Seraphic tyo

Serophec, post revival.

Name: Serophec "Legion" Tyo (Eka)

Race: Human

Gender: Female

Age: 31

Eye colour: Grey/purple

Hair colour: Purple

Religion: Zarosian

Faction: Self-interests


Serophec was born in the early Spring of the late 5th age, to Kyrlim Eka, at that point a relatively old woman (though immortal through blessing). After two years of negligent care, she was abandoned to the wild regions of the North. After nearly starving to death, she was found by a man from a nearby village, named Cevice Tyo. He took her as his own, naming her after his late wife. Cevice was the carryer of a proud Zarosian tradition, though downplaying him as another Fremmenik diety to the local villagers. He was also proficient with some forms of ancient magiks, having been passed down from his father, and his father before him, etc.

Early/Childhood Life

Serophec was raised in Cevice's home, outside of a small village embedded in the mountains. She rarely explored beyond the ten acres alloted to Cevice, the only time doing so she was attacked by a cave-bear which Cevice slew, having been following her for quite some time. She was taught the local tounge, as well as Commonspeak, in case she and Cevice needed to flee for whatever reason. The day she was big enough to handle a wooden practice sword, Cevice made one for her, thus beginning her introduction to fighting with a blade , along with a parrying dagger, when she was only six.

She made grand steps in progress, not through constant training but, in fear that Cevice would beat her, as he did numerous times, or disown her, as he constantly threatened. After four years of fighting with the training sword and dagger, having become as adept as most knights, she was given her first blade, which was named "Potestam" or "power" in the Ancient tounge, though her foil was still wooden. At this point, at ten years of age, she began her magic training under Cevice.

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