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Skavid detail
Skavids, a sentient race found in the ogrish lands between Yanille and the Feldip Hills, are a remnant of what was formerly a thriving skavid community. Shy and reserved, most, if not all skavids, live in caves, although they are used to tropical weather. They are encountered in game during the Watchtower quest.
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A Brief History

Skavids flourished in the tropical climes of the Feldip Hills in the beginning, however the God Wars and the Third Age led to many of them being killed or enslaved by Bandosian forces, notably, the ogres of Gu'Tanoth.

They are still enslaved by the ogres there, with most staying in their caves until their masters demand their presence. Some skavids have gone mad from the torturous labour they endure.

Accepted Lore


A timid skavid under Gu'Tanoth.

  • Skavids are intelligent beings, with their own language and are therefore more than mere animals.
  • Despite their reclusiveness, skavids are not unknown to the wider world - the Witch's Experiment from the Witch's House quest takes the form of a skavid at one point.
  • Most Skavids know very little of the common tongue.
  • Skavids physically resemble small, leathery humanoids. Their hands are cupped with three claws each instead of fingers or thumbs, and six fangs protrude from their upper jaws. Skavids typically do not wear clothing.

Debated Lore

  • It is unknown if the hunched posture of the skavid race is simply a submissive position they take as a result of their enslavement and subjugation, is a bypoduct of physiology, or both.

Common Mistakes

  • It is unlikely a Skavid would be found outside cave systems and or free from slavery.
  • Due to most Skavids having little to no knowledge of common tongue, playing as one would be difficult (at least in communicating with others).
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