Lobster is by far the most Evil crustacean

–Sparky Jr

Sparky avatar

Sparky Jr, also known as Sparky Jr8' is a fisherman from Catherby and a lieutenant in charge of low level bossing in the zamorakian brigade. Sparky joined the Brigade during the battle of Armadyl and Bandos, only to leave, and return once more, solidifying his stay. Sparky is nicknamed "'hairc*nt" by his peers due to his overwhelming scalp and abrupt attitude.


Sparky is 5'9, with a rather tough build due to years of hauling heavy fishing nets, with long, white spiky hair, peeled back at most times. sparky usually is clad in a suit of black armour or full rune,  but on occasions will wear a normal short sleeve shirt with baggy pants. He is 25, quite young for such an experienced fisherman


Although he is a follower of Zamorak, he is not always mean to people, but will be if told to. Sparky is not the brightest, and can is very quiet, choosing a rather silent and abrupt approach. He is loyal, and kind when approached, until provoked or given reason.


  • Sparky loves nature, and has a firm respect for guthixians for such reason.
  • Sparky owns several pets: a raven named "Alexander", a cat named "fluffles", and a goldfish named "the siren slayer"
  • Sparky has a strange love of flowers, his favorite being trollweiss, which he is often joked about.
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