Tarkus's Mithril Armor

Tarkus is a roleplay character played by Thane Krios0. He is the younger brother of Thane Krios and is known publicly as Tarkus the Mad or Tarkus the Godless. He uses the aliases John Goodwin and Nikolai Rusolach. He is a Mahjarrat of an unknown true age, but his identities range anywhere from 55 to 19. Tarkus does not follow any one god nor has he committed himself into marriage. Presently, he is still alive, though he has missed the last few rejuvenation rituals.


As a human, usually has long, grey hermit-like hair, long graying beard or short blonde hair with no beard, and dark brown eyes. He stands at 5'5".

In his true form, he has an onyx embedded in skull, signs of chips in his bones, and stands at 6'3".


Tarkus was born after Thane in the Kharidian desert under the rule of Icthlarin. He always refused to worship Icthlarin, as did Thane. Zaros invaded and freed Tarkus's family from Icthlarin's rule, but his parents and older brother refused to follow Zaros. This angered Thane and he ordered the family to worship Zaros. Tarkus slipped out into hiding soon after the argument started. Thane, meanwhile, got so angered at his older brother, mother, and father that he killed them.

Several hundred years, later the God Wars started; Tarkus refused to fight for any god so he fled into further hiding and it was made very difficult due to all fighting after the wars. Tarkus disguised himself as a human and hid in a city. Then, in the Fifth Age, he moved to Falador where he currently resides. He was soon however, Killed by Thane.


  • Unlike his brother, Tarkus never drinks alcohol.
  • Tarkus doesn't care about gods.
  • Tarkus is a peaceful man.
  • Tarkus only uses the Mahjarrat ability of shape-shifting.
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