Summer 'Rose' Silversmith-Dell'oro
"You made me into a weapon."




Human (1/4 Elf)






Chaotic Neutral





Summer 'Rose' Silversmith-Dell'oro, most typically referred to as Summer Rose, is a young wandering adventurer and slayer, as well as the daughter of Dawn Dell'oro and Rexotic Silversmith.

She is currently Roleplayed by Kodi.


Standing at 5'7", Summer is light and powerful, more lean than burly. She is easily smaller than her peers in terms of muscle and appearance, though ranks among the most physically fit due to a lifestyle of combat against monsters and demons.

Typically found in the armor aside, she tends to be very conservative about her appearance, rarely showing any skin above her elbows, though this is more of a personal preference than anything.

However, she does have slightly paler white skin than southerners, though not so much as to appear ghostly or ill. In terms of facial appearance, she has mixtures of Asgarnian and Kandar traits, resulting in more subdued cheekbones and darker, Bluish-Green eyes, and naturally light-brown hair, typically kept no longer than jaw-length.


Summer has access to various weapons and equipments of both her own make and those of her predecessors.


 Ex Astris

A magical staff made by her mother under unique circumstances, Ex Astris is made to be capable in both melee and magic. Made of Bloodwood mated to a tempered metal blade, Summer has made some adjustments to the staff that augments the physical strength to be capable of standing up to her own needs.


Made of obsidian from the northern Wilderness volcano, Stillpiercer is a unique shade of maroon and much longer than any other common blade of the sort. While most blades would shatter under impact forces, the entire weapon was forged in magic rather than in flame, and holds edge and form well beyond typical wear and tear.


An oddity in her arsenal, Stormbringer is made of Icyenic Steel, made in the third age and the only holy weapon Summer has used. Capable of powerful lightning and void magics, the former is the only magic that has been accessed thus far, though is arguably the more powerful magic to augment Summer's abilities. Approximately three feet long from blade to hilt, the blade is light and agile, made to cut deep and fast, rather than deliver mauling wounds.


A dual-ended spear, bladed and reinforced by mithril. The rear end is dual-pronged, made for deep stabs and pinning opponents, while the lead edge is wide and almost sword-shaped. This weapon is currently in disrepair, damaged by a Mature Grotworm some time ago.


Summer's main weapon, and made of Obsidian in the style of the TzHaar's Toktz-xil-ak. This shortsword is capable of slashing, of stabbing, and of self-repairing when augmented by her magics. This is the first of the weapons Summer made alone, and the one in her presence longest, becoming almost synonymous with her fighting.

The Last Word

A fractite dagger, nine inches in length. Used when speed is valued above all else, or when finishing a downed opponent. Otherwise unremarkable, this is Summer's backup plan, and tends to be sheathed either across the small of her back or diagonally across her chest.



Summer's main armor is a lightweight chainbody made out of obsidian. With her natural control over the material, this armor is finely woven, to the point of being more like a thick cloth than anything resembling normal armor. Of course, she is still vulnerable to blows with this armor, but nowhere near as much as bare skin.

Full Body Armor

When in situations where pure, unquestionable strength is needed, or when the protection offered by speed and light armor is not enough. Summer draws up a full-body plating of obsidian armor. With this, she becomes a walking tank, capable of punching creatures such as Airut to death with little issue and taking blows that would kill a normal person. Her speed is also greatly enhanced, making this augmentation a force to be reckoned with. However, this disables her from using any magic not dedicated to controlling the suit, elsewise her focus could slip with catastrophic results.


A sub-variation of the above, Summer's gauntlets are also made of obsidian, and serve to strengthen her punches in a brawl. This is a mixture of her above two armors, as a middle ground between both speed and power.

Other Equipment

Blood Necklace

A gift from her estranged father on his return from Daemonheim, Summer keeps her Blood Necklace wrapped up around Halcyon's sheathe for both safe keeping and to prevent it from affecting her.


Summer has a red hooded cloak, tattered and worn after years of constant travel and wear. Thick and loose, it serves to keep sun out of her eyes, and keep her warm in the far north that she tends to frequent.

Dragontooth Necklace

Less of an armor piece and almost more of an accessory, this necklace features a tooth ripped from a Frost Dragon's mouth, a brick-colored gem, and a few other accessories found either sentimental or practical such as a Slayer Gem.

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