Greetings young ones, I am your new master...Szarloc...

–Szarloc's introductory phrase to combatants.

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58, six months, three days




North Fremennik Trading Company, Zarosian Inqusition


Lawful Evil



Szarloc the First is a man known by many names such as Colrazs, and many others. He is a shrewd man with many tastes such as smoking herbal mixtures, playing with new technology, and even dabbling in darker forms of magic. Very few people actually know who this man truly is, he often minces the truth and lies to make his opponents think differently.

Early Days

The early days of Szarloc's life are rarely spoken about, it is said that he found the Empty Lord very soon in his life...His entire community worshiped the Empty Lord, for they were pilgrims who left the cities of Varrock and Falador to start a new life for themselves away from the Saradominist world. He was born on the island of Silverhiem, as the refuge was called. Silverheim is located north of Morytania and to the west of Daemonheim, only some buildings remain. On the island, Szarloc was taught among the other students the "right" way, the Zarosian way. He began to develop a basic understanding of magic from the small academy there, and also how to wield swords and daggers. After his stay on the island colony, Szarloc decided to leave the island in search of a new life. He started exploring the area and surveying the land, cartography called to him as well as finding out new-fangled magic. (To be continued)

Current Progress, Late 5th and 6th Age Activity

(To be continued)

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