Tome of Binding

The Sicarius binding ritual is a procedure that one can undertake to bind Lord Rai Sicarius to their will. This is done via the means of interrupting his Sicarius magic sustenance as a "lich", for lack of better description. In the 5th age Rai committed suicide via poison, and was promptly necromanced under the opinion that he would go on to accomplish massive things. By means of a ritual, one can combine necromancy and Sicarius magic to have control over this individual and command him to do 1 deed before the pact breaks. This ritual can only be administered twice by a single individual.

The ritual itself is detailed in a unique tome that is located in the bowels of the Mage Tower, on a pedastal on the lowest floor.


  • The corpse of a warrior
  • 6 red candles
  • Sicarius blood in any form, i.e, a vial or even remnants dried on a blade
  • Black chalk
  • A hammer of adamant or better metal
  • A symbol of Saradomin cast in metal, clay or glass
  • A vial of your own blood, shed from a scarring cut
  • A bowl of any sort


These ingredients must be stationed in a setting completely devoid of any sentient noise. the black chalk must be used to depict the symbol as shown in the above image on the right, with a candle set and lit at each corner and star of the diagram. The bowl must be then set at the centre and filled with the vial of your own blood, given from a scarring cut. Next, the hammer must be used to shatter the symbol of saradomin, and the pieces set in the bowl. The corpse must be aligned with it's head at the on the topmost point of the diagram with the blood of Sicarius smeared on it's face. Finally, the carrier of the Sicarius blood (weapon, vial, etc) must be cast into the bowl, at which point the Praetorian Lord will be summoned and bound for a single act.

OOC Notes

  1. The 'corpse of a warrior' must be an actual roleplayer.
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