Slaying for Newbs
Slaying for Newbs
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Ruthven Galand


Sixth age, year 1


6 Stars! - Ruthven Galand!

"Slaying for Newbs: A Guide to the World of Battling Specialist Creatures for Fame, Money, Girls and More, Expertly Described by Experts in the Field" To give its full name, is a book detailing strategies and first hand experiences by Adventurers, Slayer Masters and Questers alike. The book itself was written by Ruthven Galand, who spent several years interviewing various people and slaying monsters himself. The current book you're reading is an old copy that has been borrowed and read by countless people, some damage has occurred to some articles through the continued usage of the book.


Congratulations, you have just purchased probably one of the greatest books ever written. If you're reading this book then you have decided to take on the glamorous and glorious job of a Slayer, if not, then give this book to someone who actually 'wants' to be a Slayer. Now that that's settled allow me to introduce myself. My name is Ruthven Galand, I've been slaying since I was young and have had numerous adventures, you might have heard of me, any fan mail can be sent to the address on the back. But enough about me, this book is about helping you.

I have spent the last several years gathering info from a variety of Slayer Masters, mighty Heroes, mysterious Wizards and almighty Legends. The monsters are labeled alphabetically, each article contains weaknesses, general tips, locations, reasons for Slayer contract's and helpful hints. Some articles even have first hand experiences from the legends who fight these monsters on a daily basis. So prepare for one of the most helpful books you'll ever read about.

(We accept no responsibility for any deaths or harm that comes to readers of this book.)


Aberrant Spectres

RT - Aberrant Spectres, as Ruthven describes them, are skeletons engulfed in slime, then left to marinate in sewage for several years. They are a type of undead who stink, not in terms of combat but in terms of scent. One of the banes for Vampyres and Werewolves as their superior sense of smell puts them at a disadvantage. The smell is so terrible that it leaves you absolutely defenceless, at which point it will attack, your only defence being the projectile vomiting you'll undoubtedly be suffering from. Unfortunately projectile vomiting is very weak against these guys, and they will likely destroy you.

The way to prevent this is to wear a nose peg, they can usually be found in the kitchen, sold by slayer masters or can be made using two sticks and some string. The standard test to check if it's on correctly is to eat something, if it tastes like wood then it's on correctly. The Spectres, as soon as they realize their smell doesn't affect you, will go on to attack with strong magic attacks. The best method is to attack with ranged weaponry such as a bow or crossbow, and at a distance so that you can dodge their attacks. It's that simple really.

Why would you receive these as contracts? The gloop that makes up their body is used in stink bombs, you'll often find tower apprentices asking about this for 'research'. The main reason though is that you'll need to clear them from old ruins, particularly those ruins from the ancient empire.


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Abyssal Creatures

RT - The Abyss is a broken museum of worlds past, the dimension that holds together reality and the key to teleportation. Some say there used to be no inhabitants of the abyss, that as species who discovered it would attempt to live there, perhaps stupid, unaware or escaping troubles, ventured forth. And as they lived there, they became warped creatures intent on nothing more than destruction to all. Perhaps it is the first world, a world created by the gods of the gods to see what powers they held. Perhaps it was just always there, and so were the creatures that lived there. Nobody really knows for sure.

Whatever the case, abyssal creatures are no joke, since the discovery of teleportation by Saradominist wizards years ago, many new rifts are constantly being found, created by accident or purposely depends on the wizard. But from these rifts come the inhabitants of the demonic realm. There are possibly thousands of different species living in the abyss, but there are 7 main ones you are likely to encounter.

Be warned, most Slayers will only fight the monsters on Gielinor, a few brave souls sometimes dare to go to the abyss themselves, it is said the gods forsake those who enter and very few actually return.

The 7 main species are Leech's, Parasites, Lurkers, Walkers, Guardians, Titans and Demons.

We're not going to go into much detail about some of these as they're not really that difficult compared to other monsters.

Leeches are the weakest denizen of the abyss, that doesn't mean they're not a threat. They swarm in large numbers and attack from a distance with ranged attacks and will sometimes come up close to finish you off. A strong shield is recommended against these, and 1 hit with a strong crushing weapon is usually enough to finish them off. Parasites are similar to leeches though slightly bigger and rarer.

Walkers are bipedal creatures who attack with their hands, they too like the leeches are small and tend to swarm. They are weak to magic though, and it is usually recommended to shoot some mid to strong earth spells at them. A strong shield can also help in this situation.

Guardians are pyramid headed creatures who attack with a strong ranged attack and a quick melee attack. Its ranged attack is strong but inaccurate, so its recommended to keep your distance when fighting them and attack with arrows. A strong bow is recommended.

Titans are huge abyssal behemoths. They can sometimes be twice the size of a human and they possess humongous strength and power. However they are rare, even in the abyss, and you are unlikely to encounter one. Approach this enemy the same way you'd approach any other titan. Strong magic and Ranged attacks are recommended, as well as keeping your distance.

Demons are a lot tougher so Ruthven will go into more detail about them further on in the chapter.

In terms of contracts the main resource worth collecting is abyssal charms, used in summoning. They are dropped by most abyssal creatures and summoners will usually pay quite well for them.

RG - Abyssal Demons are some of the toughest slayer monsters you are likely to face. They have a tough hide, freaky testicles and the ability to teleport you or themselves at any moment. Despite being small they should never be under estimated, most deaths are caused by the demons suddenly teleporting behind their attackers and attacking them from there. They attack with their testicles, in much the same way as a whip. Compared to other monsters of the same caliber the damage is weak, but they make up for it with the rate at which they attack. The testicles are also corrosive and can ruin clothes and blister your skin upon contact.

Strategy wise, unlike other demons, its generally preferred to go with a fast slashing weapon. This is because the demons quick speed and teleportation mean your attacks have a high chance of missing, therefore the idea is to get as many attacks in as possible so as to increase the number of times your attacks will land, slashing weapons being the fastest type of weapon, unlike magic where you'll have to wait quite a while for your spells to charge (A note from Croc: Should you be a mage and find yourself against these demons, remember a staff can still do decent damage if you swing it hard enough, try to use it as a club whilst you charge your spell and release it the exact moment a demon reappears). The first time you face them, go with a group, the increase in numbers will reduce the risk significantly as well as giving you a greater chance of striking them. You should also avoid trying to get outnumbered as a group of 3 demons will likely overpower and consume even the strongest of slayers.

The real strategy to facing them is to learn where they will teleport to, if you can guess correctly you can make sure they have little time to react before you slash them. Experience counts, it must have been 50 kills before I learnt their strategy and even then sometimes they won't follow it, a phoenix necklace or a ring of life is helpful and is sometimes a necessity when going against them. A skill found in certain slayers is a 6th sense known in the business as the abyssal sight. This is a skill whereby a person can detect subtle changes in the environment and can work out where a creature will teleport in from before they've actually arrived. This skill is either present at birth or can be learned either through working on teleportation magic (Usually found in wizards at the tower) or through the much better way of constantly training against the demons. I myself acquired the skill after years of practicing against them.

So, why do people send us to search out for these demons? On very rare occasions a damn Infernal Mage (see the article for more details)will have opened up a portal to the Abyss and the blighters will swarm out. The more common tasks however come from researchers and private collectors. Researchers, usually from the wizards tower, will want to study parts of them. Private collectors are usually only ever interested in 1 thing. The Abyssal Whip. The spine of a abyssal whip is highly flexible and very strong, how somebody found this out we don't know, but someone had the idea of turning this spine into a whip. This isn't a guide to weaponry (That's coming out next Summer) so we won't go into much detail about it. However we will tell you the chances of finding one are slim to nil. Not all demons have the right shape spine for the whip, and even then the spine might be damaged in the fight and even then it might get teleported away as the creature dies. This is the reason why these contracts are done by a kill a specified number of demons basis, people pay for a certain number of kills, and they get to keep whatever loot is dropped. I've been slaying roughly 30 years, killing those demons for about 8 of those years, I have never set eyes on a spine, it was said a colleague of mine found the perfect spine, only for him to be killed a hour later by another slayer at the same spot. So be warned, on these tasks its not only the monsters you have to look out for. The whip is one of the most valuable weapons that can be acquired from a Slayer and retirement usually becomes an option should you find one.

N - Thanks to the temple that holds the portals in Lumbridge Swamp, there is now a new section to the Abyss. According to the Abyssal knights, the Abyss has taken some shape of area we teleport and the people around it, transforming the creatures into us, warriors, monsters, and so much more. While not tasked by a slayer master to enter, those in the order of the knights will give a slayer task to lower the number of creatures taking shape of either humans, or other creatures. I advice not going in unprepared.

Acheron Mammoths

N - Mammoths. Never did I think I would ever come across these creatures. I suppose during my twenty and plus years of adventuring one can start believing. The acheron mammoth are a police style group, now I can already feel people wondering why I am saying this about giant hairy creatures. Believe me, I never imagined writing that. But they are, they believe in justice, but also believe in fighting to the death. Challenging them is easy, and you do not need to worry about others, if they come in group they will stay away from the battle to witness the fight. Know this, they FIGHT to the death, meaning you have a greater chance in dying as well. They also do speak common tongue (I am not crazy, say it to my face and you will be missing yours.) You can speak with them for more information about their lifestyle.

Once you get into a fight, as I said before challenging one will be easy, just say it to them. Once you fight one, note that they wear armor, and are incredibly strong. Stabbing them seems to work better, so I suggest a spear for a more powerful and distant attack, Or a rapier if you prefer doing some fencing. I advice against using long range attack, such as magic or archery, as they can grab a few huge chunks of ice and throw them towards you, making it hard to avoid, and they do continue this. So, stabbing them works easily, while they have armor, that do have some noticeable openings, it's getting close enough to hit it is the tricky part. Dodge their feet, trunk, tusk and you will live.

Now for their special attack. They will prepare to charge towards you running you over, or throwing you fair, or impaling you with their tusk. It is a noticeable attack, once you see them back up with their head aimed low, DO NOT be stupid and attempt to attack. Yes they are leaving themselves open, you only have a few seconds to avoid their attack, and they can take a lot of hits. Move out of their way, they will attempt this three times, to avoid them all. There is nothing else to add but to remember not to be afraid of others around your target, they will honour the fight and watch. If you die, or know a friend that is dead, know that they will keep a trophy, this will explain to you why one has a rare item.

