A Shade

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The Shadow-Kind


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This page serves as a source of information about shades and their variations as it is applicable to World 42 roleplaying characters. If you or someone you know feels this page is incomplete in any way, please do not hesitate to contribute as best you can.

This subject has limited lore.
Lore Tome

This page covers a subject discussing an area of lore which JaGex has not thoroughly developed. Canon lore available is limited and some contents of this page may be based on popular non-canon standards.

A Brief History

Shades have always been on Gielinor in one extent or another, usually as ghosts or evil spirits. Their origin may lie with the beginning of the universe, or they might be a recent occurance. Whatever the case, shades are prevelent in Gielorian society.

Accepted Lore

This section addresses details about shades that are widely accepted throughout the world 42 roleplaying community or otherwise concretely proven through game content and official lore.

  • The spirit of a shade is released from its torment when its remains are burned on a funeral pyre. 
  • Shades are ghostly beings with transparent forms that levitate a few inches above the ground.
  • Although they are ghostly creatures, shades are generally able to manifest physically and cause melee-type damage to opponents.

Debated Lore

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Common Mistakes

Shade (Shadow form)

This section addresses traits that unexperienced roleplayers often bestow their shade characters but that aren't actually seen in shades on RuneScape.

  • Shades are NOT immune to certain kinds of weapons.
  • Shades cannot automatically use magic other than manipulating shadows. Rather, it must be learned like that of humans, elves and dwarves.
  • A shade cannot be a creature of good. It can exist in relitive neutrality, but shades are naturally evil creatures and must therefore always lean as such.


  • The race recieved wider popularity after the user known as Siberys created the character Atrum Erus, although it remains quite rare.
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