You find a dusty old tome and open it, it tells the story of a mighty zamorakian demi-god

Sir Rawr
Zamorak's very own assassin, Sir Rawr, wielding his powerful war-axe and claws.

Full Name:

Sir Rawr the Third.






Black knight captain/ Assassin






Chaotic evil




Almost god-like

Sir Rawr is a chaotic, Zamorakian black knight played by the user LordSirRawr.


This whole story started as a legend, people told of a black knight demi-god that was born in Canifis. But it was real.. and the deaths were real.. His name is Sir Rawr. He was very loyal to zamorak. He even was a captain of the black knights. Every night, he would pray before an altar to the god. He prayed for power, for wealth, for romance. One day, his cries were answered and it was painful. Oh so painful. Zamorak had answered to his prayers by taking his left arm and replacing it with a dark looking metal dragon claw. That day, it was the start of a new life.


Hometown of Sir Rawr

Zamorak's very own assassin

Sir Rawr had gone through wars versus the white knights. He had lost his partners and friends more than once, but he always came out of the battles alive.. He was so terrifying while in battle.. So filled with rage.. People  even called him a god because of his left arm, it made him sos powerful.. so strong, he could tear mithril and adamant bodyplates apart with a swing of the claws, people wouln't dare approach him, sometimes they even surrendered. People almost always call him by his alias "Zamorak's Assassin" Mostly because of his black knights armor and his unholy necklace, but also because when he killed you with his claw, you never even saw it coming. So take this warning, if you ever see the hooded man with the claw...Run for your life.

A little more information on Rawr.

He is skilled at many things, like: Cooking, Fishing, Pickpocketing. He also practises Hunting and Slaying.

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