Acolytes of Seiryu

CD - The acolytes are a bunch of nutters, they spend their lives meditating in order to exist eternally as some sort of spirit dragon. They are similar to the creatures back in the West called Scabarites, humans who wished to change their form through meditation. Apparently they welcome the challenge of a fight, and are glad to be bested by someone worthy, hence they are often treated as fodder for the Khan's champions to train against. I'll go through the 4 different types in order of easiest to hardest.

The Sotapanna are the initiates, they are still mostly human, and fight with spears. If you are inexperienced with fighting against spears, here are some things to watch for. They are effective at long range, so try get in close during the fight, a shield is also useful to block the attacks. The initiates are not unskilled with their weapons, this will be a tough fight, and they will not hold back. If you want an easier fight, stick with magic, though it is less thrilling. If you kill one, be sure to retrieve the amulet from their necks, they are valuable.

The Sakadagami are the upgraded initiates, they look vaguely human except for the fact their skin has been replaced with water. They attack with water spells and other powerful magical abilities, meaning you need different tactics than with the last lot. Despite being made of water, you can still harm them, air spells work best, blowing away their body, other magic with the exception of fire also works, know that water is tough, so this will most likely be a battle of attrition.

The Anagami are where it gets interesting, the acolytes have taken the form of Seiryu, like a dragon you get in the West but with a thinner snake like body. They attack with water magic as well, they also have the ability to call down lightning to strike you, dealing great damage. Once again, air magic works wonders. They are much tougher than the others, their thin bodies allow them dodge attacks more easily, so aim for the head which stays relatively stable. You can see why those monks spent so long trying to turn into one of these things.

Lastly are the Arhat, they are near identical to the Anagami except for the fact they have chosen to reside in the spirit realm eternally... well until you came along that is. To enter the spirit realm requires a special object, the most commonly known are the Spirit Dragon Charms I mentioned earlier, while valuable to others, they can also be used to keep yourself in the spirit realm, just throw one into the waters outside the temple. Arhat are fully enlightened acolytes, some even possess what are said to be the claws of Seiryu himself, the ultimate prize for any acolyte slayer. Just remember, if you think about wanting to join these acolytes for the great power that comes with it, you spend decades meditating and praying, only to be repeatedly killed by slayers, is that really how you want to spend your life?

N -To add further information, they worshipp one of the four spirit Guardian of Wushanko, Seiryu (Yes there are three others.) For further information;

The Sotapanna also meditate rather than being physically fit and also visit the Urn of Cleanliness. All members cannot partake in violence unless their fellow brothers and sisters are being threatened. If they die of old age, they are given a Spirit dragon charm and proceed to the next step of spiritual enlightenment. According to a representative of the order, Sotapanna can converse with one another.

Sakadagami are Seiryu monks that removed their "impure" bodies and greed. Sakadagami believe that before they can ascend to the next step of spiritual enlightenment, they must purify their minds. During this time, they take a vow of silence and continue on with their duties and steps to spiritual achievement. After an unknown time, they enter the spirit realm through the Well of Spirits where the dragon springs forth from them and they lose their consciousness.

Anagami are Seiryu monks that have purified their minds. They believe that in order to work for Seiryu, they must purify their soul before they can fully obtain spiritual enlightenment. They do not pray (believing that no one is worthier than them), idolize idols (believing that they are false) and do not believe in the unknown. When they have done all of this, they enter the Well of Spirits again, with their accumulated dragon charms allowing them to stay there indefinitely and becoming Arhat.

The Arhat, seeing the other writer failed to mention it, have the ability to strike you with a powerful lighting attack. You will notice this attack taking charge the moment you hear the Arhat roar. DO NOT play stupid, once they roar move away from the spot you were standing on, as quick as possible, if not, there is a better chance you'll be killed on the spot.

While their practice is insane, it seems common to those in the Arc to fight one to the death, they seem to believe that those in the order that survive the fight, or isn't targeted to die, is a sign of Seiryu. Good luck.


MK - Airut are creatures from another plane. They worship the now dead Godess Tuska who lies in the sea near the Kharidian desert. They are strong, capable of breaking even rune armor with just their fists. The fur on their bodies is the fur of Tuska, making their defences harder than one can imagine. They do have openings however, which gives you a chance to strike, if you are fast enough. They are fast, strong, but lack common knowledge, out smarting one might work, but not all the time. Beware of their pose, when on all fours, they are known to spit acid that can melt almost anything you wear. They also have a berserk mode that makes them attack in a flurry of fists or spit that is near impossible to dodge, the best thing you can do is to counter their attacks with your own flurry of attacks and hope that stops them.

On Mazcab, a plane they conquered, it is known that a poison called, Nemi, seems to weaken them enough to strike deadly blows at them, as well as slowing them down greatly. It is still good advice to not engage these creatures without proper training, or it will be the last, and only mistake you make.


RT - Aquanites are semi-aquatic creatures that are most commonly found in coastal caves, though have been known to explore other aquatic environments. They are mostly carnivores, attracting prey in the darkness of the cave using a light attached to the top of the head. They supplement this diet by eating sediment in seas and rivers which gives them additional nutrients through buried seeds and other plant detritus. They have poor eyesight but use their barbs in the same way as we use our tongues and noses, this does not mean you shouldn't treat them with respect. They attack with powerful water magic, designed to stun and incapacitate their enemies before dragging them down into the water to feast.

The single most important thing you can do is bring a decent light source, they use the darkness to their advantage and removing this will put you on equal footing. Ranged attacks work best against them, their poor eyesight and dexterity leaves them unable to effectively dodge arrows or bolts. Maintain a good distance, keep a light on your opponent to know where it is at all times, and try not to let it escape into the water. If you're desperate for cash you can try searching through the guts for rare seeds, if you're even more desperate you can search their droppings.

Arachnids (Spiders)

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Ascension, The

ZR - The Order of Ascension are monsters, at least they are now. They were once human, mutated by exposure to a strange, crystalline substance. They are all Guthixian, and are determined to farm this crystal to create a new god of balance. Only those considered worthy by the Guardian of Guthix watching them may fight them. Their dungeon south of Yanile is home to six legions of them, an army lying in wait to be unleashed on the world. In general, ranged weaponry is sharp enough and has enough force to break through their armour. Aim for natural cracks and take advantage of them.

There are five types of Order of Ascension warriors, but for the sake of space and time in a beginner's book, the only you should worry about meeting in the world are the Rorarius. Rorarius hunt in packs known as Rorarii, sharing a telepathic connection with others of their kind. They are the weakest fighters, but also the fastest of the Order, and they alone are the primary hunters who would travel the world searching for human prey. They are rarely spotted in human civilization, but if they are it is wise to engage while they are farthest from the rest of their legions, especially if an innocent is captured by them.

Should you be worthy enough to enter the dungeon and face them, you shouldn't be reading a book anymore on the subject. Use your skills to watch their movements (or lack of) and find weak spots to strike.

RG - I would like to argue with one of the points above, by which I mean the one about not needing to read a book anymore. Remember books are useful, especially this one. You should probably go get a spare copy next time your in town.


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RG - Banshee's are believed to be a type of tormented spirit that inhabits old ruins. Many are known to inhabit the Slayer tower in Morytania. They emit a powerful scream which deafen's those that listen to it, often giving them time to strike whilst their opponent cover their ears. They tend to attack with a variety of magic spell's and disorientate men with their awful looks (Well it disorientates me). The best way to deal with them is by wearing ear protection the best way being with muff's, most slayer master's stock Earmuff's designed to withstand the sound. If no earmuff's are available, ripped cloth or mud will suffice.

They tend to have fairly weak defence, a few good hits is enough to take one down usually. Their is no preferred tactic but I prefer to finish them off as quick as possible before they can bombard you with spell's. Slayer Master's get assigned these if they are found in old tombs or dungeon's, another reason is simply to lay the spirit to rest. As long as you use the right protection there should be no problem.


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RG - "Why would a slayer be killing bats and not a hunter?" you might be wondering, well it's nothing to do with the unconfirmed and definitely untrue rumours of bat hunters mysteriously going missing, it's because we're simply better. Anyway, bat's are good money as mages like to make clothes out of their fur, the bigger the bat, the more fur too. The small bats can be found in many caves and dungeons, they are quick and can bite pretty hard so either equip a light weapon you can swing quickly or use a strong weapon, spell or arrow that can take it out in 1 shot. The larger bats or 'Giant' Bats as their known, are much larger and prey on small animals, they have no issue defending themselves against inexperienced adventurers, and a swarm has proven to be the downfall of many poor Newbs. Strong armour can negate most of the damage, the same strategy's for small bats apply to giant bats, it just takes more hits.

The toughest and rarest bats are the albino bats located in the caves on the Island of Mos le Harmless, they feed on the blood of creatures known as Horrors (See Horrors Pages). Their white fur can prove valuable to certain people, but unfortunately you need access to the Island to be able to slay them. Access to the island is only granted to pirates and their friends, they do not take kindly to offensive slurs about people with hooks for hands.


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RG - Bloodveld are large creature's with 4 legs and a long tongue. They are commonly found in morytania though Raptor and Talon tell me that some Zamorakian groups and Vampyre's also keep some as guards or pet's. They like to hide in pool's of water, waiting for the scent of blood to lure them to their prey. They attack with their long tongue's, which possess an ability to drain blood's from their prey, the weakened prey usually then ends up being dragged back down into the water where they are ripped to pieces and eaten. Their tongues have the affect of a magic attack so metal armour isn't recommended as the effect tend's to conduct throughout the whole body.

Meelee in general is not reccomended, then why is the guide being written by a swordsman I hear you ask. The reason being is that if your quick enough and your reflexes are good enough, you can dodge out the way and slice off their tongue, they are generally not well adapted to fighting without tongues so you can go in for a kill, though meelee is also not reccomended as they have a strong hide. Magic attacks are most reccomended as they do the most damage against them, and the user can stay far away from the tongues. Raptor say's there is an interesting rumour that states something interesting will happen if you attack one with blood magic, though to my knowledge this hasn't been tested.

