against the onslaught of the warriors, able to knock Ithrillian unconcious. Tetnaziwyn only spectated until Cruorian soldiers finally arrived, archers opening fire on their nobles. Emma had charged a blast of light and launched it towards Tetnaziwyn, which he was easily able to destroy with a blast of shadow he conjured in preparation for the Cruorian soldiers. Dorina had slayed Ithrillian at this point and Tetnaziwyn decided to take his leave, allowing the other warriors who were waiting to arrive and destroy the Cruorians. 

Tetnaziwyn teleported to the Gonzo Realm, where he watched the battle through the realm's magic. As the Cruorian's began to bring in hundreds of soldiers to fight just five Gonzo warriors, they killed Xintal and the warriors retreated as there was no way the Gonzo would win. Tetnaziwyn was outraged and began to unleash power within the realm, casting fire waves and other destructive spells to vent his anger. Every Gonzo connected to the realm could sense his power. Now the Clough had a Gonzo eye-witness in AdriAnne to get support for their cause, support from the Gonzo who were against him. In killing Adolf, Cruor would be able to unite against a common enemy, to take arms against the Gonzo and attempt to purge their control over the empire. Though it would a war they would regret and would lose, as Tetnaziwyn had no intention on losing this fight. He was going to take Cruor violently.

The Second Gonzo Civil War Begins

Before taking the Cruorian throne however, Tetnaziwyn knew he would have to hurdle over a huge obstacle. The Gonzo were clearly divided now, with members having been unheard of for the next few days. Tetnaziwyn had to address his order now, as the Skodanov was his response to the uprising within the Gonzo. He gathered each member to the Lassar Grottoes and addressed his puppets, preparing them for the absolute worst to come.

Then a sudden rise in aura around the cave had spiked, as Arrondal made his way into the cave and into his lair. Tetnaziwyn could feel several other weaker beings within the cave, using heightened senses and knew Arrondal had brought either Cruorian soldiers or Clough warriors. Whichever way, Arrondal was not readily armed as he walked in. 

"Greetings, grandfather. What brings you to my lair?," Tetnaziwyn had greeted Arrondal. 

"Tetnaziwyn, you need to stop this madness at once. It's growing too large for the house to handle."

"What do you mean? My plans are falling into place as I foresee them."

"Your actions have had great consequences. The empire now is openly against the Gonzo as you host your crusade against the Clough and our warriors grow ever so slightly weaker with each time you siphon power from the realm, which you had vowed not to do at your own leisure."

Tetnaziwyn's plan of siphoning power caught on with Arrondal as he had siphoned too much power to go unnoticed. He remained calm. "The realm is mine, however, as is this house. The empire will bow to the Gonzo as they always have once I'm finished with my extermination of the Clough."

"Your father would not approve of your actions, so I would suggest you end them now while you still can."

"My father is dead thanks to the Clough, I am only getting vengeance for him. He would approve of that."

"Much to your disbelief, your father had actually cared for the Clough. Rachel had married one, he married one, his grandchildren were Clough. Despite one turning against him, he would not have sought vengeance to such a degree."

"Have you come to tell me how to properly rule a house by suggesting we make peace and love with our worst enemy?" Tetnaziwyn had become slightly irritated and his anger began to brew.

"I am, infact. They are not our enemy, for they have stood by us for the past forty or so years."

"Time has escaped you, grandfather, for now I am the one making decisions and those forty or so years have come to an end."

"You have gone too far, grandson. You have caused a great divide within my own family that I created and I will not allow you to destroy it."

"If that is the case, I will only flush out the weak links within it." Tetnaziwyn rose from his demonic throne chair, his anger boiling over now.

"Your reign is coming to an end now as you refuse to do what is better for the Gonzo," Arrondal had drawn his sword, prepared for combat. "In the name of Aztarwyn, I hereby revoke your powers as Patriarch of the Gonzo as you are unfit for rule!"

Tetnaziwyn said no more and drew his swords, lashing out against Arrondal and begun to slash and stab at him at great speed. Much to his surprise however, Arrondal kept up with a very solid defense. He continued his own onslaught, with each movement of the swords fueled by rage and hatred. As their own duel had begun, the Clough warriors had come out and begun to duel the Skodanov warriors. The first real battle of the war had begun. Despite the battle surrounding them beginning, the two Patriarchs had focused on their own duel. Tetnaziwyn continued to slash and lunge, however Arrondal continued to block and parry each attack, followed by a counter of his own. Tetnaziwyn was able to follow up with counters as well, creating a fluent trade of attacks from each blade. Finally, Tetnaziwyn was able to incorporate magic and had casted a powerful blast of fire and shadow, knocking Arrondal into the wall of the caverns as they made their way into tunnel outside of the lair. Arrondal was quick to recover however, countering with a spell of his own to knock Tetnaziwyn back, which he would recover from quickly as well. The two became very physical, with kicks and punches thrown into the mix as well, both warriors being bruised badly. Tetnaziwyn grabbed Arrondal and launched both of them through a wall of rocks, blowing through the pile and revealing another part of the cave that was collapsed so long ago. Tetnaziwyn had used extremely hot fire magic to illuminate the area, the fire sticking to the walls. The two continued their epic duel, both refusing to back down as the rebellious Gonzo warriors had arrived to aid the Clough in their fight against the Skodanov. Arrondal had finally knocked Tetnaziwyn back onto the ground, forcing him to a knee. Tetnaziwyn appeared weak and injured, as he was hunched over, preparing for his next strike. Using the shadows from the light, he saw Arrondal raise his sword and was able to block the strike from behind. He had used his cunning skill to slash Arrondal's sword out of the way as he used his other sword to stab Arrondal while still in the same position, then rising as he had defeated his grandfather.

