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Keri, an aspiring seasinger.

Brief History

There is little infromation on the history of sirens as of now, but they are known to originate from the Eastern Lands, mainly from the islands of Tuai Leit and Siren's Shell. They can often be found in the service of an island Khan; living in the ruler's palace, or on solitary islands that separate them from causing unintended harm to others. Few sirens leave the Wushanko Isles, but there are a few special cases; Umi, who works in the adventurer's port, is one such example.

Accepted Lore

  • Sirens have magical voices that, when they sing, allow them to control people, dangerous sea monsters, and the sea itself; the tides, currents, waves, and other such things. This talent is known as seasinging.
    • It may be an inherent ability of the race, but it requires training to develop, sirens are not just born with mastery over their voices. This can be comparable to how a member of the Moonclan must train their magical skills throughout life in order to achieve mastery of their abilities.
    • It is because of their natural gift that sirens often make the best seasingers, but other races can also learn the art of seasinging.
  • Most sirens seem to have a general wish to avoid harming humans.
  • There seem to be a higher proportion of female sirens compared to males, though males are indeed present in the race. Previously, it had been unknown if male sirens even existed, until Tuai Leit was released in-game. Male sirens are very similar to females in appearance, and it can be easy to mistake them for one another at first glance, especially if a shirt is being worn. Males possess flat, and slightly broader chests, and less angular faces than the females, but otherwise are almost identical.
    • So far, all sirens seen are very similar in appearance, all possessing blue-ish skin and the striking tentacled/horned head-features, even the eye colors seem to be all the same. It would likely be very easy for a non-siren to mistake one for another.

Debated Lore

  • Sirens seem to usually stay near coastal areas. It is unknown if a siren would simply walk into an area farther away from water, like the desert.
  • Due to the rather similar appearances of the race as a whole, it may be possible that some sirens might have a fixation with extravagant clothing or adornments to dinstinguish themselves and their personal appearance.

Other Information

  • The deceased siren Remora is responsible for the creation of the sirenic armor set.
    • The town of Witchhaven also received its name from her time spent there.


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