You may also find mutated bloodvelds, though in my experience they are only ever found in certain dungeon's in morytania, their mutated nature means they are generally not very good pets or guards.

Camel warriors

MK - These are interesting creatures. Camel warriors are centaur like camel, all camel fur, face, but with hands and fingers, of course the lower body is that of a camel. They live in a small island like structure. Not much is known about these creatures, or where they came from, but it is known that they are very skilled in the art of illusion magic. When tasked to kill one, be careful, they are very skilled fighters. it is best to bring waterskin and prepare to make your way towards the desert's heat and it's creatures. it is highly suggested to use archery against them, make sure you are prepared greatly after that. Of course some slayer master may disagree with me, as they are known to fall greatly against attacks, or weapons that can crush them, like a mace, or a maul.

Once you arrive to your target, here is what you must do. First off they have magical abilities to control the sand around them. So they will conjure up a small tornado around you, this is made to have you choke on sand. They are limited on how long to keep it, as it is a small amount used, so dodging this is easy, as it is a noticeable. They also have a very, um powerful spit on them. As you know camel are known to spit, but these creatures' spit are powerful enough to push you off your feet and a few feet into the ground. So try to avoid this as much as you can, it is very painful and it can dent even the best quality armor. if you manage against them long enough and force them, they will use an illusion magic, where three of them, each one having different style of ancient magic, smoke, shadow, and blood. This illusion cannot be undone, as it looks like a mirage, but it isn't, it's a form of illusion magic that is actually there. So you must kill these mirages to have the warrior appear. Understand to have a better result on fighting them, you must kill them in this order; Shadow, as it brings down your hope, making you think that you are weak and will die by it. sending in Shadow creatures to scare you. Blood as it attempts to drain from you and heal the other two and itself from the wound it has. The reason to kill this one second is because if you are weakened, you won't be able to do anything else, plus Shadow user is a bit weaker. Then you attack the Smoke user and kill it, after that the warrior will appear and there is when you can finally attack it to kill it.

Lucky for us they can only cast the spell once. But beware, even if they don't caste it at all, they have a special ability that causes a storm of sand to surround you and would attempt to choke you, just like the weaker version, only it last much longer and could kill you, avoid it at all cost! Over all this is all I can give you. The advice on archery is not from the slayer master as I stated before, it is from studies I made a test comparing the two, as archery is much better against them than melee.

N - I am adding an advice from the one above me. They are known to be weak against crushing weapons, while it seems the one above me used range and claimed it "better," this is false, the mirrage are the ones who are weak against archery, thrown weapon. Not everyone can use range as good as others. So I suggest getting good at your combat, and make sure you can fight.


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CR - Catablepons are creatures resembling a green bull, with a notable difference being the scaly back and legs and a large muscular reptilian tail. They are about the size of a sheep and thought to survive on the strange plants that inhabit the dungeons beneath the barbarian village. They attack with their tails and horns, attacking with a strength much greater than expected for a creature this size. They can also cast magic, the spells are quite weak but they are also able to drain your strength, this is the big risk when fighting them, to counter this you can bring a strength potion or just kill the creature quickly. Strong blows or ranged attacks are your best bet when taking these down, the flesh is poisonous as a result of the vegetation they live on, so it's not recommended to eat, or to inhale their breath.

Cave Bug's

TL - Giant bugs that inhabit caves, sometimes they infest basements too. Get a strong weapon, they can heal wounds much quicker than other creatures so a dagger won't be enough. As they say, crush them like a bug. The big ones tend to burst upon death, so you'll want to wash yourself afterwards.

Cave Crawler's

TL - Cave Crawler's are found in caves, and they crawl along the ground, real original name. They have a thick muscular hide, sharp fangs and can fire large poisonous spikes at you from their back. They have 6 legs and no eyes, but have a strong sense of smell. They're able to roll into a spiky ball for defence, which can often prove frustrating. Get up close to limit the effectiveness of their ranged attacks, a strong shield works wonders. A strong slashing weapon is best to cut through the flesh, though any strong melee weapon will suffice. Even when not assigned to kill one, they are a good source of food if you're planning on spending a long time underground, just remove the poison sac's around the spines and they are perfectly safe to eat.

Cave Slime's

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Chaos Creature's

Chaos creatures are believed to have been normal creatures who have been 'cursed' by Zamorak. Chaos creatures include: Dwarves, Giants, Gobl-- *The rest of the page has been ripped out*


RG - Chickens are relatively docile creatures who are essential in the creation of omelettes. They are also essential in the creation of a Chicken Curry, so must be killed to aid in the creation of this dish, sometimes the farmers will just have too many chickens, so they hire a professional, you. The traditional method involves lopping off the head with a sharp cleaver, and is the most preferred method. Flame spells are a bad idea, due to the risk of overcooking the meat. Those of you who delight in the murder of these poor chickens should be wary, the Evil Chicken prays on those who delight in the misfortune of its chicken brethren. If the Evil Chicken should arrive, it will likely catch you unaware. You should run away quickly to a safe distance, avoiding his powerful magic attacks. If you foolishly did not bring tough armour to fight chickens, you must quickly attempt to fashion some, straw and twine can be used to make some good armour. Once you have this armour, you can attempt to kill the evil fowl creature. Attack quickly, avoid the sharp beak and magic attacks, and if in doubt run away, he'll soon get bored of you.

Corrupted creatures.

N - Corrupted creatures, now if you're assigned to kill one, it is only because your slayer master deems you worthy enough. There is a list of different beings that were corrupted. These beings skin are warped while their soul are corrupted. All this caused by Amascut, the Devourer. These creature are dangerous, even a vampyre can become one.

Corrupted creatures have no special ability, they are, as stated above, beings of other race corrupted. The only difference is that the creatures would not have a mind, they would be attacking, with no sense of danger, nor fear of death. This makes them not only easy creatures to kill, but dangerous also, they may be mindless, but this is what prevents the sense of danger and fear of death or injury from holding back their full strength.

Depending on the creature, they all have different weaknesses. Make sure your master is able to give you enough information. These creature won't die easily also, if you managed to get one into submission, a feather of Ma'at is required to cleanse the corrupted from them, freeing their soul from the body. One for you is also required, as the corruption is contagious. To cleanse them, you will require to use the feather, simply place it on their head, and they will disappear. You will need to do the same to cleanse yourself.


RG - 'Hah' I hear you say, any old newb can take on a cow. But Cow's are nothing to be laughed at, especially the Bull's, they've got big horns, and if you decided to wear your lucky red cape today, they'll start charging at you. There are multiple ways to safely kill a cow, one slow but safe method is to lead it to an abattoir. If there is no abattoir in the nearby area, look for an alternative destination; such as an unstable bridge or a catapult. Of course if you want to do it the old fashioned way you could just stab it in the head, just watch out for farmers, they tend to get mad if you kill their cattle.

Crabs (Rock and Giant)

RG - Rock Crabs are crabs found on the fremmenik coastlines. They are related to the hermit crab, but are much bigger with some the size of boulders. They disguise themselves as rocks waiting for unsuspecting 'prey' to walk by when they attack. They attack with their claws, which can snip off limbs or crush skulls. Their rock shell provides defence against most melee and ranged attacks. The best way to attack them is with magic or by pushing them over, so they're left open to attacks on their body. They're pretty simple to beat and not one of the main predators, often targeted by Dagganoths, Wallaski, Kyatt and Humans. It also tastes good served piping hot with butter. I'd recommend bringing either a strong friend or a local fremmenik to know the moment when you can finish it off quickly.

CS - Giant Crabs are usually only found underwater, raised by Mogres for food and armour. However sometimes they escape and can grow to massive sizes. They terrorize fishing populations by cutting lines and sometimes fisherman as well. Their carapace is not as hard as a Rock Crab's armour but is still strong nevertheless. Because the claws are designed to fall off and regrow, they're actually quite weak so a good tactic is to aim for the base of the claws whilst defending against one. This tactic usually only works on land, if the crab hides underwater lay a trap for it or capture it in a strong net and bring it on land where you can finish it off. Possible rewards for such an encounter is the carapace, which some experienced crafters can turn into armour while other parts of the shell and claws can also be sold for a decent sum.

Crawling Hands

TL - Crawling hands are basically giant hands that crawl. Their size ranges from the size of a regular hand, to the size of a giant snail. Their origins are unknown but are believed to be related to necromancy. They're usually found in the Slayer's Tower, and old dungeons, especially those in Morytania. However, sometimes they raid tailors and jewelry stores looking for rings and gloves, which they value as highly as a fresh kill to a young wolf pup.

Combat wise they are weak, however they can fool the stupid. As they're hands, they don't contain any vital organs or a head. This leads some of them to play dead after a single strike, then attack again once their attacker turns around. A strong crushing blow should take any hand down, however with other weapons its advised to check if the creature is dead before moving on. 


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Crystal Shapeshifters

MK - These creatures, there is a lot to point out about them. If you are ever tasked to slay one of these creatures, then you've come to the right location to read. They use to be elves, those who failed to come to Gielinor with Seren. They went mad and shoved crystal into them to survive. It made them crazy, and would attack anyone on sight. They can shapeshift their body into any style of combat they want. I advance fighting them with two style of combat, this will slowly confuse them. I did hear praying protection against a certain style of attack, or cursing it would prevent them from changing, I never tested that out, but you may try it. They're body is partly crystal, they do have opening which is their torso, but careful, if they find you're opening, they will shapeshift into a wheel of spike and charge at you, the only way out, is to run from it until they are tired.

As I said before they can change their style of fighting willingly. Their melee appearance is with a crystal style sword, no shield. They are fast and swift with it, being able to cut clean through even a mithril armor. I did do some testing, they can over power even a rune armor and sword, if they attack is on the same spot, proving crystal weapons and tools can over power what we mortal are limited to. Their range style is based off a regular crystal bow. Only it's a bit longer and look more like a regular wooden bow. Nothing new there, but be caution, their archery are very good, despite being violence. Do not try to wait for them to run out of arrow, it is impossible, as their ammunition is of crystal, once shot and hit, it disappear, they can create a new one, so don't be a fool, kill it quickly. Lastly we have their magic appearance. They have no weapon, the crystal used as weapon would form above their head, this is their source of magic. They can use the magic abilities we use, but no source of runes, it seems that the crystals are the attacking methods.