As Arrondal had died, Tetnaziwyn absorbed what little power he could gain from the death of a Mahjarrat, allowing the others to have some. He joined the fray now, as both sides had become divided as he entered the battle. His puppets that hadn't died, which was the majority of the Skodanov, rallied by him. He began to speak to the Clough now as the battle paused. "Your efforts to defeat me are valiant, Clough, I give you that. However they are not enough. The Gonzo are too strong for you, even for the enlisted aid of my own family. Your savior Setomus isn't here anymore to lead you to victory, but only his weak daughter can attempt such a feat. I know she is here, so come before me. Face me in a duel of the blade to prove just how weak the Clough are, to prove how worthless your fight is."

After a few moments, Dorina finally stepped forward past her warriors. She obviously had the mark of tears streaking down her face, however she looked determined and collected, sword in hand. "The Clough aren't weak, the fight is not worthless. Your blind hatred for us will lead to your own demise. Just because my father isn't here doesn't mean he was our only savior, as he trained us all to be like him."

"It makes sense, then, as he was just as weak as any other Clough that had come before me." Dorina's mood had noticably turned to anger, scowling at him and clenching her sword. "Ah, yes. Anger. I like that."

"If he was so weak, then how did he manage to defeat Aztarwyn?"

Tetnaziwyn had become angry at the mention, replicating Dorina's mood. He said no more as he attacked now, using his dual-blade style against her as he had his previous opponents. However, something was odd. Dorina managed to keep up with Tetnaziwyn, her defenses nearly impenetrable. His strength with his swords had been nullified, as she somehow was able to predict each of his moves and counter them somehow. The second he saw an opportunity to end her as he did Setomus, he performed the same lunge, only this time she would shift her body so that he would strike the air and she disarmed him of the sword, kicking it far away from him. She then was able to force him onto his knees, the same way he had been during his duel with Arrondal. He used the shadows once again to block her strike, however he couldn't counter with the killing blow as he was forced to one sword. He was able to use his strength to rise to his feet and create some distance, only to be met with Dorina's offense. He was completely taken off-guard, as he had never been forced to such a defensive position so quickly. He was impressed with her wit and skill, knowing now her actions were being fueled by rage. She had begun to force him backwards, leading only to a wall in the cave. She forced him back onto the ground and he blocked a killing strike, in which she was able to move both swords out of the way and strike him cleanly with her fist. Slightly dazed, he continued to take punishment as she continued to punch him on the head, each strike fueled by her anger and growing stronger. She had busted his nose open, blood pouring from his nostrils and she only continued to lay a beatdown on him. He was clearly defeated in this duel of swords, shocked as he sat there being struck. Dorina raised her sword to end the duel, and quite frankly the war, and Tetnaziwyn replied with a cheating action in a quickly conjured air wave to push her off and away from him. He staggered upwards, looking at his foe.

"You have... Impressed me. Your anger has made you stronger, mmm. However sadly, I must end this now." As Tetnaziwyn was preparing to unleash a huge wave of fire, Zephon had leapt out at him and spear-tackled him to the ground as both the Skodanov and Clough-Gonzo sides began to clash again, the latter side beginning a retreat. Tetnaziwyn telegrabbed his other sword and began a very short duel with Zephon before he was able to escape, leaving only the Skodanov within the cave. He had tasked the order to secure the perimeter without alerting Faladian forces, sheathing his swords and returning to his throne alone. As he sat, he began to think of the fight. 

"How did she defeat me? How did she become that strong?" He began to wipe blood from his nose and chin as he thought to himself. "She would be a great asset if she had not been a Clough..." In these moments, he realized now with the apparent strength of Dorina and the aid of other Gonzo and Cruor, the Clough had become a very strong opponent for him. This war wasn't going to be as easy as he thought it would be. Either way, he still planned on winning. 

A House Divided

The Lure of Hauptsitz

Months had begun to pass by after Tetnaziwyn's defeat to Dorina. His warriors and the Clough had several skirmishes after Cruor declared war on Dargonia, both sides being rather even in the fighting. The Clough were putting up a hard fight against his warriors, as expected, though he was still disturbed by Dorina's superiority over him. He knew it would come down to them two, and was almost concerned that the possibility of her winning was very real. He knew he had to end this quickly, to strike the Clough so deep in its core that they would be brought to their knees. Though, it wouldn't be easy. Although he was a dominant force with just his two swords, he was vunerable in just his robes and Dorina's defense proved she could find a way to utilize that weakness.

Tetnaziwyn travelled to New Dargonia City, in which he left Grandmaster Brannau to regent over and use the castle as a command post to direct his soldiers during the war. While walking through the halls, flashbacks of the battle in the old castle hit him like a freight train. He remembered Khione's swiftness, how quick she was to avoid his attacks and how when she was caught by him, she managed to weasel her way out. As he went up the stairs, he flashed back to when his old armor was damaged by Setomus' light magic. Upon entering the new throne room, he flashed back to the old throne room in which Khione destroyed the phylactery that allowed Setomus to kill Aztarwyn. He remembered returning to the charred room an hour later to retrieve the corpse of the God of Death. When returning to reality, he blinked several times to adjust to the sudden brightness of the room, as it wasn't charred like it use to be.

