Taena Valerys is a druidic character played by Jim.

Taena is a descendant of a high profile slaver family which inhabits a collective change of islands far south of Karamja. Being on her own from a young age, Taena grew up in and around Taverley and Seers' Village, thus adapted a form of druidic value on life. Having never worked a single day in her life, she has a very hedonistic lifestyle and uses what thieving abilities she possesses to steal coin from others, or squat in people's homes whilst the owners are away, to survive. In the time she was forced to live out in the forests, she learnt many basic survival skills, and as a result is an adept hunter.



With a heart-shaped face, and high risen cheek bones giving a feminine look to her, Taena's appearance matches her age, of a woman in her early twenties. Much of her features are plain, with a small button nose, and full lips. Taena's eyes are a soft grey. This grey can be appear as a dull stormy sky, or a bright steel blue, all depending on her mood and the lighting present. Her hair is black and curled, and hangs in ringlets down past her shoulders.


Taena stands to a small form of 5'3", with a dainty petite form. Her skin is lightly tanned, and covering much of her back are thin whip scars. Around her wrists and ankles are faint marks where were once tightened. Her clothing is vastly varied and whilst she tends to wear non-restricting, often revealing hand-made attire, Taena is not fussy, as she often steals whatever articles of clothing she can find from the homes she invades.


Taena has a very self-centred approach to life. Having been on her own since she was seventeen, she does whatever it takes for her to survive. This includes stealing. Rich or poor does not concern her, she will steal from both if she needs to, in order to support and sustain herself. That is to say she is not heartless, she will always steal from a wealthier target if available.

Taena is naturally shy and reclusive, and feels awkward in most situations. Though, when under the influence of alcohol, she immediately opens up, becoming chatty and often overbearing to those around her. Intoxication also leads to her having a rather flirtacious nature.

Avoiding combat if she can, Taena isn't skilled in it and will put her own safety before most others, or unless she is aware of a way to assist them without putting herself in harm's way.

With this seemingly selfish nature about her, to those who are able to gain Taena's trust, she is capable of being exceedingly loyal and open, and would defend them entirely.

She is entirely religionless, but holds loose druidic and Guthixian values of life.

Skills and Abilities

Survival Skills

Having spent the last six years in the wilderness, Taena was forced to learn how to survive on her own. From this she learnt how to hunt, how to construct shelter, build and create fire, how to forage for food, how to filter water, and a basic understanding of local fauna and flora (such as those used as healing, or toxins).


Whilst not heavily skilled, Taena was taught by her mother in her early teenage years of how to sew. She learnt further over time and now creates her own clothing.


Taena has some understanding into how summoning works, and how to create, summon and communicate with spiritual familiars, and certain animals.


Taena is able to speak both Common Tongue and Karamjan fluently.



Born some 23 years ago, the twins Quentyn and Taena were brought into the world. Despite taking on the surname of their father, the twins never got to meet him as he took off shortly before their mother found out she was pregnant. Thus, they were to be raised by their single mother, Marrilyn.. Or, at least would have been if disaster hadn't struck when the twins were around nine years old.

Upon until then, they had a simplistic lifestyle, residing in a small hamlet on Ice Mountain. This was one of the more fortunate settlements that had avoided the Kinshra raids the year before. The winter that came that year had proved to be a rather harsh one, and threatened to shut the hamlet off from any larger nearby towns or cities. In the aftermath of a particularly brutal snowstorm, Marrilyn decided it was best to take her twins and try and head to another city, despite the current situation before the weather got any worse.

Gathering what she could, and renting a steed from one of the local farmsman, Marrilyn and the twins departed from Ice Mountain, down the winding mountain pass towards Taverley.

The trio successfully arrived in Taverley after the long weeks of travel. As Marrilyn was inexperienced and had little to no skills, she worked part time as a seamstress' apprentice, to teach herself skills and to provide for her children. Meanwhile the twins began to develop reading and writing skills at the behest and guidance of the local druid community.

For five years, until 2 months after their fourteenth birthdays the twins resided happilly in the druidic town. Given their strict regime, they caught up to the level of reading and writing that they should have been at their age, whilst starting to branch out into other skills. Taena was taught basic herblore, summoning and seamstress skills from her mother, whilst Quentyn had soon departed off to Burthorpe, to join the Imperial Guard as a recruit. After Quentyn went north, Taena began to feel rather secluded, given that her twin brother was now gone. She withdrew from her social circle and stopped attending her classes.

Over the next few months, after receiving word that Quentyn had seemingly been killed in a troll attack, both Taena and Marrilyn fell into a heavy depression. Taena's already anti-socialness continued and came to the point she refused to leave the house, whilst Marrilyn turned to alcohol to comfort her. This eventually worsened to the point that the druids intervened and sought to help her in a recovery. Whilst Marrilyn was off in 'rehab', Taena took care of the chores and the upkeep of the house. She was visited by a figure, whom introduced himself as her father, as Artur Valerys.

Disbelief and anger were the first emotions that crossed her mind as she struck out at her supposed father. Artur explained that he never had time for her due to his obligations back home. He offered to make it up to her, by allowing Taena to come live with him in Akhaten. Given the current state of her life, she reluctantly accepted and soon the two were off.

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Three years passed, and Taena, now 17, had returned to the mainland. She wasn't ready to go home, and without a penny to her name had no choice but to reside in the forests in Northern Asgarnia (and Kandarin). It was difficult at first, and she almost died in the initial periods but she persevered and eventually her confidence grew as did her survival skills, and she returned to her druidic views, somewhat.

For six years, she lived this way, making her coin by stealing it from passing travelers or merchants, or breaking into the homes where the residents were away.


Monvallian Ball

A ball was held in Monvallis, to celebrate the appointment of two new Senators. Taena attended, out of curiosity and uncertain on how to react. With the free food and drink on offer, she indulged and soon became intoxicated. She came second (or third) place in the costume contest, despite her druidic-like attire being entirely of her own crafting, and not even designed to be fashionable. With her drunken state, she left the ball with Varis Grey and Celestine Bordeleaux, and by the next morning she quickly departed back into her camp in the woods.

Weeks later, she found herself in Seers' Village (now named Seerhaven), and managed to pickpocket a hefty bag of gold from a passing merchant. She used this to set herself up in the local Inn, for now.


  • Taena was originally created as a rofl-character for the Monvallian Ball, but later became developed into a serious one.
  • Taena's name is inspired by the character Lady Taena Merryweather, otherwise known as Taena of Myr from the book series A Song of Ice and Fire.
  • Akhaten, a land-scaled collection of islands far south of Karamja, is based on the planet of the same name from Episode 7 of Series 7 of Doctor Who (reboot), The Rings of Akhaten.
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