They are aggressive creature, unless speaking to one of their kind that hasn't gone crazy, they will manage to talk them out of attacking you. DO NOT have crystal on you, if you do they will attack you.

N - Adding a better advice to the one above, you can trick these creatures by praying protection against a different combat from them. DO NOT pray against the combat they are fighting in. This works due to the shapeshifters' old lifestyle, they belonged to a clan that worked with the study of ancestors, this in Gielinor was proven to help us with prayer.


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CR - Dagannoth are fierce amphibious/reptillian creatures who inhabit the oceans in the Fremmenik Sea, particularly Waterbirth Island where they live in groups of what is believed to be thousand's. They come in various sizes from the young which hatch at about a foot tall and combat ready, to the Sentinel's and King's which can be twice the size of some human's. They are similar to dragon's in their structure and combat style, they breathe powerful water spells instead of fire however. They possess sharp claw's and teeth as well as spikes on their back's which can be launched at opponents like a projectile. They also have gill's which enable them to breathe underwater, they are mortal enemies with the Fremmenik and human's in general, often attacking local settlements or boats. Some have been known to wear armour and it is currently unknown who makes it. Most Dagannoth tend to be proficient in either one form of combat, (Claws, Spines or Water Spells) but the more powerful ones usually found within the depths of Waterbirth Isle can be skilled in all 3.

Slayer master's usually aren't called to deal with Dagannoth as the fremmenik usually deal with them, and they're pretty good at it. However sometimes they will be called to help escort travellers or archaeologists who need escorting along the coast or whilst travelling between the islands. They usually attack in groups so it is unwise to attack one on your own, you should also avoid fighting one underwater as they will have a huge advantage over you, usually attempting to drown you, like sharks it is reccomended to punch one in the gills should this happen. A strong shield should be used to defend against their ongoing attacks, a group of 3 or 4 experianced combatants or a fremmenik should usually have no trouble dealing with them. It is advised to practice dealing with situation's where you'll be attacked in group's before dealing with them.

Dark Beast's

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For abbysal demon's see 'abbysal creatures'. *The rest of the page is covered with thick ash that has stuck to the page*



AX- Well unless you have a special shield, be quick on your feet to avoid the breath, don't bring loose cloaks so not to allow them to catch fire. Aim for under the scales or the stomach, possibly inside the mouth if you can manage it without dying. And most importantly, never go it alone.

ZR - Many Slayers will say a shield is the best option for fighting Dragons, but alternatively there is a potion made from lantadyme and dust from dragon's scales that will enhance your protection. As Dragons shed scales fighting other dragons, or simply to replace old ones, dragon scales can be found where Dragons nest. Obviously, you can kill a Dragon and use the scales to craft a new potion, as well.

From my experience dealing with the Worshippers of the Dragonkin, Antidragon shields are not common between them. One of my prisoners mentioned they use a heavy, thick spear with a winged head around the Dragon's throat, to keep the beast from aiming fire down upon them. While the head is held up by the two with the spear, a third will strike the underbelly. This isn't too different from how a new slayer should face a bear, except the bear will bleed out faster.

N - There seems to be more types of Dragon than this book realize. It seems there are also Metal dragons. From bronze to rune. Rumor has it that several adventurers had come across a "red metal dragon". Rumors are rumors. I cannot go into long details about how to fight these dragons, as they are all the same as those who aren't metallic. There is a special ore known as bane, if you can find a wizard that can make it into dragon bane ore, you'll be able to create weapons out of those ore that works greatly against Dragons. If you proven worthy to fight Rune dragons, they have an extremely thick layer of armor on them. While part of their body, Dragon bane seems to work effectively against them.

I suggest, not only with rune dragon, but with all dragons to drink the anti-fire potion and wear the shield, you won't receive much heat from their fire. If you are fighting Rune Dragons, I advice being on the look out when they use their special ability, a stream of blue flames, avoid this. While you have your potion and shield, (even the advanced potion) the flame seems powerful enough to actually have you feel the burn. After that just survive, make sure you are well equipped for the fight.

Note that these ore are extremely hard to find, in the market or in the world, if you manage to find someone who isn't scamming you, it will also be very expansive also.

Iconic Stories

AX- Me and two others were contracted to slay a dragon, supposedly hiding in the deep jungles of Karamja. There was myself, a mage, a druid and a warrior, oddly enough a dragonkin. I didn't stay close to either of them. We spread out in a three man arc as we trekked into the jungle. The humidity and Foliage getting thicker as we did so. Eventually, we came upon a strange magical sealed door, bound with a spirit guardian who asked us a riddle to proceed inside. We simply exorcised the poor soul and forced the rusted hinge open. Once inside the mage gave us each a stone to emit some light as we descended down some old stone steps. After going down for what felt like an eternity the cavern widened into a natural cavern the path splitting into a stone bridge, a deep cavern on either side. On the other side of the cavern rested a beast, a seemingly half dead and rotting dragon. Turns out a local witchdoctor was having fun with dead bodies and spirits. So we engaged it, the mage attempting to bind it with earthly spell's, as the Dragonkin engaged it head on, I myself applied a poison to my spear and moved to stab it in the scales under its lower jaw. The dragonkin was torn apart in the beasts jaws, allowing me to stab it in the flesh under its scales, and gave the mage enough time to trap its legs. With my weapon stuck in to the beast, I was forced to disengage backwards and draw my blade at the time, ready to distract and reengage while the mage did his thing. After a rather short and life threatening fight, the mage trapped it. and I stabbed into the back of his neck, severing the brain stem from the rest of its body so it couldn't move, now only the head was moving. After a hour of hacking flesh and using magic to burn through it as well, we chucked the head into the Abbysal cavern on our side and took some scales and bones as trophies.


RG- I have added this category to prove a point. If you thought you saw a Dragonkin, it most definitely was not a Dragonkin. They were hunted almost to extinction many years ago, if they even existed at all. The amount of times we get contracts about dragonkin and it turns out to be adventurers in d'hide armour is ridiculous. I will also add that you will die if you ever met a Dragonkin, based on the stories they're not nice guys. Most slayer master's if they're of sound mind won't accept a contract for dragonkin anyway.

RT- I'd like to add a passage from a book referring to the dragonkin to give people at least some information about them. "The stories tell of the dragonkin being an intelligent race of bird like creatures that walked rather than use their wings. They are said to be immortal but cannot reproduce, because of this they became very afraid of death and shunned all other races. The dragonkin made corrupted versions of themselves for protection, what we know now as dragons.". I hope that gives a better description than whatever Ruthven wrote.

N - Both of these summary above me gave little to no advice against them, or a warning. They are very real, my time as an adventurer, and the world guardian's adventure, plus Edgeville's attack was proof of their existence. I've met a few and was lucky enough to survive. According my my travels and the stories documented, They are an ancient race, one that seem to be under a certain rage.

The Dragonkin, from an reliable source, told me that some of their kind are greatly effected by a feeling of rage when those who used the (now destroyed) Stone of Jas. This causes them to feel a great deal of pain and rage, empowering them enough to kill the "stone toucher." The rage seems to die down once their target(s) are dead. After that there isn't much about them. Robert the Strong had created weapons based off bane ore, which seems to be their primary weaknesses.

They are strong, and a fire breath, no matter if a potion or shield is on you to prevent that, it can instantly kill you, in one hit. So be ready to dodge, as not only is their fire fast, but so are they. Never keep your guard down, and always try to keep a distance. Long range combat is recommended. According to stories, Robert the Strong had killed the Dragonkins into hiding using bane arrows against them. If none can be attained, Traps can work also, setting one up without notifying the creature of your presence might work, so ensure deadly traps are made.

My final advice is to AVOID THEM at all cost. They are strong and dangerous, they've grown stronger than that of what Robert the Strong had faced. If you do bump into one DO NOT engage it in any way, even a simple "hello" might get you killed. Walk away from them. NO SLAYER MASTER in their right mind will assign these creatures to their students. But if you are stupid enough to try them, my advice in listed. I hope you have a lovely funeral.

Dust Devils

FI - The Dust Devil is appropriately named after the natural phenomena of the same name, a sandy tornado. These creatures spew copious amounts of sand with great speed from their maw. Just as how the natural occurrence is more apt to harm you by eroding your very skin away rather than displace you, the same is said for these creatures.
The challenge is simple and the solution is simple on paper. Leave no flesh exposed and aim to smash their maws shut with weapons good for crushing. This is the most effective combat solution. But do be aware, these are also very durable beasties. One needs both a good aim and good strength. One or the other shall not suffice.


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Familiar's (Rogue)

CR - Familiars are creatures that can be called from another plane to assist summoners. Familiars come in all shapes and sizes and it is unsure how many there are. During the summoning process, the summoning can go wrong via a number of ways. This sometimes produces what is known as a Rogue Familiar, a familiar that is no longer under its masters control. From experience I can tell you its almost always a young summoner who makes a familiar rogue, so they usually aren't that powerful.

Some useful tips for the more common familiars are:

  • Spirit Wolf - Not that difficult compared to a normal wolf, though ear muffs can be recommended as its howl has been known to strike fear into even hardened individuals hearts.
  • Dreadfowl - Its a chicken, so its not that hard to kill, but it uses some strong magic attacks so be careful.
  • Spirit Spiders - Not much tougher than the Giant Spiders around Lumbridge.
  • Thorny Snails - Its slow, but can spray you with slime from a distance.
  • Granite Crabs - Similar to Rock Crabs but with a tougher shell.
  • Spirit Mosquito - They move quickly and dodge your attacks easily.
  • Desert Wyrms - They can shock you with a powerful attack from their tail, so try to keep away.
  • Spirit Scorpions - They fire venom at you which is poisonous, an antipoison potion is advised when taking one on.

You rarely see any stronger familiars than these as the summoners have learnt to control familiars better by then.

Flesh Crawlers

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Ganodermic Creatures

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TL - Gargoyles are basically Demons made of stone. It is believed they are statues that had become possessed by demons, though Raptor tells me there is also a less credible theory that they are demons who bound themselves to the earth and their skin eventually became stony. But how they came to be isn't as important as how to kill them. A gargoyle should be treated the same way you would fight any demon, they can come in various sizes and can be found in various locations, though mainly the Slayer Tower.