He walked into his private room above the throne room, where his armory was located. He entered the armory, in which he used fire magic to light the torches of the windowless room, illuminating it. In a glass case at the end of the hall was that very suit of mithril armor on a stand. More spikes than his fathers, but still similar aside from the black color. As he approached the case, the reflection of his yellow eyes matched with the eye holes of the helmet, and he saw himself in the reflection as he was three years prior. He swore the mouth moved.

"You were weak when you donned this armor. You were defeated then. Your father, that you cared for, perished too."

He had a point, however one thing had changed. He mastered dual-wielding and back then, he had one sword. Tetnaziwyn grinned sinisterly now, drawing his sword and shattering the reflection of his caring past self with a single swing. He now looked at the armor without the inference of his past, knowing with his greater power he would be unstoppable now.

In the next two days, as nightfall had casted over Hauptsitz, Tetnaziwyn had brought four warriors with him and they slowly marched from the beach towards the castle after teleporting. Tetnaziwyn knew that Kaiser Aztarwyn III was elsewhere, making it the prime opportunity to attack the castle. He donned the armor once more, both swords drawn as they approached the castle. Two warriors took to the air, flying towards the roof and barrages of shadow rained upon the soldiers defending the castle. Tetnaziwyn and the remaining two warriors then stormed the castle, slaughtering what had come in their path. He took several hits, though nothing penetrated his armor and his skill with the swords were hardly hindered by the armor's weight and bulk. An entire elite force, composed of some of the best soldiers within the Imperial Vigilis Cruor, fell to the hands of Tetnaziwyn and his two other warriors. As the final defenders perished, Tetnaziwyn marched through the castle as he found an archer laying helplessly, wounded from the encounter and Tetnaziwyn sheathed a sword, grabbing the man by his jacket and lifted him into the air, making his own eyes glow red to install fear.

"Now, you will tell me. Are you of the Clough?"

The soldier gulped in fear, beginning to weap and struggled to get out a single word. "N-no."

"And have you alerted the rest of the empire, then?"

"S-soldiers have been alerted, yes! It is standard protocol, please..!"

Tetnaziwyn let go of his jacket and as the man fell, he caught him by the neck and applied a very firm grip, bringing him to a choking point. He used his anger and his magic to augment his strength, now capable of killing the soldier with just a squeeze. "And what did you report to them?"

He fought through the choking to muster words. "That some Gonzo warriors have attacked the castle... One real fuckin' tall one too!"

Tetnaziwyn grinned behind his helmet, as his intention was to be discovered. "Thank you, soldier. You have assisted me enough and will be relieved of your duties." He proceeded to tighten his grip until the man couldn't breath and his throat collapsed. He tossed the carcass aside, walking up the stairs and into the throne room. He then sheathed his other sword and walked to his fathers old throne, taking a seat upon it and looked upon the carnage he had caused. A warrior of his approached him.

"My lord, the castle is secure."

"Good, good... Secure the perimeter and bring in the pawns. Nothing but Dorina Clough is allowed in this castle."

He waited patiently over the next day. News spread quickly nowadays with the use of commorbs, he knew the Clough would be smart enough to figure out he was in the castle at that very moment. Even further, he thought maybe Dorina had figured out it was a trap and she may not go alone, though he knew she would go regardless as she defeated him prior. Several Underlings he had recruited for this moment had been brought to the castle, dressed as Dux. They were weak pawns, likely to die within a few minutes of combat. However they were the perfect tool to bring in his prey. 

Naturally, his plan worked as he foresaw it. Dorina and her brother Samuel came to the castle and began to take out the pawns and few Dargonian soldiers, with the warriors overseeing the battle. As the last Underling dropped, Dorina and Samuel were in the main lobby of the castle. Tetnaziwyn had risen from the throne, approaching the balcony above the lobby and greeted his prey. He had noticed Emma accompanied the two, who had their swords drawn. After a small exchange of words, Tetnaziwyn had jumped down to the lobby and shortly, the duel began. He allowed the two to attack him relentlessly, however his usage of the dual-blades and his swift speed allowed him to keep up with the assault. He parried each strike and often went for a counter attack, of course being countered and back on the defensive. Though, he noticed both Dorina and Samuel began to tire. He was satisfied now, as his counters became more vicious and he fended off the two easier than he had earlier. Eventually they stepped back, attempting to refill their stanima and reapproach their assault. They had attacked once more, however shortly Tetnaziwyn removed Samuel from the equation from knocking him aside and overpowered Dorina. As she lay helpless at his feet, Evelyn had arrived to the castle and trapped Emma in a stone cage, preventing her from interfering any further. 

And so it began. Tetnaziwyn began to kick Dorina, his armored boots adding additional impact and began to break her bones. He stepped, kicked and crushed her left leg, setting aside his sword and grabbing her ankle, twisting her foot and breaking it even further. She screamed in pure agony and defeat, hopeless. He enjoyed every moment of the torture, however it did come time to kill her once and for all. He picked up his other sword and with the Legendary Sword of Gonzo, he lunged for her. However, Samuel would intervene and block his strike. Then, with some respectable speed, Samuel attempted to slice into Tetnaziwyn's armor, only to have the sword clash against the armor as he was out of muscle. Tetnaziwyn laughed at the weak attempt and lunged his other sword into Samuel's chest, twisting it slowly to allow him to bleed further. Then with a spell of shadow and air, he launched Samuel into a wall, causing him to collapse and bleed onto the floor as he began to slowly die. He turned his attention back to Dorina, who was grabbing her sword and trying to mount a last stand against Tetnaziwyn. He slowly ran up to her and kicked her viciously in the stomach, causing her to lay down on her back after absorbing the pain and coughing up some blood. As he went for the final blow again, he felt a sudden spike in aura rise.

