The Siren's Wail at sail in the Southern Sea.

The Siren's Wail, formerly known as the Wallasalki, is a sloop-of-war under the captaincy of Josael Aren. Once belonging to Red Stripe Trading, a mutiny changed the ship's allegiance as the crew resorted to piracy during the Sixth Age.


As most sloops built in Red Stripe, the Siren's Wail contains a main deck, crew quarters, a small kitchen, two cell blocks, and a captain's cabin. Her cargo hold is about half of the ship's size and takes up some of the crews quarters. The ship is outfitted with sixteen 18lb cannons and two 4lb swivel guns at the helm. It's sails have most recently been rigged and are of a silk burgundy damask material. More often than naught, the flag hoisted to the crow's nest varies between Kandarin and Asgarnia, depending on the intentions of the crew. A custom black flag has also been hoisted when engaged in piracy.

More recently, an icebreaker ram has been added to the front of the ship for when she traverses the Northern Sea.


The sloop began as commissioned under the Red Stripe Trading Company and dubbed the Wallasalki. During its tenure as a merchant sloop, the ship journeyed throughout the Southern and Eastern Sea's. It's original captain, Benedict Porter, would build a formidable crew that earned the trading company its flourishing reputation for their seamanship, quality charter service, and trading of exotic wares. The Wallasalki rescued the stranded crew of another ship, the Titan, and pressed them into service.

After this crew was taken aboard, they would quickly outshine the incumbent members and several sailors from the Titan would later serve as leaders aboard the Wallasalki. Liam, Skye, and Josael, being chief among them.

The Wallasalki soon after sailed for the Wushanko Isles, it's last voyage as a ship beneath Red Stripe. After several weeks in the Arc region, Josael and Skye would lead a mutiny aboard and maroon the Captain Porter and his mistress. Afterwards the ship was renamed the Siren's Wail with Josael emerging as captain.

Known Crew

  • Patricia "Skye" MacPherson
  • Liam McSorley
  • Josael "Slim Jim" Aren
  • Neil "Doc" Scaeva
  • Charles Drudge
  • Edward "Ned" Jones
  • Isabella de Castille
  • Tariq ibn Mustafa ibn Osman al-Habib
  • Zhang Huan
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