A gargoyle has a tough stony skin that's almost as hard as rock, this makes a crushing weapon a good choice though magic supposedly works better, particularly water spells. However they have an ability to regenerate when near death, thus if your unprepared they will continue to survive your attacks. A rock hammer is the preferred way to kill them but some warriors are strong enough to kill them with another strong crushing weapon. Using one of these once the things are on their last legs are the 'only' known way to destroy one.

It's a good monster to kill as the feeling you get after a long fight, then finally smashing him into pieces and smashing its heads in until it turns to dust and is carried off into the wind. It's so satisfying.


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TL -They're little short green pricks who are usually too busy arguing to fight properly. If you can fight reasonably well, you're going to beat these guys. They are really only dangerous in large numbers, should this be the case keep shouting things at them to get them to argue with each other such as "That guy said your armour sucks".

Goblins are usually assigned by people who've had stuff stolen from them, or recently had their land invaded by the green f***ers. These contracts are common but don't often pay well.


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Harpie Bugs

CS -Ah! These little buggers. Before we learnt their weakness they were some of the toughest insects to beat on Karamja. They're little swarms of insects that hang around on the North Side of Karamja. They're fast and they attack by rapidly bombarding you, then when your down they swarm over you and devour you. They will almost always dodge any attack you throw at them, usually resulting in a long winded fight where you slowly kill them one at a time. However they become much easier to kill with a bug lantern. These lanterns are specifically designed to attract and disorientate bugs. When a swarm of the buggers see that lantern they'll move over to you and stop in front of it, however it doesn't stop them from attacking you.

Best way to deal with them, same with any bug, crush them. Use a strong crushing weapon, the faster you can swing the better, it should take them out in no time. Why people want them killed? Its essentially pest control, they sometimes head over to shipyard and take out all the woodwork, and sometimes the workers. Another reason is a lot of rare herbs are located near their nests. That's all there is to it.


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N - For some reason I cannot see myself removing the summary in the other page, filled entirely with images and a name.... Odd. Anyway. Horrors, these creature of unknown origin, are very dangerous. They are ape-like that seem to practice cannibalism and Necromancy. There are at least three types of Horrors;

  • Jungle Horrors are a tribe like group that roam the jungle of Mos Le'harmless. They are aggressive towards anyone, and anything. They are known to fish for food and devour each other and humans if needed. They are fairly easy to fight, just be careful, they can tend to change their fighting pattern.
  • Cave Horrors are a, from what I've seen, the most elder, or senior of the tribes. I am unaware why, but they do wear a black mask. They also seem to posses a ability to give a powerful strike against us. A witchwood icon, that can be bought from slayer masters, are a sort of protection against these creatures. For some reason protection prayer has no effect on their attack. They reside within a cave, so a light source is required.
    • Unspeakable Horrors are bigger, stronger, and bloodier than the Cave horrors. if you are tasked to kill one, be careful, their size DOES make a huge difference against you.
  • Skeletal Horror is a, giant skeleton of several different bones. An odd old man seems to allow several adventurer to take up their weapons and fight this creature. Now, if you are assigned to fight this one, know that it will remove it's bone from it's body, once it returns it somehow heals it self, I'd assume the dirt. Simply grab the thrown part before it moves to the creature and bury it. Thankfully it is slow, so attacking it will work.

*The page would end with a a writing in it, not from the same handwriting of the one who wrote this section, it would say;* "You think you can save them? You can't, this is the power of reality being changed, and THIS IS XAU-TAK" *Anyone daring to remove the writing would somehow be forced not to, almost as if it is being protected.*


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Infernal Mages

TL -Though technically human, this is one of the few examples of a human classed as a slayer creature for their crimes against nature and Gielinor. Infernal mages are mages who have experimented with 'infernal' magic. Its called Infernal in relation to Infernus, the realm of the demons. The magic is often associated with demonic rituals and particularly the abyss. Through these experiments mages often start to lose their minds, they are often found in old castles or ruins sprouting nonsense and attempting to create feeble rituals.

Infernal mages should essentially be treated the same way as any other mage, they are usually not that strong of a mage as a result of them being mental. Ranged weaponry is advised, as well as coming in a group. They tend to fight the same way any normal mage would though they may attempt some less common spells against you. This makes them unpredictable. Because mages are sociable creatures (Usually) they too are often found in groups.

Infernal mages are put on contracts from monks or druids who don't want them upsetting Gielinor any more. As a result they are really only found away from human civilization, such as in the Wilderness or Morytania. Sometimes wizards give them as a contract in case they drop a rare book or scroll, those sorts of assignments are usually quite profitable.


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Jadinko's (Mutated)

RT - Jadinko's are creatures that work in tandem with the jade vine. They help it grow and it in turn keeps them alive. Most if not all Jadinko's live near the vine itself, located in Southern Karamja. They are born from the vines themselves it is said by the tribespeople. If that's true then it help's prove an important factor. For you see, certain vines become mutated, these mutations then cause some jadinko to be mutated. These mutated jadinko's cause harm to the plant and to the other jadinko's, they are also more aggresive, sometimes seen attacking people. The Jadinko's themselves actually reward human's who help kill their mutated brother's. Their are 3 types of mutated jadinko that are likely to appear. Baby's, Guards and Male's.

Mutated jadinko's are underestimated when it come's to how dangerous they are, high level slayer's have succumbed to even the baby's. They're claws are designed to be stronger than machete's in order to get through their jungle terrain and can slash apart weak armour's with ease. The older jadinko's also possess phenomenal strength and can deal crushing blow's to they're enemies, they also possess a thick hide which can soften many attack's against them. They also possess a magical attack, which they can use to attack enemies from afar. But those traits aren't what makes them so dangerous. All jadinko's possess an ability to telepathically communicate with the jade vine itself, they can command the vines located in the cave to attack they're enemies, they can slash at you with a whip like blow, knock you down to the ground by tripping you up, or even grabbing part's of the body and tieing them up. A strong machete or axe is advised to stop this from killing you.

They're are several tactics that can be used against the jadinko's. Burning mutated vines produced a smoke that disorientate's the jadinko's hindering their telepathic communication. The vines can also be heated, then fletched to make a weapon local's call a sagaie. These are javelin sized projectiles that are highly effective against jadinko's and can cause great damage to them, the vines can also be made into Bolas, which can be bind a jadinko in place if thrown correctly. As both weapon's are made from vines the jadinko's tend to not dodge them if thrown at them.

Baby's are strong, but not that strong. In groups they can overwhelm attackers, but their mutated nature usually makes them end up on their own. A sagaie through the neck can usually kill one quickly, though if your ranged isn't that good you can run up to them and stab them up close. It is advised to kill them as quickly as possible, so as to not alert the vine. Guard's are the 2nd strongest of the 3, they're quite large and have adapted to have a stronger hide and tougher claw's. A bolas can be used to bind them in place where you can finish them off with your weapon of choice. Try to aim for the neck so as to kill them quickly as well. Make sure to always keep an eye on your surroundings, and try to attack them away from any vines if possible.

Male's are surprisingly the toughest of the species, they are slightly bigger than the guards and possess a colourful plumage. They are the toughest of the jadinko's and should be treated with caution. The same tactics with the guards should be used against them, but it may take several more hits before you kill one. Some of them are draped in razor sharp vines that negate damage against them. Should you manage to kill one of them and obtain a vine, many smith's, druids and wizards are willing to buy one of these.


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TL- They're basically ogre's that live in the jungle.

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Lost Grove Creatures

N - Creature of the Lost Grove are beings created by the anima that have a exposed life force within or on them. They are known to be civilized and can speak in common tongue. Each one are unique in their own way. They are also extremely powerful, and careful when it comes to fighting others. As I said before they have their life force exposed enough to see and strike. It won't be easy to kill them, as they use the nature and area wound them to protect themselves. There are currently three creatures of the Grove.

  • Vinecrawlers are log like creatures that draws magic from the anima with its roots buried deep, this doesn't stop them from moving around, but it helps when being attacked. While being threaten they surround themselves in a purple rings, which it expels towards their target, which could kill or greatly injure them. It's best to use range against them, distance will provide better chance to avoiding their magical attack, and their special ring attack. Aim for their life force on their tail and you'll be able to do damage towards it.
  • Bulbous crawlers are living uprooted tree that drags along a glowing blue life force behind them. This life force, as stated, are the anima energy that keeps them alive. They occasionally draw energy from the surrounding area which draws itself towards the creature. It will then release a poison cloud on said area to kill their target. They will create solid orbs and shoot it out at you. These aren't magical but are coated with it and it is very strong. It is advice to using melee against them works, since they are tree, using an hatchet as your weapon of choice can help. As I said above be careful with their poison.
  • Moss Golems are golems with moss covered mostly around their neck. They are considered to be the toughest creatures on the grove. Having sharp stone claws, and their life force covered up more than it's brethren, they are can be considered deadly if approached. It is advice to use fire magic on them, mostly aimed around their neck, as burning moss can produce smoke to blind them. After a set amount of time, if the moss golem is not defeated in battle, it will produce an audible "popping" sound, and its head will detach due to the smoke, but also leaving it's live force exposed more. If allowed to survive much longer, the golem's head will start to attack it's target and protect it's body from danger. Again, it's life force is within it's body, so under it's arm and head would work, but the advice against them as listed works.

The only time you are given a task to fight them is when they are causing trouble. The Grove is known to posses a corrupted aura which might cause some of these creatures to cause trouble not only towards the fairy, but those visiting the island.

I've heard tales from the fairies within the Grove that there's a creature much stronger and bigger than those listed. Researching further, it seems to be an guardian of the island, and theory suggests it is of the Anima mundi as well, like Vorago. The creature has yet to appear.


ZR - Mahjarrat are monsters. I speak from experience here, as I have personally fought over three of them in my lifetime. Mahjarrat are legends, but those legends are true, Slayer. The Mahjarrat are powerful, beyond most people's comprehension. None of us, as Slayers, know where they truly come from or what it is like, but we do know that Mahjarrat can summon hordes of undead, and others have the ability to enter the Shadow Realm. They focus mostly on powerful magic and strong melee, being that the Mahjarrat are much taller than even the Elves, with a strong muscle frame an Ork would envy.