Suddenly, Aztarwyn III had bursted into the castle as a huge cloud of shadow, returning to his human form after knocking out Evelyn with a shadow spell and slammed into Tetnaziwyn, forcing him into a wall. Aztarwyn III stood next to Dorina, defending her from Tetnaziwyn's wrath. As he rose, he launched himself at Aztarwyn III, who of which was able to grab Tetnaziwyn and with his brute strength, slammed him into the ground, making a noticeable dent. 

"Stop making such a mess in my castle. Seriously, you just broke the floor."

His armor was dented greatly, however Aztarwyn III hit him with a small shadow bolt. Tetnaziwyn blocked this, however some of the bolt managed to hit him and damage his armor greatly again. The armor faded into shadow, teleporting it to the realm and his robes would fade onto his body to replace his damaged suit. Tetnaziwyn rose, both swords in hand.

"How lovely for you to join the death of the Clough, herr Kaiser."

"You're mad, Tetnaziwyn. Do you seriously think your antics will win you this war?"

"Oh, I figured they would until you showed up."

"While I do my best to stay neutral in the conflict, you know my allegiance is to the Clough either way. After all, you did kill our uncle and more importantly, your brother and grandfather"

"Oh you are such a waste of my fathers blood... How dare you call yourself by his name and sit upon his throne."

"It's simple. He's my grandfather, my mother named me as such. And you're simply jealous that I'm better than you."

Tetnaziwyn struck out in rage, beginning his vicious assault. Aztarwyn III held his own with just a sword, proving why he was the Juggernaut of the Gonzo. The two battled across the lobby, showing an impressive display of swordsmanship and magical ability. Both used shadow magic against each other, coming to no avail as they both countered each other equally. Both trainees of Aztarwyn had gone at it, though Tetnaziwyn planned on being the victor. Tetnaziwyn broke off a sword lock with Aztarwyn III and flew up into the air, manifesting half of his body to shadow and began to barrage Aztarwyn III with shadow and fire magic. Using his hatred to fuel him, he struck at him barrage after barrage. Aztarwyn III used a shadow barrier to maintain posture and to avoid dying, however it was very slowly crumbling to the sheer might of Tetnaziwyn's will. He continued to crack at it so much rage consumed his entire body, screaming at the top of his lungs with every barrage casted and the floor charring. The outline of his iris' glowed red as he attacked, losing control of his mind. However he was brought back to reality when the aura of power shot up even further and the Gonzo warriors outside of the castle were met by the Order of Altus. Several members have come to aid Cruor in taking back the castle, and Zephon with a small band of warriors entered the scene. Tetnaziwyn ceased all barrages, his display of power being showcased enough and with a teleother, he teleported Evelyn to the realm, shortly following suit with himself.

As Tetnaziwyn stood on top of the realm's shadow surface, he collapsed to his hands and knees, gasping for air and trying to regain his strength. All the magic he casted, all the power he put into those spells took their toll. Evelyn was beginning to regain conciousness and approached her master, putting a hand on his shoulder.

"You seriously need to stop getting ahead of yourself."

"Oh please. I have an unlimited source of power... For now. I will only return stronger in our next encounter, for he cannot truly defeat me. None of them can."

"And yet you still didn't kill her. Do you have an obsession with torturing her?"

"Perhaps. I seek to install fear into the Clough, and this shall do the trick... However, she will still die." As he began to regain his breath, he began to siphon some power of the realm through his hands to speed up the process. He stood up now, sheathing his swords that he had dropped. It was time for him to plan his next move.

A Vision

The day after the battle in Hauptsitz, Tetnaziwyn received news that his sister, Rachel, had died. He hardly had any connection with her other than the fact she was his oldest sister, a child of Aztarwyn defiled by the blood of the Clough. He felt no agony, no pain. Only a smile grew.

Some months began to pass as the war ramped up. Tetnaziwyn had recruited the son of Head General Onyx Varkham, Vesturiel, to his cause and planned to use him as a powerful asset in dismantling the Vigilis Cruor. However it's not enough, of course. As Vesturiel's training progressed, he sense the Darkness wasn't consuming him and a form of guilt was holding him back. He had to find another apprentice to exceed Vesturiel's capability and be his Enforcer.

Or, rather, create an Enforcer.

Tetnaziwyn travelled to Seers Village. entering a cave and meeting an inventor named Derrick Valus. From there, he requested a golem to be made to suit the size of the Legendary Armor of Gonzo and to be trained for combat. After meeting the inventor, he travelled back to the Lassar Grottoes and looked upon the stand that the armor was displayed on. Full Freneskaen metal, as strong as Orialkum. Nothing would penetrate it except magic, though it would be a good diversion. He brought the armor to Derrick, allowing him to inspect it and use it to make correct measurements and perfect fittings.

One night, Tetnaziwyn had begun his meditative sleep. However, it was no normal night as he began to dream, or rather have a vision. He stood atop Ice Mountain, slaying many Clough who had come to defeat him and he had even knocked Dorina unconcious. The spirits of the defeated watched on as he prepared to lay the final blow to the Clough. That was, until then, the mountain trembled before the entry of another power.

Aztarwyn rose from his grave, seeking vengeance and he was fresh out of mercy.

Tetnaziwyn turned to his father, who had his sword drawn as well. "Ah, father, thank you for joining us.."

"My son, you have gone about this the wrong way. You are splitting this house apart and soon the Gonzo will be no more."