With the God Wars returning, Mahjarrat are a serious threat. Many of them are aligned under the banner of Zamorak, and with so many Zamorakian Mahjarrat, they are less likely to turn on eachother as they would usually. Mahjarrat who are willing to work together are the largest threat to any army in the God Wars.

Mahjarrat don't have weak points, other than the fact they lose power before their ritual every 500 years, where one of their own is sacrificed. Their last ritual was in year 169 of the Fifth Age, so for the forseeable future I would advise the slayer to avoid Mahjarrat, and instead allow Gods and their Generals to deal with them. They are not likely to be assigned, as many Mahjarrat prefer to stick to themselves.

As for strengths...

  • Mahjarrat can enter dreams and invade the mind.
  • Mahjarrat raise the dead as zombies, skeletons, or the much more powerful wight.
  • Mahjarrat can cast magic without runes.
  • Mahjarrat don't eat, sleep, or drink.
  • Mahjarrat can open portals to other dimensions, including the Abyss and the Shadow Realm.
  • Mahjarrat are capable of telepathy.
  • Mahjarrat can sense others of their race.
  • Mahjarrat are old enough to develop their own spells, beyond even human capabilities and create or find powerful weapons and armour.
  • Mahjarrat have the frame to either enhance their speed, or be a runite wall to strikes. They are very competent at melee fighting.

It is wise to never fight a Mahjarrat. And if you are lucky, you will never need to.


CR - Minotaur's are a race of what looks like a human/bull crossbreed. While seemingly brutish, they are actually perfectly capable of speaking the common tongue. Legends portray them as fighting alongside humans to defeat great foes, this is thought to be the reason there are so many minotaur familiars. Most minotaurs today are found in the dungeon underneath Gunnars Ground, nobody knows how they got there, as they appear to be too large to fit through the entrance. They have a great amount of strength, a thick hide and 2 sharp horns. The best method is to attack from afar, magic works wonders. If you are not so gifted at long distance combat, a strong weapon to cut through the hide is recommended, strong armour to negate some of the power of the blows also work. They are quick to anger, and will likely attack more furiously as the battle wages on, however it may come to its senses if its injuries are too great and attempt to flee. These are a challenge for a young slayer and should be treated with caution. I've heard stories that every year the barbarians send down their strongest warriors to do battle, in some of these stories they fight barehanded, I wouldn't recommend you try this.


TL - They're basically ogre's who live under the sea, yet for some reason aren't called sogre's.

  • The rest of the page contains various doodle's of fish that cover most of the word's making it unreadable*


RT - Molanisk's are small mole like creatures that live in caves, they survive on plants, small grubs and insects and are not particularly terrifying. They can crawl along the walls using their sharp claws and have a body that allows them to successfully camouflage against the rocks. You may be asked to kill some as they are considered a pest by most gardeners, attacking the roots from below. In order to locate one you should attempt to produce a loud high pitched noise, most slayer masters will sell you a bell that is capable of this, though some slayers have taught themselves to whistle at a frequency similar to this. The noise infuriates the creatures, causing them to become instantly aggressive to the source. They attack furiously with their sharp claws, though strong armour can usually negate most of the damage. Care should be taken in some cases, I once rang the bell and saw dozens of shapes raining down from above, if something like this should ever happen to you, just run, however this is rare, the creatures are not particularly difficult, and are more annoying than dangerous.


  • You can't read this without your monkey speak amulet


N - Muspah are creature of Mahjarrat's legend, and very real. According to sources, Mahjarrat seem to fear these creatures. Now they are located in a dangerous plane known as Freneskae, created by an elder god that resides there. If you are tasked to go to Freneskae, know that the environment is very deadly, the air can damage your lungs, lighting strikes randomly, in one part, and there is lava almost everywhere. The Muspah are known to be weak against different combat style, but I've recently learned that ancient spells are more effective against them.

They do attack in groups, so avoid fighting one that is near more of it's kind. Hopefully you are lucky enough, that a adventurer managed to accidentally lead one to Gielinor. Be careful if you are to fight them in groups, the Mahjarrat fear them for a reason.


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N - Creatures of Abominations. According to sources, they are creatures created of different race. Like the Muspah, they reside in Freneskae. If you're lucky, an adventurer could have lead one here in Gielinor. They are known to attack in groups. They also have the ability to fly, and seemingly charge towards their target in high speed to attack, and would continue this movement. There are four known Nihil;

  • Blood Nihil are those with the essence of Vampyres. They would tap into this essence and use blood magic. This gives them an advantage to also use the Vampyre's instinct and be able to dodge, and counter each attack, and heal themselves each counter attack. Of course you're lucky, they will only use this ability when ever they are damaged enough to. It is best you use Magic against them, distance is your key here, as they use melee.
  • Ice Nihil are those with the essence of Icyene. They would tap into this essence and use Ice magic. They use Ice spell as an attack, and would also attempt to freeze you on the spot. Range is best used, as thaey use magic. Keep your guard up, they save up the ice spell to freeze you until they see they need to.
  • Shadow Nihil are those with the essence of Demons. They would tap into this essence and use Shadow magic. While like the ancient spell book, they would save up the ability to darken the area around you, confuse you and strike when you lease suspect it. Melee is advice against them. The Closer you are, the better you are at dodging their ability and striking them.

As I said they attack in groups, so lure one out, if not you will be attending your own funeral.

Nightmare Creatures

N - Apparently, these creatures are called Nightmares. From what I've learned, they are the darkest vision of the elder god's dreams brought to life. After the elder god's death, they seemed to have manifested into our reality. I'd assume it's due to dead god's energy that was spread around after their explosion. They reside in Frenesake, thankfully the world gate can take us to a starting point, but the travel is dangerous. If you manage to survive the ambush of the Muspah, environment, and the lava then you'll soon encounter them.

These creature can be horrifying to look at, as their appearance seem to scare a lot of adventurers who do manage to make it to them. They are extremely powerful, dangerous, and aggressive towards others, and attack in groups. My advise, like the Nihil and Muspah, is to lure one out of it's group. But, if you're lucky enough, and a stupid adventurer accidentally leads it to Gielinor, then it is easier. But don't underestimate them, while they may be alone, they are extremely powerful. They attack in both melee combat, and range, and they manage to switch like an airut. Sadly they don't give you time to react to their fighting style, so you must be on your guard when they switch it. While it does seem like a magic spell, they seem to throw it at us like an archery weapon rather than a spell. If they need to, they will raise a black sphere above themselves and swing their body (as if holding a ball with both hands and swinging from the side to the front) and throw it at you. Now dodging them is required, but due to their fighting style, it is extremely difficult.

Now Earth spells seem to take them down effectively, but it would still take time, as they are also fast, moving on all four to dodge your attacks. Protection prayers is suggested, even against their black sphere. I must warn you again, they are EXTREMELY dangerous and powerful. If you are tasked these, then you're slayer master either hates your guts, or deems you worthy to fight one. But I advice against this if you aren't fully prepared for one. May the afterlife treat you well reader(s)


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Otherworldly Beings

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  • Somebody had alchemised the page and a gold coin falls out the book as you turn to the page*'

Ripper Demons

MK - By the souls of the underworld, if you are ever to be tasked one of these creatures, may your grave be green with purple flower, and you clearly done something to get your slayer master angry. These creatures are named after the legend, The Ripper, an assassin of the Zamorakian faction from the warring era years ago. There are more of these because the Ripper had been reanimated, and it's remain latched on some miners. They are very dangerous, and I highly advice you not to go against them, unless you are prepared in knowledge and skill. If you are still reading this, I hope your funeral is better than the last fellow who went into the mine to fight one.

Any combat style is allowed against these monsters, although I do recommend you use magic, earth spell against them, they've shown to be quite weak against it. But have caution, they can instantly teleport to you and with this they can slash you with a surprise attack, that is near impossible to dodge, so be as close as you can to avoid this killing blow. Note, I suggest praying to protecting against melee, or curse against it, whichever god you follow. This method will help you more in avoiding their attack a bit better, but don't rely on your gods so much, one small mistake, and you're dead. Surviving against them long enough will have them to jump onto the dark ceiling of the mine, where they will then latch down towards you and can instantly kill you. This can be avoided by looking on the ground, their shadow will be seen, be sure to avoid this at all cost, if not, you're dead.

Make sure you do not take so much damage against them, if you start getting tired and wounded, other Ripper will sense that, and will help your target in killing you, and if that ever happen; Run. That is all the advice I can give you. If you still consider in fighting them, then good luck, I hope to see your funeral. Also, be careful when you manage to kill one, after one deadly attack that can kill them, they will attempt to give a barrage of slash, then a finale spin to injure you enough for other ripper to attack you.


RG -Not to be confused with rocks, Roc's are some of the largest known birds in Gielinor, they are about the size of a medium sized dragon. Roc's are generally located in mountainous regions with the most common sighting being near Death Plateau, north of Burthorpe. They make their homes atop unscaled peaks in huge nests, so as to keep their young safe. They usually don't attack humans, as the areas they live in are more commonly habited by Trolls. However they have been known to become extremely aggressive if their young are found to be in danger, not stopping until it either gets revenge or gets killed in the process.

Now, these things are dangerous, you'll most likely be fighting in mountainous regions full of steep drops so you need to be careful of your surroundings, Roc's take advantage of this by creating powerful gusts of wind to try knock you off, so it's ideal to be against a wall or behind a rock in order to avoid this. They will also attempt to charge at you as well so that should be avoided. They have strong beaks and talon's and won't hesitate to use them against you. Finally, they sometimes have a tendency to grab you in their talons and then drop you from a great height, they may also do this with boulders by dropping them on to you as well.

How do you beat something like that? If your not light on your feet, your going to have a hard time, so to compensate by wearing a heavy set of armour, some recommend not taking a helmet so your visibility is much better. With the added weight you may just be able to brace against the wind attacks and deflect against any further attacks. Those of you who are 'light on your feet', will want to avoid unsheltered areas, as this leaves you open to attack. You should be able to dodge most of the attacks as its size means it doesn't move that quickly. With weapons you would want to use ranged or magic attacks so you can hit it at a distance, with melee it's a lot harder, so if you are completely incompetent with the other 2 methods than a strong shield and a friend who is, are recommended. Ideally you shouldn't be facing these guys on your own anyway, a strong team should be able to take one down without too many problems.