"Oh I had a feeling you'd say that." At that, Tetnaziwyn attacked his own father. He lust to defeat Aztarwyn himself, to no longer be cast in the shadow and the two had an epic duel. Their attacks were multiplied during the vision, laying waste to Ice Mountain. However, something was odd. Tetnaziwyn became overwhelmed and soon, Aztarwyn had taken control. He threw him back into the ground and Aztarwyn began to punch Tetnaziwyn through the core of Gielinor. In a final flash of green, Tetnaziwyn woke up his vision. This was not a coincidence.

He still was not greater than his father.

Tetnaziwyn knew now he had to siphon more power, and to do so he'd have to increase the quantity of each session and do it more frequently. However, the more he did it, the more the Gonzo would know and the enemies would double their efforts. But Tetnaziwyn wasn't going to be cast back into the shadow of his father so quickly.

The Seeds of Destruction

The war had been waged for a year now. Nobody was gaining a significant advantage, however the Clough's numbers were being slaughtered at a decent rate. Despite this, more Gonzo Warriors began to fall as a result of the Clough's advanced training. Tetnaziwyn knew this war was going to end with bloody results, however he persisted with his strategy. Just now he needed a catalyst to win when the time was right.

Dorina and Ivan had been taking part of the Battle of Bassira, on its fourth day. Ivan had seemed to be troubled and was holding back, as Tetnaziwyn saw it. He knew there was more potential, there was more to Ivan than just the veil of light. He would be a very powerful asset should he recruit him, however he questioned this. He was a Clough, how could he possibly ally himself with a Clough, let alone recruit one? He pondered this for a few hours, however after weighing all of the options, victory was more important than anything. Ivan was not a true blooded Clough, he was recruited and adopted. Turning him would not contradict his goals. He dispatched Evelyn to the battle when he came to the conclusion Ivan had to be recruited, preparing to travel there himself.

Tetnaziwyn had travelled to Bassira while Evelyn was doing battle with Ivan and Ivan had Evelyn on the ropes. He continued to beat her down, using his rage and hatred to enhance his power. He finally embraced the darkness, despite being told not to.

"Very good, Knight Ivan."

Ivan held the tip of his blade to Evelyn's throat, preparing to kill her in his rage and looked to Tetnaziwyn. "So you only show yourself in the defeat of your favorite pawn?"

"I do suppose you could say that. However, Ivan, you are very special indeed. You have great, untapped power that you do not use. You restrict yourself to the teachings of the Altus, holding yourself back."

"You seek to only kill... Kill good people with good intentions. Just what are you trying to pull?"

"Ivan, you are blinded by the light. With the clearness of the Darkness, you can see the true way of the Clough to know they are the real villains. You can finally blossom your full potential, to live a better life and to better protect your family."

Tetnaziwyn saw fear strike Ivan's eyes as they widened slightly. "M-my family?"

"A wife and child, correct?"

"H-how did you know?"

"The Darkness allows me to see what I wish without the disturbance of the light. Even in the brightest rays of light, I can see through the lies of the world and learn the truth." Ivan was looking back and forth between him and Evelyn, who remained at Ivan's mercy. "Ivan, the safety of your family depends on your decision. The Darkness is either your greatest ally, or your worst nightmare. Choose now and you shall be granted to be engulfed in either its gifts or its destruction."

"T-t-the light always cleanses Darkness."

"Oh, don't you know? Always with a ray of light, it casts a shadow."

Tetnaziwyn felt the aura of another Clough nearby, a warrior behind him. He knew that Ivan was choosing between the light and dark now, he had him in a box. He just now needed something to break him and force him to the darkness. "Ivan, I can teach you to protect your loved ones. Use my knowledge and with it you will achieve greater feats than the Altus could ever allow you to have." Tetnaziwyn lowered his guard and the warrior behind him charged for him. He raised his sword as he got near Tetnaziwyn and now the moment of truth would be revealed.

Ivan had instantly leaped towards Tetnaziwyn and stabbed the incoming Clough, killing his own blood.

Tetnaziwyn grinned sinisterly as Ivan's face was an emotionless, blank, cold stare as the body dropped. He dropped his sword, looking at what he had done. "Good, I am glad you have chosen to embrace the Darkness."

"I am at your service now." Ivan kneeled before Tetnaziwyn, bowing his head to him. Tetnaziwyn drew his sword now and had brought the blade near each soldier, promoting him to the rank of Acolyte.

"As I expected. I deem you an Acolyte of the Order of Skodanov, as your power is too great to be labelled an Underling." Ivan rose. "Acolyte, we welcome you to the order." Evelyn had joined them now, recovering from the battle and had given Ivan a look of respect. Tetnaziwyn heard Dorina off into the distance, calling for Ivan.

"Ah, so she comes searching for you... Acolyte, you will be of great importance to the order. However you must continue to be enslaved by the Altus for now, to penetrate their defenses and when it is time, to strike them from within."

"So am I to kill our own, then?"

"If you must."

"So be it. I do know where the cave is."

"I know, I recognized you from the battle. Go to Dorina now and inform her Evelyn had fled after a duel, act like nothing had changed. In your free time, come to the cave and we will begin your training with the Darkness."

"As you wish, Master." Ivan had walked towards Dorina's voice and Tetnaziwyn teleported away, having planted the seeds to destroy the Clough.

The Mountain of Death

The seeds of destruction were planted and now Tetnaziwyn had to wait for his deadly weapon to sprout. In the meantime however, he still found it useful to humiliatingly defeat Dorina, if not kill her. He began to plot out his attack, taking two months. During a session with Ivan, he knew his powerful asset could aid him.

"Acolyte, tell me. You do know of the location of all the Clough, correct?"