And who by the abyss would put out a contract on them. A roc egg is one of the most valuable egg's in Gielinor, they can reach very high prices if someone manages to obtain one. Problem is the mummy bird doesn't appreciate you taking its children. Slayers are then usually called in to either kill the bird before hand, or stop it from destroying a town afterwards. Roc feathers are also quite valuable for fashion, a Roc head is also quite a rare trophy and highly valuable. Of course there is also the possibility you'd want to try riding a Roc, though most who try the experience aren't really heard from again...

Rock Creatures

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TL - Rockslugs are slugs that are covered with rock. They are pretty much pathetic and require very little experience to defeat them. Though mostly weak to magic any combat method will do. They are small so you only need to protect your legs. But, many unexperienced slayers are defeated due to their ability to curl themselves into a ball of rock when they are at the point of death. They use this time to slowly heal themselves at which point the slayer might have believed it was dead and turned around. This is when they pounce and attack from behind. ON their own they're quite weak but in a group (Which they're usually found in) they will sometimes all attack you from behind at once.

The only way to stop this is once they curl up, sprinkle some salt on them, this will dissolve their body and they will die. They drop little worth while, the rock that makes up their body might contain a gem but its highly unlikely. Some fisherman use them as bait I'm told, but I'm not sure what sort of fish would want it. Usually its a pest control problem.


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Shadow Creatures

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CR - Snakes are long reptiles with no limbs and often found in humid or marshy climates. Snakes range in size from about 3 feet long to about 300 feet long (Though the latter tend to only be found in the Eastern Isles). They can be land or sea based. Almost all snakes you will encounter are venomous.

Snakes defend themselves usually in one of two ways either by biting you with their fangs and injecting venom or through constriction. Most snakes are found in hot jungles such as Karamja and are often bright green or yellow so as to camouflage themselves with their surroundings. However as a Slayer you'll often be tasked with killing 'Giant' Snakes. These snakes are between 8 and 15ft long and have venom capable of easily killing someone who hasn't taken the correct precautions. It is advised to take them out of a distance as snakes this size don't tend to have many long range attacks, except 1 in certain species. Certain species will spit venom at you can do this from about 30 ft in one reported case. Usually they will aim for your eyes, as this will temporarily blind you, goggles or ordinary spectacles help prevent this. In some rare cases the venom can be corrosive, making sure any bare skin is covered is a good idea.

So strategy goes, prepare to attack at a distance, keep a good eye out as they tend to camouflage in the background, bring anti poison and wear suitable armour. That's all there is to it. Reasons you might get these are either pest control, or for the hide which is used to make ranged armour.

The other type of snakes you'll find are Sea Snakes, these are often much bigger, sometimes the size of boats. They use the same attack methods as their smaller counterparts so the strategy is the same, though the distance you want to stay away is much bigger. If your fighting one on land then it is advised to stay away from the water and aim for the head. If your attacking from a boat it becomes different. A strategy for sea snakes is that they attempt to wrap themselves around the boat and slowly constrict it, slowly breaking the structure, they then swim around catching up all the people who fell into the water. These snakes have strong hide and so they can usually survive long enough against a bunch of sailors with swords to break the boat. I did once observe a strategy where sailors would wait until the snake had coiled once around then predict where it would come over next, they would then strike at their head as it came round, with enough skill and people it is entirely possible to kill one with enough blows to the head and neck. As for reasons for killing one of these, it's pretty self explanatory.

RT - I thought I would add a little Health and Safety note to this article in terms of snake bites. If you are bitten it is important not to panic, stress makes the condition worse and can induce shock. Stay calm, bandage the wound and take a mouthful of antipoison only. An ironic property of antipoison is that too much is poisonous and can kill you, so don't panic if you don't notice an immediate effect.

Soul Devourers

These creatures are those under the control of the Dev- *The page ends there with a scrabbling, as if the writer of this page seems to have just, vanished.*

N - The idiot above me seemed to have left their guard down and was devoured. As stated above, well halfway, they are under the control of the Devourer, of course not always. Studying a bit, it seems that animals, that die seem to return as devouring creatures. I theorize that this is a spell from Amascut, those creatures who are unlucky, will serve her. These creatures are just like the corrupted creatures, mindless, but more powerful.

Unlike the corrupted creatures, devourers are extremely powerful in turns of their combat style. A feather of Ma'at is also required in killing them.

After exploring a bit more, I have noticed that there are more soul devourers. It seems a human can also become one, eitehr by Amascut herself, or when they learn how to separate their soul from their body. The Magister is what they call him. A devourer that does not serve amascut. I have not fought this Magister, but it seems he was already defeated. If you happen to come across stronger devourers, or the Magister himself, I advice being very prepared, their defeat won't be easy.

Spiritual Warrior's

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IIC- These creatures come in various different sub species, the desert strykewyrms which live under the sand, other species of this creature include the lava Wyrm that lives in the barren wilderness of Forinthy or the ice wyrms who live in the northern tundra and last but not least the jungle variant often found in hotter climates.

After hunting these for several years i have come to the conclusion that hey posess almost no sight and are on the surface visually blind, however they are found to see through there hearing and thus by sensing the vibrations on the surface are able to pinpoint prey, various slayermaster have learned of such a trick and have perfected a movement to draw the wyrms out from the sand, other experiments involving the abuse of the sensory ability have also been shown to confuse and weaken said beasts, make sure you take anti-poison with you a their fangs have been shown to be coated with a posionous substance.


CS - Ah these blighters. You'll probably not have heard of these guys as they are usually only found on the secluded Lunar Isle in the Fremmenik Sea. Suqah are large bipedal creature, looking like large grey goblins. They are often armoured and carry large cleaver like blades and sometime shields, they are also capable of using ice magic, an ability passed on to them by the mages that live on the island. I have heard accounts of Suqah being found outside the isle, so don't assume you'll never fight one. They are an interesting combatant, possessing great strength and should be treated with caution, they can quite easily overpower an unskilled human. Their legs are often unarmoured, so you should attempt to concentrate your attacks there, then once they've been downed, strike quickly to finish them off. The Ice magic can be tough to deal with, but enchantments and potions exist that should negate most of the effects. If you're inexperienced, it's always better to go in a group.

Now why do people ask you to go kill these guys, their teeth. Gnomes go crazy for ground Suqah teeth, I shan't describe what they do with it, but you probably have a vague idea. I wouldn't recommend trying it yourself, however if you ever want a discount Gnomecopter flight, it's a good idea to fill a pouch full. Their hide is also used to make magical armour.


CR - Terrors, a form of warped creature that fall into their own category. They are the dead who have been reanimated with a certain spell. The spell returns them as a monstrous green form that becomes resistant to magic attacks. This spell is only used by the strongest albeit ignorant necromancers. As the spell also corrupts the one who uses it. The spells effectiveness depends on 2 factors, the strength (And Intelligence) of the subject and the power of the necromancer. As such the most common terrors you might encounter are usually rats or canines. Mostly Terror Dogs, because what sort of self respecting necromancer wants an army of giant green rats.

As far as strategy goes, magic is best avoided due to the defence the creatures have built up. Therefore if you go by the combat triangle ranged combat is the most effective, however I believe melee is just as useful. The strategy is prepare for a long fight and watch out for the teeth, a long weapon is best preferred in that case. Those slayers with enough experience should find no trouble with these, those without will likely find themselves a chewed pile of bones if they attempt this task.


RT - Trolls are bipedal (semi) intelligent creatures that live in mountainous regions, both under and above ground. The smallest of adults still easily dwarf humans, and the largest can grow to the size of a small house. They possess immense strength and have been involved in conflicts with humans and Dwarves since the 3rd age. It is unadvisable for the inexperienced to take these on alone, while not as tough as other creatures, they often attack in huge numbers and can easily overwhelm the ill prepared. There are 3 main types of trolls: Mountain, Ice and Water. The 3rd type can be split into Sea Trolls and River Trolls.

The first type, Mountain Trolls have an incredibly tough skin, almost as hard as rock in places, however these spots are usually quite noticeable and should generally be avoided with melee weapons. The larger ones will often have these rock like protrusions on their arms and legs, and will often engage in close combat with either a club or their fists. The smaller ones will often stay back and chuck boulders, you can sometimes spy them from Burthorpe, patrolling the ridges along the mountains. There are known to be other varieties capable of magic, however these 2 are the most commonly dealt with. When up close, try to dodge any attacks and counter with an attack aimed at a part without the rock like protrusions, this is usually the belly but not always. When attacked from afar, seek shelter immediately, if none can be found, retreat quickly. Wait for them to run out of boulders or when they turn around to either snipe or blast them from a distance. For melee fighters, a strong shield is also an advisable option, the Fremennik have been known to craft a sturdy wooden shield that deflects boulders with ease.

Ice Trolls are similar to Mountain Trolls, with the exception of possessing a thick coat of fur, that almost acts as armour itself. You are unlikely to come across them as they are often found, high in the mountains, unless of course you happen to be in Neitiznot or Jatizso where they are particularly abundant. They attack similarly to their mountainous cousins, however some are known to possess the ability to freeze an opponent in place with magic. The same strategy's apply here as for the mountainous ones, however you should be sure to wrap up warm as the cold can be just as dangerous as the trolls themselves.

Water Trolls are noticeably different and can be considered an entire separate race to the trolls themselves. Their skin is more scaly and they have adapted to living primarily underwater. They often attack fishermen or fishing colonies and can become quite a nuisance. All water trolls are known to attack with melee only, they are the easiest troll to deal with, and often attack alone. Treat them as you would any large creature.

Culturally speaking, the Trolls are a brutal and barbaric race, attacking settlements close to the mountains for little to no reason. They are known to have fought alongside Bandos in the god wars, and much like the rest of his troops, are slow and stupid, and deserve no mercy.


  • The word's are slightly charred but unreadable*

TzHaar and TokHaar

  • You need to have a Ga'al translate this


ZR - Undead are a specialty of my family to fight, and most of us have developed our own techniques against them. As ghosts are undead, though different in fighting I believe Ruthven has them in another section. The remaining undead can be boiled down to some form of zombie or skeleton. Zombies are very chaotic and have little control over themselves, as a result they rarely use all the muscle they could. That muscle makes them both stronger, and weaker, than their cousins the Skeleton. Zombies are not hard to kill, unless they have armour. Treat them like any other opponent, specifically one who will ignore pain. Strike for the joints, and move for the neck and head. It's the only way to truly kill them.

Skeletons lack muscle, but can more easily control their bodies. They are precise, though hardly a threat unless they have a weapon. A crushing weapon to the chest proves most effective for skeletons, as it will shatter their bones if you can reach the spine and force them to pieces.

Undead are usually summoned by a Necromancer, meaning there is some form of Mahjarrat, Lich, or Warlock around undead, or there was at some point. To destroy a Lich, you must shatter their phylactery or else they will experience little pain, and refuse to depart. Most Liches can't stray far from their phylacteries, enough so many wear it on their person. It is usually a piece of jewelry, a dagger, or anything else that could hold a gemstone for binding. Liches will usually need more than one person to fight them, unless you are experienced in slaying them. Liches can range in power from weaklings such as Dragith Nurn, to world shattering beings such as Thorvald.

Personally, I prefer a strong attack to shatter the undead in a single hit, though my nephew Driez has implemented "brutal" arrows, made by using blunt heads to shatter the bone rather than pierce it. My sister Natalie swears by Crumble Undead, saying the spell does no damage to the body allowing a proper burial and respect to the spirit after. My father Lucius found the best way to destroy undead, is entirely situational. There really isn't a "wrong" way to do it, and it is mostly up to the Slayer's preference.

To practice, Lumbridge Catacombs is a fairly safe place to learn about Undead and fight a few. When that grows tiresome, there are stronger undead deep within the Stronghold of Security in Gunnarsgrunn.


RG - This really shouldn't be here, I mean the Vyres are nice enough to let us train at the tower for only the low price of a Tithe. I mean they definitely aren't huge evil power mongering self righteous dictators who care more about politic then human life, I mean that would be rude and untrue. Of course to keep relations with the Vyres smooth, we'd like to remind slayers to officially avoid messing with the residents of Morytania who graciously pay their low low taxes.

Ok description. Vyres (Or Vampyres or Vamps) are strong bat humanoid creatures who govern the realm of Morytania. They come in a range of forms and officially we are only aloud to slay one of them, as they can prove a nuisance to other Vyres. The one form we are aloud to kill is ravenous, which is a vyre that has gone a long time without a drink and has become weak and insane. These creatures are fast and can be strong, but they can be taken down with any strong weapon, a stake (Not Steak) through the heart might be needed to finish off some of the stronger ones. They are usually found in the haunted woods to the East if Canifis.

We're not aloud to tell you about the other forms so as to keep the Slayer-Vyre relationship strong. Were not aloud to tell you the other forms are Juvinile, Juvinate and Vyrewatch. We're not aloud to go into great detail about the forms and their weakness either such as Juveniles look like a mad scientists assistant and can still be affected by standard weapons, though the stronger ones require silver weapons in order to be harmed. Its the same case with Juvinates who also have similar weaknesses but are stronger. They can't be harmed by non silver weapons and they also have the ability to turn into an invulnerable mist, I should say when they turn into mist they are invincible and definitely not weak to Holy water. Also you definitely can't cause even more damage by using a weapon made out of silvril which is an alloy of mithril and silver.

Vyrewatch are much tougher, they have wings and the ability to detect where a blade, projectile or spell will strike and dodge out the way. This makes them unbeatable against humans as there is definitely no way to land a hit on him, such as attacking really quickly in a large group in order to make it almost impossible to dodge, or to use some sort of silver flail weapon so they can't predict where it will hit them.

As you see, only a fool would face a vyre as they are almost invincible, and humans have no hope of beating them. As a reminder, remember to respect the vyre overlords if your on an assignment in Morytania and to definitely not think there is any hidden tips on how to defeat vyres. Remember, respect Vyres, invincible, no hidden message.

MK - The one above me is certainly old and done by fear, I managed to speak with some people and have an updated version for you. Now as you know the Vampyre during the Fifth age had made peace with the humans with an icyene and halfbreed taking over as a council with the ruler. So with peace between humankind and vampyre, there is less of a chance for you to be given this contract. If you are, this just means that you are fighting against a vampyre that is threatening the alliance and the peace for human. Vampyres in their forms are all weak towards silver, the stronger they are, the less likely the silver can do to them. Now fighting the strongest Vampyre is the issue. If you are contracted to kill a vyrelord, it is recommended that you decide carefully on accepting this task. Vyrelord are very powerful, as stated up above on the weapon to use. There is one source of material that can greatly harm them, Blisterwood. This is a holy tree that can greatly burn in close contact. These can be made into different style of weapons of melee, magic and range.

Now this material is impossible to get by normal means. So this is probably given to you by the council only for you to return it afterwards, so you don't get to keep it. I recommend you return it, if you do not you will be hunted and probably punished for your action. Now even with the weapons, you must be very careful, they are very skilled in magic and melee and are able to strike you very quickly. Blister wood only helps you in being able to hit or scratch them, but that doesn't stop their ability to swiftly dodge a lot of attacks you have for them. Over all you must be very skilled and prepared to fight against one, failing to do so will kill you.

Over all these type of contract barely comes in as there is no vampyre that shown threat towards the peace.


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Warped Creatures

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MK - Wyvern, dragon like creatures that were long thought to have died out long ago. They are very dangerous creatures, they can breath out an icy breath that can freeze you to death. They are known to resides now deep within Asgarnia ice dungeon. Of course if you are ever contracted to kill one of these creatures, understand that it means they escaped the dungeon and are within the surface, or a certain Wyvern is causing trouble.

They reside is very cold environments, so wearing warm equipment helps, I recommend wearing something over your armor to avoid being cold. Now, if you are fighting them in their environment, it is highly suggested to stock up on wood, and lead them towards the pile of wood. Why? Because they have the ability i mentioned before, an icy breath that can freeze you to death, so light up the pile and prepare to fight. I suggest you fight it away from your fire, it will attempt to put it out if you are not careful. Once you feel it's breeze, you have enough time to quickly go to your fire and allow the heat to warm you up to avoid freezing to death.

it is highly suggested that you use magic against them, fire spells has shown to work greatly against them (not a surprise as they are icy creatures.) And that you are well prepared with equipments and knowledge to fight these. Over all they are very dangerous, so it's your life if you are not careful.


RT - I'm told they're these giant mushrooms that walk about, if you have more reliable information please send it to us.


I interviewed various people, who also took time out of their busy schedules to help provide information and even write passages themselves. The person who wrote each passage can be seen by their signature at the beginning of the passage in bold. The signatures stand for:

  • RG - Ruthven Galand is the author of this book. He is dashingly handsome and a superb slayer and rapier fighter. His amazing speed often leads foes little time to react before they are killed. He's fought dragons, rocs, demons, vampyres and was declared a hero of the realm. He has since taken a break from the slaying and adventuring profession to become a best selling author, as well as teaching the next generation of slayers. He has been slaying since he was a child and hopes one day to be the best slayer there is, he is also currently unmarried (Address on the back of the book ;-) )
  • TL - Talon, the brother of Ruthven. He is a man of few word's but we have included them anyway. He's been slaying as long as Ruthven and has amazing strength, his mace smashes through all but the toughest monsters armour's. He is a ferocious enemy in battle and has a great knowledge of Morytania and the creatures within. Talon retired from the Slaying business recently and currently works as a shopkeeper with his mother.
  • CR - Croc is a wizard and explorer who has lived a long and fulfilling life. His spell's annihilate all monster's in their wake and also has great strength (For a wizard). He's not very social but his skill's and knowledge in battle and his willingness to at least try to get on with people. He is currently on a journey throughout Gielinor looking for more adventure and experiences.
  • RT - Raptor is a superb ranger who boasts an incredible ability to read as many book's as possible and annoy people with the facts he learns. That's right I know your probably reading this book right now and yes I just wrote that down. He is highly accurate with most ranged weapons and boasts a good ability with herblore. He is also very passionate about helping others and is one of the few slayers who outright refuses to kill any human's whatsoever apart from in self defence. He is currently retired and living in Yanille.
  • CS - Centauri is an experienced slayer who has been slaying for almost 50 years (I think). He's travelled all across the globe battling monsters at all corner's. His knowledge on some of the rarer creatures has been extremely beneficial to this book. Even though he's old he's still capable of taking down people half his age. He is currently living in Burthorpe after being forced into retirement by his son.
  • AX - Alexander is a seasoned traveler met by the author in the Rising Sun. Fortunately he had enough time to share some of his stories for the book.
  • ZR - Zarin Renderra is a master slayer and world traveler. Having a record as facing off against Airut, slaying Demons, and assembling a Slayer Helm from parts he obtained himself. Zarin is an expert on the Mahjarrat. After his retirement and leave from Gielinor, Zarin's followers created the Silverclad Slayer Guild on the island of Port Tyrion, territory owned by Zarin's family to the far south. With Zarin now out of contact, his nephew Driez Renderra, son Theseus Renderra and student Brontes Adrasteia remember and carry his teachings.
  • FI - Faeyrin Inimica is a simple person and has no specific track record of notable feats of Slaying - they're just good at killing anything they come across.
  • MK - Mark is the first commander of The Godless, and a master of slayer. He has had experience fighting Airut and other beasts that are new to the list of slaying. Mark managed to find time to write within this book, in the hope it helps those who are ready to train in the arts of Slayer and plans to continue to write whenever he has the free time to help others of what he knows. He is also a slayer master able to give contracts to those requesting.
  • ICC - Idris Cadarn has been slaying for almost fifty years and was also the former guildmaster of the guild of heroes and now spends his retirement as a slayer master and trainer of aspiring slayers.
  • N - Nexus, a mysterious adventurer who is a master of slayer. When he isn't adventuring, he is providing information towards the book, and those who are student to him.
  • CD - Charad is a Sea Orphan and Slayer who lives in the Eastern Isles, on the northern isle of Aminishi with the esteemed wizard Maxwell Raines. He has great experience fighting the monsters of Wushanko and was able to provide knowledge unlikely to be found in the West.
  • There appears to have been other names but the lower half of the page has been ripped off*

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