"I have seen the map a few times now, yes."

"Hm. I must see it, for I have a great deal of tragedy planned for the Clough."

"Master, may I ask as to what are you planning?"

"Setting a trap for your other master." Tetnaziwyn noticed Ivan's concerned look. "Acolyte, do not tell me you have anything but hateful emotions towards her."

"No, master- sorry. Having two personalities sometimes can be tricky."

"I don't suppose you're wrong. You have done quite well thus far, however surely you can do better. I require a copy of the map for us to win the war in the near future."

"It will be done, master."

Tetnaziwyn continued to wait for his plan to sprout. During this time, he decided he required a new sword to better suit his needs. Using an old Gonzo ritual to imbune shadow magic into a sword, he used a steel sword as the base of his creation and with the aid of several Dux, created an ultimate sword of Darkness, the Sword of Skodanov. The now black sword had a red beam running along the center, illuminating some light that reflected off of the shadow mist.

After two weeks, Ivan had reported back to him with a detailed map of Cruor, Asgarnia and Nazshaar, with some battle plans even included.

"Master, three groups of Clough will be deployed at the cities circled in red. Blue dots are current deployments, while the big white circle in Asgarnia is Blakan Estate, where the Altus are conducting their operations from."

"Good work, Acolyte. Tell me, how many Clough are being deployed to these cities?"

"Three, four maybe?" Ivan pondered for a moment, still unknown to Tetnaziwyn's plan. "Master, what is your plan for those Clough?"

"They're simply bait, is all. Disposable, however going into the homes or deployment stations of the Clough would be silly. No, you must use the illusion of war to trick the enemy into having a different account of the event."

"You're going to hold these Clough hostage?"

"Ah, I see you have made progress in figuring out my plan. I'll continue to let you delve into it yourself, however I must make quick work of this."

Tetnaziwyn flew to a few cities and very quickly infiltrated the Clough's bases. He laid waste to defending warriors and taking the members of the Clough with him, knocking them unconcious and binding them together. He brought the Staff of Gonzo along with him, setting fire to camps and leaving the Clough in disarray. He borught his hostages, all eight, to the Gonzo Realm and kept them binded in a circle with chains, stripping them of their clothing. He had a letter written and sent to Blakan Estate, telling the Clough exactly what he had and Dorina had to come to the Mountain of Death to claim her hostages. He then teleported his hostages to Ice Mountain during the beginning of a blizzard, leaving them to freeze and watched for Dorina from the realm.

Hours had passed and finally, Dorina and Emma had arrived to the mountain. As they approached the hostages, Tetnaziwyn had teleported to the mountain and covered the circle in a mist of shadow, then revealed himself as the shadows cleared and the blood from the now dead hostages stained the snow. He stared down his opponent as silence was casted over the mountain, the wind howling. After a few minutes, Tetnaziwyn finally broke the silence.

"Ah, so you are wise after all to understand my message."

"You are mad and you will pay for this."

Tetnaziwyn leaped forward, beginning his vicious assault. Slash, lunge, striking at Dorina with pure hatred. Her defense proved once again to be capable of holding him off, however he continued to fight through it. When she had attempted to counter, he defended against it and countered back onto the offensive. Emma had tried to intervene, though he dodged her spell with ease and was able to slash Dorina with the Sword of Skodanov, the enchantments of the sword taking effect and blinding her with shadow magic temporarily. He then kicked her in the knee, forcing her to the ground and cast a spell of shadow at Emma, knocking her down as well. Tetnaziwyn looked to his prey now, resuming the torture he had begun in Hauptsitz. He crushed her leg once again, breaking both ankles this time and repeatedly kicked her. "Your end has finally come." Tetnaziwyn then drew the Legendary Dagger of Gonzo and proceeded to lunge into Dorina's stomach, her blood staining the merciless snow and she screamed in agony. "At last, how the chosen daughter of Setomus has fallen." He then walked over to Emma, who was still recovering from the shadow blast and stabbed her in a similar fashion, stomping on her leg afterwards. "And you, the defiler of my fathers bloodline. You too have finally met your fate." He stood above both the women, bleeding and in great pain. His face stretched as a vile grin grew, chuckling at the two. "So helpless, the Clough's heroines. I shall allow the God of Death to claim your lives, however should he not within two hours then I will see to it myself." Tetnaziwyn then shot into the sky as a cloud of shadow, teleporting to the Gonzo Realm.

He used the realm's power to watch the mountain from the clouds, witnessing both women slip into unconciousness and waited for his two hour mark to claim the bodies as his trophies. He waited patiently, never losing sight of them through the blizzard. However, the Clough wouldn't wait as long as he would. Zephon, Xetron and a few others had travelled to the mountain to attempt a rescue. Tetnaziwyn had his Gonzo scouts watching the area to attack, however Zephon was able to dispatch them very quickly with his own sword of light, cutting through the clouds of shadow. Tetnaziwyn teleported to the mountain, landing hard enough to cause snow to surround him. He drew his swords and dashed to Zephon with incredible speed, though Zephon was quick enough to block his strike and engage in a blade lock. "You will not save them, father won't allow it."

"You're wrong, brother. If you remember, father married one of them." Tetnaziwyn broke the lock and began his vicious assault. Zephon however blocked all his strikes and remained on the defensive, never losing composure. Tetnaziwyn grew angry, adding power to his strikes. Just as he began to crack into Zephon's defense, the Clough had escaped his grasp. Zephon teleported the moment he got enough distance and Tetnaziwyn stood alone. Enraged, he shot back into the sky and teleported back into the realm, taking out his anger on shadow dummies he created. 

She escaped his grasp once again, though as he began to tire and calm, he realized his fear would be implemented and now the Clough would know one thing. Dorina cannot defeat him, not for now anyway. Evelyn had teleported to the realm after sensing his rampage was over and walked to him.

"So how did she escape this time?"

"I don't know if she had lived or not, I wasn't listening to what they were saying through the blizzard." 

"Oh, a rescue. Figures."

"Mmm. Though they know now that she is not their savior after all."

"You sure? You seem to have bad luck in killing her."

In an instant, he darted to Evelyn and with a vice grip, grabbed her by the throat. "And if I wanted it, I could squeeze a tiny tad harder and kill you right now." He dropped her and Evelyn gasped, recovering her breath. "However, she won't be trying anything against me anytime soon. At least not alone. The day will come when I do kill her, but in the meantime, the Clough's destruction is my primary goal."

"And what if they somehow stop you from either?"

"Trust me, they won't."

Revelation Upon the Mountain of Death

After Dorina had escaped the grasp of Tetnaziwyn, he sat in the realm for days, analyzing what to him was a victory. Dorina had lived, but he knew she no longer had the courage to go face him without an army to back her. The Clough's hopes had begun to dwindle and he had yet to pull his ace. He called upon Ivan to the realm, granting him access and allowing Evelyn to bring him. He seemed shocked as Tetnaziwyn sat upon a throne of pure darkness.

"Wh- Master, it is an honor... However, I must ask, why here?" Ivan gulped, knowing one wrong move and his life would end.

"I simply do not feel like returning to the overworld for now. This is my domain, my source of power and my fathers before me."

"But isn't it only the Gonzo are permitted here?"

Tetnaziwyn, who had his head slightly bowed, raised his head slightly and his piercing, vile yellow eyes glared Ivan. "And you dare question your loyalty, Acolyte?"

"N- My apol-" Ivan's expression turned from confused to frightened.

"Save the apologies. You are infact the key to our victory. I'll forget it this one time. Anywho, how is Dorina's recovery?"

Ivan seemed to be a tad bothered by the sudden change of subject. "It's... Going well, for her anyway. She'll be back on the battlefield in a few weeks."

"Damn. I was hoping for three months."

"Master, if it is no bother I can end her life and we can claim victory now." 

"You have much to learn, Acolyte. You are not ready to carry out my grand strategy, however you are progressing much quicker than I anticipated."

"Very well, Master. Anything else?"

"Yes. The Varkham's, specifically Vesturiel."

"Dux Vesturiel? What of him?"

"I sense he has yet to become truly one with the darkness."

"Okay, and...?"

"So, we will be attacking his home city, Hauptsitz Stadt."

"Master, forgive my doubt, but the empire has a iron grip on the city! Surely our forces don't stand a chance..."

"I know. I never said our goal was to occupy it."

Ivan's face turned to shock again, his eyes wide at Tetnaziwyn's plan. "Isn't that the goal of war? Occupy ones land until they surrender?"

"That's an objective. The goal of war is to win, Acolyte. However, we will attack past nightfall in surprise fashion."

"But what is the goal of this?"

"Vesturiel's father, Onyx Varkham, is the Head General of the whole military. He surely will be in the city should it be attacked, it is the grandest in all of the empire. We will lure and kill him, preferably to have Vesturiel do it."

"So I see. You want him to kill his own father."

"Indeed. You will be overseeing this operation, along with Evelyn. You will deal with his family, should they resist."

"Very well, my lord."

"Good, the time is ne-"

Evelyn had cleared her throat, looking through an orb. "Sorry to interrupt, Master, bu-"

Tetnaziwyn's staff had appeared and a great amount of shadow was charging from it, pointed right at Evelyn. "Unless the empire is surrendering or the Clough offer their lives to us, I don't want to hear it."

"Oh, but surely this is better!" Evelyn seemed to perk up a tad, Ivan confused. "It seems a small band of Clough, Zephon, Xetron, Blakan and Emma to be more specific, had decided to return to Ice Mountain. And apparently scouts are reporting they're carrying shovels."

Ivan was even more confused. "Shovels, for what?"

Tetnaziwyn blew up into a cloud of shadow, leaving Ivan and Evelyn alone.

A cloud of shadow bolted down upon the Mountain of Death, exploding upon impact with the ground and Tetnaziwyn rose, a sword drawn with his staff in hand. Zephon was surprised at the sudden appearance of him, drawing his sword in a panicking state. Xetron charged him immediately, however Tetnaziwyn would only raise his staff to unleash a hellfury of shadow upon Xetron, knocking him unconcious. The staff dispersing to shadow, his other sword would appear in his hand and he began to duel with his brother once more. Each strike was fuelled with hatred, however soon he began to question him in between blade locks. Blakan tried to help, however he wasn't much.

"What is it you seek here, traitor?"

"Your demise, to be honest."

"Oh, and how do you suggest I be defeated then?" They broke the sword lock. Tetnaziwyn noticed a shovel was thrown aside by the grave of Aztarwyn.

"Our father."

"Oh my oh my... You've seem to become desperate then."

"He would deny your actions, you know it!"

"It doesn't matter on whether or not he agrees with me, Zephon. He's not coming back. Your mission has and always was doomed to fail."

"Our mission has only been stalled, but it seems someone has cursed our fathers grave." Tetnaziwyn's expression was unreadable, not changing from his hatred. "Do you not care for what has happened? Someone has tampered with his resting place!"

"I know. I was the one who set the seal during the funeral." Zephon was shocked as they engaged in battle again. "I ensured he could never be dug up and revived, ever again."

"Bu- WHY?! We had the means to revive him, granted he would be considerably weaker... But we could carry his work out for him!"

"So I could continue to stand by as second best? No."


"You fail to see, Zephon. I seek to surpass our fathers legacy. I seek to become a greater God than he ever could. My reign will cast a shadow over fathers, and the era of Aztarwyn will be no more. And he will not stop me, either."

"Y-you monster! How could you cast him aside like that?"

"Admit it. He would do the same."

"Perhaps, but he cared for all of us! Especially you of all people! He wouldn't have done it to you!"

"That's your opinion. However, whether or not he would approve, would betray us, it does not matter. What matters is he will not return, and you are doomed."

Tetnaziwyn began to attack more viciously and soon, he found himself alone on the mountain. Emma had teleported them all away, leaving just the son of Death. The blizzard began to pick up, as he felt his fathers presence once more. However, he could not see him. He knew now that Aztarwyn would have denied the obliteration of the Clough, to deny him the right of Godhood. He had to take measures to ensure he would achieve his goals. 

"Father, you would understand if only you had not been weakened by your humanity."

The Varkham Genocide

Tetnaziwyn called for the Skodanov to meet for another preaching from him. It had been a solid month since he engaged Zephon for a second time. He began to feel the time to win the war was near and had to begin enacting orders to make Cruor weaker. After the meeting, he requested that Evelyn and Vesturiel stay. He then informed Vesturiel on the attack on Hauptsitz Stadt, stating him and Evelyn will lead the way and Ivan would be undercover to ensure his families safety. 

Tetnaziwyn stood upon one of the watchtowers that he single handedly took over with little effort. The blood of Cruorian soldiers standed the wooden floors as the son of Death watched the smoke rise from the empires jewel. He grinned as he saw multiple shadows rise from the city and planned their next attack, where then they would plummet down a certain destination. He'd notice flames sprouting from certain areas and smoke would rise afterwards. His plan was coming together, Cruor was bound to fall. He knew how to send the empire into crisis and how to keep the army disorganized. It seemed all too easy.

He soon spotted Evelyn and Vesturiel storming the castle, in which Tetnaziwyn decided to fly to the castle. As he walked in, he noticed Onyx and Vesturiel going toe to toe. He looked upon the carnage left by the two Skodanov and took a seat upon a throne. "Good, Dux. Now finish him, he is far from your power." Vesturiel and Onyx duelled, however Vesturiel was bested as he could not bring himself to kill his father. Though Onyx was left injured, he stood over Vesturiel. Evelyn had propped her feet on his lap, which Tetnaziwyn allowed for now. 

"You think you can get us to kill each other, you sick bastard?!" Onyx glared over to Tetnaziwyn, whos smile was frightening.

"I expect someone to die, yes."

"Then so be it.. But not by your demand!" Onyx proceeded to lunge his sword into his own chest, committing suicide in front of the Dark Haerus. Tetnaziwyn's smile toned down a tad, not having his way now. His one chance to make Vesturiel a true vessel of darkness had slipped from him, knowing now all Vesturiel desires is true revenge. 


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Tetnaziwyn over the years has mostly kept to himself, only focusing on his training. Without a mother, he felt anger as he felt like his life was missing something. However, he managed to use this rage to excel in his learning, becoming more vicious in combat.


Tetnaziwyn has a full set of mithril armor painted black, with several spikes running along it such as his fathers, however more menacing. He also carries a black leaf-bladed sword made of mithril, and also has a mithril shield painted black that he hardly uses. 


All titles held by Tetnaziwyn.

Current full title: Tetnaziwyn Gonzo, Second King of Dargonia, Fifth Kaiser von Cruor, Dark Haerus of Skodanov, Patriarch and Dreadnaught of the Gonzo

  • Crown Prince of Dargonia - A year
  • King of Dargonia - Current
  • Dark Haerus of Skodanov - Current
  • Patriarch of the House of Gonzo - Current
  • Kaiser of Das Kaiserreich der Cruor - Current


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Disturbed - The Vengeful One Lyrics

Disturbed - The Vengeful One Lyrics

Tetnaziwyn's theoretical theme song


  • Tetnaziwyn eventually was set to be the successor to Aztarwyn, however he is also the successor to Azeroth in a different sense and perspective.
  • After ideas of Tetnaziwyn becoming the next Aztarwyn came to be, he inspired the continuation of the Gonzo-Clough rivalry that had been originally planned for Setomus and Zephon.
  • Tetnaziwyn is one of two bastard children that Aztarwyn has had, and quite frankly, is more favored.
  • Tetnaziwyn's fighting style with his swords is very heavily based off of two forms of Lightsaber combat from the Star Wars Universe. These are Form IV, Ataru, which uses power, strength, speed and amazing agility to fight against ones opponent and Form VI, Niman, which specializes dual-wielding and is also a balance of other forms of combat.
  • The plotline that Tetnaziwyn is the main antagonist in is divided by planned out arcs, instead of spontaneous RP. The storyline is also known as "Tetnaziwyn's Fable" or "Chronicles of Shining Darkness," in which is heavily inspired by Star Wars, the DCU and bits of a few anime series'.
  • Tetnaziwyn is inspired and based off of Darth Sidious, with a few exceptions and the inclusion of Godhood.
  • It was debated by a few who have had involvement with the plot development that Tetnaziwyn would actually surpass Aztarwyn and become a true God, as it was opposed at first. However, to create a more compelling and even stronger antagonist, the option to turn him God was highly approved of.
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